Google+ Profits In Multiple Ways

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When Google+ was first introduced, many people in business dismissed it as just another social site, and definitely not like Facebook.  Part of the success of Google+ is precisely because it’s not like Facebook in many ways.  In fact, it combines some of the best features of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest into one network.  How popular has Google+ become?  According to Google, in November of 2012, more than 225 million people were using the site.  That’s a lot of people, no not as many as Facebook, but well worth your attention.

Also, very recently, the site has evolved and introduced yet another product.  Here are the three ways in which you can communicate with your prospective customers on Google+:

  1. Personal Profile – you must have a personal profile before you can do the next two things, as they are created out of it.  However, unlike Facebook, they don’t necessarily have to be connected to it in an obvious way.
  2. Business Pages – you can create as many business pages as you want, with each marketing to a specific niche, product or service.  These business pages are great marketing tools.
  3. Communities – this is the newest way to use Google+, and business owners welcomed it with enthusiasm.  You can create communities around a niche, topic, hobby, market or any area of interest to people.  They can join your community and their discussions can lead to marketing opportunities, as they’re helping you to build out your followers.

Every business owner and especially Internet marketers should be actively engaged in discussions on Google+ from all three of these products.  You can create highly targeted groups with an interest in what you have to sell.  And, Google+ just keeps growing.  You simply can’t ignore it for reasons already discussed, but there’s another really big one.

Google+ connections change the order of Google search results.  Yes, you can have your content move very much higher in search results when the searcher is connected to you in one of the three ways, personal, business page, or community.  They are specially marked with a small person icon, and the searcher knows that this result is from someone with whom they already have a relationship.

If you aren’t involved in all of the opportunities offered by Google+, get involved as soon as possible.  Profits are waiting.  We can help you to make this happen quickly, as we have a Google+ Profits Course that will jump-start your marketing efforts.

Get the Google+ Profits Course Now!

Get the Google+ Profits Course Now!


  1. Doni

    Anthony: I hear really good things about you. How you are honest and helpful. my problem is: I am a complete newbie and would like to get into affiliate marketing but,I need someone who will help me and explain things. I have bought other courses and got scammed (what a surprise huh?) lol.
    What course would you advize me to take? I’m sure you have one.right?
    Also,I am on a fixed income and can’t afford very much. (Reason for getting into affiliate marketing) Yes,I am an older wioman. A widow actually. I can type,copy and paste. Thank you,Doni

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