1. jen

    Thankyou Anthony,I am visualizing my success in online advertising and am currently starting to see Free traffic and this is amazing.I just need to implement a better stratedgy to get a better click through.
    Any advice please? Check out my webpage and let me know?
    Thanks… Jen

  2. Mardi Blackshire

    Hello Anthony,
    These are good tips, for me because sometimes I just hit the floor running and fail to plan out my week or day even. This was an eye opener for me and starting today I’m going to give this a try. Keep them coming these post really help!!!

    Blessings, Mardi!

  3. Liliana

    Yes, I have used Visualization before, and it works. I am going to use this with everything I am learning from you.
    Thank you.

  4. eddie

    Yes Anthony,I hope you got my Emai,Yes I’m hoping you can help me.As I stated I need help I’m a newbie and It seems I can’t really get it down,sinve I got hurt during Gulf War,they say thiers no gulf war sindrume,I lossing ever thing<I can't think own my own,when I do its always gone wrong,I just need to have someone looking over my shoulder,
    I'll wacth your training tapes and really I got PTSD and It just want help me in learning,It seems I can't really explained it but since just a year ago I have no will power.I'm allways dep.Ireally don't know buy I can't work,ect.ect
    Eddie Brown

  5. larry k. parent

    I still have the system filed, I haven’t used it , but only studying it!! LOTS OF CHOICES!! I prayed over this online business , and decided this is for me!! I entered my first JV Contest this week!! Lots of prizes!! I also am opening an online store!! I am really going forward!! Love your videos ANTHONY!! I missed you here in Naples,Fl. Did you get a chance to see ‘PORT ROYAL’? The most expensive place to reside in NAPLES? I take care of a friends property on GORDON drive there. One of the first 3 homes built there!!! I was kinda hoping you had time to swing by where I am at on PINE RIDGE. Hope to see you next time your down here!! SEMPER FI!! TO ALL YOUR CONTINUED SUCCESS!! CHEERS!!LARRY K.PARENT,Naples,FL. P.S. My favorite quoye,… Americans love a WINNER(!), and will not tolerate a loser! –GEN. GEORGE S.PATTONJr.

  6. Linda Gebhardt

    Love it! Used this for my first successful business and today is my day to select a platform to launch my new ecommerce website after 6 months of research, visualization, planning and small purchases I am ready. You have been my mentor for several years and this Success Connection touched a nerve. It really works. Makes you feel when you are ready to “walk the road” you are somewhat familiar with the “road”.

    tomorrow I can attach my website.

  7. larry k. parent

    I have been interested in visulization, since the 80s, and when I heard ARNOLD SWARTZENEGER, use it successfully!! He, used the 5 year success technique, this he use to become Govenor of CA. I am talking, just fo that. CHEERS!! SEMPER FI!! Larry K.Parent,Naples,FL.

  8. Littia

    Thank you Anthony, i can’t wait to see how this system going to work, one day soon i would love to be a part of the team , and succeed !!!

  9. Richard Hilderbrand

    Hi Anthony after watching your video I have decided that maybe I have been using visualization and really don’t realizing what other doing.
    On the June 1, 2011 I would into full retirement from the plant and worked. But before I went into full retirement I had invested some money into a website that sells different type products to this day the website is produced zero dollars in sales. But from time to time I think about starting up something different but did I go back again and will look at this decided again and try something different hopefully someday I can get this up and running and making some money.
    But to answer your question on your success connection I guess after thinking about it I really do use visualization maybe someday will pay off.
    So all I can say Anthony is thanks a lot and now continue to follow.

  10. Theo Harden

    Hello Anthony and thanks for the video. Visualization has worked for me before with college, sports and work. It helped me to overcome tough obstacles in order to reach a new level. This year I will use it to progress my business to a greater height.

  11. Richard Hilderbrand

    Hi Anthony I am going to try visualization because it seems to be something that would really really work. I have a small product website set up but is not started producing anything yet and sales.
    In June 2011 I went into full retirement and want to get something started online to make me extra money, but which as of yet hasn’t worked but I keep trying. This visualization seems to be something that maybe I have been overlooking and need to try.
    So thanks for the tip and I will keep falling on success connection.

  12. Della Hicks

    Thank you for all you do. Your topic today is quite timely. I am quite motivated and excited about the program and am confident that visualization will help me to continue the pace in developing new strategies that will move my processes forward with the outcome of success.
    Thanks again.

  13. Abigail Forrest

    I have used visualization in the past to get myself psyched up but never to avoid mistakes which I think is a fabulous idea. Sort of walking out the whole plan in your mind before you even put it to paper.

  14. Charmaine Smith

    Hi Anthony,
    I do agree that vizualization is an important key to keep your focus and plan ahead. I have been doing it and it really has made me more aware of the type of business and clients I am seeking.

  15. mdelallet

    Hi Anthony, I like to use and visualize success to make sure I am not really losing my time and of course money in the same token. I think it will be very helpful and it is a necessity for me. It is certainly a “genius” idea that anybody can use.

  16. Bernadette Michelle

    Great Advise! I have heard this many times before, but have never actually spent much time doing it. When I hear you say that you plan out the week, that struck a cord. I will definately do it this weekend and look forward to a successful week in my businesses.

  17. Bill Munro

    Hi Anthony,

    I’m a big supporter of visualization. As a former Master Hypnotist, I always told client’s that ” What the mind can visualize, as long as it is the Realm of Reality, You can achieve Your Goal.” This couldn’t be more true. Visualization does work!


    Bill Munro

  18. Joe Burke

    I have used visualization and I find it helps when you have a great deal of information and it totally consumes you. You have to refocus on your goal to get all this information in order and visualization is the best way to do this.


  19. R Brown

    Tru dat! tru dat! The manifestation of anything physical has to be first conceived by the mind, professed by the tongue, then actuated by your actions. Anthony uses the word visualize (a more professional term), I like to say imagine (makes me feel young). When you force the image of your success in your mind and imagine situations and scenarios in explicit detail of your becoming successful, you are actually priming yourself to have the right mental attitude, thought process, and initiative to latch on swiftly to opportunities you wouldn’t normally have if you weren’t visualizing it.
    A shy superstar may “feel” like they are not a star, but yet they “know” they are. Consequently in your business endeavors there is no room for “feelings” for you must “know” unwaveringly without a thread of doubt that you WILL BE successful. This is where we all need to be mentally when undertaking any business (or even personal) ventures.

  20. Markeyetta Sherman

    Hi Anthony, I just wanted to say thank you for keeping me updated on everything as far as becoming successful. I’ve learned so much, and I plan to take this knowledge with me long down the road so again thank you.

  21. Bob Howard

    Visulaization is the core of creative thinking. I use it all the time with my creation of puppets as well as my work on all kinds of thing. Visualize it, creat it and enjoy the fruits of your work.

  22. Sam

    Thank you – I sure could use this advice. Now I have to learn How to do it? I know it’s easy for some and not so easy for others. Nevertheless, that will guide me to at least think about it. Maybe then in time I learn it. Thanks again for the blog.


  23. alphonso

    Hello.,! This is your friend tony , I no idear what you meant when it come to visualizing. Infact, Mr . Morrison ……. I don’t know nothing about Internet Marking and/ or Affiliate Marking , moreover you’ve mention freetraffic,advertising, even having a webpage. please help me to succeed in this business successfully,actually would call me and become a personal friend I would be very “Gratefully” …………Please give me a call??? your friend, Alphonso B. Clayton;

  24. Jan Rondeau

    I kinda gave up on the website. All that “list building” and stuff seemed too time consuming. HOWEVER, I am a waitress, and a full time student, and I visualize $5’s and $10’s and $20’s on my tables…. and it works! Visualization is a powerful tool. Additionally, I use AFFIRMATIONS – I have one in my black book for work. It simply says “I attract abundance when I provide EXCELLENT SERVICE”. This reminds me to provide excellence service, and I attract abundance. These tools together make me a magnet for attracting abundance into my life. I also meditate and pray each day. The end result; I do not stress about the money I need coming into my life.

  25. Luke Pham

    Thank you Anthony I’ve contemplated your teaching in this #145 Success connection and tried to follow your technique but come to success will take me long time to achieve it

  26. alphonso

    Mr, Morrison I left you a message but I have not the opportunity to become a-” pro-” however,I am hoping to achieved my adjustives. with your help there should be no problems………..share this knowledge…!

  27. Felix

    How I use visualization:

    The way I use visualization is by having a cardboard with pictures in it with what I want to get in my life. I get the cardboard, and scotch tape from The .99 cent store. The pictures for things I want to get in my life, I get them from Google Images ( ). I print them and cut the images, and add the picture/s to the cardboard. One thing about cardboard is that is not heavy and it can be placed anywhere because it is so light.

    I view my visualization board almost every morning. The board is placed next to my bed, so when I wake up, I can see it. I sometimes I stand in front of the board and see what I want. I really helps me because I can expand and make my mind start dreaming and working in what I want.

    I am creating a board for running and stay in shape. I think we can create a visualization board in any subject or area which is necessary.

    Thanks for your video. I am writing this because you motivate to keep going in life. Take care,


  28. Frank Aliperti

    Hi Anthony. Frist i want to thank you for your time. Iam just starting out with on line advertiising. Trying to learn everything i can before i take off. And iam difenitily visualizing success. iam trying to do everything you say.Your weekly blogs are great. I feel it keeps me connected. with your whole system.Thanks again.looking forward to next week. Frank Aliperti

  29. Chris Nweke

    Hi Anthony

    I am visualizing my success in determining to make first money online marketing. I have along way to go to achieve this dream. I need your input to see that this workout well for me.
    God bless you more in abundance.

    Chris Nweke

  30. Tom Stowe

    I learned visualization from the master Napoleon Hill when I bought his book for 69 cents in 1969. It got destroyed in my house fire 2 years ago. Talk about inflation it costs much $$$. I will spend the time to read it this weekend. Thanks for the reminder, it works.

  31. Mark Roth

    Excellent idea Anthony, thank you. As a state champion swimmer that was a key to my success at the time. I would see myself run the whole race before it started and more often than not it manifested into fact. I have had difficulty getting this business going, from making the time to work it to managing the many aspects of this business in my mind and on paper/computer. I will immediately apply this technique and I know it will work wonders. Thanks again.

  32. Dale Neff

    Yes what you say is true , there are a lot of people that have a very hard time visualizing anything. I do not mean that in a bad way.It means that there has to be support and assurance for some to get the mindset needed. In the end the results can be awsome.
    God Bless,
    Dale Neff

  33. Ken Atwater

    I m visualiziing getting very profficient with WordPress and having several different campaigns going on and getting alot of free traffic being a substantial list

  34. Tom Manders

    Thanks, Anthony! I always appreciate your wisdom and highlighting Visualization is super important, because most of us want to step on the gas before we know where we are going. Visualizing Success should create a mental outline of our steps and the possible pitfalls on the way to reaching that goal.
    I’m in my retirement years, but what you’re teaching I didn’t learn in the business world of the 60’s, 70″s,80’s,etc.In college you had a computer, and I only had a sharp pencil and the desire to succeed. Now I’m back in Anthony’s Online College…so keep teaching.

  35. Marcia Brown

    Hi, Anthony! Visualization is a great way to start focusing on my goals. I do try to visualize the success I want to see as well as what I want to do with some of the profits that will eventually come. Then I actually put it down on paper. It seems to make the visualizing more concrete that way.

    I usually take about 30 minutes at the beginning of the week to do this. Then each day I try to spend maybe 10 minutes to rethink and either change or stay with what I planned on Monday.

    I feel that the visualization helps me organize my thoughts and begins the focus I need for the day.

    I didn’t see the names of last week’s winners, yet.

    Thanks for all the tips you give here on the Success Connection!

  36. Rickie Rollings

    I have tried visualizing things in the past, but my mind seems to wander off on other things when I try it. I am going to try it more as I continue to work on my online advertising and see if I will have more success.

  37. georgeta

    Thank you Anthony, I listen , watch everything what I get in my
    email, I like so much and I spend so much time in my computer to learn
    to do what you tell us to do. But I am very honest with you for me is very
    hard to do all of this. I need now for the begin of my work in the computer
    somebody from you to help me to start after I will do all my best.
    I want to let know, how much I want to succeed and to make you
    proud that I am able to do what you teach me. I am very happy for you I
    will pray that God to give you and your family much health and happiness.
    Tomorrow I will call to ask one of you team to help me, from start
    to finish to help me step-by-step.Thankyou very much for your help.

  38. Donald Warner

    “Vision” reminds me about an old saying, ” If you don’t know where you are going, you may already be there.”

    If you have a goal, everything you do to get there makes sense. If you have no goal, it is too much work to get there.

    With a goal and a vision you avoid the “Coriolis Effect” of the toilet bowl water, where you go in tighter and tighter circles until you go down the hole/abyss. A true professional recognizes an “Arch” when it starts, and decides to never go there.

  39. Charles Villegas

    I just launched my 1st. webpage, I only hope people might look at it it they are in the need for motorcycle information of all manufactures. World wide.I’m trying to put as much as possible in it so the viewer can, will have the background to that specific motorcycle. And more. Thank You and blessings to all. With the thanks to Anthony and Adrian I have found a new method to earn a DOLLAR. Hopefully it will take off like a rocket ship and never come down. The teachings that are given are only blessings for us to grow into the internet marketing game. The things that are given out to the viewers are teachings for tomorrow to be fruitful for to and with others. Anthony is a Blessing to all that know him and others that view him. JUST ME = )).

  40. Frank J Torchia

    Thank you Anthony. I just finished the 3 day seminar in Orlando with your brother Adrian. Presently I am reviewing the CD’s of the 3 day seminar.
    Your Visalization webinar on Success Connection is very timely. I will start to visualize on a daily basis per your suggestion.
    Thanks for your generous advice.

  41. Debra Beisswenger

    Looking forward to some help in success. This the new year! Ive listened to other videos and its been helpful. Thank you for such wonderful follow up. I get inspired. Listening today to this video. How do I get the software?

  42. Sandra Stiles

    Thank you Anthony. I have been visualizing too long I guess but I have read everything that you have sent me and I have made my mind up but have been cleaning up my e mail files because I had so much on them I don’t want to start my business until they are cleaned up. And I am getting there. I am debating on two downloads that you recommended the last week or two. Hopefully soon. Thanks SandraI

  43. Charles Czykoski

    I always appreciate your weekly post. I think visualizing for a period of time in the future of my business is good in that it will show me if I am truly heading in the right direction.

  44. Steve

    Thanks for the great tip. I am going to keep this in mind when I feel like quitting. Visualize success.

  45. Pamela

    It is hard for me to understand somethings, sometimes.
    I would really like doing that.
    I would do it everyday except maybe on Sunday.
    I would like to learn more things on the computer, especially if it free.

    Sincerely yours,

    Pamela Storr

  46. Nancy Eurotas

    Thank You Anthony. Just watched your webinar on Visualization and setting
    Goals for two or four months down the road you can avoid mistakes is so
    true. The power of Visualization can be very rewarding and save you time
    in obtaining your GOALS.

    Thank You Anthony for your GREAT Webinars!

  47. Thomas Gene Vickery

    Hey Anthony! Great Info. Yes I use Visalization alot. And also I launched this yr. my Business it’s called TVICKERYENTERPRISES . You can google it, when you google it, it will have my address Hartsville Pike Gallatin,Tn. Thanks again!

  48. Betty Coleman

    Hi Anthony………Your message was a great reminder of things I already practice. I know I am on the verge of a giant breakthrough in my business. I also know there is a key factor that has not materialized yet that will move me into my prosperity. I keep getting drawn back to you to hear the things you share. Perhaps my giant breakthrough will occur when I am the winner of your fabulous software.



  49. Jane M

    Hi Anthony…Yes, I definitely use visualization on a daily basis, especially on my daytime job as a kitchen manager. I am also beginning to visualize my plans for my affiliate marketing. I just finished completing my business plan, and I feel confident now because I have an idea of what I want to do with affiliate marketing. Thank you!

  50. Jeff Moses

    Yes, I visualize every day! Some people think I am strange. I am a web programmer and see designs in my mind which I then start formulating the code in my mind as well before writing down anything. After using this technique for years, it is amazing what my imagination can conjure up. Visualization is a handy way to entertain yourself.

  51. M.A. Allen

    Thank You for your advise. I will try the visualization on my daily work.
    Have a great day.
    M.A. Allen

  52. Yevonne

    I am so glad you said this! I plan and visualize everything, everyday. I have to slow myself down though. I want to blaze through and then get 30 things going from 30 areas. Thanks for the reminder and support.

  53. Sulaiman

    I have been practicing visualization for a long time and you are 150% right; it has helped me focusing on the things I want and need to do and the results were I got what I visualized. PS; I actually started this process when I was in Junior high and from there on I jus t do it automatically. Thanks Anthony.

  54. Ipe Pereira Da Silva

    I wish I had two hours of training personally about CPV Domination with Anthony Morrison. I really need it.

  55. Karen C

    Visualization is a form of self-hypnosis but is very effective for anything in your life. I will be doing more of it now that it has been reinstated in my thought process. Thanks Anthony.

  56. John Antaya

    Visualization is a great and wonderful tool to help keep a person going in the right direction on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. It is a tool that I personally use and recommend to everyone.

    Thanks for this video


  57. Debbie Sundholm

    I applied visualization for other things in the past. Need to do it regularly for marketers success. Plus I want to work for you Anthony by traveling to seminar locations to help wherever needed. My experience would be an asset to your customers and business. Please connect with me on this soon:)

  58. Jesus Olvera

    I am in complete agreement with your topic this week. You have to see(visualize) the concept so you can implement it and then execute it.

  59. Cathy Emmons

    Hi Anthony, I’m here in Jackson beginning my 3-day Personal Mentoring training. Yes I use visualization by including these sayings in my Outlook calendar repeated reminders so it’s always in front of me on different days so I’m forced to see it, read it, and repeat it. Here’s one I saw on a coffee cup that says it all, “The Mind is Everything, What You Think You Become.” I visualize being a millionaire+ in all my endeavors. Think positive and take action!
    Thanks, Cat
    Issaquah (Seattle area), WA

  60. norman rambow

    Anthony, Thank you for the information.. If we all don’t set some kind of a goal it is impossible to achieve anything on a timeline. visualizing something is just like like having breakfast.. you want it , you visualize what you crave,. you make it or go buy it then you enjoy it.. So most definitely I will be fine tuning my life and start focusing on some timelines to visualize some success. As that is what I am here to learn is how to be successful. Thanks again.. Perfectttttttttt.

  61. Ken M

    I was really impressed with the video on visalization. I have been in management for years and this is a important part in that feild also. Thanks for the info and I’ll be useing it in the near future.

  62. Minnie M Springs

    Anthony I am coming to your meeting in McKinney Texas hope we get to talk then face to face. Look forward to it. Feb 1st. Minnie

  63. Claudia A Thomas

    The Success Connection on visualization was timely. The greatest visualizer said that if you ask for what you want, believe and not doubt, then you shall have it (paraphrase). Therefore when visualizing, do not doubt and do not limit yourself to your desire.

  64. Gregg Doerfler

    Visualization is a powerful tool, I have gotten out of the habbit of using it, but I’m back. It is going to be implemented into each campaign I start as well as everyday tasks!
    Gregg D.

  65. Oscar Guerrero

    Thank you very much for your tip, Visualization is the most important part
    of beginning a business, I am new to on line marketing, but this is an opportunity that I like to develop, to be succesful you need to be focus, and
    determined, I would like to know more about your business.


  66. Sharron Hudgins

    Thank you for your advice. This is something I have recently trying to train myself to do. I have actually begun seeing myself be successful. I did not think I would ever do this because I have failed at so much. I have to add I am not getting any younger!
    Yes, your advice to do this daily is a great tip and I will use this. I want to be very, very successful. I know I can and while thinking of being successful, which is something most people want, can be a scary thought. I like the way you have stayed grounded through your success. I intend to do the same. I really want to make a difference and I have areas in mind where I want to start. This has never happened before. I finally suspect I do have a purpose higher than myself. Now it is just making it happen!

  67. Emma

    I am visualizing right now promoting a product, setting up my website, directing traffic and start making money in the next three months. Thanks for your weekly pearls of wisdom.

  68. Zimma Shishkin

    Thank you, Anthony. I have never used visualization. I spent a lot of time in front of my computer I learned your lessons and think. that they are interesting, You help people and they appreciated you, because you spent so much time for them. Thank you
    Zimma Shishkin

  69. Richie Witherspoon

    Visualization…. You know, I never tried it, but it seems to make good sense to me, because the way I see it, it’s kind of like constructing a blue print of the path I want to take in life. That is probably one of the reasons (The main reason) I have not been successful all these years because I have not thought about it seriously enough.

  70. Lenora Salters

    Hi Anthony,
    I firmly believe that visualization is a great tool for anyone. I especially find that it is extremely helpful at a time when I’m experienceing that awful demon “FEAR” of success. And it is most helpful to keeping order in the course of the day. Even on a personal level, just visualizing yourself as a healthy in mind, body, and spirit person it can work miracles. Sorry I missed the initial airing of this session; but, glad that I watched it today. Thank you.
    Lenora Salters


    thank you , for SUCCESS CONNECTION # 145 . About , Visualize Success

  72. margaret sitar

    thank you anthony for reminding me of the visualization technique! I will start using it now!

  73. phillip combs

    I try to visualize,but hasnt really worked for me .I will keep trying .Thanks for the help.

  74. Kirk

    Hi Anthony,
    Loved the message. Visualization is a more finely tuned goal setting which has worked well in my past. I intend to incorporate this method to plan and focus on my future business endeavors.
    Thank you and best regards,

  75. Sally Miksch

    Excellent message as usual. If you can see yourself successful you will reach your goal. Visualization is like a little pep rally for yourself. I’ve used it in sports for an upcoming event and it really works ! Thank you, Anthony! Great message!

    Sally and Bill

  76. Sylvia

    Thank you very much for your tip Anthony, Visualization is a very important part of beginning a business and succeeding in that business. I do use it on a regular basis.

  77. Vantina Christmas

    I need to make this work for me I will try to visualize my success, I understood in the beginning, now I don’t understand it all
    It would answer all my finance woes. Please help me get going!

  78. Drew

    Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for the reminder to visualize. I am motivated to get back into daily practice again.

  79. Daniel McCormick

    I have used visualization for years and have linked it with mind mapping to help me better identify steps in a process. It really works quite well. It also helps me in preparing articles or lengthy correspondance.

  80. Barbara

    Thanks for the message. Everyday I visualize that I’ll see some conversions. I’ve had a few, but not enough. My ROI is getting me down, but I plan to keep at it until I get it right. Want to lend me some money until I do? Just kidding 🙂

  81. Anthony Zatarain

    Thanks for your tips, you are a good motivated speaker, sometimes we lose ourselves with everyday distractions and forget to focus on things that are coming up, I will try visualizing success.

  82. debbie

    Yes, this is a must..
    I visualize myself earning 1800 weekly…love it.
    This is a must for us all.
    Thanks for sharing…

  83. Bernice J Adams

    I have my goals set, yes I need to visualize the steps on a daily bases to get there. Thanks, good advice.

  84. Luis A. Deleza

    Hello Professor Anthony, great info and good advice for success. A friend of mine told me a few positive words. Don’t work harder, work smarter! Thanks Anthony and GOD BLESS YOU!

  85. Paridon Williams

    If you have the means to allow this valuable info to thousands , why are you limiting it to 1000. This just doesn’t seem like you. I see a young man with a desire and passion wanting to get them all across the sea and beyond!!

  86. Shannan

    Visualization is the main reason I am still working at this, and walking.
    I believe in it’s ability.
    When your in Texas next week, I’ll be in the crowd. It’s me, you’ll know me of course. (Super kidding, that sounded way too creepy.)
    Looking forward to hearing you chat live. I’ll be the girl with brown hair, curly.


    Take care, Shannan

  87. Pamela

    To Anthony:

    I been looking at all the videos that I went to the conference in Orlando, Florida from January 18th to the 20th.

    Does this cost me anything. I really would like to do it if it does not cost me anything right now untill I make some money which I really would like to do.

    I do have a learning disability, but I know I can do it with the Lord Jesus help, which he does.

    Sincerely yours,


  88. Claudia R

    Hi Anthony

    When I read your books help me out to see what kind the things I’m able to do. I visualize myself every single day in all areas of my life. I realize that i can improve each one alt least with a one thought



  89. Sharon Siemens

    Visualization is like having confidence and also having faith in God to help you.
    If you visualize God will answer your prayer accordingly then it will happen as you visualize. Yes, I use visualization. Also I have been using it to get my business started.
    What are the three things to start this business?

  90. Christophe Leroy

    I really believe visualization can work and is a key to success. But, I do think I need a start or a push, some helps. If you’re already a few steps ahead on the road for success, do visualize. It works.

  91. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    That is really fantastic advice. I never tried the visualization technique but I will now. You have to see yourself have success in the future and really believe it because I have failed too in a few ads. With visualization is like having a blue print of the future. This is really, really great!!
    Thanks Anthony!!

  92. Kieron bernard

    Hi Anthony,

    i kinda feel like I’m that person your taking about that red the book take action failed the first time and gave up. I bought your books and software in 2010 but now I realize that I,ve been missing out on a lot and now I’m ready to get back in the game. I feel like I’ve lost out on so much. But i’m going in positive about it moving forward.

  93. Danielle

    Visualization is the key! I need to remember this always in everything I do. I served a full time mission for my church and the mission president focused on visualization and having success in your mind first. When you have failures we need to remember to keep plugging away and have that end goal. Anthony you are such an amazing inspiration to me. I love what you have accomplished in your life and what you are tirelessly giving to other people. Thanks a ton!

  94. Tom D. DeVisscher

    I like promoting your advertising profits from home book because it has helped me to enjoy computers and life ! Looking forward to purchasing your internet millionaire book !


    Thank you ANTHONY for these tips. Visualization is a useful tool to use in everyday life. I will use these tips to be successful in my online business.

  96. frank senner

    i like the idea of visualization.i will do more of it.and make it a habit.thank you!

  97. Oleg L

    As for me it works very well when I use pictures, photos and images to visualize the steps I go through, could it be successes, achievements, milestones, problems on the road, helpers, partners etc.
    Thanks, Anthony.

  98. Leonard Perez

    Visualization works extremely well both in sports and other parts of life. In most anything that required action, I could put myself in a situation and visually see everything I wanted to do, a practice in my mind I could do as many times as I felt necessary and many times things turned out just like I visioned it in my mind. The only real problem I had with it, I didn’t use it enough. I used it before speeches, before demonstrations, before talking to one of my children on a delicate topic. Wow, after I stopped working I didn’t think about using it any more Ouch!

  99. Juliet Tuazon

    Thanks a lot for your unselfish heart, Sir Anthony! I’ve been learning a lot from you since I started being your student. I wish I’d be successful in this line too. God bless you.

  100. jill colomy

    Great video!! Good to have reminders once in a while. Of course, this works! How else are you going to get anywhere, without a Vision. Thanks for sending this to me!

  101. anita

    thanks for all, yes, absolutely right, i’ve already done the visualizations for many time, i put my goal always just in front of my eyes exactly, but sometimes….when the way is hard enough, it’s so desperated, but again…if i remember there’s a lot of people’s especially in my family need help in a lot of things, then it boost me again, even sometimes it so hard enough cause untill now i still not seeing the result of my online bussiness. thanks a lot for all of the succes with anthony team, all of you is the best teacher that i’ve ever seen, i’ve got a lot of knowledge in here, thanks.

  102. Quinn Wilkins

    I have watched “The Secret” and listened to it many times. What you
    visualize, you will materialize. Thank you again for reminding me. Quinn.

  103. Dee

    Thank you Anthony, getting the ‘success mindset’ is Not the easiest thing to do. there are Sooooo many distractions out there and so many that do not help you see the problems. I’m learning everyday and keep trying ..I will succede and am greatful for all your help


    Thanks Anthony, That is a very important connection that most teachers leave out.I am proud of you for having the courage to add that mental aspect.Yes, I visualize my success morning and night and it works.Thanks!!

  105. Harold Haulbrook

    “VISUALIZE” success, “THANK YOU” now @ least i’m doing something wright, “I” visualize where i want to be—how i’m going to do it—& how long its going to take. “AND”—I—KNOW”, i’m not even close. & “that’s” o.k. “IT’s like a book—every page you turn there’s something else you learn.

  106. Pearle Pearson

    Anthony, thank you for being you. The good guy who cares for his fellow man .And so talented.. I listened to one of your videos one day, and I was amazed. you are a born salesman in addition to the other pluses in your life
    Even with my limited funds to build my business I almost feel confident that I will succeed in this endeavor, because you are always there to lend the support. most of us need. Until next time, Pearle M P

  107. Capt. John Lomen

    I have used visualization in the past, and it helps keep to you going. That was in another business, not Internet Marketing however. I hate it when I’m all fired up, want to get something set up, like some new software and it wouldn’t work. Then it’s days to get help, and you loose sight. So it is good to keep visualizing, and some day I’ll get there!

  108. Isaac C.

    I always have visualize that I could make money on the Internet no matter how long it would take. I just did not think of how others have made it and been successful online to not help others become that way too! I truly believe there are others online to really want to help others become successful as they have themselves! That is what I keep visualizing and hoping for!

  109. Diane Finch

    Thank you. I have used visualization for many years. But, I have found out that the more specific you are the better it works. Visualizing a million dollar business wont’ work as good as visualizing each day as you mention. Sometimes you do it and don’t really give credit for it working as it works so naturally. So naturally, in fact, that I forget to keep it up every day.
    I appreciate the reminder!

  110. Sharon

    Thank you for all you do. I have not used the visualization but it sounds like a great thing to use. I use it with my everyday life never thought to use it for my online marketing.

  111. Wayne Hairston

    Concerning the subject “Visualize Success.”

    I was a student pilot back in 1980. I used this technique during my first solo flight. After all the hours of training with a flight instructor now I would be 100% responsible for my flight operation.

    Just before throttling up the engine, I visualized the entire flight sequence in my mind. I then proceeded. I followed through with my plan. This resulted in being my best flight to this point in my training. The airplane was more responsive without the added weight of the flight instructor. I made the airplane do what I wanted it to do.

    The point of my story… visualize a positive outcome before starting anything to overcome fear that may be holding you back.

  112. Barbara Herron

    Anthony, you have helped me a lot in your Thursday night webinars.
    When I was working a “job” I always made a list of the things I needed to do. Now since you have brought this back to my attention, which I appreciate, I plan on doing the visualization with my online business. I just have that feeling that my days will be better using visualization.

  113. Ron Adams


  114. Cesar

    I used visualization a long time ago. I’m glad to have seen this video to remind me of the positive effects of visualization as i will be re-practicing visualization.


    Hi Anthony

    I truly have not embraced this concept as I should already have I suppose it puts a bigger picture on things. My main issue is time but thanks for the heads up on this concept I will need some guidance how to structure this.again thanks

    Zisi Kokotatsios

  116. Ed

    Yes Anthony,

    Your video tutorial say’s all for all of us, and reading some of the comments here are outstanding.

    Not only are you correct, but by giving yourself time each day to relax and do some creative visualization helps the inner soul inner that we all have. By visualizing when relaxing you are also planting the seed for success.

    I read some where that many celebrities use creative visualization methods on themselves. Celebrities like Tiger Wood mention this, and was not the funny man Jim Carrey who wrote out a cheque to himself for $10,000,000 many years ago and stuck it up on a mirror somewhere in his home and visualized that he would one day receiving a check for this amount. Well this happened after he visualized receiving some award and Bingo he was paid that $10 Million for the movie he starred in “Dumb and Dumber”

    Oprah, also visualized her own success, and the likes of Anthony Robbins also speaks about the in his speaking events.

    To do some creative visualization each day, one has to be away from all distraction for at least 1/2 to 1 hour per day, and listen if you can to some soothing musical tapes or dvd. This will help you begin to breath slowly and think of wonderful surrounding, this will bring peace to the mind, and then you begin to use some creative thinking or visualization.

    Who know’s maybe you too could become an Oprah, or a Jim Carrey?

    Great Presentation Anthony!


  117. Crystal Daye Hedspeth

    Visualization is possible but focus, performance and follow through is what brings success. Yes, you are correct, this is great to avoid troubles, and dream up more not out yet, that a time for this must be taken. Finding friends who are creative, and have left the “But…” and the negatives out of the conversation, even better. Because out of the mess of ideas you surround yourself with, you begin to organize, and formulate what will become a new design out of all there. Innovation starts from this!

  118. Giovanni Ledesma

    I believe visualization is amazing, not only you can foresee success with any projects that you have in line, also it gives you a boost because everything is possible to accomplish to see the road of success ahead of you, just like having a right tools, products and training as well.

  119. Anica Ioanas

    Hi Anthony,
    Thank you for such wonderfull advice! It is helping me to better see where I am and what shell I do for my next steps.I finished my school (MBA),I am planning to take some time and oppen my own bussiness.At this point I have no monney and thinking that starting an internet ebusiness will help me get started my business dream! I have a newbrand website at Purely Hosting: ;that I am building now and I need help to get on the right direction.

    With your help I am Learning how to visualize my future business ideas and become successful.Thank you Anthony Morrison for such great suggestions!
    Anica Ioanas,MBA

  120. Lonnie Chronister

    Anthony, I’ve been practicing visualization for years and it absolutely works. If your not visualizing where you want to be how can you ever get there?

    Anthony, thank you for your training. It is practical knowledge that can be used in our online businesses every day.


  121. Rodney Everett

    Yes sir, it works,,military teaches NCO’s for planning and accountability, its critical for those who have no clue. Anthony I have been so so down and overwhelmed in our situation I haven’t had time to really plugin. I am impressed with your thought and action process, no wonder you are successful. Parents did good job from what I see and hear. There is another step with that visualization tho, its called after action review per each day.”what could I have done to of made my day and those who follow a better, easier, benefiscial outcome than where I am now. Keep a small log and let all give their ideas. Works for me then and now in some ways. I actually councelled folks who went through or was going through my exact situation, isn’t that funny, I now gotta lecture myself and ME, SELF, AND I,, don’t get along most the time. Anyway thanks for the tip on visualization. Rodney

  122. Anthony

    Once again you hit the nail on the head. This technique definately works and smooths the way. Thanks for the confirmation.

  123. Zahir

    To build and expand online , Visualization is a very advanced automaed system yet very simple to use. Once you visualize it as if you revisited the house where you were born recalling those details precisely…mm.. I look forward to it’s discovery and incredibility….

  124. Toby Carlisle

    Hello Anthony,

    You’re absolutely right. Unless you can visualize the way forward then you will never produce a meaningful business plan and without that your are not going to be successful. Just use some imagination and you will visualize the way to go then get it down on paper, use some more imagination and fine tune the plan. That’s visualization.


  125. Marina

    Hi Anthony

    Thank you very much for all the training and amazing tips.
    Yes, I use visualization a lot and it works. The thing is I know exactly what I want, I know that your system can take me there, but I need a coach desperately, please. I filled in several applications, I need to change my life asap.


  126. Mary Therese Fisher

    Anthony, Yes visualization does work. Currently there are four ways in which I use visualization. First is when I have my prayer time. Second I am a crafter/artest. I use visualization through out my creative process/project.-From the scratch paper beginning all the way to the completion. The third use visualization is in occupational therapy. The goal is to recover the use of my left hand and fingers from a craft project injury. Fourth I use visualization in the “SUCCESS WITH ANTHONY” WEBINAR. My goal is to some how use the tools from “SAC” and my cards-watercolor art on my own page for income.

  127. Barbara Maddox

    Anthony, I practice “Time Management” daily and have found vistualizing a must to succeed in my everyday manageing my Success Connection and the success I am working for daily.. Thank you for your insight of thinking on down the line for the success of ones business.

  128. Brenda Childers

    I have not tried visualization but I do journal on a daily basis regarding what plans to make and steps to take in order to accomplish goals.

  129. Ben Nyman

    Thank you Anthony for reminding me about visualization which is a great word for creative thinking which I had to use in my profession. Ben

  130. Susan Marcoux

    Thanks so much for the reminder. I have used vizualization in the past but didn’t even think to apply it here. From now on I will I’d like to vizualize having the money to purchase and indulge myself in some of your more intensive training (ie; the Build, Send, Profit modules) and the software you demonstrated on one of your videos. Anyways, thanks for that! Cheers…

  131. Kenneth Fries

    I use visualization in everything I do. I’ve used it for years and it really helps me to live my life better. In fact, without visualizing what I do before I do it would be like walking off a cliff without ever seeing that I was falling. Visualization is the way I do everything.

  132. Angela

    I love visualizing.
    Though I am not as organized
    in my process as this. So great
    Tips for improving my

  133. Sharon

    Great tip. I tend to think ahead, but disciplining myself to actually visualize the end result has always worked well for me. I had not, however, applied it to my online business yet so this was a great reminder to do so. Thanks!

  134. Shelly Hirschbein

    Anthony I agree with you totally. Visualization and clarity causes the Universe to send success. Act like a successful person and believe it has already happened and it will come to you. I have used it myself and it did remove the fear of failure. This was a good video and you are super as always. Shelly

  135. Steve Le Baron

    What can I say that others haven’t already covered?
    “AWESOME” “Exciting” “Inspiring” “Compelling”
    Definitely a true “VISSIONARY”
    “THANK YOU Anthony”

  136. Portia

    Thanks for the message, Anthony. This is very helpful in just about anything we do inorder to achieve success.

  137. Edwin

    Yes I’ve done visualization alredy and it works.
    thank very much for all your help.

    Thanks very much for the video Anthony

  138. Lawton

    Thanks for your tip on visualisation, Anthony. Its one of those self-improvement techniques i’ve known about for a long time; but I don’t actually know it because i’ve not practised it in the sustained and disciplined way one needs to (as with anything good) in order for it to work. Its interesting to note that knowing about something can be worlds of a difference from actually knowing it through direct engagement, personal experience.

    But fast we move through time! So I know that my financial situation would have been so much better right now had I been putting the visualisation technique into practise, seriously and consistently.

    Thanks again, Buddy. Keep delivering up the goods.

  139. michael smith

    the connection is awesome nothing like positive info need to put a link up so we can revisit and keep fresh!

  140. Jair Baptista

    Thanks Anthony for this Visualize Success video…

  141. George Kerr

    Visualization is an excellent tool it tells a story to the mind, and we are conditioned love listen up when we hear a story. It feeds the minds and re-enforces our convictions. I can visualize myself being an well on my way in building the largest most dynamics network of Healthy individuals with the Zeal for Life challenge, and ultimately making a small fortune doing it. Having great health affords us great wealth, this Anthony is my ambition have more of us who are willing to take responsibility for their health and seriously do something about it.
    One more thing about visualization, the bible says without a vision the people perish, so even in the word vision was emphasize as being necessary for our very survival. Thank you Anthony a man of vision.

  142. John Roux

    Goodstuf Anthony, I have another way of saying it:

    visualise – prayerise – actualise

    It works!

  143. Robert Faith

    Nice video. Visualization is truly a powerful technique, and can greatly impact your life by leading to greater success. I thank you for pointing this out to your followers.

  144. Jason Bulmer

    Hi Anthony

    This sounds like a really great idea and I will implement it once I become proficient at what I am learning.
    There is a slight setback however, being a newbie has its floors because I don’t have the knowledge to visualise past my next lesson! When I gain the necessary experience then this will be another great tool in my arsenal to help me on the road to continued success.
    Thanks for another useful hint. keep up the great work.
    Thanks Jay

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