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Blogging is dead!  That’s what some people were saying years ago, especially those who viewed social sites like Facebook as a replacement.  They believed that blogging would simply die out, as the social sites gave personal bloggers another venue, and business bloggers would gravitate to where people were communicating.  From one perspective, they’re right.  Social sites like Facebook and Twitter have become wildly popular.  However, blogging hasn’t given up an inch.  With more than a hundred million blog sites out there, it’s as popular as ever.

What are some of the reasons for the longevity of blogging as a business and marketing tool?

  • It’s your content and you want to own it.  Read Facebook’s terms of service and you’ll find that they can do pretty much what they want with the content you place there.
  • A good blogging platform like WordPress gives you VERY much more powerful tools and flexibility you can’t get on the pre-determined template posts you’re forced to use on the social sites.
  • Run the ads you want on the pages you want on your blog.  You’ll pay dearly to have an ad run on Facebook, and you don’t have a lot of control where it will show up or how often.
  • The SEO, Search Engine Optimization, clout that you build on your blog is yours, your brand.  What you write on the social sites may help in connecting to your brand, but the content credit goes to the social site.
  • Multiple blogs, as many as you want, can target as many market niches as you need.  They’re free or cheap to create and host, and you can become an expert with your own brand in your niche.

There are other reasons for the popularity of blogging, but those are some of the best.  The challenge is that the value of these features is directly related to the time, effort and expertise you put into your blogging.  These benefits don’t just come to you because you have a blog.  There are some very critical components to great blogging that brings profits:

  • You must be consistent with new content.  A great deal of the SEO benefit of blogging is regular new content posts.
  • You must develop a content calendar and plan.
  • Your content can’t be all selling, in fact you should keep only around a third of it to sell, with two-thirds being informative about your niche or helping your readers.
  • You need to use the right blogging platform and plugins that give you the ability to organize your content and advertising in effective ways to create income.

We are blogging pioneers, in the blogging business since the beginning.  We stay on the leading edge of all blogging development, tools and resources.  Our Blogging Master Class is designed to take a blogging beginner and turn them into a master in a relatively short period of time.  Take advantage of it.

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    Anthony, I am spending a lot of time and enjoying working and studying blogging and Affilate Marking. I hope to have a profitable business going with in three months. We may have a mutual friend in Mississippi. I thought I saw his name on a political sign three years ago when I drove through Mississippi. We were in the Air Force together in England a lot of years ago. I look forward to meeting you in person. Robert Wedekind

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