1. Rob

    The most important thing for me is more of the nuts and bolts training. Step by step information that works. Once this information is placed into action, I feel that the motivational information will help to continue the momentum gained by have a business that is up and running.

  2. Yevonne

    Thank you so very much for always being there for all of us, your students. I appreciate all the time and effort you give to and for us! Thank you again for being such a great mentor.

  3. Harry --spinner-- Ketchum

    I definitely motivation. There is so much to learn and so mamy ways to make money I am overwalmed. Help!

  4. John Balwigaire


    I still have some problems of grasping of how every thing works on the internet business. So if you could go through and explain the nuts and bolts of how things work, that will be great, mainly choosing and setting up different campaigns and auto responder to pick up traffic and valuable customers, as well as connecting the site to Click Bank account.

  5. David

    Hi Anthony
    I like your courses for internet marketing. I have learned alot. If we want to be successful we always have to keep our education high, and ongoing. As time goes by their is always new techniques that are being taught and used.
    If you don’t give up, it will all come together for you!

    Thanks Again


    I just want to teach myself the computer and then all of the APPS I need to know to become really successful at this. I started on the wrong foot, and I am spending my time rectifying that. I will keep at it.

  7. Bob Vawter

    Thanks for being there and your encouragement. I need to get more strategic information as to how to make campaigns successful. Out of all of the campaigns I have had I none have made any money. I need to know if I am picking the wrong ads or if it is me I need to know what I can do specifically to increase or start my “success”.

  8. Michael Wesley

    This is first time that I have gotten interested on making money online. I am 52yrs old and disable due to back surgery. The money I get from disability is not enough to live on. So I am interested no how you began successful and how to stay motvatated. And since my funds are limited I feel that learning these things will be something I can’t afford. But, I do want to learn what you do. Look forward to hearing from you. Thank’s

  9. Joyce Knake

    I think it’s great what you do. For me , I think I’m at a cross road in my life. The bottom line is, I’m not doing what I love so I think that I need to rethink about what is really important in my life. I want to teach others what I know which has nothing to do with internet marketing. But I am trying to go where I can make a living. so that is why I’ve chose to try internet marketing. Excuse me, I’m just thinking out loud. I think you are making a living at what you love to do and I think that is just great!

  10. Barry North

    I personally would like to see information on quality affordable Solo Ads that someone like me could have a positive ROI and be able to re invest in advertising.

  11. Carolina Decorte

    Hi Anthony

    I would like to learn more about is the terminology that is used and what some of those terms mean?


  12. James Ivy

    Great Anthony I would definintely would love to know the nuts and bolts on how to create real success online. Out of all the things you already given us what is the one thing that ties it all together. As always I’m eager to engage in your ideals and thoughts on success thank you!

  13. Dina Protin

    I have been applying the techniques I learned with Adrian in Orlando and yesterday for the first time I saw a SPIKE in clicks.I actually jumped out of my chair and did a happy dance…so cool.

  14. aletha boatman

    i just need a little to get started i dont have any money ihad to pawn all i could just to get back to california. im not a begger i just need a little help aletha thank you

  15. Rita

    It’s saturday morning & as I was working on my next email distribution I happened on your success connection #147. Your enthusiasm is contageous! I have checked out FB for advertising & yes its expensive. Tell me more about utilizing FB with out the cost. I’ve seen on other sites an FB & Twitter button for feedback.
    How do we get & utilize this function?

  16. Marcia Brown

    Hi, Anthony! I would like to know more about the nuts and bolts of affiliate marketing, especially in regard to direct and indirect linking and exactly how to do both of them and why some companies don’t allow each.

    I am really enjoying my lessons on PMI! The lessons are giving me great information that I can use immediately. PMI has been a great value to me. I also have benefited greatly from your written blog posts.

    I saw comments on one of your Facebook accounts about how people are dissatisfied with you for one reason or another. They are probably people who never put in the work to use what they have learned. I, for one, am a BIG fan, and really appreciate all you have done to help me. I hope to meet you personally one day to shake your hand and thank you in person.

    Thanks for all you do to help all of us!

  17. Jim Brundahl

    I left a post on your facebook page and now I am thinking that because it relates to your success connections, maybe I should have used this reply box instead. I suggested that you might want to turn off the lights that are pointed at you when you write on your whiteboard. It washes out what you are writing and only gets clearer when your shadow is over the writing. Thanks for the weekly success connection. It helps keep us in a positive attitude, especially when the payout gets reduced and makes a break even campaign into a negative one. That slows down the desire to continue trying to split test them and almost makes you want to give up.

  18. Gary Hoppe

    Ok…I just posted a comment on your fan page. I would like to know what you can do with these epads you talk about using all around your office.

  19. frank senner

    thank you anthony! for all of the information that you share with your students.

  20. Sue

    I also would like the nuts and bolts training, because although motivation is very important, I think we all need to know steps for getting started. Thanks!

  21. Marc Montaniel

    I intend to diversify my internet marketing traffic and definitely potential in using the Facebook Fan page as a profitable source for my internet marketing business. So, I’d like to dig deeper into this important marketing tool.

  22. stanley escolano

    Last week you mention if something was not working is to stop and reevaluate.
    That’s what I did. I stopped most of my campaign and I’m Looking at
    my landing pages to see where to make changes and up grade.
    I need to go back to basic and analize my next move.

  23. B Bazan

    I would like to see more of the step by step process getting the accounts set up and tools for internet marking and how to use them.

  24. Brian

    I enjoyed your book on social media marketing I really want to learn more about this avenue of generating traffic . How do I get my website to receive a lot of traffic I know there I tons and tons of methods out there . But which do you suggest to be the powerhouse behind your business .

  25. Greer

    I need stepwise process of start-up. Also nuts and bolts training in a simplified format. I like your videos as you usually outline on a white board. As I am not able to keep up with most videos (being profoundly hard of hearing) that helps me piece together what is going on. Thanks.

  26. Pamela

    To Anthony:

    I would like to learn more on Internet Marketing and to be a success.
    I would like to learn on how to make money on the internet.
    I need a lot of help on this.

  27. Martha

    What would interest me about FB is to learn how to us it as a tool to become a known professional public speaker. I have topics most could find interesting. However, my plan would be to use storytelling, like my grandmother did with me, to relate life lessons.

  28. christine quinn

    hi anthony i have studied your cpv webinar and im going to purchase it when i discuss with my success connection coach. It really makes sense to me now and im determined to take action to achieve my goal.

  29. Craig

    Anthony i think it’s great that you take the time to help people, and i sincerely believe that your motivation comes from what your family was facing some years ago while you were in college. I am still having trouble getting my website, (to be honest), any attention. But i thank you for your weekly success connection and all the advice!

  30. Debbie Sundholm

    I need the nuts and bolts process type help. Then your motivation will fall into place with it. Especially how to use Facebook to make money. I want to be a success but not sure how to get there. I need a reliable beginning with an expert as yourself, Anthony:D

  31. Judy

    I learned from Adrian this weekend in Dallas. The possibilities are amazing! He was awesome – cool hair and all! I know you share common strategies and learn from each other so you must be awesome too! I look forward to learning more from both of you!


    Mr. Morrison:

    Congratulations on your success. My website has been put on facebook

    and Twitter as a way to market the items being offered for sale. If you type

    my name in Google and click on LSPS you can watch a skydive.



  33. M.A. Allen

    I went out to your Facebook site. I did some comments for Success connection, taste of mango plus and the ocean view with rocks in the back ground. I notices your adds on sales of different kinds. You have really learned how to setup Facebook. I never could. The guys I know they would always come on with thinks that distracted me. Plus I have had people try and get into my computer from there also. That was the bad experience. It happen after I upgraded my system. But you know what it was like you have been on Facebook before I ever even thought about it. Have a good day.

  34. TOM



  35. Karin

    My choice would also be nuts and bolts training so that I can understand what’s going on. I get so lost… Thanks Anthony for being there, you are so inspirational

  36. Sharon Siemens

    Could you put cc in all of your video ‘s so I can open this anywhere without the headphones? All I have to do is turn on the cc and the words will come across the screen.

  37. ricardo garcia

    Can i target real time traffic using your CPV Domination course to get super targeted traffic. How do i use a U Tube video for a niche market for free? Is CPV Domination automated for real time traffic?

  38. Wanda Glass

    Thank you so much Anthony , you have always brought true information on how to get wealth and I do appreicate the information always. I actually will be purchasing all of your products and I have a presentation that I would like you to see as well. I do believe in multiple streams of income and thank you again so much!

  39. Cecilia

    The Nuts and Bolts would help me understand the steps of affiliate marketing especially Clickbank. I reference your book, Advertising Profits From Home and it is excellent for understanding the differences between networks. I must say motivation is always an excellent booster.
    Thank you Anthony

  40. Deniece,

    I would like to apply what I have learned regarding internet marketing and profit from it.

  41. Joe Bosch

    What I need is a simple step-by-step plan to get going that includes a way to get lots of traffic onto my page so folks have something to click on.

    I’ve been reading about Facebook and Twitter, and am yet to see any value in either of them…


  42. Giovanni

    Can u show the simple way to CPL to make money. Beginner,
    will make a big difference, knowing it can be done.

  43. James Waters

    I would be interested in the motivational side of business as well as advertising on Facebook.

  44. Jonee

    I’m in need of the nuts and bolts. The step by step instructions to succeed. Once I learn I’ll be able to repeat them.

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