1. Pamela

    To Anthony:

    I have heard all my live to do one thing at a time, so I am going to start
    that, because maybe it will help me with internet marketing.

    I do need help with it.

  2. Mike Godett

    This is not a novel concept. But, you did an excellent job of communicating it in a very understandable way. I passed it on to my son.

    Mike G.

  3. Eddie posey

    Awesome analogy Anthony I needed that I am guilty
    Of trying to do to many things at one time
    I need to slow down and complete one task at a time
    Thanks Again Anthony.

  4. John

    You bring up some good points. We all look at the bigger picture trying and trying to get it all at once and often times we don’t get there because we often quit because the task looks to great.

    I think breaking it up like you talked about is great becasue each small victory is one step closer to the bigger goal.

  5. Carol Amato

    Hi Anthony,

    Couldn’t agree more….Taking one task and working at it until you complete it does produce confidence and a momentum to keep going! Great video!

    Have a great weekend. 🙂
    – Carol

  6. barry


  7. Roy Bullock

    Anthony this “one step at a time” concept has been the primary way I’ve approached any new task or job over the past 30+ years of manufacturing and engineering management. I’m applying it as I type by working to master the keyword selection process to go from no conversions to a weekly paycheck from internet marketing. Supplementing my retirement income.
    Wish me luck it’s worked for me before.

  8. Bill Munro

    Hi Anthony,

    What you say definitely makes sense. For so many people, network marketing, affiliate marketing, and everything that goes into it, can seem very overwhelming. If one takes a small accomplishment at a time, the task doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

    I take this approach and it has worked wonders for me. Your using the large hamburger, definitely got the point across. I urge my downline to do the same. Anyone who doesn’t do this, may definitely be overwhelmed and looking at failure.


    Bill Munro

  9. Yevonne

    Wow! I think I have been so scattered at trying to do so much, I have not accomplished what I wanted. Let me step back and see.
    As always, thanks for being the great coach!

  10. Ben Benson

    Anthony, very interesting perspective. I see no reason that it shouldn’t work. It’s worth a college try. Thanks for sharing this information.


    Ben Benson

  11. Brian

    Thanks , I am make the mistake of trying to take it all in , My first product to ever buy on line was SWA in 2012 and I have learnt a lot since then …However giving up is not an option I no I will get there . I am in it to deep now . Thanks for the motivational speech it realy works.

  12. Mehreteab

    Hi Anthony,
    I like the way you tried to tell us the best way to
    eat an elephant is piece -by-piece. That was good,
    but I have another interpretation of the pie.
    I would consider the pie to be the huge internet
    market and by cutting it into many slices you
    share with a lot of people desperately in need of
    help for free.
    You know that man by nature is like a deep which
    does n

  13. Sally and Bill Miksch

    Great message about looking at the big picture piece by piece. Obstacles can be overcome one step at a time Thanks Anthony
    Sally and Bill

  14. Alan Olson

    Getting so hungry for REAL food that you are watching the food channel??!!??

    But you are so right – baby steps, bite size chunks, etc and the confidence in attaining and finishing those goals are what makes dreams come true!

  15. walter stanko

    this was great . jehovah gave us a mine that is great , it willwork the way we train it. if it to the positive side it willthink of ways to help us. i hope this made sence.

  16. Edmund Prouty

    Lets Play some ball! I Love baseball like you do Anthony and my goal is to be a successful internet marketer I am fifty years old I am a fair player and not a sore loser just like you are Anthony it may sound funny but I used to
    be a very good baseball player and would Love to play some ball with someone who misses playing and Loves the game of baseball as much as I do I have a feeling that person is you something is whispering in my ear of the love of the game and the great sportsman and team player that you are
    I could use some marketing help but it would really be a thrill to meet you and I would seriously like to play some baseball with you may sound crazy
    but it would be a lot of fun don’t you think?

  17. robert lemler

    great message anthony !!! i have been following you in these success connections for a couple of years. i never followed through and began marketing. after reading profits from home, i felt overwelmed. i should have broken it down into small pieces.
    i am proud to say that i am finally getting off my butt!!!! i just signed up for your “success with anthony” training and look forward to my one on one with a coach.this time i feel more confident and enthusiastic !!!!
    can’t wait to make my first $ dollar $ on line !!!!
    thanks anthony…you’re the best !!!!

  18. Patricia Cotton

    Excellent lesson, and so true…it works in anything in life we set out to do…thanks much!!

    Patricia Cotton

  19. Nancy Duncan

    Anthony, that makes perfect sense. Guess that is why I feel so
    overwhelmed by internet marketing and just keep procrastinating
    at getting started. After all I have purchased your CPV Domination
    and Lead Generation Builder and have not applied myself because
    of fear. Thanks.


  20. Cheri

    One step a a time, makes a lot of sense. I totally understand what your saying here,

  21. Dan

    I have been to b&b in Ridgeland and they have the same challange, if you complete the challange the meal is free But if you do not complete it, it is a very expensive burger .But the catfish poboy was pretty good.Now if I could just get my offers to start getting some good conversions that would be great.Thanks for the info, we just need a little more help to get things going

  22. Carla N. De Petris

    You are persistent in communicating anything you see interesting. This is a good lesson. For months and months I tries to learn your Mentor program and try everything without success. Now that I take one step at the time, I have accomplished much more. I still have a long way to go, but I am not so frustrated. Keep on sharing. Thank you

  23. john

    The funny thing is that I was just thinking about this yesterday. What you said is very true. there is another aspect of accomplishing something which is if you don’t get it right the first time go over it and find out if you could have done it a different way. Remember the old saying if at first you don’ succeed try try again.

  24. Betty L Crabtree

    Hi Anthony,

    I just want you to know that your Success Connection 148 was a message
    I needed to read. This message was right on target for me.

    I have felt all day that something very good will happen today with the pro-
    ject I’m working on.

    Thanks for your helpful coaching.

    Betty aka Ruffles

  25. Judith Clark

    This is great information. I have heard this before. When you are going to
    start a large task it goes much smoother when you break it down into small
    pieces. This really works

  26. mark ortman

    I use this in everything I do and is the only way to do things. It really works

  27. Joseph Kroepil

    Thanks Anthony.
    I watch these every friday. Thank you very much for your training, … very inspiring and helpful… most of them.
    I haven’t figured how to watch them on Thurs., first hand yet, but I will. Very busy still trying to learn how to build a website properly and get it on the internet. I think I have to go through godaddy or nobility. I’ll figure it out though.

    I have a domain name now that I bought at godaddy, and will get it on the internet when it’s ready. EWA went down, now I lost the ads that I was getting ready on the website, so I have to start all over.

    But Thanks again for your help, and hope every day is better than the day before when it comes to the path to success.
    Have a good weekend, and thanks again.
    Joe Kroepil

  28. Al Dinger

    I have been thinking of you and telling others how you can help them. It was good once again to see doing what seems to be your best- helping others understand how they can do it too. A friend and admirer. Al Dinger

  29. Bob Vawter

    Thanks Anthony. At times it is easy to get overwhelmed. Like drinking from a fire hose.

  30. Tjep Marku

    Thank you so much, Anthony. You are absolutely right. In practice it’s no so easy as it sounds. I am still confused from which I should start. I am just moving in a circle right now.

  31. Jean

    Anthony, this is very helpful as I just see the huge task and am overwhelmed.
    Thank you.

  32. Wes McLelland

    Now in your 3 day class and this is great information for me to use in class.

  33. frank senner

    thank you anthony.for this information.i will use it for anything that i want to accomplish in my life.

  34. Keith Dansie

    That’s a great reminder for life. I just need to know what to do 1st then 2nd and how it works to get paid. Thank for all the help.

  35. Jean Navin

    That is the only way a Person could eat that much food is one piece at
    a time if you really wanted to win. One bite at a time 🙂

  36. Ariella

    Hi Anthony, i really have become more inspired by all of your success connection video’s and the many other great things you have helped with in the past few year’s i’ve grown to know you.I have even attended the some of the in- town conference’s that come around in my area from your team, very enjoyable! I’m going to try harder to do better in working online with your program, but between going to mayo clinic 4 times a week for multiple appointments that always seem to bring a person to their lowest point of hearing your organs are failing to function. If i had one wish in this world, it would be to sit there with you face to face and actually be capable of doing what you do.But life doesn’t work that way, being that thousands of others who probably want the same as i dream of. Anyways , i just wanted to say hello, and that if my doctors give me a good review on my life line left, i’ll be able to see you one of these day’s.Take care, best wishes and keep me posted..bye for now. p.s keep up the great work!

  37. Lorraine Copes

    Just watched #148 – I liked it very much. I was the person looking at the big picture feeling overwhelmed. This was great inspiration.

  38. Cindy Weygandt

    Hey Anthony,
    Not sure you saw it awhile back but I commented that my laptop crashed and I lost all my affiliate marketing software and links in one day, It’s taken more than a month of trying to get it fixed but I still ended up having to buying a new laptop. The thing is I got so discouraged and depressed of losing a year of work I can’t seem to get started up again. Seeing you video today encouraged me a little to start over with One Step at a Time. It’s still a little overwhelming to me as to where do I start. Any suggestions would be helpful…Thanks Cindy

  39. James Ivy

    Great blog Anthony the baby steps is key in accomplishing any big goals you have in your business. I do implement my little baby steps all the time and yes!!! It does work in building your confidents. Thanks Anthony as always look forward to your next blog.

  40. Chris Mendoza

    Yes sir! Little baby steps! 5 months ago i didn’t know a thing about web sites or internet marketing. Over the past 5 months i figured out how to build web sites with word press and squeeze pages with optimize press. Optimize press is AMAZING!! I spend 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, after work learning everything i can about internet marketing! I just built my first squeeze page in the internet marketing niche and now I’m having an E-book created to give away to my subscribers! Almost time to build this massive list! Then once my list is built, I’ll figure out how to build my own awesome products and launch my own affiliate programs! I know once i achieve success I’ll want to tell the world about it so I’ll start writing books, doing seminars and coaching programs! EXPERTS ACADEMY HERE I COME!!!! This stuff is exciting! Its pretty crazy when you’re truly passionate about something all of the learning is so much fun!

  41. Deniece,

    I am applying this approach to my goals, I can’t put to much on myself at once, I can only do it one step at a time. I sometimes feel overwhelmed. I take a break, access what I have done; see what I am doing wrong, what changes need to be made or add something. Anthony you make a lot of sense thanks again.

  42. morena engelking

    Hi Anthony,

    Great lesson here at the Success Connection! And oh so true… Thanks for sharing with everyone this special piece of nugget information. I surely will apply it in IM and in life in general! Thanks.again Anthony, Have a blessed day!

    Your student,

  43. Joe Bosch

    Great idea! This is the approach I want to do, BUT I haven’t been able to identify the steps much less put them in the best order to move forward.

    Would really like you to give us a “grocery list” to start and to work from. If we have problems, (and I’m sure I will have), I can get back to you for additional help.

    feeling a lot better; hope to be all well RSN.(this is computereze for Real Soon Now).


  44. Julian Chambers

    Anthony, I like your approach , and I am not giving up , I think you will see that my efforts will be seen soon, the folding of the eagle network was a blow also. I know you might not comment on this, but I would like your take on its folding. I did take the accountants LLC advice to heart. II still have much other stuff to do now.

  45. christine quinn

    hi anthony i am being mentored by your team since june2012 and i like to watch your S C videos.Thanks for your analogy in this lesson its relative to what IM is about especially for a novice like me.My biggest obstacle to success is me. Why, because ,ive a cluttered mindset of IM overload and i know ive got to start and take one step at a time. I know i am ready to embark on my success connection journey.THANKS to you. REGARDS christine quinn

  46. mike haley

    Hi Anthony, I had really never thought about breaking it down that way but it makes a lot of sence to me. It sounds like it would work real good. Thanks for the tip.

  47. Marcia Brown

    Hi, Anthony!

    This concept of conquering a huge task is so true! It is really the best way to learn almost anything, as well as accomplish almost anything!

    One of the great things I like about the PMI lessons is that they are set up just the way you are describing. They give you small steps to complete along the way to the bigger goal of becoming successful at internet marketing. This is one of the most basic and best ways that good teachers go about teaching students. I am a retired teacher and used this strategy with my students, too.

    When I do a task by concentrating on it one step at a time, I find I not only gain confidence, but I am also more able to see the next step and focus on getting there. In other words the one-step-at-a-time concept allows me to focus on what the next step is.

    I always try to go back and review some of the lessons I have done from time to time, too. When I do that, I am amazed that lessons I once struggled with have become skills I now understand and use, sometimes daily.

    Thanks again for these tidbits of information. They really help to encourage me to stay motivated and focused!

    Thanks for all you do to help us!

  48. Shirley Lawrence

    GREAT Analogy!!! That’s exactly how I feel about getting started! Thanks for reminding us to take everything in little steps to get to the big ending! Now to figure out where to start!

  49. Marc Montaniel

    Anthony, your instruction on taking one step at a time is nothing new to me. I have adopted this “divide and conquer” approach each time I’m faced with accomplishing a seemingly unsurmountable task, whether at my regular job or at home. I adopted this same approach each time I need to start a new campaign for my affiliate marketing, ie. instead of plunging right away into my selected traffic source, I do a little research into what the offer is all about first and then set the campaign for monitoring. Again, this is part of the visualization strategy that you focused in one of your earlier success connections.

  50. Jason hunt

    Anthony, I purchased your system about a week ago after watching you work with 6 people and they were able to make money in 24 hours. Please help me do this. Presently I don’t have enough information to get started.
    Thanks and I look forward to working with you.

    Mr. Hunt

  51. stanley escolano

    One step at a time is what I loss sight of . When I first started I was in a hurry to get everything up and on line. It was great and looked great
    but I Now realized I did not know what I was doing, I forgot how I did it.
    So now I am starting from the beginning again..

  52. Mark Roth

    Great idea Anthony, I’m glad I thought if it, LOL. When I started this it did feel overwhelming, it still does at times, but I decided I couldn’t do it all at one time, so I broke it down into manageable pieces. Since then, it has become easier every day, and I hope it continues to do so until all of it becomes easy for me. Thanks for putting it into perspective, have a great one.

  53. David Caudill

    Hello Anthony,

    Yes it’s been a while since I’ve left a comment… LOL. But I had to say that this is a great way to identify with what most see as a daunting task.

    I’ve broke things down in this method for the fact that it makes everything so simple.

    Example: I create a product, then I create graphics, then the email copy, then the sales funnel, then a membership site for that product ( + Facebook group for the members that purchase only whether thru my link or Aff. link.) Then you not just have a group, but a group of buyers that trust you.

    And that is basically how I break it down so that it is easy to complete.

    Thanks for sharing some great info. an anyone that isn’t applying this method of breaking it down, I highly recommend that you try it.

    To your continued success,

    David Caudill

  54. Joyce Knake

    You made me think of taking BABY steps also. And another phrase that came to mind was “you need to learn to walk before you can run”. What has helped me take baby steps is to have a plan. When I leave the computer at night I make myself a note about where I’m going to start the next day. Everything can be so over whelming that If I don’t follow that one step, then I may sit there for a while wondering where to begin, what am I doing, am I doing the right thing and all sorts of things that can drag me down. When I look at that list, I know exactly where I left off and I’m more enthusiastic to get started again. There is another phrase that I can’t recall about a plan. Plan to forget or Forgetting to plan, that’s not right but it’ll come to me.

  55. Algie Lane

    Hi Anthony, I appreciate the advice. I have so much going on right now and have put internet advertising on the “back burner” for now. I am gradually working my way to getting to the point where I can work this with a coach etc. Thx. again! Al

  56. Valrie

    You have taken away my fear of starting this online business and has given me inspiration. Thanks

  57. Judith Downs

    Internet marketing looks like that big burger for sure..but I am going to start by doing just one campaign at a time..until I am confident enough that I can actually make money on this..Thank you..very helpful

  58. Ransford Kwaning

    Good illustration, you are right. Always make sure you foot is in the right place before move the other.

  59. Kareem Musawwir

    Very good presentation Anthony! Once again you have demonstrated that simplicity is the partner of success.

  60. Beverley Gallimore

    Hi Anthony,

    This advice is so true and so timely. Thanks for sharing it. I know this intuitively, but sometimes for get so your reminder comes at a good time.

    Beverley G

  61. Anne Martin Bell


  62. Agnes

    yes, it is the most important thing to gain confidence , and help you to realize that you are able to do it!
    I used this concept to teach my son to read :)) When he was able to read every word I wrote down for him, but he panicked looking at a page of a book and refused to read it. I took a paper ,I covered the whole page and as he was reading, I slowly pulled the paper down just one row at a time:) He was just reading and reading:)) He was so happy and proud at the end -me too-I cant even tell you.I think this is maybe the most important thing when you look even at the daily tasks….

  63. monica

    Thanks. I will get started again and get focused. So I can reach our ultimate goal. Awesome




  65. Paridon Williams

    This provides so much confirmation for me. I am trying so hard to bring people closer together. I have a bunch of great ideas and what you have shown me today is how to just work them, one at a time…all of the way through before moving to the next. I know the info that you provide is supposed to assist us in an online business, however I work directly with people in faces and hearts and your info gives me tools and ideas that are very useful on the streets that I frequent. Keep it coming…Before long “Homelessness” and violent behavior may no longer be a problem!!

  66. Robert Elkins

    Here there Anthony,
    That is a great way to eat a hambuger, however this interent marketing is a whole side of Beef. Continue to try several ways to succeed, I am not to sure on some of the coaches, some like a dry Burgers & some are great Bugers. That being said, we are trying.
    On another note the Baseball thing – try softball – guys like me in 70’s are having the time of our life here in S Florida. Senior Softball.
    Thanks and keep your e-mails coming.

  67. Karin

    Thanks Anthony. That’s the way I’ve been taught to do things and every day I tell myself “one step at a time now!”, but somehow I get overwhelmed, or whatever, and I forget all about it. So maybe the solution would be to put up a BIG sign right in front of me to remind me, because I know that’s the only way that works, at least for me. So thanks again!

  68. FRANCI

    Hello…Today is my Birthday and I usually reflect on things like LIFE…lol…I agree any HUGE task or endeavor is best handled with baby steps, pretty much like building a house. Foundation first, walls and roof next. The analogy rocks because its true. The giant hamburger is no exception …lol….Rock on everybody and I hope life treats you well, no matter what you do. Have a NICE day *-*

  69. Robert

    This mini teaching was just fantastic. This really helps me to keep focused.

  70. Richard Fisher

    Anthony I think your the best thing that has happen in a long time I going to start taking a bit at a time at tune of a $900.00 song to get started. And the other you have for that same tune are so; i’m giving my self no more than two mouths to start see you on the other side.


  71. Yvonne Gutierrez

    This is something I need to remember and practice. I forget that its best to start off doing one thing at a time so it doesn’t become stressful to handel. Thank you very much!

  72. GameToy Stephenson

    Anthony this method has helped me tremendously in conquering the mind boggling madness in trying to get my website started. These are words of wisdom and should be used in everything not just starting up a business.

  73. Fred Jordan

    Thanks for keeping it simple Anthony. I tend to be scattered every where wanting to do this and wanting to do that. I’m like a kid in the candy store but this is not getting a lot done, but leaving a whole lot of undone task. One step at a time seems slow and I like to multi-task but that also requires one step/task at a time. I will focus more on implementing this step. thanks for the wake-up Anthony.

  74. Timothy Slazyk

    The first thing I will admit is my recent inability to follow your precise instructions. However, I am back to just that, Also, I have been able to utilize your training and have earned $87, $35 and $21 in affiliate commissions for the month of February. Plus 7 more opt-ins. Thank you Anthony. You are on my list of people to give a big hug someday. I cannot thank you enough. affiliatetechreviews.

  75. Tjep Marku

    You are absolutely true. In practice it’s not so easy as it sounds. I am still confused from which point I should start.

  76. Chris

    Hey Anthony,
    This was a great lesson you taught everyone on here. Very simple and very effective. I never looked at doing things with this type of thought process.
    Thanks for the lesson

  77. DJ McCormick

    I learned this years ago when it was presented as a question:

    How do you eat an elephant?

    One bite at a time.

    Your example is more helpful. But this old quote also paints a picture.

  78. Myria

    Anthony, I have been involved in network marketing and direct sales for the past 11 years and your teaching on “One step at a time” never gets old. So many of us “want” to see the bigger picture but get caught up in the everyday obsticles. Your lesson was a quick reminder that anyone can accomplish their goals and dreams if they just break it down one step at a time. Thanks

  79. MathewJohnson

    This is exactly what has been happening to me. I have read the books and thought and thought of how to begin but get lost in all the material. Taking this one step at a time will be my new approach. Thank you for the tip.

    Take care,

  80. nick

    Antony, The first time I read your book I was 100 percent sold. At the time I was doing everything I could to graduate form college. My resources where very low so low that the last 3 week of college I found my self homeless.

    Your words, blogs, and motivation have always touched me. Things are going better know. Whats funny is about a month ago I purchased a white board and laid out multiple plans. I found the biggest problem I had before is everything was run around in my head.

    This blog is how nonsuccessive people loss forces. If that didn’t come out right. What I’m say is successful plans run around all day in individuals heads and they never act.

    Everyone should perches a white board and brain storm. At the moment I have chipped away at things that get me to the next step. Soon I plan on become more involved with your system.

    I see the truth in you.

  81. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    I should start doing things one step at a time. I usually try to do everything at once and think about everything at once, I get very few things done. You always such awesome and sound advice, I always take it to heart. Now I know why I have not had success thus far.

    You rock Anthony,
    See you next time

  82. Sharon

    Many things do seem difficult to learn. But when you learn, instead of eat, one part at a time it does get easy.

  83. jimmy chapman

    i do enjoy success cconnection been tring to to much at one time, thank you

  84. Reiner

    Nice way to show to do things step by step. Thank you. I believe the biggest problem all about not doing things step by step is all the distraction. That keeps people off their path and they lose to concentrat. Thanks again, I like your way how to make things so clearly.

  85. James Waters

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It’s good to hear how to take one step at a time from a different perspective.

  86. Jonee

    That is a very simple concept but it is very helpful. I purchased your program and it does seem like a huge daunting task. Thanks. I’m going to take your advice and start slowly doing one thing at a time.

  87. malick

    Thank you Anthony for your advice. I’ll start practicing the way you are teaching.

  88. Sandra Madrey

    Anthony, your “one Step At A Time” video brought back to my remembrance: the ant. How small it is, it never let size stop its progress or encourage defeat. It always tackles its task (no matter how large or small) one step at a time and breaks its goal down one piece at a time. THANKS FOR REMINDING ME!

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