1. Natasha Green

    I would LOVE for us to learn about ALL FOUR!!! If i can only pick one, which I should because then you could more than likely get more in depth about the in’s and out’s of that one, then I would choose SEARCH.

  2. William Terry

    Will like to learn email I m still studying your book want to be sure
    I know what I’m doing

  3. Maurice Tuck

    Hello Anthony,

    All topics are of great interest to me however, having to vote on which is first I would have to go with Search.

  4. John K.

    Looking to obtain all the information that I can regarding emailing out ONLY to businesses and would like to start with insurance agents starting in Minnesota. The list needs to be broken into 3 parts.
    1. Capative agents, i.e. Allstate agents.
    2. Agencies; They have several insurance companies.
    3. Insurance Brockers.
    4. All other Businesses.
    I will start with 1, 2, and 3, and just in Minnesota.
    Emailing out about 650,000 emails and should do this 4 times a year
    or should I send out a newsletter weekly like you do ?

    Thanks, John K.

  5. Steve

    vote for social media training for profit cycle training [26APR13]

    nearing 24=hours since I registered/applied for code for 5-NDA’s on new RippLn you & Russell invited me to–
    (I waited an hour, then kept a vidual for a callback/text)

  6. Tom

    I didn’t realize I omitted to state; email is what cycle I would like to learn about. It seems to be the staple of all marketing efforts.

  7. Cinda McClure

    I would love to learn how to do social marketing. It is the big “buzz” but nobody ever explains exactly HOW to do it. I am a step-by-step kind of learner… Thank you and I really enjoy the videos 🙂

  8. Pastor Kathy

    Thank You Anthony, because I was so discouraged when I could not be a part of Flippin… I only have a Mobil phone for internet. So my Android is only a L G my tablet and computer was destroyed by moving vandalism…need to make money soon…thank you again God bless you Anthony!

  9. Phoebe Muga

    Thank you for your continued support and co-operation.
    I hope you enjoyed your Easter season.
    Kindly initiate Business on the above email address.

    Phoebe Muga

  10. Pamela Storr

    To Anthony:

    I would like more on e-mail. If I had a choice of two the other would be

    to search.

    Sincerely yours,

    Pamela Storr

  11. John Antaya

    Would like to learn the Profit Cycle for Email since autoresponders play a big part in email as well as list building results so I feel that Email would be the most logical choice at this time.


  12. K. K. Kumaroo

    I want to learn in detail the e-mail marketing system since this is the primary way to earn a profit



  14. Pamela Gaylord

    Anthony, I would like to learn about all four immediately, but #1 would be mobile for now.
    Thanks again.

  15. Vernon

    I would like to learn the profit cycle for mobile marketing because mobile marketing is where the wave of income is right now to help others in their endeavors to have a better life.

    Thanks Anthony!
    Vernon L Smith

  16. Wolter Inacio

    Dear Anthony,

    I think that at the present time, we should engage in MOBILE MARKETING.
    There are at least 2 very important reasons:
    A) There is a market of mobile phones and growing!!
    The future is mobile and we should be where the future is.

    B) The other methods will slowly but surely become something of the
    past and less attractive.

  17. Cheryl


    I’d be interested in e-mail marketing. I was reading a business magazine
    yesterday and they are finding that mobile marketing has decreased-over
    the past several months and tablets and other devices are increasing, interesting finding.

    Many Thanks,

    Cheryl H.

  18. Sidney Berry

    i think as someone having an Accounting degree allfour.

  19. Stanley Harrison

    I would like to learn more about the profit cycle for MOBILE

  20. Leslee

    Hi Anthony,

    I am really excited about this series. I truly want to learn the profit cycles for all 4 sections. If I had to put them in order, I would want Social first, second would be email, third, mobile, and lastly, search.

    Thanks for doing this!!!

  21. Ranger Phillip


    I want to learn more about all of theses cycles. For my interest I would like to see them in the following order:

    1) Web
    2) Email
    3) Social
    4) Search (SEO?)

    Covering them all will help us understand better where we want our focus to be now as well as what we might want to go to next. A 16 week cycle is not too long to cover this at 5 minutes a week. In gfact it is too little but will give us a taste for followup training.


  22. Ranger Phillip

    Correction. Using your concepts make that –

    1) Mobile
    2) Email
    3) Social
    4) Search (SEO?)


  23. CarolineP

    I’d like to learn more about Mobile. We haven’t talked about this as much as the others – or so it seems to me.

  24. Dwight Frey

    Yes learn all four would be awesome!!! Let’s start with Email.

    Thanks for your continued quality training.

  25. Barbara Thayer

    Hi Anthony,
    Thank you for your time in presenting us with these “success connections.” The one I choose is the one that makes the most money with the smallest outlay. I also do not choose mobile because I am not up to speed with an adequate mobile device yet.
    You ARE…
    I am the best kind of hopeful now that you are in our lives. I have 2 friends who just attended the seminar with Adrian in San Francisco! WOW! Did I say dedication! Oh yes. Dedication and HOPE!!

    Barbara Thayer

  26. Luis A. Deleza

    Hello Professor Anthony, I would like to know more about e-mail marketing. I sure would need to understand how to start up this technic. I know once I get started, it will get more easy. It does sound to be very simple. Thanks for the info Anthony. GOD BLESS YOU!- Your student Luis,

  27. Xin Guan

    I would like to go with Email.
    I have a Leadgen Builder acount already.

  28. Ben Nyman

    Anthony I believe Email, which profit circle you have showed a couple of times, as it works for Social and Mobile as well.

  29. merle pulver

    Each one could be very important. I would like to spend time learning each. YES on number 1,2,3, and 4.

  30. Glen Jones


    What a great question to pose! This is a tough one because they are all soooo critical to making it in this business. My vote is for EMAIL.

    Take Care!
    Glen Jones Jr

  31. merle pulver

    Yes Anthony.

    I thought the four were one effort. I appreciate learning that all four are four different learning efforts. Therefore, I would like to learn each one’s separate dynamics. Yes. All 4.


  32. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    I vote for Email Profit Cycle. I just feel that is the most effective way to generate more traffic and to ultimately make more money.

  33. Ryan von Schwedler

    4. Search. I would reverse your numbers and save email for last so people stay tuned. Email marketing is probably what most people want to know more about and its profit cycle. Personally, my only ‘success’ has been with paid search– start there!

  34. Nancy Gibson

    Anthony, I bought your Build, Send & Profit system this week. I am interested in more info about building emails, and I also want to know how soon I can get “your emails list.” I have a very specific reason I need to make money now… My husband is having excruciating migraine headaches and I need to replace his income so he can stay at home and off his feet. Can you please respond to my email? Thank you, Nancy Gibson

  35. Arthur Edwards

    I know more about e mail than anything else.I still haven’t figurede out how to do anything on my computer as of yet.

    Arthur Edwards

  36. Mark

    Anthony, i would to learn email profit cycle at this time. I see email as more profitable and might be easier to obtain.



  37. Marie Vildoso

    Hi, I am a senior partner with you Athony, I am so excited to do this. I am not so
    proficient on the web so I think email the best way for me.

    One thing I am no so straight on. That player number in red would be the nbrs
    that I give to the players? Is this right. Hope you can advise me. tks,

  38. Kanchen

    At the moment, e-mail and search engine methods would be great as I still
    have not fathamed out social and phone navigation and shaky on search as well.

  39. Dawn Payden

    I vote for mobile marketing because there is so much information that nobody really know about. I can give you some ideas on what to talk about on the mobile marketing industry such as; mobile advertising network/platforms, local mobile marketing, text marketing, mobile landing pages, app marketing, and qr code marketing.

  40. M.A. Allen

    Do search –
    It gives you more with the different tools you can use. I thank you for asking. I know moble is in now but I do not even know how to text.

    Have a good weekend
    M.A. Allen

  41. Joe Burke


    I would like to know more about email marketing.



  42. Jack Scharf

    I think that 365 day is a under statement, because I feel it is a life time endeavor to keep on the right path of financial freedom.

    You must continue to learn new things to be successful.

  43. Susan Marcoux

    I think I’d like to learn the email cycle 1st, followed by the social cycle, then…whatever. Did I get registered for that extre webinar I heard about on last weels (Bossing Jr’s) webinar? If not, can you please make that happen for me. Also, I am experiencing a slight problem with those webinars on my end. I can see and hear you but I never get a chat box ‘nor any other way that I can communicate/interact with you. Makes it tres difficult to ask questions in the moment.

  44. Rita

    Hi Anthony,
    I would of course like to learn all four starting with the emal.
    Thanks so much for all your involvement.

  45. Lenor Singh

    I would like to learn all of them, but first I would like to learn email. I’m new in the business and eager to start earning money.
    Thank you.

  46. Lenor Singh

    I’m new in the business, and so I’m excited to learn every way I can to make my first dollar.

    I would like to learn the email process first.

    Thank you.

    Lenor Singh

  47. Henrique Nyankale

    Hi Anthony!
    Great presentation.
    Choice: I’m interested in “Forums/Social” advertising.
    Thanks a lot.

  48. Sandra

    Email: Because this is what I am trying to do right at the present. A system I bought from you.. Thanks, Sandra

  49. Henrique Nyankale

    Hi Anthony!

    I would like to start learning how to use the E-mail in Affiliate Marketing.


  50. Sandra

    Email: Because this is what I am trying to set up now since I bought the system from you. Thanks, Sandra

  51. Keith Dansie

    E-mail marketing. Because I do not understand how it works if you don’t have a website.

  52. Stephen Summitt

    Personally I would like to learn more about the Profit Cycle of E-mail.

  53. Elmer

    My vote is email, but would love to see a sequence of all 4. Sounds great. I watch these even though I’m also going through Learn W/ Anthony. Love it.

  54. Carolyn Ruddle

    I want to use e-mail for my marketing platform, so please go over that first. Thank you for the time & effort to teach & help me be more successful.


  55. Kazuko Finney

    Hi, Anthony,
    Thank you for offering such good lessons.
    I’d like to learn all strategies of Profit cycles, starting with e-mail marketing,
    and then the same order of your listing; social, mobile and search.
    I hope I can really learn and understand the process and put it to work
    since I still don’t quite understand how to start the on-line marketing process.
    with great hope, Kaz

  56. Rita Hinesman

    Hi Anthony
    I would like to learn how to profit using all four the your Profit cycles. So could you send me more information on how to do all of the cycles so that I will know how to utilize the profit cycles.
    Thank you Rita Hinesman

  57. Mildred Clinton

    I would like to learn about mobile and search 1St. You have already mention how profit somewhat works with social and Email. Email you would need a Aweber account.

  58. Joe Bosch

    I think search should be first, well at least for me cause this should give my site some exposure and drive traffic to it.

    I like your teaching style; you do a good job.


  59. James Waters

    Thanks for doing another Profit Cycle. I would be interested in email marketing.

  60. Clay

    I’ve been dying to get into this. It’s such a huge and growing industry that I want to get in on.

  61. Ray Gibson


    Personally, I’m very interested in all 4 profit cycles. If I had to choose 1 to start with, I would choose Search. From there I would like to learn more about Social, Mobile, and E mail. Thanks for the opportunity you have presented.

  62. Alice Woodham

    Hey Anthony,

    If this is all we have to pick from I would pick: Email Marketing

    If I had my choose It would choose: AFFILIATE MARKETING (1) first

    Email Marketing (2) second

    Social (3) third

  63. Sharon Carpenter

    I recommend the Profit Cycle focus should be on Email.
    Thanks for the opportunity to provide input.

    Have a great weekend!

  64. Speransia Bizimana

    I would prefer email first because, I know how to send email. I am still slow on the other ways of communication, but I want and willing to learn. I know, slowly, I get there.

  65. Christian Owoicho Akpakwu

    Email Marketing and Social Marketing Ads for an MLM company

  66. Betty H

    I am going to go with Social Media as a place to start on the Profit Cycle. I think that Social Media is so prevalent and still growing. Mobile marketing is probably running a close second now and I will be anxious to get your lessons on that as on email and search. Looking forward to the next 16 weeks.

  67. Dave Clore

    Let’s start with E-mail marketing. Taking the PMI course and think it’s the best way to start making $$.

  68. Elizabeth Frederick

    I vote email marketing. I’m very excited to learn about this because I have been collecting email addresses. I have around 600 so far. Would like to start advertising to my contacts. Thank you for all you do !

  69. Marc Montaniel

    I vote for Email marketing as this is my next target for internet marketing after having explored the PPV/CPV marketing the last few months.

  70. Phyllis Estelle

    I would like to learn about the E mail profit cycle. The E mail is used more often, in my opinion. Everyone does not have a social or mobile connection.

  71. General Weatherspoon

    I choose all strategies. I am looking forward to my success.

  72. Heather Ritter

    I would like to learn about research. I just starting to put together thing and having trouble finding things to put on my page.

  73. Ben Benson

    Anthony, if I have to choose one then I would start with email marketing. This seems to be the regular starting point. Thanks for asking. I will await your decision and go from there. Thanks for asking.


    Ben Benson

  74. Carl Hendrix

    Vote, Social, explain in detail;on how to funnel the best produce, which funnel we should use. The cheapest $$$ Solo’s. That will bring the best results that will build the Best list Building, In Solo Social list, What Tools to Use as well. Thanks Carl

  75. Terry Barfield

    Hey Anthony,

    I would loe to learn about mobile marketing, and ways to combine mobile with social advertising to build a business helping local small businesses gain new customers.

  76. Deborah Carnahan

    Would like all 4, but would prefer to start with email.

  77. Tom Oconnell

    I would like e-mail simply because I believe there is more up and coming exposure being marketed through this medium than ever before via smart phones or computer etc.Thanks for the acknowledging our input.

  78. Bill Munro


    It’s a toss up between Email & Mobile. With most everyone having a smart
    phone or cell phone, I can only imagine how profitable the market would
    be. So #1 would be mobile.

  79. Joseph E. Weeden III

    I would like to learn ALL FOUR, but, to begin, I would want to do the “SOCIAL” Media.

  80. Brian

    I would like to learn more about social marketing. I spend sometime on FB and Twitter.

  81. Mary

    Hi, I enjoy listening to you train. I am totally lost. I do not know where to start. I think that email marketing should be first.

  82. Dave Tini

    I like to get more into Facebook. What makes a good ad that people will convert on. My currents campaigns get clicks but no conversions.
    My vote is Social!

  83. Chris D Wells

    PPC – We all need some website, so I think PPC is important, not to mitigate the other type of marketing techniques.

  84. Irene Wolfe

    I need to learn the e-mail for now. Of course i would like to learn all of them.

  85. Steve

    I would say Social or Search – without these there is no Email Cycle.

  86. Daya

    profit cycle with Email. Every one in the business states this to be best.

  87. Eddy Mc Locklin

    Mobile marketing seems to be the wave of the future. I wish to more about it.

  88. Sharon

    I would like to learn the SOCIAL MARKETING first. And then I would like to learn the others. Thank you.

  89. Claudette Hogue

    I would prefer e-mail marketing and paid search. I am a Senior Citizen and on a fixed income so I would like someone with patients to help me with this.

    Thank you very much.

  90. mario

    im ready to take on four , would the remaining cycle trainings follow after the first oned is picked… thanks

  91. Dar Manarang

    Social Marketing first, then Mobile and the others. Marketing on Facebook and Twitter are firsts in the Mentor Action Plan for new members. I would like to start in production mode.

  92. NancyT

    Anthony I dont know which one it would be, but I would like to help people find the true information that they are looking for. I bought the video one called Auto Traffic Accelerator to refer people to prodects when they watch a video. but still havent got it yet. Kinda stuck! But after seeing all your videos the one that hit me was posting an ad below a site they are looking at, making it more targetted. I have been seeing an extreme increase with this type of ads, Like a best buy site one logs onto and a best buy gift card banner pops up which one is this?

  93. Tom Clairmont

    I want to learn about all four of them.Teach me i`m eager to learn.

  94. Sharon Carpenter

    I recommend Email and Search marketing. The information you share about these options will be informative and enable us to save time in these type of profit endeavors.

    Thanks much for soliciting our input!

  95. Zamo

    Hi Anthony:
    I am starting off very slow. I would love to learn more about e-mail marketing, and all the others. I am still exploring the PPV and CPV. I am working on a very tight budget right now and I hope to build from here. Thanks a lot for the lessons.

  96. Jeff Allen

    Isn’t mobile the most profitable,( which are handheld devices) which have the most users. If thats right my vote is mobile.

  97. Zamo

    Hi Anthony:

    I would like to know more about all four, starting with e-mail marketing. Thanks Anthony.

  98. Kate Cardwell

    Mobile Please since I use my phone almost exclusively…at present.Thank you Anthony!

  99. H Daniel Pfeiffer

    My first choice would be e-mail marketing. Although all 4 are important, I feel e-mail marketing would help me best to get my foot in the door towards realizing some money.

  100. Carol

    I think email because I am going to try it today. Maybe I can see what I have done wrong or to improve. Love your teaching videos!

  101. LEE LMOLA


  102. Denice DeCamp

    I would love to learn all four methods. Giving my bussiness a complete method of directions to help make my selling more successful.

  103. Robert

    I would like you to teach on email profit cycle. Great job of teaching!!!!

  104. Christian

    Hi Anthony,
    I would like to learn about:
    1. Email Marketing
    2. Social Marketing

    Getting started is not more of a challenge but something i need to get right is that i want to know more about, how do i get paid for this social and email advertising.

    I just recently place an order for your book ” Advertising from home” I hope to learn more.

    You are truly a genius.



  105. Sharon Siemens

    I have been wanting to get into Marketing Advertising for longer than I knew of your company. What stopped me is no money. And again this is the problem.
    How do I get a free landing page?
    How do I get my business started with zelch money?
    What is the most money anyone you heard of has made off of a free advertising page?

  106. Edmund

    I vote for SEARCH Anthony
    How are you today? Have a GREAT DAY Anthony!

  107. Deniece Poston

    I would prefer search, Mobil, email. then social. Tks Anthony

  108. Jane M

    Hi Anthony…I’m interested in learning the profit cycle in social and search marketing.

  109. Robert

    I cannot hear any audio. On other videos I do hear audio. Do you know why I cannot hear you?

  110. Brian

    Hi Anthony,
    Email would be the best because that is what I have to start with when doing affiliate work, then go through all of them.Thank you Brian

  111. Annette Shenberger

    E-mail. I think it’s the most economical and should generate great results and sales should increase with time. Also, Anthony, FOCUS, is one of your ideas, meaning focus on one course until successful.

  112. Susanne Besancon

    I am thinking that the PPC marketing & searching for the best customers with tools, is the way to go.

  113. Shelly Hirschbein

    Anthony, I would love to learn CPA/CPV marketing. It seems to be the fastest way to make money online? Once there is some money coming in it will relieve my financial pressures and I can start setting up the other marketing techniques. Thanks, Shelly

  114. Rich

    Since I am at the point in my learning session I would like to learn about E-mail marketing and the profit cycle involved in it

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