Riches from the Groupon Goldmine

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Groupon GoldmineHere are some recent news releases about

  • Groupon founder and CEO fired.
  • Revenue growth declining at Groupon.
  • Stock price plummeting.
  • Consumer interest waning in Groupon coupons.

OK, so if we’re telling you there’s a Groupon Goldmine, are we nuts?  Ah, but we didn’t say that Groupon coupons are the gold!  We’re saying that the businesses who use and market through Groupon are the gold you’re going to mine.  You see, there’s a lot of value in having your new business customer demographic defined and identified for you already.  Many corporations pay millions for surveys and studies to identify their perfect customer, and you don’t have to spend a dime.

It’s not difficult to see why Groupon hasn’t managed to hold onto the enthusiasm of their business customer base.  First, they require that you give up a major discount, usually around 50% or more.  Then, they take a major cut out of what’s left.  It’s pretty clear that you better have a clear goal and strategy for new repeat customers, as the first time they buy from you through a Groupon coupon you’re going to take a major hit, usually selling at a loss.  Some businesses have even reported that their offer generated so much interest that it almost took them under.

So what are we going to do with these Groupon business customers?  We’re going to identify the best prospects for us that currently or recently have marketed through Groupon and set them up with a much more effective text message marketing solution.  Of course, this will depend on our product or service niche.  Then we have a series of tasks to get to the gold:

  1. Select the right text message marketing service for results and profits for our customer and us.
  2. Locate the very best prospects for our niche at Groupon.
  3. Develop and implement an effective “first contact” method and message to reach out to our prospective businesses.
  4. Implement a strong call-to-action to get them to call you.
  5. Sell them on how cost effective your text message marketing solution will be and the business it will generate.
  6. Assist your customer in developing and growing text message marketing lists of their customers and prospects.
  7. Guide your customers in formulating offers, discounts and promotions.
  8. Set up a text message marketing program that brings them business.

If you are a business owner who has been almost giving away your products and services through Groupon marketing, you’re going to respond very positively to an alternative that will cost less and deliver more.  This is an easy sale, but it’s not an easy process to get to the sale.  It’s not too difficult for you, but it requires some help and guidance.  Just like you’re going to guide your business customers to a better way to increase their profits, we’re going to guide you through the process to build this exciting new business.

Get the Groupon Goldmine Course Now!

Get the Groupon Goldmine Course Now!

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