1. Stephen Morgan

    Nice information and the next subject should be the price you have to pay to get the traffic or email list. All my personal contacts have not even opened my emails except one and that is because she likes me. But she does not even click on the offer link. I found out it would cost me a total of 125.00 to get a list of emails. So what is a better way if any to get other email addresses Anthony?

  2. Mike

    Hey Anthony,
    Good job as always, but to me all that seems like a whole lot of work for each email, on less you have a program to do all that stuff for you.
    Anyway great stuff again! Thanks,

  3. Pearle Pearson

    It is my opinion that email marketing is the most effective, profit wise
    The subject line divulges what the message is about, and the interested
    party will proceed to read the contents.; If subject of no interest, the
    contents will likely not be read. Important to make sure both are related.

    FYI I am in process of building a new website and using Go daddy as domain and hosting. I am being instructed by Ims as I won the website
    from them. With your input and their help, I look forward to profitability.
    Pearle M P

  4. norman rambow

    Anthony, very good information.. the word urgency.. does that mean one should use like “open now! ” “Not too late!” ” last chance!” Your check is ready? or maybe weight loss that works! just a thought about how this should be done.. I receive lots of emails and see this alot.. is this type of language correct?

  5. Stu Verch

    Where do I find all the Success Connections? Is there an Archive area?

  6. Brett Cantrell

    Good lesson on email marketing. I think there should be a lesson on building your website, step by step, from purchasing your domain name and hosting to having a successful website with healthy traffic and clicks.
    Thank you,
    Brett Cantrell

  7. Orion Morrison

    I have the domain set up but not the leads or traffic inflow. You are the mogul and teacher for all things helping us get the wheels in place and spinning. When I miss a Success Connection, It hurts,

  8. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    A strong email and using an urgent opening will grab the readers attention immediately. They will want to read on and click. No one will read a dull and ordinary email.

    Awesome lessson as usual. This is really very motivating and exciting.

    Have a great weekend

    See you next week.

  9. Glenn Russell

    Where else is a good place to find offers besides Clickbank? Also, Anthony, would you like me to buy you a new T-shirt?

  10. Betty H

    Thanks, Anthony. I am quite convinced email marketing is here to stay and I do get alot out of your teachings and tips. Thanks again, you’re the best.

  11. jill colomy

    I also post to facebook and twitter each week. I do it after I post my comment here. So, I was wondering if you can see it? Thanks–great video as always.

  12. Nancy Gibson

    Anthony, Enjoying your energy and wisdom. Still trying to put it all together and make that first online $$$. Keep up the good work. Thanks so much.

  13. John Antaya

    This was a good explanation for filling out an email to your list, etc.

  14. frank senner

    thanks anthony! i appreciate this information about email marketing.

  15. Dale Neff

    Good info. about short and sweet. One thing on long emails you keep reading for the important info and it never comes.
    God Bless!
    Dale Neff

  16. Patrick Miller

    Great advice – it might seem easy just to send an email, but it has to mean something to the recipient and get them to follow through.

  17. El Dee James

    I haven’t started writing emails yet but this sure helps me on how to do it. Thank You.

  18. Alma Dixon

    Hi Anthony:
    I’ve learned something very important today. That both the “Subject Line and The Body ” of an email must be attractive to the eye of the beholder. Both are necessary for success.

  19. Barbara Maddox

    Thanks Anthony for another good lesson.

    Barbara Maddox
    Houston, Tx.

  20. Fred

    Great information on email subjects and the information inside the body of the email.Get their attention on the subject line and provide the links inside or embedded in a good short message. Awesome !

  21. Dufrida Columba

    Kindly initiate Business on the above email address.Offer me other services besides this. Thank you for your continued support and co-operation.

  22. Vanita Sue Forrest

    After coming back from a stroke I know I have missed a lot. Are you no longer finding referring people to cites that pay you to do so is not so great for the beginner?
    But I do not have a great eail, only 50 or so. I had a for awhile and had to give it up until
    I was better.

    What is the simplist way to earn money for me at this point. I have followed you for years, but I guess I just had to get the Baby Boutique out of my system and realize to run it absolutely first class and have pampered customers was more than I could realistically do after the stroke.

    If you answer, thank you ahead of time!!

  23. Irene Wolfe

    Hi Anthony: Good video, I am trying to piece everything together so I can get started. Still having trouble getting my domain name.

  24. Zamo

    Hi Anthony:

    That was an excellent lesson on how to write a winning e-mail for email marketing. I hope to start practicing doing it right away. Thanks!

  25. Mark

    Thanks, Anthony, great tip. I appreciate this ans all your instructions


  26. david

    Good info thanks! busy learning how to start implementing these processes
    in real life. thanks working hard and constantly learning.

  27. Henrique Nyankale

    Great job anthony! I look forward to actually writing the e-mails.

  28. Robert Stafford

    Hi Anthony,

    Good job on the email tips. It doesn’t do much good to have a big
    list if your stuff doesn’t get opened

    Bob Stafford

  29. Vanessa Jackson

    I have gotten behind on my attendance. I am trying to get more organize with all it will take to learn this business. Oh, do a lesson on Organizing Consistency Plans and Working Plans Daily. Help!

  30. Herlinda Gallego

    I am learning a lot. I like these short webinars, because there is not as much to digest.

  31. Xin Guan

    Very good tip. It is hard to get people want to see all the emails you send because there are too many nowadays.

  32. Delores Dees

    Anthony I still have my free conference call to make and I have a bunch of questions. I’ve enjoyed your lessons but you are so savy and I am not so it is hard for me to keep up but I am trying. Thanks for all the information.

  33. Cecilia

    Excellent information on getting your email opened. The subject should grab your easily. I need to these in mind. Thank you Anthony.

  34. Dave

    Great information Anthony. I have found a free auto-responder for new affiliates to use if you like.

  35. Deniece

    I love the information, I will apply the steps your shared. Thank you

  36. Sandra

    Anthony ,I have quiet a few emails set up and am getting quiet a few clicks but not any profit yet. Weight loss is my subject and I was just told I need to set up a lead magnet. I am trying to figure that out now because my 7 search money will soon be gone. I was hopeing to be making money after a month but I am not yet. Sandra

  37. Serzh

    Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for good tips & explanation.
    It is vary important.

  38. Paul Shelton

    Is it possible to be a success by just putting an affiliate add before someone watches a film clip and have the visitor click on the the add and get credit for bringing a prospective customer to the affiliate. Can you make a living doing that type of marketing.

  39. Sharon McGaha

    Anthony, I am on email list with free – surfing sites to get traffic my questions is can we email our offer to those that we collect email addresses in our personal mail or do we have to go through the emailing program we signed up to email the list. I am not sure if I made this clear enough but if anyone has the answer I would certainly appreciate it. I threw away over 500 emails because I did not know if this was how it worked. That was a lot of hard work and I opted out of that email program because it was sending me way too many emails. I could not keep up. It took all my time just to open and read them.

  40. Sharon McGaha

    I like the Fiverr idea because I am very shy and I get tongue tied when I try to speak in front of people it is like my brain shuts down and I cannot think of what I want to say. This is a great idea I think I will try it. Thank you for sharing.

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