1. sharon

    Does this mean I have to get an Auto Responder first then get to the landing page?
    I have to get this Internet Business started THIS YEAR!!!
    I don’t want to be in a situation like your father was in.

  2. Norm Sash

    Good reminder, Anthony. It gets back to the old adage, know your customer. In this case, your customer is your traffic list… you only want to promote relevant information to that list and give them what they are interested in.

  3. judy corredor

    when I watch you say free and yet require an account number

  4. Stephen Morgan

    Great advice as always Anthony. I got one person sign up for my list but did not give me any infor what he/she liked so that what I think got that person not liking my emails. Great advice I will start that way.

  5. Edmund

    Hi Anthony, how are you today hope your having a GREAT DAY it’s beautiful outside today I really enjoyed your presentation It made me realize I need to pay attention to details when I advertise a product so that it is seen by people interested in the product I am promoting. ‘Great Presentation’ hope you enjoy your day .

    Have A Great Day Anthony!

  6. norman rambow

    Great information.. so make sure they basically compliment one another in order to get the best response or conversions.. I like this.. thank you. good focus .. like bread and butter.. jam and jelly. peanut butter and choc / smores got to have graham crackers, hersheys and marshmallows haha thanks anthony..

  7. Mike

    Hey Anthony,
    Great job with this one. It wuold be nice to get a list, of where you can get affilites offers.

  8. Bill Munro


    I hope that you are having an awesome Friday, and a wonderful & safe Memorial Day Weekend. You used an excellent example with the 13
    y/o & a credit card application.

    Finding the right target, does mean more conversions. Keep up the fine work Anthony.

    To Everyone’s Success,

    Bill Munro

  9. Emma Brunson

    Anthony, you talk about niche, can one have more than one? Thanks again for your weekly nuggets and your webinars.

  10. Chris Nweke

    Thank you I have learned about marching a promotion I want to promote this is very interesting. It is eye opener, I will pay attention to this lesson.
    God bless you.
    Chris Nweke

  11. Edith Gazzuolo

    Hi Anthony,
    Because I am very new to this, I decided to go back to your very first video blog and watch ALL of them from the beginning. I am so appreciative of the fact that you left all of them online. I finally caught up to the present today. I love your white board presentations, especially the in-depth series you have been doing lately and look forward to seeing all of them. However, it has also been very important to me to see you as a fully three-dimensional person with your holiday comments, vacations, and especially your charity work. It makes me feel very confident about trusting your sincere desire to help and to educate. Thank you so much for all you do.

  12. Jim Long

    So obvious, but so, so important! We must match what our prospective customers are telling us, or they will never be a customer.

  13. grac e

    like these weekly blogs, as they really make it easy to see the wholw entries that you give us. Thank you so much.

  14. Guy S.

    I haven’t watched all 162 Success Connection videos but I have watched all since I became a member a few months ago (I’m working on the rest) and am taking your advice and acquiring knowledge, so much so it’s almost overwhelming but I am taking action.

  15. O Ray Wood

    I need to get back to the page where I get started on. I had a computer malfunction and lost page and instructions appreciate any help you can give me. Ray

  16. Denice DeCamp

    I love your sessions! So simple and straight forward. I am excited to try all the things I have learned for you in such a short time. I will keep you updated on my success.

  17. El Dee James

    I don’t know a lot about promos so this really helped.Thank You.

  18. Patrick Miller

    Very good advice – it’s obvious when you point it out!

  19. Darlene Bechthold

    I enjoy your videos very much. I have not figured it out yet but i am determined to make it I nee to make some money soon. I need help, how can i get it?.

    Thank you

  20. Marc Montaniel

    All the pieces must fit together for a successful online campaign. thanks for this reminder, Anthony.

  21. M. A. Allen

    Sounds great. I like getting a lot of information that improve the quality of the work.

    Have a good Holiday.

    M. A. Allen

  22. Herlinda Gallego

    Anthony, this was great short and to the point, I got it.


    this is great , creating your own websites and teaching us the details on how to be successful, GOD BLESS YOU FOR SHARING YOUR KNOWLEDGE TO US..KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK…

  24. Teresa Scanlan

    When your are promoting a product from an affiliate program, how could promotions given to whoever optin in your web-site.?
    By the way what a person do for the product promoted bring conversions instead of only impressions ?

  25. Xin Guan

    It’s pretty clear I can understand how this works.

  26. Carl Sacks

    The info is Great..



    Carl Sacks

  27. Dar Manarang

    Thanks for this week’s tip. Selecting the promotion to match the traffic from the type of email list we have created not only saves us advertising money, but only avoid alienating members of the email list. When members get upset by getting irrelevant ads, they may opt out of our subscriber list, thus reducing our list size and potential customers.

  28. Narcisse Tene

    It was good , sometimes we just rush to put advs online without checking if it will bring us High conversion.

  29. Deniece

    I does make a lot sense to make sure the promotion goes with the traffic
    Thank you

  30. Deniece

    correction It makes a lot of sense to make sure the promotions goes
    the traffic you attracting. Thirteen year with a credit card excellent example.

  31. Barbara Maddox

    As usual, your pertinent information is so important to follow thru to make this successful.
    Thanking you again,
    Barbara===Houston, Tx.

  32. Luis Cordova

    Great Advice, makes perfect sense.I am writing all this down so it can stick in my head along with all the other good tips thanks a bunch.

  33. Henrique Nyankale

    Hi Anthony! Another good lesson. Thanks a lot!
    Henrique & Zamo

  34. John DeFazio

    U always have to find you’re target audience . I still have a lot to learn & I can use all the Healy I can get. I want to start selling my homage sauces online but not sure how to do it . Can. U or anyone seeing this give me input on how to get started.

  35. Pearle Pearson

    5/27/13 Hey:
    I was in were not, Yes it proved to be an interesting
    session. It makes sense for your traffic and promotion to relate. Different types of traffic are, instant; targeted; high converti;ng; and free traffic.
    Email marketing is also profitable

    This Thursday meeting will focus on finding your niche to build your own product. Talk later. Pearle

  36. Darlene Bechthold

    I enjoy your videos. I just can’t seem to get started, but I am determined. I go over your videos often. I will make it.

  37. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    I love this. The pieces are all coming together. The promotion has to match the traffic from the email list that we have created. Weight loss promotions will not go over very well with skinny people.

    Thanks again for a very good lesson
    Have a nice memorial day

    See you next week

  38. Edward Kissick

    Hi Anthony. Re your video blog on the white board. Do I start (after I have an Auto Responder ready to go) by obtaining a list for a particular topic or group of topics on a similar theme I want to sell and then another Auto Responder for a different one. Can I have more than one Auto Responder? I will post this again next week in case you have already read these.

  39. Kate

    Thank you again for the relevant info…it keeps things simple,or reminds us to,anyway!

  40. stanley escolano

    I’m still working on my E-Mail skills. Great info. for matching
    traffic with promotions.

  41. Edmund

    Very good presentation Anthony you know its crazy how some little small details that were unaware off can throw us way off our mark great session enjoyed it very much.

    Thanks Anthony And Have A GREAT DAY!

  42. Quinn

    Good stuff. I was just thinking about this yesterday. I am glad to hear what I need to do. Thank you Anthony.

  43. renee martinez

    Thank you for the ideas in promotion. And traffic attracting adds with same key words in search engines. and getting emails to sent with same promotions.

  44. David Crookall

    I’ve been out of touch for a while. I don’t know how to understand your presentation. Yes, if I get traffic my promotion should be related to the traffic. But where do I get that traffic? Can I get some coaching to get me started? Please reply. I need your assistance.

  45. Yvette

    Hello Anthony

    thank you for still having last weeks success connection up.

    This is a very important topic for me because I was not sure if I was to send the promo offers or if they were sent automatically. So I took a guess at last week and found a problem with broadcasting the Hop links for my email -offers. I am still working on it .thanks again. I really needed to know if I was on the right track


  46. Kazuko Finney

    Hi, Anthony,
    It certainly makes a good sense to match the promos to the traffic source.
    However, I still have a difficulty in starting on the e-mail marketing. How do I
    get a template to write a lead capture page?
    Thanks, Kaz

  47. Anna

    Thank you for helpful information. Every your video is making more sense to me.

  48. Sue Marcoux

    Wellned something very important here today. I already knew about Clickbank but, I never thought to Google other affiliat sites. Now I will. ThanksI lear

  49. rebecca skinner

    makes sense to match your promo to your traffic source in order to be successful in this business,

  50. Dale Neff

    Yes I have received promotions that had nothing to do with what they where about. You really know in a sec. that you are done.

  51. Stanton

    Thanks Anthony, sound advice and common sense when you think about it but could be easy to mess up in the heat of the moment.

    It would be like the day you open a new store. There were lots of people lined up outside, (Traffic), but as soon as they came in the front door you showed them the Exit instead of say the fishing gear which is what they were looking for in the first place! Put another way, they enter your store and find ladies underwear and not fishing gear! (You can just see their faces and with a “wtf” head out the Exit)! lol! Enjoy, more power to you!

  52. Julie Scheinthal

    Thanks Anthony! I was laughing at your bank comment today! My kids get creditcard applications daily because they just graduated. But they are not making money yurt so my husband throws them out! We all need money before we can use a credit card. My husband says “CASH IS KING!”

  53. Sharon Siemens

    This Success Conn. also had a glinch.
    Could you send another?
    Thank You!

  54. El Dee James

    Anthony I am glad you send out the blog posts more than once. The more I watch them the more I learn.

  55. Kareem

    I have a niche topic for my email marketing campaign. Sorry that I could not see the videos, but I am trying to get started. I want to get into a weight loss forum, but you can put in links, how do I get around that?

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