1. Abraham Sharper

    What are you sending, and what you emailing?
    how can I create a website>

    Thank you,

    Abraham Sharper

  2. Mark

    Good Morning Anthony. Thanks for faithfully sending these video courses for us to watch !!

  3. Stephen Morgan

    Great advice as usual. The one mistake I am making is I am not signed up with get response just yet. But it is great advice and the emails will start flowing when I start getting some cash to put into my website.

  4. Sandra

    Anthony: When I send Emails do I have to set up a lead magnet? I havent had one and get a lot of clicks but no takers. Thanks, for the training sessions I am enjoying them. Sandra


    Do you mean, send three (3) promotions one (1) week, and the next week two (2) with content and one (1) promotion. The next week, three (3)promotions? And so on?

  6. Darrell

    These hints answer a question about when and how often to send the emails.

  7. emma

    This was very helpful.Thanks for taking time to do this .now starting to be very understanding.

  8. Chris Nweke

    Anthony; Useful tip of sending email. I have learned the tip and will use these tips when I start to send email. Thank you for your devoted time.

  9. Albert Lema

    The website is not up yet. But your teaching was very good and make true sense to target people and have them waiting to see what you will say in the next email.
    Thank you.

  10. Emma Brunson

    Thanks again Anthony, for your worthwhile tips. they truly are great nuggets, short and sweet and to the point.

  11. Glenn Russell

    “CONSISTENCY” makes sense! Seems to be the key with most things in life.

  12. Felton Jackson

    Hi Anthony,
    I want you to know I have purchased lots of your material on making money on line and I have learned a lots. The information has been priceless and I am will make some money if I keep work at this task. The tips for sending email was great and and I will apply these concepts when I reached that stage. Thanks! Felton

  13. Patrick Miller

    Good suggestion – I never would have thought of the consistency of sending at the same time! I really like the ‘time travel’ feature.

  14. stanley escolano

    Sending E-Mail was always a mystery to me. Writing content too much or
    too little, and sending E-Mail. Thanks for clearing up sending E-Mail three
    times a week that helps. Thanks..

  15. joe cachia

    very unique and helpful site, even for people like me, learning a lot, thank you, really appreciate it, will be posting all over the place as soon as i start to receive income
    regards joe

  16. Deniece

    Do I use the offers from different affiliates or can I use other products for example people that know that are selling product? These tips are very helpful
    Thank you Anthony

  17. frank senner

    i appreciate the information about sending out emails.thank you anthony!

  18. Jodi Ritter

    Like every I’ve seen, just waiting for a way to make the money to proceed with my business. Thanks Anthony!!

  19. Mike

    Hey Anthony,
    Good job again! I wish I could start making this all come together.
    Thanks for the help.

  20. Bill unro


    You answered the questions that I’ve been thinking about. It sound like Get
    Response has an excellent program of sending Emails. I’ll have to ask if
    Aweber has the same. If not I may suggest this to them. Thanks for the Info
    Anthony, you’re always on time.

  21. Bill Munro


    You answered the questions that I’ve been thinking about. It sound like Get
    Response has an excellent program of sending Emails. I’ll have to ask if
    Aweber has the same. If not I may suggest this to them. Thanks for the Info
    Anthony, you’re always on time.

  22. Dale Neff

    I always enjoy your posts.
    It is awesome to watch your post and webinars. In the two years I been watching your patience is amazing! I have seen you only one time and I would have been much harder, come down on a person who did get very snotty with you. You have the knowledge and the patience as well , to put forth the information on the different subjects to build your business. You are an excellent teacher.
    God Bless!
    From a very satisfied student.
    Dale Neff

  23. Irene Wolfe

    Hi Anthony,

    Very good information on today’s video. Thanks

  24. Cheri

    Thanks Anthony for the information. I think it would be great if tell us us more about how to get email addresses and go over lead capture page. Even though I understand some of what your teaching still in the dark.

  25. wayne moore

    Please advise how to find your e-mail success vlogs and Blogs.

  26. K. K. Kumaroo

    Dear Anthony: You are great. In the Success Connection series, you did not try to sell anything, but only spread ideas……for success

  27. John Antaya

    Thank You Anthony for this. I was generally sending my emails so that they would arrive for 6am using get response and that would be for every timezone. I will look at sending out my emails for 9am instead.


  28. Kazuko Finney

    Hi, Anthony,

    These are very good tips for writing e-mails. Now, I know why I’m
    getting so many promotional videos (some are really scam) e-mails
    everyday. I hope I can find the good subjects and contents to promote
    twice a day three times a week. That is a major task for me.

    keep trying, Kaz

  29. Terry MIkolia

    I think that is a very good sugestion. I have just got started studing your course and each day I learn more and more. However So far I have no one to Email as of yet because I haven’t started advertising yet.

  30. mark beatty

    Thanks Anthony. I’m new at this. But with your information I know I will make it. Thanks for your thoughts. Have a great life.

  31. Sandra Fallon

    Definitely enjoy ALL of your videos. The information in these is specific enough to employ into action, so yes, there is “value” here and I would not miss one.

  32. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    This was really great and inspirational as usual.

    You are really fantastic.

  33. Renee

    Anthony, good info on email lists. But, where oh where am I supposed to get email addresses?

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