1. Felton Jackson

    Hi Anthony, The information as alway is great. Thank! Felton

  2. Ron Rice

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks very much for the info, I will definitely try these options for getting traffic. Looking forward to next week. Have great day.


  3. Victor Powell

    Just getting started, need all the help I can get I AM DEDICATING MYSELF THIS TIME!

  4. Chuck Anderson


    I’ve always been interested in your work. I’m in a specialized business ie Jazz Guitar performance and education . I have not been able to mount a successful campaign to increase mailing lists or to draw people to my products and services. I would love to see how your work and programs can be adapted to my niche. Thanks Chuck Anderson

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  5. Patrick Miller

    Good options to explore – maybe use more than one of them to get the best results!

  6. Linda Swearingen

    Hi Anthony!
    You are great…the fact that you take time out of your day to teach us…especially the “us” like me, who know little to nothing about making
    money online….I just want you to know how much I appreciate you and the giving of yourself and your knowledge as you do! Believe me, there are not many out there like you…not even close!
    God keep you healthy, strong, happy and always smiling/laughing, as well as continue to bless you and your family abundantly!!
    Linda Swearingen

  7. Sharon McGaha

    I like this video because it is like the training I am receiving in another program it is the same concept so I know it works

  8. Glenn Russell

    Can’t think of what to say other than that being from L.A., traffic was always something to avoid! lol

  9. frank senner

    hi anthony,
    i did not know about finding traffic.thank you for this information.

  10. edmond taylor

    I need to start this business. I want to be an internet millionaire. What’s my first step? I REALIZE I’LL have to pay money to start, but I’m willing. Please email me back. I need to change my life. I need help.

  11. El Dee James

    Anthony again some great information to use. I love interacting with people so this should be easy for me to do. I am sure they can all teach me a lot on things I am still trying to learn. At this point I am very overwhelmed.

  12. Kareem

    When you can, can you show how to post your squeeze page on a forum to collect emails.

  13. Betty Kuehne

    Thanks again, Anthony. It is beginning to make sense. Now just to put it to practice.

  14. Deniece Poston

    That is the missing link, I need traffic, I don’t. know how to get it.

  15. Victoria Harsche

    Thanks Anthony. Look forward to all of it put together next week.
    I need to go back and see which ones I’ve missed. I came onto this late.

  16. DorothyG

    Anthony, thanks for all the tips. I’ve been getting your emails for a while but have just started watching these videos. Hopefully you will keep them up for a while and I will get to view all of them. I’ve been following your teachings for several years now and I’m finally ready to start putting it all to good use building a new lifestyle for myself. I appreciate all you do!

  17. Edmund

    Right on the mark as always Mr. Morrison, I have been building an email list Anthony and would like to sign-up as an affiliate and promote some of your products. Please send me an email letting me know what I need to do to sign up with your program I have tried to do this several times and have not gotten a response yet.

    Thank You, Anthony and have a GREAT DAY.

  18. irene Wolfe

    Hi Anthony,

    I am keeping all of these tips in a file and hope I can build a good e-mail list. I know i can…..wih your help. Still trying to grasp everything and put it in the right place. I finally was able to purchase a domain name, and am trying with Citibank and aweber to set up these accounts.

    Thanks for your time and the good information.

  19. Carol

    Thanks for all the lessons!!! I got 151 clicks on one ad I think maybe I should have attached my Aweber to them. No one bought but maybe I could have gotten some emails. Who knows.

  20. Cathy James

    I have always tried to keep up with your work.. I always wtshed I was one of the people that yu picked to make money My home is falling apart. I have enjoyed this. I need to talk to you about some of the different sessions. Thank you. .

  21. Xin Guan

    I think I will have time to work on it next month, thanks for the tips.

  22. Luis Cordova

    These are great tips your giving,looking to next week and feeling lucky.

  23. RL Anthony

    Thanks, Anthony, you’re amazing. Truely, you’re a kind of person I admired.
    I cant wait next week presentation, after all I’m just a newbie hoping just to make it through. Thanks again

  24. Sharon Carpenter

    I appreciate your attention to detail and how you share it with us; it is impactful on the overall success in our endeavors.

    Kindest Regards

  25. Yachi

    Hi Anthony Morrison

    i have heard a lot about you sir i am new in this area of business . i want guide line from you sir. i took few webinar of yours they were awesome. guide me in this way. i want to learn each and everything which will help me to rank up my web and traffic trikes. thank you 🙂

  26. John Skanes

    ive been moving trying to keep up with your classes,not doing very good at it. i will keep tryjg

  27. Pris Wong

    Thank you for your continuous coaching to increase our awareness and comprehension every week. Blogging, posts, and forums are new to me,
    but my tenacity pushes me into foreign areas; I plan to become very familiar
    with whatever I must do to master affiliate marketing. Adrian and you are
    very caring toward your students.

  28. Brian Cairns

    I have been following you for quite some time and purchased two of your programs and look forward to purchasing more as I can afford them.
    Your information is simply priceless. There is no one else offering this.
    So hats off to you Anthony

  29. Margaret sitar

    I’ve listened to a lot of trainers lately on the same niche and you seem to be the one that pulls it all together and makes sense!

  30. Norman Wright

    All of your training is useful and helpful. I started with you three years ago and am still plugging away. Thanks for all the ongoing support!

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