1. Dominic Smith

    I’m so exited for the new success connection. I’m always looking forward for new ways to generate traffic and bring in revenue. I hope everyone is as exited as I am

  2. Joseph Phillips

    You have taught me a lot of things and I know you can help me even more. I have enjoyed the learning experience you have given me. I plan on learning more from you in the future. Thanks again.

  3. norman rambow

    I attended the 15 seminar last night and it was good.. love the lightning software but have questions,, please do more on the mobile on ths success commission.. love all these videos.. thank you

  4. mohamed

    Hi ! This very informative ,i’m very fired up about the education i’m getting here on your website. I wanted to know as a beginner , what method of marketing i should start using . I’m leaning towards PPC marketing ,just cuz it’s a little simple to me but you would know better than me. And if it is ,could you do a the same thing you did for email marketing for PPC ?…thanks for your kindness !

  5. Eustacio Vasquez

    Great teaching Anthony, and yes it will be great if keep on teachin in the profit cycle! thanks Anthony!

  6. Ken J. McCall

    Extremely Educational And Beneficial! Will Watch The Series Over Again Several Times And Each Time Will Learn More!! Mucho Thanks!
    Enthusiastically submitted,
    Ken McCall

  7. Orion Morrison

    Hi Anthony,
    I just want to say that you are doing a very good job of sharing your extensive background in internet marketing through these videos. I wish I had been able to keep current watching each one but I missed a large number and therefore did not get the full benefit. So, Bravo for now.
    Orion M

  8. Patricia Sorensen


    I purchased your book
    I have purchased three programs { Haven’t seen all yet }
    All are so very positive.
    In your books – It was almost like sitting face to face. You make it very real.
    I’m not able to spend as much time as I should on developing your advise.
    But I will make it happen. I believe by following your guide I can make it happen.

  9. Stephen Morgan

    This has taught me alot just like all the other success connections have and webinars. The only problem I have is right now I am not very good on putting money into my website because I am unemployed. But great information very good teaching and keep up the great work Anthony.

  10. Laura Blaesing

    I have followed thru on none of this. Way too confusing and time consuming when someone is in need of solutions NOW. It is probably my own fault. I’m on meds that keep me confused! I have attempted to get this fact accross during phone conversations, but still the e’mails keep coming. I hope you are helping many, and answering their prayers for a better life. It does not alter the fact, however, that it is not the answer for me.

    Grow and prosper. Sincerely, Laura

  11. Anthony Garrett

    I would love to win the $1000 Cause it would help me greatly with advertising my dealshop website i haven’t been able to do that without the funds to do so been out of work since 2010 with no money coming in now living with relative’s. Its hard i have most of your books and having with no money thier going to help me very much.

    Thank You
    Anthony Garrett

  12. Mike

    Hey Anthony,
    Great job again! I will be reviewing all of those to try to get something going. Thanks again!

  13. Dorothy Garner

    Anthony, thanks a million for all you do. It is very obvious that you know a lot and enjoy sharing your knowledge with others. The Success Connection lessons have been a great help to me, especially how to structure an email for optimum results. I’m in the middle of working through all the lessons from the 3-day workshop with Adrian so this ties in nicely with the campaigns I’m trying to set up. Thanks, again.

  14. Serzh

    Hi Anthony,

    Thank you very mach. Your Success Connection is great.
    Will you do something more? Or this is end of success connection.

  15. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    I really loved this because you taught us very well. Actually, I will watch all your videos about the email profit cycle one more time and slowly so I could do all these steps one by one. I think that and are the best websites ever. You will get results with them.

    This was really beneficial and I intend to start it and see it through until I have success.

    Have a great weekend

  16. Carol

    I have enjoyed all the the training and I’m getting ready to set up my email with Aweber. It’s been fun as well as informational. Thanks a bunch!! Carol

  17. chuck berry

    thank you so much, i have learned a great deal of how email marketing works.

    again thanks and GOD bless.

  18. emma

    I’ve really learned alot.I’d like to learn more about social profits.Amazing at what i’ve seen so far.

  19. pab marq

    Great work! I learned a lot, thank you for being candid and down-to-earth,sorry I had a computer virus problem, but I saw as much as possible. Hope to be of service with up and coming “spanish” team if any. I think your new software was great but I am not able to get that much money together, but wanted to become a cpv affiliate if possible. Kudos to you and yours….:)

  20. Sharron Hudgins

    Anthony, I think it is a great thing you are doing! Sharing information and helping others to become successful! I have enjoyed learning from you. These videos have helped to clear up the confusing subject of e-mail marketing. Thank you so much!
    In the future I would like to learn more about mobile marketing, as well as, social media marketing. I would like to become successful in all areas of internet marketing. But, truthfully, the information out there can become so overwhelming!
    Watching you has inspired me and given me hope, despite my situation of recently losing everything (literally). I still have hope and I am not giving up, even though I find myself overwhelmed at times. My largest goal is to become like you and be in a position to bless others.
    Thank you for your time!

  21. Felton Jackson

    Hi Anthony,

    It have been a joy listening to you on your past weekly internet marketing profit sessions. I have learned a lot and I have also spend a lot of money buying programs on how to make money on line. I did purchase several of you programs how to make money on line and I am working deligently to complete each process I purchased for making money after working daily a full time job. You had a lot of information to share and you made me realize ” that Roman was not built in a day” so to speak. Now I realize it take time to make money on line and I am willing to spend the time learning. You are an excellent teacher because you can explain the why behind you teaching. This is good because it help student learn for life. Thank again and you have a bless day! Felton Jackson

  22. Mark Roth

    Anthony, I loved the e-mail profiting series and found it most helpful. You put it simply and in a fashion that is easy to understand and feel comfortable with. I did learn a lot and enjoyed doing it too. Going forward I would like to see more profit cycles in other area’s and niches. Niches would be my first choice today for it would drill down the process for me personally. I thought the format was great too. Thanks so much for putting this series on it was great in and of itself.

  23. Melyssa


    I’ve been super interested in utilizing some of your strategies for my and my mother’s businesses, and yes it IS exciting to know it works in many types of settings.

    Although I have to admit I haven’t been able to clear the proverbial “room” to get things done because of the extra work I have and the overall stress that comes with my mother’s breast cancer treatments since Jan this year… The double removal just last Thursday, yet we all are moving in as “normal” of a pace as possible.

    I can’t wait to get on with helping people be their best on all levels, which is why I chose to keep emails coming from you even though I know I won’t be attending a seminar in the near future.
    The positivity I get when I am able to fully absorb the knowledge is priceless!

    Thanks for all you do!


  24. irene Wolfe

    Hi Anthony,

    I look forward to all of your commnts and videos. I am trying to learn everything you teach. Sometimes I just think how am I going to cope with all of this. So much to learn. But the good Lord says to take my time and do it right. Thanks again

  25. John Skanes

    always excited when I learn from you, learned alot thanks John Skanes

  26. Evelyn Hampton

    I have enjoyed and learned from your Success Connection. I am glad I have logged into your website, you are so knowledgeable in what you are doing. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your weekly video.

  27. Debbie MxKbughr

    Loved it and would like to learn about targeting social networks.

  28. Patrick Miller

    This was a very helpful and interesting set of videos. You put it all together in a very concise and understandable format and now it is time to jump on that ‘profit cycle’ and get going!

  29. Patrick Miller

    This was a great learning experience – thanks for putting it in such an easy to understand format!

  30. Mablesue White

    To tell you the truth I didn’t watch all the videos u sent to me but I am interested in learning more about this email thing. Thank You.

  31. Edgar Fullbright

    The short to the point video trainings going full circle have been phenomenal. I’ve saved them on my computer to review when I feel the need to refresh my mind on making $ online. Other topics to improve our skills would certainly be welcomed in this format. Thank you very much for your time and effort in providing this video training series.

  32. Edmund

    Hi Anthony,
    How are you today? Great presentation as always Anthony, however I have a question for you. I tried several times to sign up with your affiliate program and still haven’t received a response as of yet. I really want to promote some of your products by using email marketing as I have been growing a list of 1000 subscribers and am getting more everyday. I really like your products PLEASE- Let me know what I need to do in order to promote your products.

    Thank You Anthony – and have a GREAT DAY!

  33. frank senner

    i learned so much from the email profit was very informative!
    thank you.

  34. Dianne

    Your knowledge is infectious. Could you do a webinar where we can concurrently apply your techniques a split screen so-to-speak.
    Social Media would be my vote for the next round.

  35. Glenn Russell

    I’ve got quite a ways to go before I can get away from the “Vicious Cycle,” and get into the “profit Cycle,” but I’m working on it. It’s still a little hard to wrap my head around the idea that the list is directed to specific groups, which means if you want to change what you are promoting, or decide to add a different niche, then you have to create a whole NEW list for those targeted groups (I guess).

  36. Charles McGregor

    Anthony I did learn a lot from this training on the Success Connection about email marketing. I am at a place where I am starting to put all this together, having learned from what you have taught, and know that because I am implementing the methods & techniques that YOU are using that I will soon see the success too. Am I excited? Well…yeah…it is always easier to watch what YOU have done, not make all the same mistakes we all do and do this the right way. The right way being effective marketing online from someone who really has “been there and done that!” Want to take some of this time and say how much I appreciate everything YOU do to help anyone who is willing to listen, learn, and follow through by implementing the trainings. All I can say after that is I will most definitely be there for the next Success Connection and look forward to getting more of the “pieces of the puzzle, YOU always provide with your teaching. Thanks again for all YOU do! TCHFBS :~)

  37. Loree Walmsley

    I do enjoy your emails and classes. I would like to know more about the email profit cycle and various other cycles. I purchased your program a couple of years ago but was unable at that time to get the initial part of your program, which was your help with setting up a website. It was time constraints on my part. You have always been supportive. Would I still be able to get that initial assistance with setting up the website?
    Thank you for all of your encouragement and support.

    Loree Walmsley

  38. Betty Kuehne

    Learned a lot, would like to see a series on social network platform. Thanks.

  39. Eddie posey

    Anthony loved the training it helped me
    understand how to tie it all together I
    Purchased your build send profit course
    And this training will also help me understand
    the way email marketing works I would love
    For you do do a CPV course that’s what I
    really want to learn.
    Thanks again Anthony

  40. helen brewer

    i enjoy all of your training sessions that i have been able to view and be a part of one that i especially took a interest in is fast tracking i hope that i get the opportunity to obtain and be a part of your success stories i am trying to find a way financially to make things happen because i really do trust you

  41. David R. Craft

    Your sharing has been helpful in understanding his business better. Please go a head and tell us about te mobile aspects of the business. DRC

  42. Marc Montaniel

    Definitely learned more about e-mail mktg. Would like you to explore the use of e-mail mktg on mobile platforms. I plan to launch my first e-mail mktg campaign this weekend. Wish me luck, Anthony!

  43. Darrell

    Good basic information, Anthony. Would like to learn more. Yes, I’m excited about it.

  44. Bill Munro


    This was very informational & I enjoyed every moment of it. I would like to see more especially with the Mobile Marketing Niche.

  45. Deniece

    I have learned a lot, thanks or the steps. Yes I would love to love about other material.

  46. Kenneth Collins

    I would like to learn how to make money using an auto responder and a opt in page, something that doesn’t require a website or domain name or hosting.

  47. Steven Tullis

    yes I learned a lot about this cycle. Do some on seo cycle. Had fun learning about this. Always looke forward to hearing about this.

  48. Sharon Nye

    Yes, this series was great and, yes, I would definitely like you to teach us about the profit cycle for other platforms, along with any other items of knowledge you believe we could use.
    Thank you for staying connected and continuing to teach us everything we can possibly use for online success.

  49. gloria

    Valuable insights. More, more, more profit-making tips. Success Connection is educational and would love to see Mobile cycle. Learned a lot about email marketing and I’m excited about all the tools and tips you’ve shared. Of course, I’d like to learn more about other profit cycles. Great work. Thanks for a marvelous connection and empowerment for success.

  50. Macs

    This has been very informative. I would like to learn more so that I can choose which will work for me under the present circumstances.

  51. carolgrace

    Thank you for the email marketing series. I have gleaned a lot and plan to put it in motion. I am not always able to be with you on the Success Connection release dates but do a catch up. I would love to see a series on the social methods.

    Thank you again,


  52. Don Jerry

    Need to know more about social media with this knowledge maybe I can pull it all together, thanks Anthony

  53. Burl Simons

    Profit cycle models are a great way to connect the dots to help reach real monitization…the reason we are in the business in the first place.



  54. Sharon

    Thank you, Anthony. Yes, this is exciting, learning from you. I do appreciate all of these lessons you are giving us. I want to learn more about this rewarding business.

  55. Bob

    Good teaching! I always enjoy watching and learning new techniques to online marketing.

  56. John Antaya

    Hi Anthony
    I’ve really enjoyed how you were able to teach the profit cycle. This form of teaching is a lot easier to grasp and implement for results. Email marketing has to be one of the hardest items to put together for results. Again your teaching has help me to learn and put into action what you’ve taught. Thank You

  57. steven

    I just want your to know that I have gotten a lot out of your teaching. I would like to learn how to use social media in my business.

  58. Mike

    Hey Anthony,
    You knocked it out of the park again! Keep it coming. How about Social Commissions next time?
    Thanks Ash

  59. Samuel Sylvester Isimeimen

    I really really loved your training techniques about SUCCESS CONNECTION. I would loved to be like you some days in the future. But I would loved to own a registered and hosted website. Also I know and believe what you’re doing. Right now I would have like to start but my computer is bad I do use public system which do not give me all the full convenient I would loved to have. I do not want to start online business risking my software and business on public system. Rather, I would loved to have a Laptop of my own that will enable me to do my business conveniently.

    Look, right now I do not have enough to own a WEBSITE and A LAPTOP as that but I’m working towards that.

    I shared your last training on facebook as requested.

    Keep it up for the good job.

    Your student and friend,

    Samuel Sylvester Isimeimen
    from Nigeria

  60. Mark R Scharer

    Thank you so much Anthony for all of the teachings, however, I had a computer problem and couldn’t afford to get it repaired at the time and it caused me to miss many of the classes. Is there a way for me to be able to watch replays at all?? I would be willing to pay for doing that if there is a way! I also realize that I do not qualify for the prize of $1,000 since I missed so many classes and I am sure that there are many more other students more deserving than myself, and I am sure that it must be a challenge deciding on who to chosse when you have sp many great students to choose from. Well good luck and I’ll wait to see if you have a back up for the missed and much needed classes that I could really use right now. Take care, Mark

  61. Gary Bjornberg

    Anthony, I really enjoyed the videos they were not long which is great it
    was real easy to watch & taking notes, I want to leave with this idea as i
    think it would be great to copy all the videos & put them on CD’S i would
    purchase right away as you can go back it anytime,anywhere. Good Job

  62. richer

    thanks a lot for your informations that pretty cool! i beleive that organization is the best way to make life easier so i’m aproving the email cycle.

  63. Dorothy Garner

    As usual, Anthony….great content. Mobile marketing would be a great follow on. Thanks for all you do!

  64. Rita

    I really enjoy your webinars.I am learning a lot, but most important I am getting ready for succcess. I love the way you teach. It is easy and simple. Thank you very much. God Bless You.

  65. Kathy

    Hi Anthony thank you for the training you provided us. It’s been informative for me. I’m still trying to put things together. What is holding me up is my financial limitation since every time I go to the next step, I’m needing money to purchase something; one of them is getting a host for a website. Don’t worry I’ll get there. Thank you again.

  66. Mark

    Thanks Anthony, love it and already putting it in used.

    Most appreciated.


  67. El Dee James

    Anthony I really enjoyed learning about the email profit cycle. I really could use more lessons. I would like to also learn about the social and mobile parts of all this and how it works.

  68. Brian

    Hi, I learned a lot about the email and how to start the other parts up in the email. I am studing how about affiliate marketing so any of the information you are willing to put on I will enjoy thank you! Brian

  69. Anna Styka

    I am very disappointment that this session is over. I learned a lot and I would like to learn more. I will be watching your videos more times.
    Thank you Anthony. You are THE BEST.

  70. Robert Litfin

    My first looks, before the gold mentor training. I will get better at absorbing and APPLYING the lessons. Tnx ,

  71. James Waters

    Thanks Anthony. I really enjoyed the teaching. It was good to break up each aspect into its own class. I would like to hear more.

  72. Luis Cordova

    I love how you put it all together I can see myself doing this thanks to your teachings and now I know this is for me but yes my biggest obsticle is time managment something I will overcome no doubt thanks for all you do and keep the trainings going they are a big help.

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