1. Anita W

    I am so glad you’ve decided to continue weekly trainings. I like social media.

  2. Stacey Harper

    Personally, I hope we rotate through all 3 topics. My first interest would be in launching my own product

  3. Michael Herline

    I like the idea of learning about all three topics; however, to pick one, I’d pick Mobile!



  4. norman rambow

    Good Ideas Anthony.. Your Awesome….. I would like to see the Mobile marketing side as everyone is going cell phone marketing .. This seems to be the hot item.. You and Adrian have developed this and I have a course from you guys but need some mentoring and I think everyone would find this a hot topic.. Thank you ,,,,and look forward to another successful trainings and hopefully junior bossy might be attending too 😎

  5. Speransia Bizimana

    Hi Anthony,

    I like your hair do.

    I would love to market my own product, but, I think it needs too much time and creative ideas. Right at where I am at the moment, I need your guideline just on how to make money on interned, whether it is social media, twitter ext. I have limited time juggling many things and with all this said, I trying to just follow you. Today, I promising myself ti sign up wit click bank


  6. Denis Jess

    Hi Anthony
    I’ve been going round in circles with this internet marketing. Jumping from one great plan to another. I recently decided to purchase a e commerce opportunity but hey I’ll be 99 before it’s making money.
    I have been on your mailing list for some time now and not really done anything with it. That all changes from today. I will be sticking to Anthony Morrison like glue. I have wasted so much time, money and effort with other things that have just fallen flat.
    Please help me get on the right road for once and for all.

    Denis Jess

  7. Gloria Conyes

    My vote: Social media

    Still learning how I can use social media to make money. Also looking for a good network marketing company to work with part-time.


  8. Mike

    Hey Anthony,
    How about taking us from nothing ot making money from social comm.
    From knowing nothing to getting a check. No Domains, No Hosting or anything else. Just get us making money with very little investment.

  9. Melyssa


    I have interest in all the topics pretty equally, and the order they are in seems like a good order for them to be done in… So, my vote is for Social Networking.

    I’m changing what I’m offering to representing organic living, in general, while supplying people and businesses with core organic products that simplify while also creating abundance.

    Thank you for all the free stuff! And for the chance at a thousand… I have to admit that initially the money is what got me in here, but now I see that it’s going to be more valuable than a grand no matter who wins!


  10. dee

    I would love to get this site off the ground.
    Have Aweber and a list of over 500 names to upload. Want to affiliate with Petsmart and Petco and other animal supplies for people who love cats.

  11. Greg Birdsall

    I vote for SOCIAL MEDIA! I can really benefit from learning this subject.

    Thank you.

    Greg Birdsall

  12. Stephen Morgan

    Well I have to say it has been fun but the thing you can teach me on is launching my own product. You and one other person have taught me alot about social media.

  13. Robert Ahnert

    I would like to see teaching on #2. Good hair cut!!!! I really enjoy your teachings.

  14. Greer


    Your Own Launch is my first choice. However, I do have difficulty hearing everything from online presentations.

    One thing I would like to mention is that your presentations have been far easier for me than most others to grasp because of your notes.

  15. Monroe Jones, Jr.

    I like Social Media, and I like Mobile Marketing. I could you that 1,000 for three day training for my business when you have your next workshop training in Tacoma, Washington or Seattle.

  16. Errol Rees

    I need to generate as much traffic as possible so which ever ever is the best . I do believe mobile is taking over from other social media, I might be wrong but would like to have your opinion on this.

  17. Bill Munro


    Your hairstyle is definitely different. All of these areas are very important to me as an affiliate marketer. I, myself would like to learn more about mobile marketing. I’ve signed up with Greg Anderson, With “Mobile Money Code”, and always wanting to know more.

    I’ve become a huge fan of both you & Adrian. I encourage anyone wanting to make money on the internet to definitely follow the both of you. I always look forward to your Emails. Until next time, Take Care, and God Bless.

  18. James E Baker JR

    Just want to thank you for all the great imformation that u are sharing with your student. I inrolled in your PMI on line class about four weeks ago not knowing any thing about Affiliate Marketing and it coming along pretty good . Just starting to finding somes good offers.I thank social media would be a great place to start.

  19. M.Jordan

    I’m very interested in the mobile world. Have been goining through your dvd on domain names. An would like some feed back on how I can take advantage of this field.

  20. Donavan Vliet

    Success Connection: Do a presentation series on social media.

  21. Deborah Livingston

    How do you organize your day?

    I seem to be distracted by all of the choices I have available to me.

    I am continually frustrated by the lack of focus I have!

  22. Leslee

    Hi Anthony!

    I vote for Mobile Marketing as the next series of videos!

    Thanks for doing this!


  23. Patsy Mooney

    I am very glad that you are doing these seminars, I still need more help. I have not been able to get anything on line, and as od today I have not made any money, but still trying. I would like to learn more about own product launch.

  24. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    All three sound great and interesting but I personally would like to learn about the social media profit cycle. Whether it be google, facebook, youtube, etc. there are so many ads out there that bring in traffic. This cycle should be beneficial for how to generate traffic and obviously revenue.

    Keep up the good work and god bless you!!

  25. Nancy Lopez

    Dear Anthony,

    Please present your next Cycle Profit Training on number three-your / my own product launch. This would help those who have an idea(s) sitting on the shelf going nowhere! Thank you for all that you do!! Have a great day!!! 🙂

    Nancy Lopez

  26. Nancy Lopez

    Dear Anthony,

    Please present your next Cycle Profit Training on number three-your / my own product launch. This would help those who have an idea(s) sitting on the shelf going nowhere! Thank you for all that you do!! Have a great day!!!

    Nancy Lopez

  27. sammy fung

    I am very interested about the mobile marketing concept and want to learn more. Thanks,

  28. Halldora Burden or Harbeintner

    Launch your own product. I have sent numerous emails and have never received an answer. I purchased several hundred of dollars of training you offer separate from the weekly emails and have not been able to talk to anyone in regards to this matter.

  29. William Moore

    I would like to see the latest techniques on social media.

  30. Dorothy

    Hi Anthony

    I would like to learn more about Social Media.
    Pentrest is a mystery to me. How does a person become an affiliate and how do you get a commission?

    There is more about facebook and twitter I would like to learn more about also.

    Thank you

  31. Steven Ruedebusch

    I am a new member and very interested in learning more in Social Media. I have not started a website of my own, but I would like find out how to receive more traffic from the Social Media start a website?
    Thank you for all the training you do for everyone, you are quite unique in yourself where most receive their success they would keep to their personal egos.

  32. Renee

    social media is my vote – with more technical information as to the how-tos

  33. Evelyn Zielesch

    For our own product, why can’t we promote our own website? Of the 3 you asked for us to vote on: Social Media

  34. Arlene Williams

    Thank you Anthony, you are by far the best that’s out there.
    I would like to know how to market my own product either on the web or by mobile marketing.

  35. Laura Davis

    forget this website about, up since 2004,

    the Good News: I have purchased about 6 new urls and about to design and have them up and runinng this month

  36. Laura Davis

    I’m here in Long Island, NY- 20 miles east of the Big Apple, closing out

    now, pls go on the Sat noon Rippln call, 7/6/13

    need your commentary!

  37. Emma Brunson

    Mobile apps seem to be very popular these days. So my vote is for that.

  38. Marc Montaniel

    I would like you to explore mobile mktg for next profit cycle sessions

  39. Patrick Miller

    I think a profit cycle for a personal product distribution would be good.

  40. robert pascoe

    I would like to have some teaching on having your own products for your business

  41. Luke Pham

    I think the social media will help advertise my product more than mobile or launch of my own

  42. helen

    I would like to know more about my own product launch initialy, then move on to the rest.

    Thank you so much Anthony for sharing.

  43. Brian

    I would like to try to learn more about the social media.Maybe later trying my own product,you are going a great job I enjoy being here each week with you.

  44. K. K. Kumaroo

    Success Connection #168 was very short and you talked nothing….If you can elaborate on using social media for marketing next week, it will be great…..If you do not discuss the matter in a meaningful way, it is better to drop the Success Connection series once and for all….

  45. mark

    I watch ur videos, study your work & read ur books & what comes so easy for u & many others is not so easy for me. There was a time a gave up & I know. That’s not how to get where I need to be ….however lately I find your videos , books & materials bring …me to want learn not to be rich but just to be able to provide for my family & survive …..I look forward to learning & ur methods of teaching. So thanku for doing what u do& who u are

  46. Betty Kuehne

    I vote for a Success Connection on Social Media. Thanks Anthony.

  47. Deniece

    I like the hair Anthony, Please do you next success connection on social
    media Tks Anthony

  48. Deniece

    I like the hair Anthony, Please do your next success connection on social
    media Tks Anthony

  49. Raymond

    I’m looking to start my own ecommerce website. What is the best way of going about this first time. I want to have a nice web design, easy navigation from my home page, my own merchant account, social media, etc.

  50. Terry Cawthron

    For the new profit cycle I I would vote for Mobile Marketing

    Thanks Anthony

  51. Patricia Fender

    what is the difference between your courses and Adrian Morrison’s courses, is he your brother? Are you both teaching the same thing?

  52. Pat Palmer


    Social Media is my vote.

    Love the hair. Handsome Handsome

    Love being a part of the Anthony, Adrian, Kaci family.

    Love ya lots and God’s Peace,

    Pat (Patricia Palmer) (Ken Palmer)

  53. Eileen Gerber

    I’m sorry I missed so much. I fell in our apartment because my wheelchair doesn’t fit in here and I ended up with a severe concussion and a nasty subdural hematoma. They had to drill into my skull and drain off some of the blood to relieve the pressure. Now the surgery I was supposed to have next week is postponed until the first week of August. I hope I’m feeling okay by the time of my daughter’s wedding in September. We can’t even get them a gift but I certainly don’t want to end up being the center of attention because of my declining health (I’d rather not go than ruin her special day). Take Care.

  54. jill colomy

    I would love to learn about” how to launch a product”. I signed up for the Launchin Program and I got hung up and could not get help so, I got 2 far behind. I was not as ready as I thought and I do not want to rush it now.

  55. Terry Morris

    I would like to learn about the profit from your own product. Thanks Terry Morris

  56. Judy Kawazoe

    My choices are pretty much tied. I am very new, wanting to know more about social media and mobile marketing. Either one is great.


    I am developing a coaching business and would like to know how to optimize the social media networks to generate extra income as an affiliate marketer, marketing associated products.

  58. Karin Altankov

    Hi Anthony et al, I would choose social marketing, it seems I have so much to learn.

  59. Mark

    Appreciated your interest in our success, Anthony. I would like to know how to create my own product.


  60. Maurice Greene

    I would like to learn more about mobile and social marketing.

  61. Eddy Mc Locklin

    I want to learn more about mobile marKeting.

    Thanks Eddy

  62. Kathy Gurski

    Services, related products from services, writing about topics and getting PAID for it. All with minimal computer or simple, no cost methods.Thanks

  63. susan

    Anthony, Is there any way possible I could talk to you? You are the only one I trust but I feel more comfortable if I could have contact and speak with you.

    Thank You,
    Susan Dunshie

  64. Ethel Maharg

    I need to know how to do it all, so I’m going to watch and learn.

  65. Rhoseanda

    Could a training be on capture pages. Include all autoresponders. Gvo,
    Get response, infusionsoft, aweber. I guess the top 10.

  66. Henrique Nyankale

    Hi Anthony!

    Awesome job! And yes, your new hairstyle is cool.

    I would like to learn more about “Social Media.”

  67. kenneth robinson

    my name is kenneth robinson my goal is to main tain 6000 a month in my

    bank account.

  68. Marie Queen

    i would like to learn about how to work with social media

  69. Suzann FanFan

    Hey Anthony, love the new hair! We all need a little updating now and then! I would love to see a Success Connection on Personal Product Launch. It would be great to take an idea (everyone has them) and make money with it.
    Thanks for always being 100% for us!!

  70. Everett

    I’ve enjoyed the teaching so far, so I vote to have a teaching on (social media).

  71. Carol

    I have a question. With no email addresses, do I start a campaign with aweber url in hopes of getting emails?? Or just buy a list?? 🙂
    Thanks for your time, Carol

    ps. Do I need to activate my website before I can put ads on it? Or do they put the ads on?

  72. Mazie Bays

    Hi!! I finally got through to you Anthony. I am VERY interested in your program…..Please explain how I can get more information …..Thanx

  73. Thomas J Russo

    Anthony , I would like to get info on promoting my own product. Thank you again for all your imput.

  74. mark gavigan

    i really would like both the social marketing and mobile marketing

  75. J. Lawrence

    Anthony i like the idea of have my own product line tell us more on how to do that …

    Thank you

  76. Sally

    I need help with the social media. I subscribed to auto traffic accelerator and still don’t have it working. Help

  77. Geraldine Coleman

    I am voting for social medias if they really produce solid money. thank you

  78. Vicki Lee

    The topic I would like to hear more about is MOBILE MARKETING.

    Really, I’d love to hear more about all three, yet mobile marketing is the latest thing and will continue to become an imporatant marketing tool. I will tune into which ever one is chosen.

    Thanks Anthony!


  79. Sheldon Berg

    I would like more info on Social media and mobile training !

  80. Barbara Preissler

    Help! I’d like to vote but I don’t know what you mean by “Mail”?? What goes there. My residence address? My email address? Please be more specific. Thanks, Barbara

    I’m having a tough time getting started.

  81. Sandra

    I want to suggest taking your own product line for Success Connection. Thanks, Anthony. .

  82. Joey Jay

    Help!!! I need help!!! Been searching online for over a year, and still have not made any income. Only source of income, is ebay, and I only have about $300, a month in sales of coins. I can’t survive on this. I need some serious hand held coaching. Thought I’d ask. If I had to pick one topic to discuss??? Facebook. Over 1 Billion a day???? God Bless

  83. jack

    thank you my own product (i like health) i like the new image the old one was ok too I hope you will put together the main points of your very successful webinar for the likes of me (any people from the south of ireland on the webinar that I could make contact with also has Tim Donovan any connection with irish people thanks again jack

  84. Anna Styka

    I am very excited about next session. My vote is option 1, 2 and 3.
    Thanks Anthony

  85. anita

    please teach me more about mobile marketing, how to create my mobile site, thanks a lot for everything, send my best regard to all of your best team.

  86. Tina Saylor

    I would like to learn about Mobile Marketing.I am taking the PMI course on computer. I did attend your Seminar in Scottsdale AZ Feb. 2013. I loved it!

  87. Jane M

    Hi Anthony…I’m interested in social media and also launching my own product. Right now I’m promoting weight loss products in Facebook and 7 Search. I’ve gotten a number of clicks, but no conversions. I am also using Twitter and Pinterest, but not advertising on them because I don’t have that much followers. I’m excited to learn more from you!

  88. emma

    own launch would be awesome .I’ve always wanted to be my own boss.Not yet has happened but taking your advice always helps.

  89. Rich Markley

    I am already involved with affiliate marketing with Anthony Morrison and would like to know more about social media marketing since it is becoming more and more in use every day

  90. Cindy

    Hi Anthony, both social media and mobile marketing are very lucrative and I’d love to learn as much as I can about each of them…but if I have to choose, I’d say mobile marketing. The cell phone industry is exploding, and there’s a lot of potential profit to be made!

  91. James Waters

    I would like to see a profit cycle about the Social Media. I appreciate your willingness to share this information.

  92. Brett Cantrell

    Great info. Launching my own product would be a challenge. I write, draw and produce my own comics. My product would be very time consuming, but enjoyable. I have other simple products I could produce, but need more research.

  93. Derryl

    Yes, I absolutely believe and want success, and I want to do this. I like
    how you act as a mentor and show other people how to build success and
    generate revenue / income, but help iron out the details on how to do it.

    I haven’t yet done social media marketing but I’m definitely interested
    and want to give it a try, see where it goes … I want to learn how to
    EXPAND AND MAXIMIZE profit potential and overall promotion over
    social media, especially and mainly Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr

    I don’t do Twitter or Tumblr right now but I may be starting in a week

    Once again, thank you very much, I think is awesome. Keep up the
    good work.

  94. Cecilia

    Anthony, I would have to say Launch A Product. I am not yet ready to do so but that would be my interest. I now have to sort of catch up.

    By the way, your new cut looks nice on you.

    Thank you for everything.

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