1. Diane Smullen

    It is going to be very interesting to learn how we can promote our own products that we know so much about.

  2. Charles Webb

    Ready to get started but I’m busted so be patient with me. I will work hard every day and devote as many hours as required to be successful. First goal will be to make $5,000 per month.

  3. Anna

    I learn a lot. I waiting for next week. Have a great weekend Anthony!

  4. Donna Gallagher

    I am living on penny’s and can not afford to buy your program thank you for the offer . Donna Gallagher

  5. Amy Sisi

    I am more of an affiliate marketer, and have been teaching myself for over 2 yrs now.. am hoping that from the basement of watch I live, I can save myself with the knowledge you are going to provide…

  6. Jane M

    Hi Anthony…I’m excited to learn this new profit cycle! I’ve been having a hard time promoting affiliate ads in Facebook and 7 Search. And, I’ve heard selling your own product is much better, so I want to give that a try. Can’t wait!

  7. ABOKI

    It appears most American system of marketing does not support Africa like Nigeria and others. Especially in time of payment. Paypal does not accept Nigeria.

  8. jill colomy

    Yay, There is so much to it. Will you be able to go over everything we need to know in 15 weeks? Happy you chose launching your own product.
    Thank you!

  9. CharleneKnight

    You lost me at “cookies”. Have barely gotten into The Income Class. But I was interested in today’s offer. Just got stuck kind o’ like brain freeze. There was a deadline time. Have I lost it?

  10. Pamela Storr

    To Anthony:

    Do you mean like a niche that you can promote to different people.

    If so, that is ok.

    Sincerely yours,


  11. Karon Chandler

    I am really excited about what you are beginning. I am from California and my friend and I went to one of you seminars but were unable to pay for the weekend seminar. I was wondering if you will be coming back to Northern California in the Sacramento area again and if you are will there be another seminar and if so is there anyway to make payments for the price or are there any scholarships? Also if you have any other tools that I can purchase at a reasonable cost? I did vote for this next Topic.

  12. Anne Borg

    Hello Adrian
    Thank you
    I am looking forward to see the next issue
    I am also interested in your new project
    Anne Borg

  13. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    This is really cool. I have some ideas already and to launch my own product and sell it, that would be awesome. I cannot wait till next week to get started.

    Have a great weekend and great week coming up.

  14. Sam

    Hey thanks Attoney, I have not heard from your brother Adrian, what’s he up to these days?

  15. johnboyd

    I foolishly stopped watching your going to start watching again so I could be wealthy and comfortable

  16. David R. Craft

    I appreciate your teaching on using passion idea lists when using affiliate network and I can’t waite to explore! Thank you! DRC

  17. David R. Craft

    I need more education in applying the successful ad writing techniques. Thank you!

  18. Bert De Vore

    My wife makes arrangements of dried flowers. This what I would like to learn to market.

  19. Pearke Pearson

    Did not attend last week. A family member (y18 year old white Maltese, blind and deaf, was on his last life support legs; dying to be taken to Dog
    heaven. He finally gave up Sunday morning Buried just outside my bedroom window,hibiscus plant on grave. Did not feel up to being
    around people. Pearle MP

  20. Tina Saylor

    Have Click Bank Account now needing to know how to promote and make money on-line. Do I need a webpage and how much will it cost to set up. How do I get traffic to site?

  21. Ewa Zaborowski

    Hello Anthony ,
    I am exited to join your presentations.

  22. Phyllis Estelle

    I am so happy that we are going to engage in Launch Your Own product through Social Media starting next week. I look forward to this learning ssssion.

  23. Tai On

    Dear Anthony,
    I have being trying to join your club, but I am so broke that I could not do anything. I wish you could help me to generate some income(even small ) to survive right now. Once I have income I won’t mind to contribute to your fees.
    Thank your very much.

  24. Theresa Fuges


    I’m new to online marketing and was wondering how do you fill out the
    info for click bank and do you need a website?

  25. Shelly Campbell

    Hey Anthony!Thanks for keeping me connected & where’s your lovely hair?lol I almost didn’t recognize you.As always good to see the newest video blog.Learning a lot of new things still finally breaking through some barriers.thanks for all the updates.You are by far one of my favorite people in this business!

  26. Ben Benson

    Anthony; Yes, I read your last video blog, sorry I didn’t respond. I agree with your selection since it was my choice as well. Look forward to your next video..


    Ben Benson

  27. Ghulam Sarwari

    I’m one of your student that I joined in Fredericksburg and Arlington,VA by your brother Adrian in June of 2013.I usually get your every single email and I’m reading it,so I would like to be notify if there is a live webinar,or some other live program that I can learn more and more.

  28. Richard Kratky

    we are very interested in following up your Success Connection Tips for launching
    new art print products on our Websites for mobile Marketting.

  29. Emma Brunson

    I am looking forward to the series. Perhaps I will finally be able to make money on line, It’s a real struggle.

  30. Greer

    I am anxious to seeing how you work through launching your own product.

  31. Judy Szmansky

    I’m a newbie so don’t have a website. This is exciting can’t wait!

  32. James L. Bates

    I have been taking special note of your e-mails that I have received and I like your style and what you are doing. My budget for my website sales development is very limited and I hope to break out of that limitation before too long and get my website(s) on a paying basis with some serious income.

    Please bear with me as I am very persistent and will – I must – get this business working. I am anticipating being able to use your programs and your help as I make progress toward my financial goals and the attainment of some some serious technical internet marketing capablility..

    I hope we can keep in touch for our mutual benefit. Jim

  33. William Eaves

    I am low on money an I don’t have a Credit Card at this time.

  34. Samuel Sylvester I.

    Hi Anthony,

    How are you and business?
    I’m good.

    Anthony, I had been sending to you requesting for assistance to:
    1. Own a good website with permission to upload, MARKET ANYTHING and receive payment ONLINE.
    2. It should be able to drive traffics having PPC, CPC, RIO, PCP etc.

  35. Samuel Sylvester I.

    3. Your terms and condition for doing this and commission for each transaction etc.

    I would like it to be integrated right away. No delay PLEASE.

    Anthony your urgent attention will be highly appreciated.

    Your Online student

    Samuel Sylvester Isimeimen
    from Nigeria

  36. Samuel Sylvester I.

    Anthony, even if it requires working for you and I’m paid at the end of every month through electronic wire transfer -NO PROBLEM.

    I’ll be ok with that.


  37. Sheldon Berg

    Hi Anthony,

    I have been receiving your e-mails now for the past year and I think i’m ready to begin with you. Please take me to step 1 and help me to get started.
    I look forward to watching ” your own product launch” next week but would like to start with your products first.

    Sheldon Berg

  38. Patrick Haffey

    Had Great deal of difficulty following instruction on web. Is there -perhaps a written step by step procedure?

  39. Joan

    hI, Mr. Morrison some personnel situations came up in my private life so I was not able to respond to your E-Mail. Now I did have a nice and healthy day.

    Cordially yours,


  40. Cecilia

    Thank you Anthony, I did find out some of the complexity of seo – so do understand what you are saying. There is much to be learned so I just have to persist.

    These Success Connections are eye openers.
    Thank you

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