1. Vicki Mancuso

    I am new in the program — trying to get started.
    Workbooks & Videos …I will do my homework.
    Vicki Mancuso
    Houston, TX

    fyi — I don’t have a website — yet ??

  2. Mike

    Hey Anthony,
    Great info., good stuff to have on hand to help with your project etc.

  3. Linda Armstrong

    Right now I don’t have a website, but working on it. Please send all of my information to this email.

  4. eric odita

    i enjoyed your latest video. Although, I feel that freelancer is a better site for most types of contractors.


    It really better if you do the work yourself. the sense of accomplishment if you will. Use the other sources per your conversation at discretion. It is the ownership, learning and part growing in the industry. Just a thought.
    good job!

    Malcolm Wright

  6. Jason Chappell

    Very cool info… That’s going to let me bring back some of the ideas I originally trashed. Can’t wait to check out Elance.

  7. Sharron Hudgins

    Giving you feed back here! This information is very useful. This particular success connection has me looking forward to the next video! I can’t explain it, Something just seemed to click and now I can’t wait to learn the information that follows.
    Thank you and have a blessed day! 🙂

  8. Thomas J Russo

    Thank you Anthony for the information, always a joy to get connected to you

  9. Mike

    Very helpful info. Its’ good to know where to find the resources needed to get these types of items done correctly. I waste a lot of time, effort and money trying to do these things on my own.

  10. Marc Montaniel

    I have heard so much about elance’s services. I’ll try them one of these days for my campaign. Thanks for useful tip, AM.

  11. Pamela Storr

    To Anthony:

    It was very interesting this week.

    I was thinking of to do it yourself books or travel agency to go overseas,
    especially to Bhutan.



  12. Patrick Miller

    Never would have found this out on my own – thanks for the advice!

  13. Deniece

    I am still trying of what is my niche, I will continue to work on it. Good tips
    Anthony Tks

  14. Mark Scharer

    Nice touch of information and contacts that will greatly help me moving forward. Thanks Anthony!!


  15. Shawn Floyd

    Great information to have if you want to create your own project. Thanks

  16. Jen Saad

    I’m very new to all of this and it can be a bit overwhelming. You really do break things down into their individual steps which I appreciate as a former educator.

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