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It’s not only profitable to build a great local service helping business in their marketing, it can also be quite fun.  In two related industries in particular, there is awesome opportunity to help business owners to adapt their marketing in the new Internet and Social arenas.  The Hospitality and Restaurant industries are struggling, because their owners are generally quite good at what they do, but not at planning and executing a marketing strategy that will maintain their good reputation and grow their business.

Just spend some time talking to hotel or restaurant owners and you’ll rapidly learn that they have a very common complaint:  “All of this online review activity is completely out of our control and hurting our business!”  You see, no matter how good you are at what you do, no matter how much you try to provide top tier customer service, you can’t control what everyone is saying about you.  There is always someone who may even have unrealistic expectations, but they can still hurt you.

These days, before a vacation, people go to sites all around the Web, from travel sites to Facebook and social sites.  They’re reading not only about the businesses, but also what people are saying about them.  A busy restaurant owner or hotel manager just doesn’t have the time to learn the many nuances of social and review commentary on the Web.  The problem is that most of these owners and managers realize they need to do something; they just don’t know what that is.  Their problem is your new business opportunity!

Just pretend you’re about to take a two-week trip and will be staying at hotels and eating out.  Start reading the many entries about businesses on travel sites and comments on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.  You’ll quickly see that there are some with such a small and ineffective presence that they don’t stand a chance.  Their space and marketing are dwarfed by the space available to people who want to talk about them.

What you’ll learn in our Offline Billions course is a thorough business plan that will create success for you in helping these business owners:

  • how to contact them initially.
  • how to present your services and illustrate their value.
  • the elements of your business, from the technical through the pricing.
  • the ways to measure results to clearly illustrate your ongoing value.

When you take the family out to dinner in the future, you could be comped with a great meal by a grateful restaurant owner who appreciates the services you’re delivering.  Let us show you how.

Get the Offline Billions Course Now!

Get the Offline Billions Course Now!

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