1. Jane M

    Hi Anthony…good information again on launching products and how to find affiliates. I am still in the first stage/process of creating my product. I will definitely use your information. Thank you.

  2. Freddie GONZALEZ

    PPC’s, CPC’s, CTR’s, etc… I’m teachable, I will get this Mr. Anthony Morrison. I learn slower than most but when I understand all this WATCH OUT !!! On still reading your book ,”Advertising profits from Home”,page 71. At what point should I call the # that came with this kit to open my free website? Or should I just save money and pay to get one made? I have an idea of the product I wish to sell. But I’m not clear on how to do this yet. HELP !!! Please.

  3. eric odita

    Affiliate networking sounds to be a little more complicated than I originally thought. I would like to know more about A.N. events and where/when they take place. Thanks for all your continued help Anthony.

  4. Serzh

    Thank you Anthony for all of great tips. I hope you will continue do it for us.

  5. Gary Bjornberg

    Good as always you do not no but it is hard to network or meet people when
    you live in another state or Country odds are you will never meet them

  6. Jason Chappell

    Great Profit Cycle training Anthony. I leaned a tremendous amount on how to turn ideas into success. Thanks!!!

  7. Doris Hopper

    Hi Anthony:

    You always inspire me as I am a newbie. It’s hard to get started in this business but having someone like you every week to me sure does help.

    Thanks keep it up.

    Doris Hopper

  8. M Hart

    I’m restarting my affiliate business after a long bout with some medical problems. Thanks for having these online trainings. Its a big help and is helping me get back into the groove.

    M. Hart

  9. Emma Brunson

    Thanks again for your weekly nuggets. My problem doing this is MONEY. I can barely make my mortgage on a monthly basis, but I do appreciate what you are teaching

  10. Dan Anderson

    Such a simple plan/method and you explained it in simple, easy to understand terms… THANKS

  11. Errol Rees

    I do enjoy your training and it dose shed new light on a vast subject.

  12. Sandra

    I am watching all your Success Connections and trying to watch all the webinars that you and Adrian are putting out there. I have missed a few of Adrians webinars. I think I seen all of yours. Thanks, Sandra

  13. Barbara Elliott

    This has been an interesting process. I’m glad you take it one piece at a tme.

    Thank you for all you are doing.

  14. scottatto

    Good stuff!!, Anthony, I have you on facebook, all your stuff, thanks, or a lot of it.

  15. Alfred kanu

    Hi Anthony thanks for the video but since I bought you I have not yet start making any money yet I asking if can get into one of your one to training. Event I realty need to get started I seen a video of you doing one on one teaching. thanks Alfred.

  16. Linda Laurent

    I couldn’t agree with you more, I have had several different affiliate memberships and down-lines of affiliates. I just need to learn more on how to have that finally produce more traffic to my website for sales, directly and/or indirectly.

    Great Ideas, do keep them coming!



  17. Steve Ruedebusch

    I am looking for more info to get me started!!! I HAVE NOT actually got off the ground to do this work!!! I will, but when I do finally get off my …. to do this, I know I will be successful, because of all your outstanding training you have put out there for me and many more!!!
    God Bless…
    Steve R.

  18. Rony Coriolan

    I liked the way you present the video. It was very well done in a professional manner. I I ook forward i the future to join your business. May the Lord continues to bless you an your business network.

    Rony Coriolan

  19. Kelly Barritt

    This was great information! I love watching your success connections, I always learn so much!

    Thank you!

  20. Melody

    Hi Anthony, I do enjoy watching the success connections. Great info on get affiliates & getting traffic to your products.

  21. Joe Posada

    I enjoyed your training video very much for the following reasons, one it is short, to the point, informative, and very clear and easy to understand. Your professional mannerism and screen prescence is friendly and not egotistical
    Thank you very much. Joe Posada.

  22. Luis

    Thank you for that, that is so true and it works, getting to know your
    affiliates personally helps you so much more and your business.

  23. Rosanne Kolveck

    Hi Anthony
    Your info is very helpful. Especially what you said about networking. I believe that you need to talk to these people to make them feel special not just email. Getting to know who your working with is a big plus and will push you a long way. People like feeling special and appreciate the personal contact instead of just a mass impersonal email.
    Thanks for all your great info to help me gain a great business.

  24. henry brown

    enjoyed your presentation. I know a little more on how to drive traffic to my site. Thanks

  25. Patrick Miller

    Great wrap-up to your series! Such good information and tips – now it’s time to put it into action!

  26. David Price

    I purchased your book about a year ago following watching you on an infomercial. I was tentative about jumping in, but have kept the opportunity you teach about in my mind. I recently bumped into some internet gurus on the internet and have taken part in some of their training. Now I can do some comparisons between your total sharing methods and their only partial sharing. Quite a contrast. Thanks for what you do and how you do it!
    David Price

  27. Carol

    I’ve leaned so much from you over the years. I want to thank you! I continue
    to work at this business and getting close to making money!!
    thanks again, Carol

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