1. Patrick

    Thanks for the training I received on stepping out in the traffic. It was awesome! I took a lot of notes and I’m happy that I took the time with it.

  2. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    I am motivated and inspired by your training. Since my team at my workplace was dissolved, I need a lift and this is the best thing. I have written down everything that you said and I will go back and review the training before I start launching my own product. No one will bring me down or rain on my parade. I know I can do this. It may take a little bit of time but I can do this.

    Thanks for your great tips and lessons!!

    God bless you!!

  3. Jen Saad

    Haven’t been able to watch all of these videos as I’m new to this. I would be interested in seeing them all from the beginning.

  4. Matt Hart & Sylvia Bar

    Thanks Anthony,

    Your lessons are fantastic and have helped me a lot. Am now currently launching a new product and these lessons are a helping hand thousand dollars or not!

    Kind Regards,
    Matt Hart

  5. Eddy Mc Locklin

    Thank you for giving me this information It will be very helpful in my businedd.

  6. Wil A

    Wow, I’ve seen just about every video, email, offer relating to a business opportunity over the past 10 years & this one blew me away. Validating your offer/business concept by including the local news intros is a very nice touch. This video has real people, real successes, real business concepts & more.



  7. Karen Pulcinella

    Thank you, Anthony!! Finally, I am getting the positivity that I need. And it is coming from you. I have been so down about this. Again,thanks.

  8. Jason Chappell

    No one can discourage from using this awesome training for years to come, our perhaps the rest of my life. Every time I get an idea I’m gonna use the info you’ve taught guy to see if theres a market. Thanks so much Anthony!

  9. Phil Wargo


    I very much enjoy your videos and the information you present. As a retired U.S. Army officer with over 27 years of active Federal Service and owner of my own business for 20 years and government contractor, I thought I knew it all.

    You information and demonstrated success prove you know what you are talking about.

    Thank you.

    Phil Wargo

  10. Patrick Miller

    You have given us a lot of good material, advice and tips – there should be no way this will not work for me! Thanks!

  11. eric odita

    thanks Anthony!!! your motivation is great and you are right. Positivity is the best way to achieve what you want. Thank you again and keep up the good work!!

  12. Eddy Mc Locklin

    Thank You Anthony for the encouragement on being positive. To believe in yourself and do not let outher people s negative thoughts pull you down.
    Also thanks Anthony for introducing me to Rippln! I know this will become the #1 social network in years to come.

  13. Candy Brewer

    I do not have the $ right now to get started at anything but I love your teachings and your wisdom and your energy. I watch everything that is sent to me by you.

  14. Lee Peden

    Thank you very much for all the info you have given me. I am trying to use,all you have shared. Some times it gets a little to much to handle,but then I go back & work thru it again.
    Thanks much

  15. Jim Johnson

    I really like your videos they keep me inspired to get going. I’m taking it a step at a time, but I can see the future and it looks a hole lot brigther.
    Thank you.

  16. glenn

    It all seems pretty simple as you have outlined it, but I have a feeling it’s quite a bit more complicated than all that. However, I am committed, or at least I SHOULD be, (lol) to getting it done!

  17. Monica Mitchell

    Hey Anthony

    I am really excited about the Phase 1 & 2 next week. I attended a 3-day conference with you brother and I liked a lot.
    GOD bless you guys

  18. John Antaya

    Thanks for your encouragement Anthony. While I have many pitfalls in my way I still feel that I am capable of succeeding.

    Thanks Again for your encouragement


  19. Don

    Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to open all your messages. For some reason I’ve only been able to open 3. What I did see, I found very useful and easy to follow.

  20. Thomas Longerbone

    I am planning on getting further on the implimentation of these videos.

  21. Burl Simons

    Anthony thanks for your continuing encouragement to stick with the process of gluing all the pieces together, in the right order, to actually produce solid monetized results. Best regards, Burl Simons

  22. Michael Herline

    Thanks Anthony for your words of encouragement. After purchasing many products and programs form others for my internet marketing business, you and your educational products and programs have and continue to provide me with the motivation I need and your no nonsense approach to teaching is phenomenal. Thanks so much.

  23. Kevin James

    I have experience individuals in my life that has discouraged me in pursuing success in my past, but now I am determined to succeed thanks to Next Wave Marketing Strategies.

    I Kevin James will take 11/2 to 2 hrs a day on makeing a successful business and improving my life.

  24. David

    I checked in with you earlier – I have worked on this all day – thank you for the video. I have one or two more kinks to work out – but this site is live and published.

    Harder than I thought and easier than I thought. Hard with all the technical terms and never putting together a site before – easier in the aspect that I had a lot of fear that I had to overcome.

    Best to you guys

    David Church

  25. Roger

    I like your webinars and am learning alot. Thanks for taking the time to help us out with this internet marketing

  26. John Yancey

    This is badass Anthony! I just love what you’re doing. I’m registered to go to your three day event as well this coming weekend Sept, 6,7,8, in Dallas Texas, this is just icing on the cake. I want to get involved in every part of your marketing that you’re doing. This is so much fun I can;t get enough. I also want to become better than most of your students so I can get on Google and tell all the people that are hacking on you saying it’s a Scam and set them straight, I got your back brother. I have a website name but it’s not up I’m still trying to learn how to do it the right way, and I’m hoping your team will help me with get my websites up and running. I feel the information you provide is priceless. I won’t let you down.

    John yancey

  27. Laura Espinoza

    You are very encouraging, just a couple of days ago my husband was telling I won’t succeed, so at this moment your video has given that extra push I needed. Thanks so much!!

  28. daniel

    yess you are a good motivator and I am staying positive and trying no eliminating all the negative people around me so I can succeed.

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