1. Rutherford Gordon

    Having a one and one with the boss makes one feels wanted and apart of the organization

  2. Joan Haesloop

    I am happy that this is something I can do from my home. I feel I am learning a lot and it is great that I may generate some income from doing it!!

  3. David Ludwig

    I have learned so much from your lessons recently and I have finally been able to get my first actual website togther! Now I am ready to start making some real money!

    Anthony, Thanks for your help!


    Davyd Ludwig

  4. Patrick

    My favorite part of the success connection is the insane traffic idea. Using YouTube is a great way to get more traffic to a website.


  5. Mike

    Hi Anthony, my favorite thing about the success connection is being able to vote on what we need help with and then if we are lucky you pick are subject and tell us how to do it. So many times people tell you what they think you need help with and it really isn’t so to have the opportunity to be able to learn from you what my problems are and how to fix them or see what I am doing wrong is awesome in my book. Thanks for trying to help me grow and make money, mike Haley

  6. Adriana

    Always great learning experience from you. Excited to get the software. I`ll be here next week. Thanks Anthony for all your training.

  7. Brenda

    Most Favorite: Your casual, but professional training videos sharing your expertise in the market.

  8. Deborah

    Anthony, I really like the fact that the training you provide thru the Success Connection is concise and to the point, and I don’t have to try to figure out what you just said. Thank you!

  9. Michael Herline

    I appreciate the Success Connection because of valuable information that is shared to help build and promote my IM business. I also really appreciate the encouragement that Anthony gives. Viewing the Success Connection helps motivate me to work more with my business.

  10. Ariellaz

    My favorite part of the Success Connection…is being able to have a true direct lesson from you Anthony. It also makes me feel good about the energy you give from your inner excitements for the work you do! I actually had a dream last night about you and Adrian coming to help me out personally online to reach my goals. Although it was only a dream, the realness about it gave me more motivation to push forward..Thanks a lot!

  11. robert corkish

    I most happy about there is a face behind all this information not like all these other fake programs fake names that are there!!!

  12. Michael S.

    Over the last year of watching your training, it has really helped me not only get good advice/tips, but has helped inspire me to not give up and keep plugging away!
    Thanks for all you do šŸ™‚
    Your neighbor from Clinton,MS..

  13. Justice Onah

    Thanks Anthony for such a generous offer. You are a highly skilled marketer and you have everyone’s good at heart. Your teachings are true content based and essential for a successful business operation on the internet. Great job. Keep going.


  14. Michael Garcia

    My favorite part of the Success Connection is Anthony’s optimism and insight. Getting a daily dose of his optimism on the Success Connection helps me feel better. And, getting his insight helps me think about, and do, things more often. Thank you, Anthony, for always giving.

  15. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    This is really fantastic. The Success Connection is the absolute best. My favorite part is when you go through everything step by step and by doing that you keep me motivated and engaged.

    I can’t wait till the success connection every single week.

    God Bless you and have a great weekend!!

  16. Sharon Davidson

    I really like the fact that these sessions are short! It gives me time to digest and practice what you’ve told me before you go on to the next topic. Not like the1 and 2 hour webinars , etc.

  17. Harry --spinner-- Ketchum

    What I find most important with the Success Connection is your enthusiasm which is very encouraging and productive to motivate me to continue working on your program. Keep up the good work Anthony.

  18. Tina Catterton

    My husband and I are so excited about learning about Internet Marketing. We have never had an opportunity like we have found with your company. We are in the middle of the training sessions. Can’t believe all the infomation that is included.
    Thank you,
    Tina & Bob Catterton

  19. Kevin Ellis

    I just really enjoy the advice and encouragement from you. As a member of the Marine Corps, and transitioning out to civilian life, I am planning on building this business for my families future. Thank you.

  20. William Ecevido

    Your formative webnars and this site provide great insight to Marketing on the Internet in todays market. Enjoy your videos thouroughly. Thanks for your sharing.

  21. Laurier Pelletier

    Appreciates the information furnished to us on Success Connections and how to use it.

  22. sam alex

    Your willingness to share with us and your transparency. You are just real with a real opportunity for those of us who choose to believe.

    Thank You Anthony

  23. Joshua Freehan

    My favorite part of Success Connection is the consistency! Great info every week, almost without fail.

  24. irene Wolfe

    The best part of all this of course is your videos. I am trying to get everything together and I am anxious to talk with the marketing coach. I am looking forward to the live training webinars. Although at this stage in my life i consider myself a slow learner I am anxious to try. Thank you again.

  25. Mary Beth Caoel

    Even though life has thrown some major curves and road blocks my way, one being that my website is down. Too many others to list. I really enjoy each and every success connection video. They are truly enlightening. Once I get back on my feet, I will be able to implement what I’ve learned from your wonderful sight.
    Thank you,
    Mary Beth
    God Bless

  26. david j

    Hi Anthony, I watch your success connection videos, simply because of the the fact that you seem to be so honest and transparent about the systems and techniques you are using and sharing with all who attend your weekly success connections videos!!! I know there are people who always make negative comments about almost everything, but the positive things that are said about you and your company and the number of people you help to get started in this online business is amazing!!! Keep up the good work Anthony! Don’t ever stop helping people that need your help !! Thanks for all the good solid info and content !! Talk to you soon … david j

  27. tina thresher lee

    I like being taught by someone that I can trust and believe in. That in itself I enough to have that confidence one needs to make an online income. Getting advice from you Anthony is savable. I will follow you because I do trust and believe in your way of teaching and your honest and the way you carry yourself all that sureity about yourself makes a person trust you

  28. Herbert C Austin

    It’s a pleasure to find some onlinHCAe that keeps their word and follow through.

  29. Richard Burton

    What I like about Success Connection is the new ongoing information, keeping us active and constantly challenging me to keep on top of my commitment.

  30. Billie Gibson

    We have easy access to you for help and to hear and see you on the internet keeps it very interesting.

  31. Sandra Fallon

    I am totally enjoying all of your success connection tutorials and have not missed one. The information you present is valuable and useful. I have been in this industry for a while but there is always something new to learn and you do present that. All I can say is, “thank you, Anthony”. And thanks for the reminders to read your emails, they do work.

  32. Eric

    What I like best is how engaged you are with your students. You have things like success connection to help people, going above and beyond what you need to. Your commitment to help other people is admirable, and we appreciate it.

  33. Vincent LeCompte

    Hi injoyed you success conection ,the way you explain how to setup a business. has been helpful. thanks

  34. George Black Jr

    Dear Anthony,
    You are the reason that I am in the internet marketing business, and why I have never given up in spite of all the scummy products out there. You are always positive, you believe in me, and you feed me good ideas to market on the internet.
    Geoe Black Jr

  35. AJ

    I really like that we are all able to share our thoughts, learn from each other sucesses and mistakes. I really love the fact that we are able to have a video training because i learn a lot better that way.

  36. Luke Pham

    Hi Anthony

    Thank you for your help and your generosity, I hope that the software will help me a lot. thank again and be healthy

  37. Michael

    Hello Anthony:
    I have had your books for about a year now and very pleased with what you teach.
    The guest you had allowed to share their methodology as to affiliate marketing, traffic, seo have been the best…
    Thank You Anthony, and all whom have shared their insights.


  38. Everett Arnett

    Thanks Anthony. I like it because I have so many questions and you have answered them as I needed them answered to continue to do online marketing. It’s a lot better than trying to work through it on my own.
    Thanks again.

  39. David Gentry

    Can’t wait. Looking forward to see the software.
    I have your books and I still don’t seem to be able to make any money online.
    Hope this one will work for me.
    Thank You

  40. Donald

    The thing I like most is you showing us the direction for succeeding in this business. How to get from point A to point B is the most help we could assk for.

  41. Alison

    My Favorite thing is that I LOVE seeing your Videos, you are such an Inspiration!
    Thanks Anthony!

  42. Robbi

    It’s a great concept totally impressed with all you do. Just trying to find my nitche

  43. Brian

    I enjoy being here every week learning about everything in the affiliate its like going back to school for me,I am going to use the info to work at home thank you for the info.Brian

  44. Sheela Kalawar

    Hi Anthony,
    I am new to internet marketing. I have joined your Success With Anthony 2.0 program and am exploring it. I love to listen to your training videos as it instill me with hope and confidence that I can be successful in this field.
    All the best for your future endeavors.
    Warm regards,
    Sheela Kalawar

  45. Carol Tinnea

    Thanks for being here each week and explaining different affiliate approaches. You’re one of a few guys that people can trust.

  46. Raymond Forman

    Thank you Anthony. My favorite thing about the success connection is just about every week you learn something new about internet marketing.

  47. Sheila Rumph


    I like your success connection, because you helping me learn more and engage in making some extra income. So thank you Anthony!

  48. Sheila Rumph


    love what you doing for everyone, I enjoy being apart of success connection.

  49. jean

    The best part of success connection is the access to so much information. Not only that but it can be viewed 24/7.

  50. Darinkrell

    I think my favorite thing is hearing the success stories of folks who’ve implemented this.

  51. Ann Parrish

    The Success Connection helps me stay grounded and actively working with the best ideas to be profitable on the internet. I make mistakes and IT have a lot to learn, but Anthony humanizes the whole process. Tuning in keeps me on track.

  52. Thomas Longerbone

    The best part of these videos is the small or large tips about email marketing and getting it to work. Like you have said the time put in it is the most important part. I have not put in enough time yet but I am getting closer
    to making my first dollar.

  53. Arnie

    I want to thank you for all your dedication commitment and good heart to teach and share with others what you know. God bless you and everything you do be nothing but success as always.

    You are a good person. Thanks for all you do.

  54. juan carlos jaime rizzo

    This is a very nice opportunity to be learning good staff with Anthony don’t miss it

  55. nancy starr

    what I enjoy most about the success connection is your enthusiasm you have every week. you stand behind your product and have a real desire to help us make money. thank you

  56. Michael James

    Thanks for giving insights to this business that I would not be able to have easily found anywhere else.

  57. John Perez

    Well I guess i’ll start by saying that I’m really exited to be apart of this new program. I just signed up on the 10th of September an can’t wait to see the progress develop.

    Thanks for everything Anthony

  58. Wilma Falzarano

    Hi Anthony, I have been studying and working on getting offers on sites for weeks now, but I always look forward to stopping and watching your video blog. You are just soo inspirational, and that is what keeps me going. I thank you so much.

    Wilma Falzarano

  59. Greg Gude

    These success connections are great. I love the enthusiasm it contagious. When I get frustrated with the projects Iā€™m working on, I listen to a success connection, even a previous lesson, and I get motivated to move forward and I get new ideas.

  60. Katheryn Bazar

    I find that success connection is very informative and I have learned
    a lot from you. I have been following you for the last 3 years and
    I believe it is time to use some of the info that I have learned.
    Thank you.

  61. Don

    I very much enjoy your focus.

    Your messages are clear and concise.

    You don’t ramble. You stick to the topic at hand.

    That makes it very easy to glean the messages y ou’re sending.

  62. Christy Guyaux

    All info I have accumulated with your site has made me more intuitive in so many ways. With your influence, your youthful knowledge and engaging enthusiasm for business…you have brought me back to like at the ripe old age of 47. I can’t wait to see what’s in store with your new software. Thank you Anthony and BTW- we like your new hair cut much better…LOL.

  63. Carol Kohlhofer

    Thanks for caring about our success. You are such an inspiration! God bless you!

  64. nancy

    I enjoy Success Connection because it truly is a connection. This is, in fact, the only connection I have to the possibility of creating an online business. I can usually understand the videos, and the presentation is always pleasant and positive. Thank you!

  65. Mau

    I think that one of the most valueable parts of the success connection is the keeping up of current information. The internet is changing so fast all the time that staying current on what’s going on and what’s working is super important.

  66. Duncan

    Great insights!!! This whole program allows us to grow and achieve a higher level of success.


  67. Rob

    Thanks for being around for sticking around for so many years and continuing to keep learning, being engaged, focused and having the passion to succeed and help others to do the same.

  68. Laura Gerbeldinger

    This is remarkable! The knowledge you so eagerly give to the masses is fantastic. I am 75 yrs and still in the learning mode with all this. Please keep up this generous education. Just got back from training in Utah. Recommend it to everyone that can attend. So many can benefit. Thank you so much.

  69. jessie

    All the teachings you’ve done I appreciate much and the valuable learning Ive earned is priceless.

  70. Ima

    Hello Anthony. I’m finally getting to become involved in your program. I just joined last week so I guess I haven’t really had time to make any money yet, but I am eager to learn how to do so. I’ve marked my calendar for all the Webinars you are going to be giving. I don’t want to miss a thing. I know that I am going to do well as one of your students and look forward to absorbing all the knowledge you share with you. God Bless you Anthony.

  71. Jane M

    Hi Anthony…I just want to thank you for offering us, your students, a free software. I can’t wait to see and use it for my business!

  72. Garry Ford

    I have just joined up so this is the first video I have seen, but it sounds pretty cool and to connect with the lead man is something pretty special!

  73. David

    Hi Anthony, my favorite thing about the success connection is being able to get great learning experience about internet marketing.

  74. Keli Burwell

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks so much for what you’re doing!

    What I love most about the success connection is walking away feeling enlightened each time! The information is rich and I feel so Blessed to be connected with you and Adrian. God Bless you both and thanks again!

  75. Corina Dudley

    As a newbie…for me it’s the support, a place to go and feel connected to others working on similar goals. Thanks in advance for software!

  76. Allen Dewitt

    Just getting started, but it is very helpful & informative. Keeps me in a positive frame of mind. Thankyou Anthony.

  77. Thomas Tucker Jr

    Success Connection #178 – it is really great that Anthony and Adrian are here for you…….to help you grow your business

  78. Jim Johnson

    I really want to thank you for all the information and help that you’ve given me through these videos. What a great help they have been. I always look forward to them each day. Thank you for caring about my/our success.

  79. Ariellaz

    The best part of being apart of these success connections, is being with someone who actually is willing to help others reach a new start in life! I love you Anthony!

  80. Bill

    I really enjoy the Success Connection since I work by myself in my home office I count on your tutelage to help keep me motivated.

    Thanks and keep up the good work for us…


    Thanks man for just being you! I love knowing that every week you are constant in teaching and showing caring advice.

  82. Albert Hunt

    Listening to you share important points and information that will help each of us to become successful. You are setting an example for all of us. Thanks for this help.

  83. Carol Arsenault

    I enjoy these sessions because they are very informative and I always learn something helpful.

  84. Jason Justice

    Thank you for all the help my favorite part is that i dont feel alone in all of this.

  85. emma

    It is just so awesome that you care enough for all of us to get us started and helping us along the way.Its a great deal for me because i just wanted to work online for so long i could just taste it but now your such a good coach its getting easier thats for all the support and hope for all of us.

  86. Rosanne Kolveck

    I love being here cause it’s no pressure. I learn so much and I can learn at my own pace. It feels good to know you have someone in your corner when you need help. Thanks Anthony for all you do.

  87. Craig Bolton

    I love it, when Anthony illustrates true life examples of his connection success! It truly inspires me to be financially independent! See you at the top!


  88. LaShaunn Campbell

    What I enjoy most about the Success Connection is that you listen to the “students” as to what we want/need to learn and you take us through it, step by step (and often share ideas that we may not have thought of in the process). You are a great teacher Anthony!

  89. Kevin James

    I like the Success Connection because its gives me the insite that I need to stay motivated.

  90. Shirley Lawrence

    I find the short info lessons you provide on how to do everything helps keep it easy to comprehend and follow. Much better than trying to remember what happened in an hour+ long webinar.

  91. Julie Becker

    I appreciate your straight forward, honest and upfront approach to helping and sharing as much as you do with others.
    Thank you

  92. Helen

    I really love watching your videos. Very practical and easy to understand. Loads of information put across. Thank you so much.

  93. chris

    Anthony delivers exactly on what he says!

    I will follow your advice, all the way to the Top! šŸ™‚

  94. Jolayemi Joseph

    Always great learning experience from you. Excited to get the software. I`ll be here next week. Thanks Anthony for all your training.

  95. Stephanie Balliet

    Being new, i really appreciate the massive amount of information that is given!


    Good Morning Anthony;
    Once more you go beyond anyone else. Success Connection is one of a kind ,connection to you in person giving your knowledge in a open forum as if it was one on one. Watching and listening is (for me) so much better than reading an email. It just comes back to being taught by someone that I can trust. I can’t believe how much your art work has improved lately now I know what it is. šŸ™‚
    Thanks for everything
    Steve Heverly

  97. Tracy

    I’m just getting started and excited about learning from you. I get re-motivated every time I listen to one of your messages. Thank you for sharing and God Bless you.

  98. Candace Morein

    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication in helping ppl succeed on the internet..i am a newbie to all this but you are very inspiring to me and i am wiling to learn all i can from you in getting traffic to my website..thanks a bunch :-0

  99. Paul

    Hi Anthony,
    I love the way u present the traffic videos,it is simple and clear unlike many others i used to watch…nice work.


  100. Hilda Correa

    I have been opening emails here and there and watching videos looking forward to learn more through the Success Connection.

  101. anthony Tennis

    Always great information. I love the energy I feel when I listen to you guide us to results.

    thank you

  102. Tjymas

    I love Success Connections because it gives me direction, paths to go on to achieve what i’m trying to do, instead of wondering around trying to figure out where to start, what to do next, what i should be doing in the first place! Thank you Anthony for direction!


  103. brian patterson

    I enjoy the weekly information Anthony presents and how it builds on the previous weeks info , he makes it easy to understand and to take action on ,thank you .

  104. Stephanie Balliet

    the information shared is invaluable! Thanks for all you have done and continue to do!

  105. Donald

    The Success Connection has been very helpful in determining the direction and success of an online business. It encourages one to use proven methods by showing results.

  106. Mo Redd

    I am thrilled and encouraged by the info that you constantly share. Your book started me off with great information and now the Success Connections definitely reinforce and enhance my understanding of your suggestions and products. Thanks Anthony.

  107. julia mako

    keeps me motivated and is a source of good information since I’m very new at this.

  108. Dianne Miller

    I just love the fact that you are so sharing of information. You come up with ideas that obviously no one else has thought of. Your training is so informative.

    thanks for sharing.

  109. Sam Morgan

    I enjoy listening and learning from people like yourself who are positive and upbeat. For me it makes learning easier, and you provide a ton of information. thanks

  110. Shirley

    I find the Success Connection to be uplifting and inspiring and I always learn something.

  111. Pedro E

    Hi Anthony, one reason I like to watch your short videos is that you go to the point on ways it will benefit new IM’s. You allway put it in a simple way that the only thing left is to put into action.
    Viewing your videos really keeps me motivate it,
    Thank you.

  112. Sandi Warmbrand

    Love this information. I will be taking the class this weekend, along with my husband. I am looking forward to “making money” in retirement. Thanks for all you do!

  113. luke lukanen

    hey anthony ! i hope you’re having a perfect day. all of the information you have given out has helped me to get the ball rolling, and i am just about ready to launch my new business. thanks for everything, from your enthusiastic attitude boosting and your drive to keep us on the playing field. that is my favorite thing………..”YOU”………………………..luke

  114. Luis Zaragoza

    The best thing about Success Connection is how you put everything in a simple format to help us succeed.


  115. Carol Tinnea

    I like the success connection because it’s good information, short, sweet and to the point.

  116. John M

    Good Morning!
    Success Connection is great way to stay connected to the up to date information and opportunities to grow your business. The videos are short and to the point, making it easy to watch in our busy schedules. Videos are a great way to make additional money, especially if you have a click through link. Thanks again for pulling back the curtain.
    Success Always!
    John M.

  117. Cecilia

    Anthony, I have learned much from Success Connection because you have shown what is going on in the online business and what is takes to be successful. The honesty is very important and you have shown that.

    Thank you.

  118. Marc Montaniel

    I really like the tips you’re giving us on internet marketing that will lead us to path of success as long as we follow these tips and carry on the plan that we envision for reaching our target for success.

  119. Doris Blakeney

    I love how you teach us about marketing and other things. It is very educational. I appreciate you taking the time to teach all of us. Thank you.

  120. Colleen

    I love how you really want us to be successful! I appreciate the sharing of your experience with us to make our success a reality!!

  121. DJ

    I really appreciate having an expert available to respond to our questions and give us what you think we need to know.

  122. Dorothy

    Hi Anthony
    I enjoy having you explain the steps for all of the training.
    I like the way you take you time and make sure we understand.

    Thank you .
    I’m looking forward for the free software you are giving away.

  123. Andrew

    I love your plain speaking down to earth style.With your latest product has made it much easier to start an online business. I see a more positive future for my self in creating the online business.

  124. Carol

    Thanks for teaching all these things.It inspires me to try some of these things

  125. Linda Smith

    Anthony, thank you for all the time and effort you go to give us all the information, software and constant tips to learn to make money online.

  126. Rob Myrick

    Hey Anthony. I love the way you develop software to make my business easier to get started in a new money making area. I started a couple of years ago, but I had to stop due to getting a full time J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) while I was working anywhere from 55 to 70 hours a week. I saved all of the The Success Connection emails and I am now getting caught up with everything. Thank you for keeping me on the email list.

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