1. Jesse J

    Hi Anthoney,
    I have learned so much from your family. Your brother rocks by the way. I am very interested in what you are working on.
    Please keep me in the loop.

    Jesse J

  2. Audrey Errickson

    Hi Anthony!
    I am Learning and DOING – love the idea you have shared. This would
    help me to produce more to people. Keep me informed with more
    Great day to you and family!

  3. Lorraine Francois

    Hi Anthony,
    Love your webinars, you guys ROCK! This app idea sounds good. Let me know when it’s in Launch. Thanks

  4. Darrell

    Thanks, Anthony!

    Sounds great. Let me know when you’re ready to launch.

  5. William Moore

    This is a great idea. I have looked into this, and found it to be really
    interesting and lucrative. I would like to be one your agents. This is a growing industry. Count me in.

  6. Diane Temple

    I would love to have access to this kind of information!! Please let me know A.S.A.P. when it is available! Thank youi so much, Diane.




  8. Dan Copeland

    I Would like to hear more about this. Sounds very interesting. This may be right up my ally

  9. Roy Finegan


    Every thing you do is awesome, and reach out to help alot of people would be struggling far more in by the grace of God , you had not crossed their paths. I think the phone appt for businesses is a great way to promote businesses online, and I am almost certain that 80% of businesses never
    thought about advertising there business online, just the larger corporations
    and some of the LLC businesses. I would be interested in getting businesses to purchase your appt or apply for your appt. If the appt is available now, I a m going to Southern California for a month to work
    construction, it would be an awesome opportunity to canvas Los Angeles,
    Long Beach, Calabasas, Malibu, Hollywood, Silicon Valley. I was raised in Southern California, yet live in Washington State. I am still interested in the online marketing even though I still don’t have the finances, to buy every thing I need to buy to get this up and running. The Training Web-i-nar you had last night was awesome, very informative, Tim was a great instructor and very patient. What you make happen for others God, also makes happen for you. I think what you do for other people is phenominal,
    and that God will continue to richly bless you, because you have not forgotten where you started from, despite the wealth that you have accumulated. I hope that you do not stop doing what you do, as you are a great mentor, and a wonderful inspiration to the rest of us who are trying to financially change our lifes. Thank you for your time and patience. May God richly bless every thing you put your hands to do. Please continue to keep me informed, I can not thank God enough for you Anthony crossing my path, God does not makes mistakes, yet people do. Thank you, I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day!

  10. Dr. Carl Hogue

    I have asked most of the online marketers why they don’t have a program where we can do the work and share in the profits, instead of having to buy all of these different programs and try to make them fit and work together to make a profit. I think you’re on the right track, and I think it is an idea that, is way, way, way overdue! I am so glad that someone has finally came up with a program that will be affordable and mutually beneficial. I can’t wait to see it implemented. Kudos my friend, and to your family. Chaplain Carl
    PS: take the time to love on your family while you can 🙂

  11. KEITH

    Hey sounds like a great idea Anthony….it’s pretty much MLM…But I’m interested!!!

  12. Helen

    Sounds interesting. Great if you could keep me informed. Like to know more. Thanks again.

  13. Marsha Taylor

    I am absolutely interested in your new idea. My husband and I could probably do it together. He’s a real people person. Let me know when you’re ready to launch.

  14. Jo Ann Eades

    I would love to have more information. It sounds very nice. Thanks for the information.

  15. Maurice Bernier

    Sounds interesting to say the least Anthony. I like the fact that it’s a short sweet and simple “Get In Your Face” presentation.

    Will be on stand by to learn more! 🙂

  16. Pete

    It’s hard for people to say “no” to your face when you have a great idea! I would love to hear more. Keep it coming.

  17. Diane Temple

    You fascinate me! I am very anxious to work locally in my hometown w/ all of these wonderful new ideas! This is such an awesome way to help the community folks get the word out about their products and help them to make a living as well.

    Thank youi so very much for sharing all of your knowledge!
    Diane Temple

  18. Basilio

    Anthony, sounds like a great idea. I would like to know more about it. Very interested!

  19. Toni

    Anthony, if this is anything like the video that Adrian showed in class I am Very interested, just need to crawl out of my cave and meet people. LOL count me in when it’s ready.

  20. Nathan Crumby

    Heard about this from Adrian on 10/4 in class in San Diego. Love the idea and will use after I complete training per Adrian. Rock on!

  21. Joan Haesloop

    Thanks for all the information. I know I have so much to learn and it is great to have so many opportunities to do just that! Little by little, we’ll make it together!!

  22. Norma

    Yes I would love to be part of your new and wonderful idea. Please let me know more.

  23. Brandi C

    I am 100% team Anthony! I would love to get out from behind the computer, network within my community, and I think IT IS AWESOME you thought about your affiliates instead of just running an ad. I got Knoxville, TN & the surrounding area covered-hah! ; )

  24. Aaron Horad

    Hey Anthony I think that this is one of the best ideas to date. Im a very Techy guy and I have both android and an iPhone and to be able to use and app that would allow me to be profitable is just awesome…. Keep up the great work man you rock!

  25. Ray McLeod

    Sure, I am interested in anything you will present. Please keep me posted.

  26. Thomas J Russo

    Thnnk you For your continueing to help your affiliates. Great idea count me in.

  27. Michael Campbell

    Anthony, this is a great way to learn and sell, too. We are interested.

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