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There are a lot of search engines out there, and we all consider Google to be the top dog.  There are more searches done on Google than several other popular engines combined.  However, there are also niche search engines around topics or industries, and there are search engines that specialize in providing opportunities for affiliate marketers, publishers and advertisers alike.  Some facts from the website:

  • Currently providing advertiser results for over 2 billion searches per month.
  • Over 40,000 advertisers have used 7search so far
  • Knowledgeable Customer Support Staff will respond within 4 hours
  • 7Search pays out over $800,000 each month to its partners and affiliates

7Search allows advertisers to geo-target who sees their ads, a major benefit to local businesses that do not want to sell outside their local area.  Why pay for exposure in markets you don’t serve?  Another major feature of 7Search is conversion tracking.  This allows marketers to track consumer actions – like generating a lead or converting from shopper to buyer.  A code is embedded on each page of the website so that marketers can determine what users are doing throughout the website.

Much like AdWords, 7Search allows advertisers to bid for position and place their ads into the search database.  Affiliate marketers can target the placement of those ads and make money through affiliate commissions.  This helps the advertiser as well, as they get experienced and focused marketing help from their affiliates.

Another really powerful tool for both the advertiser and the affiliate marketer is the ability to place text links into content on a website or blog that open 7Search results pages targeted to the link text.  Think about the power here.  You can be an affiliate marketer writing a blog post about camping equipment for cold weather camping.  That text link would open a 7Search results page to business that will make you  money as an affiliate or just share in the 7Search ad revenue paid by the advertiser.

We’ve developed a comprehensive instruction tutorial and course on using 7Search as both an advertiser and as an affiliate marketer.  Learn how to work both ends of this amazing tool, placing your own affiliate marketing ads and also linking to others for income.


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