1. norman rambow

    AA means …Awesome , Anthony, I love this.. need to do more..I am enrolled in EDU and need the office number to call and get access to the backroom items.. Thank You

  2. Alfreda Neal

    Hello Anthony, I am so glad that you have come up with something that is more reasonable for those that don’t have much money,thank you . yes I amvery excited!!!!!

  3. Pamela Storr

    To Anthony:

    I am already on the Income EDU and also the referral, but I do need help with it.

    Please Help me.

    Sincerely yours,

    Pamela Storr

  4. David

    Great idea, how will a clinet be tracked and how much to join and whats the commission?

  5. Samantha Revels

    Hey, Anthony this is a great way to make some extra fast cash. This is a super awesome DEAL. Thanks for the chance to be able to refer people to the webinar. I will get right on this now . I have joined INCOME EDU and it is great. I am blessed, thanks.

  6. Elmer

    Sounds great to me. As soon as I finish some of the programs I’m already in; I’m joining. This will even fit right in with what I’m doing. Love it.

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