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Interviews for MarketingContent is king on the Web they say.  Every Internet SEO guru will tell you that Google is placing even more emphasis on quality content than ever.  It doesn’t stop there either.  Every expert in marketing on the Internet through websites and blogs will tell you that your content is crucial in drawing visitors and creating compelling calls-to-action.

Actually, creating a large volume of quality content is probably the most challenging thing about marketing through websites, blogs and the social sites.  Even if you have a flair for writing, it’s a very time-consuming task.  If you don’t have that flair, it can cost some money to have writers creating content for you.  Of course, you can also do some content curation, but that only helps a little.

You must have compelling and interesting content about your niche for success. Interviews can be a great way to gather expert content for your website with all of the best keywords and phrases for SEO.  There is a whole business you can create as well if you want to build a client base and help them with content.  So, this post can serve a two-fold purpose; help you with your own marketing and give you an income opportunity in a business helping others.

The thing about interviews is that you’ll be requesting them from people who are knowledgeable in your niche, and they’ll have a passion and enthusiasm for it.  They’ll be people with information valuable to your site visitors or those of your clients.  You’ll need to have the ability and your own passion to draw out their best commentary for your site.

You’ll need a thorough knowledge of your niche in order to ask the right questions. We’ve created a 15 video course that will give you all of the information and motivation you need to develop awesome content for your own sites or help others to do so as a business.

We’ll help you to recognize your passions and strengths, find people in your niche to interview, learn the right questions to ask, and how to publish the content in the right ways to maximize its value. One of the greatest value components of this course is that there are very few marketers out there using these interview concepts for content or a consulting business.  Get the facts and get started.

Get the Interview Masterclass Course Now!

Get the Interview Masterclass Course Now!

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