1. Lucki Dedeku

    Hi Anthony,
    Could u be my personal friend, trainer & coach? I adore ur success story.
    I live in Skerries, Co Dublin, Ireland.
    Lucki Dedeku.

  2. vickie socks

    Merry Christmas,Happy New Year,May GOD Bless you and your family always,,,,just to say I will get here some day,if its god will,because i do Believe in this,and god. It’s just hard when yr struggeling to put food on the table,were i live,jobs are horrible,My son and i struggel to just keep roof over our heads.But do have faith and believe…I dont have friends or family that believe in me about this,or im sure they be helping in it i talk about it often,but still not and i cant afford even prove internet keeps getting cut off and back on when can afford i try to watch and just listen.till this pray of mine is answered.God Bless..

  3. Sharon Siemens

    Thank You for fixing the video problem. I’ll try the other ones now.
    I haven’t given up on getting my business started.


  4. Ronald Bish

    Hello Anthony,,,Happy Holiday Season to you and your Family and Staff. Thanks for sharing this video of your office. It looks very nice and loved your red desk. Keep up the awesome work.

  5. Julian Chambers

    I finally got around too it, but then it rolled away. It was truly a wild thought that I had extra time any time, but for now my efforts I hope will return to your system and training. I pay my debts and must still earn the benefits , nice to see you. I hope to learn the system.


  6. Donna Baldwin

    This great, still interested and glad to share with others,I believe in your system. Merry Christmas Anthony to you and your family God Bless Donna

  7. Gregory L.Bruno

    What’s up Anthony, I’m trying to increase my website’s Face Book presence
    but I’m not sure how to do that without creating another page to my Face Book account Do you have any suggestions?

  8. cecilia

    Thank you Anthony, nice office, very functional with lots of color for creativity. Thank you for invite inside.

  9. tina houston

    Loved your tour. Would love to also learn how to put ads on facebook. Was looking into purchasing software but don’t know which one to go with, Does mass traffic x do what auto traffic accelerator does? Thanks, Tina

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