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Digital & Information Products

Digital & Information Products

So, you want to start a business selling some kind of product.  It’s a worthy goal, and you may even know a lot about “blue widgets,” and know that there is a market for them out there.  Are you ready for what you’ll need to bring your blue widgets to market?

  • The equipment to manufacture blue widgets, OR
  • A contract with a manufacturer to build them for you.
  • The money to inventory a ready supply for delivery.
  • A warehouse to store your inventory.
  • Insurance to protect your warehouse and inventory.
  • A substantial marketing and advertising budget to tell the world about your blue widgets.
  • A packaging and shipping department to get them out the door.

Suddenly it’s not looking so lucrative to make and sell blue widgets is it? Now you know why those who get really rich selling manufactured and fabricated hard products usually had to be a bit rich to begin with.  Or, they take on partners with money, or they borrow tons of money.  The result is that most end up with only partial ownership because they needed the monetary help of others to get their goods to the marketplace.

What you’ll do instead: It’s a whole new world out there though, and it’s all yours for the taking, IF you take the digital and information products road for your new business.  What’s the difference?

  • The only thing you manufacture is a PDF or eBook digital file, no boxes, no machines, no sub-contractors.
  • No inventory, no warehouse for it, and no insurance or other housing costs.
  • You’ll use others to market and advertise it for you.
  • Shipping is automatic with a mouse click, and your customer does that for you!

OK, so now you’re getting excited.  You can create a digital information type of product that is simply a file on your hard drive and at a website that can be downloaded by a customer once they’ve paid for it.  You only create it once, it takes up no space, and it doesn’t require restocking.  So, how do you get it marketed by others?

Using affiliate marketing networks, you offer your product to marketers with a commission if they bring you an order.  They build pages on websites, posts on blogs, and put entries in social media sites to tell the world about your creation.  They send the customers to your page where your product is sold, customers buy, and the network pays the commission, and sends you your profits right into your bank account.

What you’ll need to make it happen: You’ll need a product, and it will need to be a product with demand out there.  You’ll need to format the product for delivery.  You’ll need to create a marketing page or pages to present and sell it to the prospect.  You’ll need to price it right, and set a commission that will make affiliates excited about it.  And, you’ll need to set up with the right affiliate networks and attract the best affiliates to make sure that they’ll be aggressively marketing for you.

How you’ll get what you need: This is the easiest part, and it makes all of the rest of it a piece of cake!  You simply let us walk you through our Elite Product Creation Course. You’ll get all of the knowledge, tools and resources to successfully sell your new products without overhead, without a big marketing budget, and with others doing most of the work for you.

Get the Elite Product Course Now!

Get the Elite Product Course Now!


  1. Juliene Stella

    WooooooW!!!! That sounds so smart, so affective, … so soooo awesome. I got to learn this. Pleeeease teach us ALL!!!! And the universe will say: Thank you :+) ” Muitissimo obrigada”

  2. yadgiri

    Thank you Anthony…..really i want start online income haw can i double it start and when i can started it ?

  3. Henry Barkman

    We are coming for training on Aug 23-25 for level 4 marketing. Looking forward to getting there and get taught right. Will this program be part of the training at level four as we are doing it all.Thank you kindly.

  4. Doug Foote

    I have just signed on to get coaching in this business. I talked to Megan and John Norton. I am awaiting a call back to make arrangements to get started. Since I just came on board I’m sure I’m not quite ready for the Creation Course yet. I hope someone calls soon it’s been two days and I’m ready to go!

  5. Laurie Ortman

    I went to your paid workshop and not sure how to take the first step
    to start promoting this digital inventory. But I am interested in learning
    how so as to start making money right away. Does not have to be
    a large sum but looking for retirement income. I am almost near being
    a senior and it goes so fast. Consider myself middle aged but not for long!

  6. Louisa Moana

    Hi Anthony, it’s me Louisa Moana thanks for your help now I understand it. I like it I think its more simple for me. But I still need your help all the way.

    Thank you.

  7. Keith R.Kindle

    Mr. Anthony SIR :: I’m a disabled American veteran, THE US MARINES .. I have read many of your email informationals or Lesson …I wan’t to get a start from the begining and prospere makeing my life better, and making sure other Vets can apply your methods to give the Vets a more deserving life also.I jumped on this blog(or whatever it is called) to ask were I need to go to get started , A new life meaning is all I want,prospere and help others…. THANK YOU Lcpl Keith R Kindle.

  8. Guines

    I still can not figure out what to sell or where to find what is hot. Any ideas?

  9. Ron

    I didn’t get your webinar last night. Had problems with internet. The above info. sounds really good. Ron

  10. Beverley G.

    I’m not ready for this yet, Anthony. But thanks for keeping me up to date on what’s coming down the pike. Beverley G

  11. Samuel Mautia

    I need help in going about accomplishing the affliate marketing business. Any help in choosing a product will be appreciated. I have a business account and name. I am still on the milestones though sometimes I become overwhelmed and slow down on them.

  12. eparkyn

    It sounds exciting, something new to learn, the product is the secret.Thanks Antony.

  13. Ann Matthew

    Thanks Anthony,
    It makes a lot of sense, is a logical progression of ideas. I
    LIKE the idea of not needing a webpage to
    Accomplish the goal of affiliate marketing. Your Blog specifies a Web Page to accomplish the marketing.
    It makes sense to me to use the AD ON SOCIAL NETWORKS AS THE
    All info for the product, would be incorporated into the ads, and the buttons you designed into that ad would send the commission from the Company to
    Your click bank account. Makes more sense, saves time, & is efficient.
    Sincerely, Ann Matthew

  14. Cynthia Murray

    Thank you so much for this information I will need to use in the future. I’m very much interested, but I must learn to complete a task. You have so much that I get excited pay for the product and unable to use, because still working on the first project I started with you.

  15. Ann Matthew

    Did I MISS something? I FORGOT to mention that there would be buttons
    For the client to order the product, and have it shipped to them;
    Links for company to send commission from sales of product to my click bank, and probably other buttons and links I can’t think of yet.
    Perhaps links for info about the product or products offered, and other links for discounts, coupons, and free stuff. Does this make sense to you too?
    Thanks. ANN

  16. Andrew

    I think this a good ideal. but i am also having some of the same problems..

  17. Glenda Monge

    Thank you so much for all the work and effort you have put in helping people. I am barely starting and trying to work my way thru all the info, i’m getting your program so plenty of studying and action as well. Keep on the great work. Thank you!!!

  18. Barbara moore

    Hi Athony thank you for the Blog i have been with you for 3 years now and i have not made no money but i do love everything you send and all your help

  19. darlene

    Dear Anthony,
    Thanks for the efforts you take.
    You certainly have the heart of God.
    Best regards,

  20. Rod Buster

    Hi Anthony;
    I hope this is real. It sounds very interesting.
    I am so sorry to have missed the webinar the other day but am looking forward to attending event in OKC this month. I work a lot and am starting school this fall so I hope and pray I can make this work and fit it into my schedule. The sky is the limit. Thanks again for all you do to help others.

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