What’s Your Site Ranked?

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If you have a website or blog, there’s a good chance you’re trying to rank for a specific set of keywords. For instance, if you’re in the “internet marketing” niche, you might try to rank for:

  • Internet marketing tips
  • Internet marketing information
  • How to market online

You want people to find your website when they type one of your key phrases into a search engine.

As a marketer, it’s important that you know how you rank for each term. You need to know where your site is listed in the search results when someone searches for one of the keywords you’re trying to rank for. That way, you can find out if you need to improve your SEO campaign to get a better ranking.

The Standard Way for Finding a Site Ranking

Most marketers go to Google to find out how they rank for specific terms. Once they get to the search engine, they type in the terms, and then look for their website. If the site is on the first page, the marketer is pleased.

Unfortunately, Google analyzes cookies and user activity when determining search results. Thus, if you click on your website on a regular basis, it will show up higher in the search results when you search for related keywords. There’s a good chance you click on your website fairly often, so your personal Google results are likely skewed in your favor. However, just because your site shows up on the first page when you Google it doesn’t mean it shows up anywhere near the first page when someone else Google’s it. That’s why you need to check your rank with a search engine that doesn’t alter results based on user patterns.

The Best Way to Get Your Site Ranking

Fortunately, there are several search engines that will allow you to determine your true site ranking. Some of my favorites are:

  • DuckDuckGo
  • StartPage
  • Google Encrypted Search

Each of these options works like a standard search engine. However, instead of getting “standard results,” your results won’t be based on any previous pattern or activity. Thus, you can find out what your true search ranking is by using these search engines.

I encourage you to use one of the search engines listed above to determine your true search ranking. Once you do that, develop a plan that will help you move up in the search results. Once you put your plan in motion, continue to check your search ranking to see if it has improved. If it has, you know your plan is working. If it hasn’t, you’ll need to tweak your SEO plan in order to get the type of results you want.


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  1. Sharon Davidson

    Good info. But as usual I have a question. You said:
    “develop a plan that will help you move up in the search results.”
    This is where I get stuck. How? What should be in the plan?

    Then you say “Once you put your plan in motion, continue to check your search ranking to see if it has improved. If it has, you know your plan is working. If it hasn’t, you’ll need to tweak your SEO plan in order to get the type of results you want.”
    And I’m stuck again. How do I tweak it so I get the results I want?

  2. Leila

    This really is a blessing of a large magnitude. Immensely valuable information. Thank you so much.

  3. Megan Krekorian

    Great information! I’ve done a pretty good job with my nonprofit’s pagerank (5/10) and I am looking forward to doing this with my own for profit site!

  4. Alethia McIntosh

    Excellent information. I will digest this for now until I’m ready to check it out further. So much to learn, but the mystery of internet marketing becomes a little closer to being solved with each great teaching as this.

  5. Peggy Moore

    My Karma is good! My goal today was to work on my page rank and opened my email to find this information. Thank you Anthony for your passion to teach others. I recently attended the three day affiliate training. This information as well as what I’ve learned from your GREAT PMI Coaches in the last year will help with my affiliate endeavors also.

  6. rosemarie delfel

    Thanks for info on Google ranking system.

    Your information was very helpful. Especially your recommendation to use alternate search engines to find a websites true ranking. Although I attended a couple of ranking webinars presented by Google, I was not aware that “what you see is not necessarily what you get” if you access Google with the wrong search engine. Thank you for your continued support.

  7. Judith

    I’m new and do not yet have a website. But the information was helpful for future use. Any knowledge is useful.

  8. Sandra

    Thank you for the info never heard about those SEO before. I still need to learn much more to be in the mix.

  9. ma. luz antiga

    Hi Anthony,

    Im so amazed with this new found software under your mentoring. Everyday is full of excitement to learn more. Your tips re “how to get your site ranking” will really help me to move forward on this online marketing. Thank you so much!

  10. levi singer

    Way to go Anthony, We would never have come to this without help and again your the one…thoughtful , in all you do and to the point for us.

    Thank You,

  11. Julius Barnes

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    Julius, here just needed to say THANKS!! again for all the Great Info you send this way all the time. keep it up and and please do not stop now.
    I’m getting close to really making a go of online marketing, and earning some real money from it, just as you said would happen if I continued to listen to you and actually implement it into action.
    Luv U,

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