The Hidden Millionaire Book – Principle #1

Author: admin Entrepreneurship

I thought I would share one of the “principles to uncovering the entrepreneur in you” that I mention in my new book The Hidden Millionaire. You know so many people are “fearful” of success and what it takes to achieve your goals. One thing it takes to be successful in any business is the ability to take risks. I don’t mean just blindly go out and risk your life savings on some crazy business venture. I do mean you must be able to take a calculated risk, and realize that you have the ability and knowledge to make your venture work. Fear keeps people from doing many things in life, not just entrepreneurial ventures. Overcoming fear is the key to success in life, as well as in business.

I was certainly scared when I started my first business. I had no knowledge, no experience, no track record I was basically just guessing my way through everything. I got lucky and was very successful with my first business, however, each of my future businesses required me taking calculated risks in order to be successful. I never just “guessed” may way through anything after that first business. Success shouldn’t be about luck it should be about knowledge, skill, drive, and determination. Everyone can be successful in life as well as in business.

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