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Some kids are born into this world with unfortunate circumstances facing them from the get go. Some are facing poverty, deformations, useless parents, and more. The children really have no way of achieving their goals in life without the help of others. People who care enough to help others who aren’t exactly part of their own family. I’ll never forget when I was about 9 years old playing city little league baseball we had two guys on our team that were from a local orphanage. Their parents had abused them and really made life extremely hard for them growing up. When I met the guys I felt an overwhelming since of compassion for each of them. I knew they had been through a lot, yet here they were doing the same thing I was doing, having fun. That was made possible by their foster parents, who didn’t have a lot of money, but had great hearts. I immediately asked my parents if I could get them each their own baseball glove and bat, and my parents were more than happy to let me help them.

You see people helping people is what makes our world a wonderful place. People who are self centered and could care less about others are not helping our world become a better place. I recently came across a story on that blew my mind, and I am going to share it with you right now. I read about a child, James, who has Leukemia. James and dad setup a MySpace because James wish was to have 1 million friends on MySpace, and spread the world about childhood leukaemia to everyone around the world. You know most kids want to meet a sports star, or going on a shopping spree, or even go to Disneyworld. What does James want to do? Simply have 1 million MySpace friends, and be the most popular little boy in the world. In order to do that he needs some help. He needs people, such as me, to spread the word about him, his story, and his simple wish. Why not help this little guy out? Help him achieve a goal so we can instill in him that dreams and goals can be achieved. If this little guy can get 1 million friends, in my opinion he can beat Leukaemia.

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