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Outsource the Juggling

Outsource the Juggling

What does your day look like today? Are you as successful in your Internet marketing or other online businesses that you’re busy juggling ad design, placement, blogging, website work, and social media posting? If you’re not as successful as you’d like, but you’re still working long hours, how can you create more profits if you have no hours left in the day?

Some business people like to take their income and divide it by the number of hours it takes to generate it and look on that as the value of their time. For many of us, that would be a depressing approach, as we’re working way too many hours for an income we’d like to see increase exponentially. In taking this “my time is worth” approach, you could be short-changing your income because you don’t think that you can hire out to get things done. Forget what you think your time is worth in relation to your income, and instead think more about how much more income you could generate if you outsourced some of what you’re doing.

The good news is that times are tough out there, and people are doing work of the type you need for pennies … literally! Our Outsourcing course is designed with one major comprehensive goal of showing you how to get a lot more done for a lot more profit while spending as little as possible. Outsourcing is simply getting others to do what you’ve been doing, leveraging their work for your profit. Of course, like everything, there’s are right ways and wrong ways to go about it. While a lot of us know about freelancing websites where we can hire out programming, writing, blogging and even social media posting, few have taken the time to learn the best practices for using these sites.

There’s a good reason, as there really isn’t a comprehensive training course out there for the buyer of services; at least until we came out with ours. You see, we work with marketers all day every day, and we see firsthand how they can get overwhelmed with the many tasks to keep all of the balls in the air. It was an obvious decision to develop a course to show them the right ways to outsource, the ways to use the freelance sites efficiently to get high quality product at rock-bottom prices.

Sites like,, and others can be excellent resources, or you can end up with poor quality website content or social posts even if you spent good money buying it.  There are books out for freelancers with titles like “Six Figure Freelancing.”  These books train them that they can make lots of money working from home just the hours they want.  Well, we’re leveling the playing field with our course.  Our Outsourcing instruction and resources will show you how to write project descriptions that draw bids and avoid disputes due to confusion over requirements.  We show you how to evaluate freelancer profiles, feedback and ratings, and how to negotiate with them.  Just because they bid $X, it doesn’t mean that you have to pay it.

We can make you an outsourcing genius, multiply your efforts ten-fold, do it at low cost, and really make your time worth more than you ever thought possible.  Take the course.

Outsourcing Expert Course

Outsourcing Expert Course

Outsourcing Expert Course Now!

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