1. Raeanne & Robert Woodman

    Hi, Anthony,

    It’s been said, and it is so true, that “the best things in life aren’t things.” We don’t shop on Black Friday. There’s nothing so important to us that we have to get it on Black Friday or that we have to fight the crowds. If we really need it, or really want it, we’ll order online, or through a catalog, or go later in the shopping season.

    We hope you and your girlfriend had a great time in Portland.

    Raeanne & Robert Woodman

  2. eddie strickland

    Hi Anthony, We`re going to slam into Fred Meyers and get a food processor, the one we have is so old and worn out the cat can slice things better, but a little more messy. Then it`s off to Market of Choice to get something for dinner and some dried Red Reishi mushrooms. I have been studying up on it and it is supposed to be a miraculous cure-all that does everything from detoxing your cells to killing cancer. It really does so many things, it is just incredible. I hope you will check it out. I found some good sites by Googling Red Reishi youtube, then the other hundreds of other sites too. That`s cool that we were both in Portland the same day. Maybe some of your “mojo” flew my direction.

  3. Craig Upton

    This was the first year that I have done the black Friday shopping thing. As a business owner, me and my business partner decided to spend time together from midnight until 4:00am purchasing flat screen TV’s, a computer, and a surveillance system from Best Buy at almost half off. Also, we purchased two commercial grade ping pong tables for our family entertainment center at half price. There was not a lot of traffic but the lines were long.
    I think next year, I will get there early and reserve a spot at the front of the line only to auction it off to the highest bidder a few minutes before the doors open.

  4. michael herline

    Happy “Black Friday”.

    I will not be going to the stores today! I am working on my internet business and anyway, my wife and I own a candy store and she will be managing it this day. Hopefully it will be busy.

    Well, I have to get back to work. Focus, focus, focus.

  5. anthony

    i went to aeropostales where my oldest daughter works to get discount on clothing there. this is for the kids not for me.

  6. Daya

    I am shopping for Skulcandy earbuds. Ther are very cheap now. I listen to the music walking the dog and they get worn. I am going to buy a couple of them so they will last me for at elast next 6 months.

  7. Barry Davis

    It’s nice to slow down and just enjoy getting together with family.Give thank’s for all the blessings we have been given.



    Robin Clark here: I’M always looking for a bargain it’s always great to be able to find something that’s appreciated and adored.
    As far as the holiday’s are concerned family is the most important.I would’nt trade it for the world.Well, maybe a little of the world,Lol.
    this year is hopefully going to change as soon as i get my self a new laptop or computer that i can stop trying to communicate on my mobile phone.I’m really greatful for your training and thoughts on everything that’s going to eventually make my life totally different todaythen yesterday.Again, Thanks! for everything and please continue to help where others don’t/won’t.


  9. Joe R Reeves

    No shopping for me, however, I did get my first AFF conversion on Thanksgiving Day.

  10. Gregg Jackson

    I wouldn’t be caught out in this shopping mess for anything. I’d rather be in the woods hunting. I’ll do most of my shopping online.

  11. James Ivy

    Hello Anthony Happy Black Friday well my Thanksgiving is all about spending time with family as much as possible. However with Black Friday I’m not the one for being out at stores standing in line but the one think I’m seeking is the new ipad mini. I just love the technology it has and its great size. Always an pleasure see you on the next blog!!!



  13. Marjorie Yeager

    I am not a crowd shopper especially the crowds that Black Friday inspires by their fantastic bargains. I would rather sit at home in front of my web stores and leave the insanity for others. I am, however, addicted to shopping. I love to shop!

  14. ruth miller

    only one I have had was
    MilIler Global Ventures

    I watched your progam. It was great. I just can’t get thatmuch money together at this time.
    Ruth Miller

  15. Paul B.

    We are not big Black Friday risers either (been there done that), however, the online Black Friday market is gaining steam, maybe to rival or share Cyber Monday’s fame more and more. So we will probably do some online shopping (electronics and kids toys) and then go pick out our Christmas tree then decorate at home. I hope you had a nice time in Portland and the weather was good to you.

  16. debbie

    No stores today Anthony.
    I don’t like to be out there shopping with lines and traffic jams.
    I like spending my Black Friday with family setting goals for the coming New Year and reflecting on what needs to be done to finish out 2012 .
    A walk on the beach quiet time.
    Hope you enjoyed your day

  17. Frank Aliperti

    Hi Anthory. Today black friday Iam am heading out to get a grift card for my girl.It will be the frist present iam picking up for xmas. Beach Bum Taning salon .Great deals there today. We live in New York she needs some color. Thanks.

  18. Della Hicks

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanksgiving was a relaxing funfilled celebration with family. After a two-month hiatus, I am excited to return to my business and am hoping for a successful repreive. Shopping is planned to this weekend…
    Thank you for taking time to think about us. .

    With appreciation,


  19. Julian Chambers

    I just can’t miss your vedios, I’m so busy learning the systems that I am almost over loaded, I said to my wife, Dog gone his hide he sent me another video and I got to watch it. She almost rolled away laughing.
    Thanks Julian
    Hope your having a great time.

  20. Thomas Harrison

    I don’t go out on Black Friday…I once went to Wall-Mart on Black Friday and stud in the cashier line for 2 hours trying to pay for what I was buying.

  21. jimmie goodman

    my black friday is just at home trying to get things together since i lost my day job and going to work on what i can from home on my sites to get something going to make up for the $300.00 a week i just lost.didnt shop at all//

  22. cesar nazaire

    going out on blackfriday is a disaster you dont get to buy what you really need after going through so much. that was my second experience never again.

  23. Eric Weathersby

    Hello Anthony,

    What I am after is a clear understanding of affiliate marketing and how everything works together to build a consistent and reliable income on line.
    I know with the Success with Anthony program I am well on my way. Looking forward to a great 2013.

  24. Ellen

    We hope you had a great thanksgiving. My daughter and I have recently gone into internet marketing and still trying to make some money. Neither of us have any money to by gifts, she being a cancer survivor and me being a senior citizen with limited income to meet our needs. The most important things to us are being healthy, loving others, helping others and sharing what we have. Black Friday or not, God is good. We’re blessed!

  25. Yevonne

    I try my best not to get out on Black Friday. I know there are deals, but I just won’t get in all the crowds. I had prefer to wait on Cyber Monday!

  26. stanley escolano

    I tried black Friday a few years back and that’s the last time time I’m doing
    that. It’s a Head ache..
    Going to the big box stores is bad enough during the week..

  27. Glen Jones

    I worked on my landing page for black friday; finished it but didn’t know or feel confident to upload. Still need more training! Our thanksgiving day was great. We had turkey, dressing, mashed and sweet potato’s, and topped off with pumpkin pie. We prayed for all those less fortunate and for America.

    Take care!

    Glen Jones Jr

  28. Dean Campos

    Hello Anthony,

    With all the postings from Facebook and on the internet. I’ll pass on Black Friday. It’s too crazy and I just read a article that you can get about just the same amount of savings by shopping online. Not all the time but I’m sure it evens out.



  29. Nieves López de Heredia S.

    Hola Antohony:

    I dont know nothing about this black day, here in Chile dont exist!!!!!!!

  30. Wendy Gallant

    My daughter went shopping in Bangor from Canada a few weeks ago and she shopped lots for her kids and she shopped for me to for the kids. She would know what to get more than I would. I have two great wonderful grandsons of which I am blessed with but I wish I could give them more. Also I wish I could give more to third world countries. I can barely pay my own bills.

  31. Vernon Stroppel

    I’m hoping everyone had a good Thanksgiving, as far as Black Friday, you can have it I don’t want anything to do with it, but to sell the stuff that I have to sell, Thank You and God Bless Everyone

  32. Maxine Parker

    I avoid shopping on black friday because I know that most of these sales will continue until Christmas so why go through all this stress…I would rather be on line making money (smile). By the way I need a financial miracle of two thousand. Dollars so I can pay my back rent payment so I’m not out on the streets. This is a serious thing for me. Thanks everyone for your prayers!

  33. charlie

    Black friday, ” no sir, no sir ” . I am off from work today, why should
    I get up to spend money, or get hurt, or even die trying just to buy
    a product for 70% off.To me just dont make sense.
    ” GOD BLESS “.

  34. mildred

    I do get your emails but Iam having audio trouble. Your video gets downloaded but no audio sounds. So I will be checking with compaq to trouble shoot my computer.

  35. Shirley

    Black Friday is our day to stay home. There is nothing that we need that can’t wait a couple more days. A really good internet day.

  36. mike

    No big Black Friday plans. Let everyone else be involved in the frenzy. Just
    having a down day after the big thanksgiving meal yesterday. Don’t know of
    a thing I really need except my family. That’s what I’m thankful for!


  37. kathleen johnson

    Actually Anthony I am shopping online today a little don’t have much money but need a magic bullet and went into Macy’s on my website and bought one for 19.99. with a rebate of 10.00 so I could not beat it. I right now have very bad torn rotater cup and dislocated shoulder so I can’t get out. First time I have missed black Friday in years. but in such pain it’s OK, lol But my Thanksgiving was good talked to my oldest daughter that had been angry with me since Jan. So I am very thankful, my other daughter also started talking to me so now my world is complete I could not ask for anything better in life right now sometimes the most simple things make me, as I type this I have tears coming down my cheeks from being so happy. But I hope your Thanksgiving was good. The reason for the magic bullet is that I have gotten into healthier eating and it will help with my shakes for out to lose some weight and get healthier for the year coming up. I have had cancer and so far am a survivor and want to stay that way.

  38. Brenda Rice

    No Shopping , still building the business to make money on autopilot in 2013
    Enjoy Porland

  39. Steve Ruedebusch

    My wife and I do not shop on Black Friday. We spent our time on Black Friday with FAMILY….. We are new in this business, so we are working on the FOUNDATION OF OUR BUSINESS…..Thank you for all your help and advise you already have giving us.

  40. nancy bills

    hi Anthony I am so thankful for the thanksgiving season and the beautiful time of year> I really hate to see it spoiled by Black Friday. I will not be shopping today just getting some R & R after the holiday and continue some studying on the AM Training Programs. We are so blessed to live in such a wonderful country and can always go and buy things as we need them.

  41. Sylvia

    We buy our gifts throughout the year so that we don”t have to worry about being out on Black Friday. The only thing we needed to get was the Harry Potter Box Set of books for our step-daughter. We did that first thing this morning and now our shopping is done, yeah…

  42. Grace Marus-Lackmann

    I don’t like the crowds, and the craziness that comes with Black Friday. The one thing that Santa is bring me is a new P.C. I love to right and I have all intentions in getting one. I am going to drive to San Diego in early December. I have two jobs that I am able to travel and work, I hope this year to make money with Anthony. He is the only real deal and he isnt a spammer, I have learned to delete all other affiliate e-mails except Anthony.

  43. Misako Lorennij

    Hey Anthony, Happy Thanksgiving …Every Black Friday me and my friends go to Walmart to get the things we want that are on sale that day, this Black Friday we went again, however, i was’t planing to spend on anything because don’t have much this time…funny thing is that I really wanted the bikes that were on sale at Walmart for $69, and without knowing, my friends all ship in and bought me one. Now that’s my Black Friday story

  44. Rudy Arcega

    Hello Anthony,

    I am going to Best Buy and Costco today to shop for a digital camera.

  45. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    I did not shop today. My daughter and her boyfriend wanted to do that. I just went out to see what is out there and just to get gift ideas for my family and friends. I went into Barnes and Noble’s just to pick up some gift cards. It is also my husband’s birthday next week. I am all geared up now to get shopping done after the crowds die down. I will be working also on my internet business or at least trying to get it off the ground.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family.

    See you next week

  46. Gary

    I’m not venturing out into the craziness! At home today … but did not get to relax as someone crashed into my retaining wall at my rental and ran off. had to take pictures, contact the police, clean up some concrete pieces etc.


  47. Harry Catrell

    I’d never participated in the whole black-Friday, gray-Thursday sales thing until THIS year. My daughter wanted to score a TV, and because my schedule was relatively open, I volunteered to join in her quest. Man, what an enlightening process THAT was! Because she (my daughter) had been through this unsuccessfully last year, she was aware of the process, and responded accordingly. She arrived 4 hours before the sale was scheduled to start, got in line for the TV she wanted, and then called for back-up! We took turns maintaining her position in line, and when it was all said, and done, she was the proud owner of a new TV! Not only did we have a pleasurable time bonding through this entire process, but we were able to observe people at their best, and at their worst. My hat goes off to the employees for the demonstration of their people-handling skills, but I must admit that the actions of a LOT of my fellow customers was nothing short of embarrassing! Gosh….the Holiday Season is just beginning! ~Know something, Anthony? There’s an awful lot of STRESSED-OUT people out there! Just saying….

  48. Alan olson

    Hope you and yours had a GREAT Thanksgiving Day! Greatly looking forward to meeting all of you in less than 2 weeks! Yahoo! Enjoy these blogs… We just had a “Stay at Home” day for Black Friday and just relaxed and will leave shopping for later or online.

  49. Rita

    Today on Black Friday I froze the leftovers & cooked up an imaginative dinner. Oh yeah baby we went shopping at Walmart to get ideas then came home & did my shopping online. I don’t take breaks from updating my site or checking its progress & I advertize every chance I get. : )

  50. John Conway

    I am the guy that had to be at work at 4:00am in retail to be there to greet the people trying to find the “bargains” or door busters. I have had to do this the last 6 years. I am very thankful this is my last year. The truth be known, most of the great bargains could have been bought all week long. Only the door buster (lost leaders) items were lower prices but in very limited quantity.

    Black Friday brings out the worst in people – pushy, shove, rude, impatient and curse at you. I will not miss Black Friday.

  51. Deborah Zawacki

    I spent a quiet day trying to get caught up on my websites– to get back on track so that even if I miss this season I will be fresh in January with a clear head, I did go toTarget and Walmart to get a prescription and a Ty antenna (because the cable was cut off) and I took the day to take stock, pay some bills and try to find my new direction so I don’t have to write off this effort as a losd…..

  52. K. K. Kumaroo

    Hellow Anthony:

    Today is Black Friday and there are mind-boggling number of items on sale by every outfit you can think of…..I was turned off by the madness and I stayed at home…How did you spend the day? Since you have the money you can buy whatever yu want, whether it is necessary or not…..

  53. Kathleen bajo

    Hi Anthony, had to work today. But I was looking on line for tablets. Looking for deals. Most are out of stock already. Anyways my adult children do there Xmas shopping at the malls& outlets on black Friday. Oh & they like Walmart too. Hope u had a great Thanksgiving. Aloha, Kathleen bajo

  54. Joyce Knake

    The last place I would be today is shopping. I stay as far away from stores as I can. I do shop on line though. Today is a catch all day Had a nice dinner yesterday with friends. Since our family is all up north and we live in the south it’s kind of bitter sweet for us.

  55. carol

    Hi, today I am recovering from the flu and worked off and on, trying to build traffic to our website on a very limited budget. So I am trying to understand the workings of twitter and twitter directories and then I’ll take a stab at Facebook. One step at a time. Enjoyed being home today. I did take advantage of a couple online sale deals. Hope you and your family are well. Thank you for the success connection series.

  56. Jana Jorne

    Thanksgiving I spent with two of my sons and their families in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

    I went to Walmart and bought a loom set for my 88 yr old mom in Oregon.

    The money isn’t flowing from my website yet. I don’t understand Aweber .
    I, too, am a senior. I’ve been trying to live on the small amount that social security pays me. It is less than half of what my paycheck used to be.

  57. Louise Hartley

    Hi Anthony, my big day was spent wih family that I do not get to visit
    with often. Visited with my latest grandbabies 15 mo old and 2 mo old.
    Later in day went to Lows picked up a wine cooler.Frige type.

  58. shariff james

    Walmart was the spot for me today. Electronics and Dvd’s make great gifts!!!!!!!

  59. Aretha Young

    Our shopping was great..went for 1 thing that was needed and we were the first one at the register.

  60. Rodney Syler

    Only shopped to get strands of garland for the grand daughters and me to decorate the cedar tree in front of the house. All decorated now for Christmas. Spent a few hours reviewing Videos and getting ready for meeting our mentor in Mississipppi soon. Hope to see you there.

  61. Debbie Sundholm

    Hello Anthony! I don’t shop on black friday because the parking and store lines are CRAZY! I’m going after money to do CPV, affiliate marketing and email marketing:D

  62. Bob

    I look forward to your weekly messages. I enjoyed your webinar on your new software and I wish I could afford it, but so much debt and now a new furnace must be installed so it’s do what I can and hope for the best. No shopping this year. The heat each day from the new furnace will be our gift to each other (wife & me) for this year. Hope you had a super trip to the most beautiful region of our lower 48 states.




  64. Bob Weierbach

    This is the third year that I have gone out for the start of Black Friday with my two teenage daughters. Each year we go someplace different. My daughters are looking for fashion deals. I just go along for some time with them and to experience what is going on. This year we went to Tyson’s Mall and I actually bought a tea kettle for my wife that heats the water to the right temperature for the particular tea. It is one of her presents for Christmas.
    This year I looked at who was there, 80% females of Middle School to High School age. Chico’s was deserted. The store with the longest line, just to get in, was Urban Outfitters. Interesting ideas there for a affiliate marketing.
    Also congratulations and support to Nordstrom’s for being closed.

  65. Tom Guthrie

    Finances are extremely tight this year, so there will be no purchases of any big-ticket items this Black Friday.

    Lord willing, as I work my Internet marketing business in the coming year, we will see His abundance start coming in. Hopefully, this will be the final year we’ll have to worry about having to pinch pennies.

  66. Shirley G-K

    Hey Anthony,
    No Black Friday shopping for me. I hate the crowds and chaos besides that, I hosted Thanksgiving so I am taking care of overnight guests and trying to put my house back in order. Oh the holidays! Gotta love em.

    Peace Out,
    Shirley G-K

  67. Panghoua Yang-Yip

    I am not a morning person and I have a 2 month old that I breastfeed so there is no way I would bring her out on Black Friday since it is so crazy busy. I did not go Black Friday shopping but my husband did. He left to Walmart in West Sacramento with my little brothers and sister around 6 pm Thanksgiving day so he can see which items are out. My husband got a 32in tv Emerson brand $168 after tax no warranty for his co-worker and bought a PS3 white remote controller for $35 and some DVDs for $2 each. My little brother got a 60 in tv visio brand $850 after tax with 3 year warranty. After they went shopping at Walmart they came home and dropped off the things they purchased around 11:30pm ish because they were afraid people might see what they got in the van and break in the van. Then, they went to Best Buy at Arden Mall and stood in line to get my husband his 55in Insigna brand for $599. My husband asked the assistant manager to make sure he was in the right line to purchase the Insigna tv and she said, “Follow the blue line and hold the flyer of the tv you want and his ticket number and pay at the cash register.” My husband waited in line for an hour and a half and found out he was in the wrong line the whole time. He was suppose to stand in the red line and hold the flyer and his ticket number and pick up the tv then head to the blue line and purchase his item. My husband explained to the register lady but she can’t do anything, but told either to get back in the correct line if he wants the tv or leave. My husband was so mad but he knew it wasn’t the register lady’s fault and he didn’t want to stand in line again for hours so he left. They came back home around 2:30 am.

  68. Bob Vawter

    Thanks Anthony for all you do. Black Friday (store shopping) is totally avoided this year. Just spending time with family this year.

  69. Deniece Poston

    I personally am not into Black Friday, but I truly believe people are into it because they would like to be the first to get a good deal on a product or products they want. It is like a adrenaline rush.

  70. Betty Zotta

    It is now sun. Nov. 25th. I do not go out on BlAck Friday. Shopping that is. I got to spend the day with one of my 11 yr. old grandsons. We had a great day. Took a look inside a Walmart, but only to view chAnges, And picked up some needed staples. We went back to my house And he picked out a project and we began making him A pillow. He likes to sew. Our time was too short, And I will finish the pillow in time for christmas. Just spending the time together was the best. Looking forward to your seminar in St. Charles, MO this week. God bless.

  71. bernikia

    Thanks anthony for all you do blackfriday (stoisrshopping is totally avoided this year just spendig time with family this year

  72. michael solomon

    Have a good week will be in touch,..
    , Peace!!!!Happy marketing!!!
    Mike A. Solomon
    ps thanks Anthonyn for everybthing

  73. Louie

    I guess the question is about shopping, etc.
    We do not do any shopping on black fridays, mondays or any type of shopping that involves any kind of a crowd. For us shopping is considered to be a leisure and enjoyable situation.

    Cheers Lou

  74. jackie wise

    i did not receive the question – but am guessing it questions black friday shopping. this is the first year in my adult life that i did not!

  75. Nick A

    Took time off during Thanksgiving holiday. Spent time with family and friends. No shopping for me. I feel I have plenty of time for that; especially with the Internet available to me. 🙂

    Thanks Anthony.

  76. Odean porter

    My girl friend had bout some stuff on microsoft I waz think it’s black Friday if she buying stuff on there so is others .. So I’m may I should run a had on face book .. It’s electric IPod Xbox all that stuff ..

  77. Amy Sisi

    Thank you Anthony for all your updates. I don’t go shopping on Black Friday, I am currently not in a position to shop. I will keep reading and watching your updates..Bless you and yours.

  78. Jackie Maxwell

    While I have not been active for several years due to a terrible life changing accident, I have followed this blog as much as possible, I am happy staying home and not shopping out…but I am a cyber shopper, so Monday is my weakness…Thanks for the patience you have shown in continuing to encourage me to get my online business going, I am about to start this adventure with you and am looking forward to making some new friends and learning some new things…thanks

  79. Michael T. Vogel

    Hope you had a great THANKSGIVING Anthony.

    We spend some quality time with my parents who are both in the 80’s

    On Black Friday , we actually slept in little bit, not much for long / crazy lines.
    My wife usually gets up every day around 4am for work, so on Friday her day off she deserved to sleep in a little longer. We went to Kohls in the afternoon, still long lines, found a nice leather jacket , 75 % off regular price …….
    TIME to focus back on our business.

  80. lora messer

    I am more concerned with family especially on Black Friday. I dislike the crowds and shopping in general. I will get the gifts later. The ones I don’t already have that is. I enjoy playing with my kids and making memories with them. That is how I spend my Holidays! With My Family!!!!!

  81. Jana Jorne

    I went to Wal-mart and bought knitting looms for my mother. I made hats and scarves for the grandchildren so I didn’t have to buy a lot this year. I EXPECT to have more money to shop for gifts after my website is producing a higher income for me.

  82. Lillian Russo

    Black Friday Deals are not so great! I was one of those shoppers, but I went Saturday, less people. Did find what I wanted at Macy’s that had $10 off $25 purchase with some exceptions.

  83. nancy bills

    Hi Anthony I enjoyed Thanksgiving Day with my family, kids and grandkids and were blessed with a table of fantastic dishes of food. I will not be shopping on Black Friday I figured I would get knocked down by the wild crowds that ran through the doors I need to shoppe when less people are around Hope there will be some left for the rest of us I am still studying on my CDs and the affiliate builder and in high hopes of making 2013 a very profitable year so I can give to some needy people as well as help my grandchildren and buy some new windows for my century old home. Hope you had a real nice Thanksgiving with your girl friend and her family Nancy Bills

  84. Bill Dean

    I always have avoided Black Friday, until this year, i decided to go to a couple of stores to buy a gift for myself! Yeah that’s right, we needed to upgrade to a newer TV and I needed a wireless printer and the prices have been bandied abut sooo much this year as being dirt cheap on both of these items and many other things just seemed too cheap to be true. I had to go and see for myself! I did get the TV and my son who’s about your age, praised me for for coming out of the dark ages. My wife and I were watching TV on a 25″ screen and got forbid, NON HD! Had it a couple days now and I’m saddened to learn that the weather girl on our local news, wears too much makeup! it will take awhile to get used to seeing folks on TV too clearly! Oh Yeah the low-priced printer was junk so I held off on that for awhile. I’m thinking about looking today on Cyber-Monday.

  85. Glenn Robertson

    hi anthony i have been bizzy to where i cant go shoping on blac friday do to not a extra lot of money so we just get what we need when we see it i been looking for a better computer but have low bugget so i may go with a cheaper one for now ,i can get one for about onehundered bucks but have wait for dec 3rd do to being on social security dont get a lot but i hope to get going with your system soon it is money is so tight .thank you Glenn ROBERTSON.have a lot of fun in portland dont get lost…lol

  86. Yevonne

    If I liked Black Friday, I would buy a new TV. They seem to have the best prices on Black Friday. Maybe next year. WONT get in the mess just for that!

  87. Robeert Flaker

    I used to go out on Black Friday, but with some added years, I do my best to bypass that hoard of shoppers! Besides, being on Social Security now, Prior I was on 8 years of Disability due to a Stroke and Multiple Sclerosis hitting me at the same time some years back while I was sleeping. The funds have just not been there for a number of years now. I was laid off just a few days after 9/11/2001. NO vacations since that time either, but I have hopes that we can take one, possibly next year to visit some relatives that I have not seen for many years now….

  88. Margaret Sansom

    Did not leave the house on Black Friday because I finished my shopping over a month ago, and nothing was a great enough bargain to entice me to join the fray of frantic shoppers.

  89. Terri Maureaux

    Hi Anthony, I can’t stand the crowds and people being so pushy on Black Friday’s, so I usually stay out of the stores and safe. I figure if it is something I need or want I get a better deal staying safe and stress level at a minimal.

  90. FRANCI

    …Black*Friday…Yep, I can remember working retail behind Macy’s fragrance counter…LOL!…I made my biggest commissions that day. As for me now, with a bad knee, there is NO WAY I would be out there in the crowds. I wouldn’t want to be a statistic on the nightly news. HA!. I have already done my shopping ONLINE. I love to shop online. I did get my sister a tablet, as she has no internet at her apartment. At best, she can read, surf the net, and keep in contact on Facebook. Gifts come from the heart. I must have a La Dolce Vita frame of mind, because it’s easy to appeal to the senses all humans have. What do people find comfort in? Pricey perfume, holiday shower gels, food gifts, books, cozy pajamas, scented candles, trendy new clothes and not to mention, some kind of new technology to help live life better. Life is change, change is life. I find I wish for Peace now more than ever. So, I make a a cup of Pumpkin Spice or eggnog coffee and I go hit up my fave websites. Where else can you shop in your bathrobe?…lol…Have fun everyone and be safe. PEACE …Franci *_*

  91. Bhargavi & Seshadri Kumar

    Hi Anthony:

    We really appreciate your help in building our business. We don’t believe in shopping on Black Friday. Costco had sale for 3tb external hard drive on sale for $100 but unfortunately Costco was out of it. I was able to find out the same item on for the same price!!
    We spent the whole long weekend with our daughter and g-kids in Federal Way WA. Hope you had a good time in Portland!

  92. Gloria Geter

    I really don’t do Black Friday. I get better gifts the night before Christmas.

  93. Vlad Malinovsky

    Hi Anthony,
    No shopping for me. Used time to catch up with my campaigns and started some new ones.

  94. Kenneth Pettus

    Hi Anthony,

    My wife and I did our black Friday shopping at Walmart 50″ TV, Phillips home theater system with 3D blue ray player and a 3G/4G mobile hotspot
    all for $500 Dollars.
    I say we did pretty well even though it was a mad house and with thousands
    of people gathered in one building the heat from all those body’s had to be the
    worst part of it all.

    Hope you and yours had a pleasant and safe Thanksgiving

    Kenneth Pettus

  95. Mark Rumph

    Finances are extremely tight for the last 5 year, Working on trying to keep my home so we will not purchasing Any big-ticket items or small-ticket items this Black Friday.

    Lord willing, I will work harder on my Internet marketing business for the rest of the year I miss some golds this year but I am still trying and will work harder for the coming year, I need to keep my Home .

  96. Deb Kunkler

    I recently lost my Mom so this holiday was a little tough so no black Friday shopping for me. Just family time and reflection of the wonderful life we had with her. Maybe next year.

  97. Donna Moore

    I did not shop on Black Friday. I find it ridiculous to stand in line for hours or days for some, to buy an item that I can do without. There are always sales.

    After a Walmart employee was killed here a year ago when he opened the doors and the mob pushing to be first in the door, trampled him to death I have no wish to be part of a frenzied mob.

    No bargain, no matter how big, is worth the life of a person.

  98. tina houston

    Hi Anthony! Just saw the video and am always looking for the next one. Your information is so valuable to me now that I am getting into internet marketing for my business. If I win this cash, I’m going to just give it right back so i can learn more from you. Hope your holiday was great!

  99. G. Alan Baker

    I went shopping once in 51 yrs. on black friday! That was one to many times for me!

  100. Joe Griffith

    Hey Anthony,
    On black-Friday me and my wife spent some time with our daughter. We are not able to do all the shopping that some will do. Just thankful to be alive. i still trying to get the business up and going. Thank you for all that you do.

    Joe J. Griffith

  101. Lorna D. Noyes

    Hi Anthony,
    No Black Friday for me. I am looking for an easy no money down way to earn extra cash. Spending time with family is what Thanksgiving is all about.


  102. Stuart

    I’m Canadian we don’t have black Friday unless we go to the U.S. But those Americans go nuts when they see a deal so I’m not driving all the way down there to stick my neck out for a few bucks off

  103. Johnny

    No Black Friday for me. It’s not worth it and the commercialism of Christmas is robbing America of it’s true meaning.

  104. Roberta

    I went to Menard’s to buy a heater for our basement. Ours broke last year and it is very cold in the basement. That is where we spend 99 % of our time.
    They had them for $49, when they run anywhere from $150 to $250.
    It was too good of a deal to pass up. I also needed a toaster but those were sold out.

  105. Nancy Russell

    I can’t think of anything that I could want badly enough to get out in the traffic and crowds on Black Friday. I used my time constructively to get things done.

  106. Ryan von Schwedler

    It was a day of yard work for an elderly widow who owns a house near me that is vacant. It needed its gutters cleaned and hours of leaf blowing. Is not Black Friday for materialists?

  107. Paul Krug

    Thanks to you Anthony for all you do to help us. Hope you have a GREAT weekend. Black Friday? This year my finances are extremely tight, so I’m spending it with my children and grandson. Specifically, in the afternooon he and I did some deer hunting and shooting on the back forty of my property while my daughters went shopping at several local major department stores. I know that I had more fun since they reported that check out took up to 1-1/2 hours at one store!

  108. Rod Hone

    Sorry Anthony,

    I don’t do black Friday. Not interested in watching people act like a bunch of 2 year olds. I have heard of people getting trampled or into wrecks and such. Just not into all of that. I have my shopping already done. I bought electronics so that my family can have their own and won’t have to keep buggin me.

  109. William Rice

    Thanx Anthony for your total interest in our success.
    We do not do Black Friday’s. We prefer to determine the gift we want for our family and or friends, then we start to look online to compare brands and prices. When we determine which is in our opinion the best choice we go out and purchase or order online. Sometimes after researching we decide this is not what we want to get.
    William & Jane

  110. Sofia Bullock

    We don’t do any shopping on black Friday, Thursday either, unless of course it’s for an addition to leftovers.

  111. Ann Myers

    No black friday shopping here, I used to go out with all the other crazy people but found it just isn’t worth it. We shop locally to keep our money at home. Mom and Pop stores are great!! Have a great one.

  112. Mingo Pedraza

    Good morning Sir,
    I sincerely hope you and your loved had a great Thanksgiving Day and a great weekend as well. I am so excited having joined your team…….but am totally overwhelmed by all there is to learn.I look forward to all that I have to accomplish and then be able to share with my loved ones.I thank the Good Lord all His blessings. My family and I had a wonderful thanksgiving week.I will look forward to your weekly messages. Have a great day

  113. Rosie

    Thank you for being U. I didn’t do black Friday had to work.
    U ask what we were looking for or to shop for, the thing I would love is to have more time to be my family. That’s something that’s hard to come by these days. There’s hope cuz of people like u who’s willing to stand to show everyone and anybody who believe there’s away of life to not live in lack, with a direction and guidance and to connect the dots on the road to success. Thank you for showing the way, and not making it about you. Ur success and story has giving me hope and a goal to aim for moon. As you say with a goal and determination and hard work anything is possible.
    Thanks again. Enjoy your time with ur family and girlfriend cuz time like that is perious, we have only once chance to make memory, after that its gone forever. Ur an awesome human being for living in every moment in ur life and making count and impact people. Keep up the good work. God Bless.

  114. Julian Chambers

    I Shopped the Walmart electronics page, at the end and looked at the sposored sites to see whats out there.
    I also bought a domain name for a new store. Its not running yet but will be its name, Fill it up! My you’ll be good to go with plenty of dough, I’ll keep you in the know, as things progress. so we all can be a success!

  115. Melanie

    I do not shop on Black Friday. To me that is similar to impulse buying. The stores only carry a few items that they market to lure the customers into the stores. Its actually mean in a way. someone i know went to a store on thursday evening and stood in line for 3 hours and after entering into the store was advised they had only order 10 of the item and were now out. They are just things, its pretty sad to watch people trip and fall over each other for a “thing”. I cherish the time with my family not the things that surround us.

  116. Mark Roth

    Black Friday is not a shopping day for our family, it’s a hang out with family day. The hustle and bustle of thanksgiving day is exciting and fun but Friday is the day we get to just be together and enjoy each others company. We rest and relax. Sometimes we play a game or something but this year it was watching football and joking with each other. What a great day. I hope yours was as enjoyable as ours. Thanks for the success connection, have a great holiday season.

  117. Alejandra Fuentes

    Hi Anthony, hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day with your family. I did not do any shopping on Black Friday, but this was my first time doing the Thanksgving dinner for my family and I had a wonderful time getting together with my two daughter and grandson.

  118. Robert Callen

    Actually there has not been time to think about what I want or could use. There are a few things that have consumed my mind lately. Instead i wish there were a spot where I could help or assist others. That would take care of most other things.

  119. Jo Marble

    I don’t do the Black Friday thing. Besides that, I work on Fridays at my part-time job. Hoping soon to be able to give that up, but not as yet.

  120. Gregory Langford

    Hi Anthony,

    Glad that you enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving with your girlfriend, friends and family. You’re not going to believe this hardly, but after all of this time, I still have not decided on a product! But don’t worry Ant, when I do, it’ll surely be the one!

    Take care,
    Gregory E. Langford

  121. Roy Bullock

    Sofia & I don’t make it a point to shop on Black
    Friday, or Black Thursday either. I’m a very poor shopper because I decide what I want then leave the store as soon as I’ve purchased what I went in after, drives Sofia crazy so she shops by herself.

    Have a great holiday.

  122. david mulready

    Just spent the day with my 5 year old daughter on the metro rails here in sunny Los Angeles and long beach, CA. Have fun everyone, bye for now!!

  123. Robert Kern

    Anthony….New to this site and your blog. my black friday was spent with my granddaughter as we went to a movie early in the day and the caught up with family later for some lunch and some crazy shopping,

  124. vernon

    Hi Anthony, I love shopping or buying gifts for family and friends but black Friday is not one of those days for me to shop.

  125. Miriam Dunham

    Hi Anthony,

    I did not go out or shopping on Black Friday, that is not my cup of tea. I not about to go and fight to get in or get up at 2:00 A.M.

  126. Anthony Shaw

    I do not know why the states and Canada are using black Friday as a shopping extravaganza when it meant something totally different year,s ago black Friday was just that a day where a lot of people had lost there live,s to a decease that killed thousands, so we find it very hard to go out and celebrate it. IT was alot of year,s ago.

  127. Sondra

    Hi Anthony,
    On Black Friday I spent time with my Son and his family. I came to Hawaii for the birth of our 12 Grandchild, a boy. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my Daughter-in-law’s Family. We gave thanks for our many Blessings!
    I Never shop on Black Friday. Thank you for asking. Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

  128. Linda Swearingen

    Probably the main reason I am not out on this Black Friday is I am working from 0800 Friday morning until 0800 Saturday morning – on-call, for a few MD’s locally, so they don’t have to take call. The reason I’m not going out prior to 0800 is I have a bad back that I cannot afford to fix, so my back and legs won’t let me go shopping anymore…it hurts more than it is fun anymore…my hubby is glad I can’t do my favorite sport anymore… :+P ..just kidding about that.
    Anyway…I do NOT like being out shopping when a gazillion people are out shopping, not my thing. I do LOVE the HOLIDAYS though and I appreciate what they really are for and not all of the commercial things that it has become. I am a Christian, I try to be a good one and will always celebrate the BIRTH of JESUS CHRIST on the 25th of December for that reason! I love the gift giving, but try to not make it about just that. Jesus is the reason for the season! God Bless you Anthony and all that you do for your students…keep your videos coming…I love seeing your smiling face and excitment…keeps me excited about learning all that you have to teach!
    Oh yea…being an Oregonian, I wanted to say; I hope you enjoyed Portland! We have lived in Southern Oregon most of our lives, but just spent 3 years in Portland for work. I have one son & his wife & two children that live in Beaverton (he has a veterinarian emergency clinic there-he just opened two years ago this Christmas Eve!).
    My God bless you & your family abundantly!

  129. Peggy Machlica

    Didn’t do any Black Friday shopping this year. Waiting for Cyber Monday to avoid the crowds.

  130. Jane M

    Hi Anthony,
    For this year’s Black Friday, my cousin and I only went to Costco and Target. I didn’t do any shopping. My goal was to check out what people were buying and experiment with those ideas to try to promote them online.

  131. Val Cope

    Shopping is such a little part of what is important to me. If I give things that is nice, if I give time that is better, but if I give myself I become what Christmas is all about. I love this time of year.

  132. Linda Swearingen

    I meant to say….May God bless you & your family abundantly!
    I don’t mind sharing Him….He’s big enough…or spreads Himself around anyway, so that He is there for each and every one of us!! :+)

  133. scott nelson

    I am a 50 year old man married with two kids ages 20 and 23 who have learned to know that Christmas is a very small day in this household because my wife and I work our tails off to never get ahead. They know the real meaning of Christmas but as far as gifts go they have learned to get used to their being few and far between. So I guess in answer to your question , no stores because in todays society we, working class middle America really can’t afford it. I would love to learn how to get ahead but I have little time to learn new things as i work 60 plus hours a week.

  134. Claudette Sisson

    Happy Holidays, Anthony – I would never (never say never I guess but…) go shopping in the malls or anywhere else except maybe online after Thanksgiving and really not even that. First I would like them to go backwards and have all stores closed on Sundays and holidays like it used to be not only for the people who have to work these jobs but to keep the holiday a Holiday. Can’t help it I believe it totally takes away the family unit time and the special feelings that go with the Holiday. Thanks for asking! Trying to shop frugal but still get items that people will like and get a kick out of.
    Claudette Sisson

  135. Pamela Gilbert

    I am spending the day at home. My daughter came home to help prepare food for our Thanksgiving dinner. We had to have our Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday so we could all be together. Thank you for asking and I am happy that you had a good Thanksgiving.

  136. Matt Morrison

    Funny you should ask.. My kick back and relax day here is booking a trip Jackson Mississippi for January the 5th, to visit your Brother’s seminar at Hilton Hotel…I hope the weather down there is nice at this time of year…????

  137. Juan

    This year is one of the worse ever since I have not make any money, My father in-Law passed away and My Niece also passed away and only was 2 months Old so it has being very difficult for us. Life continues and I am trying to focus in learning and start making money ASAP. So, No money, No Black Friday.
    Have a nice day!

    Juan S.

  138. John Antaya

    Unfortunately for me I’ve been recovering from a hospital stay and wasn’t able to go out looking for any deals. It’s a great day for shopping especially for deals for yourself or for giving a Christmas time but unfortunately was not able to take advantage of it this year. Nice thing about it is that there is always next year’s Black Friday to look forward to.

    John Antaya

  139. Ivory Dorsey

    What I want for black Friday is the gift of total contentment when it comes to”things,” and for people to stop calling it black Friday. There is “black listed,” “black hole,” and other things black. Since this is the day after Thanksgiving, why not call it Thankful Friday? Thankful we survived up to this point in the year and thankful that through it all, we have money to spend as we head for the holidays. Fantastic Friday fits in my frame of mind.

  140. Ferris Brown

    I like to stay in on Black Friday. I don’t have anything I need that is worth getting up early and waiting in lines. Plus, I read a survey that said that the best prices of the season aren’t always offered on Black Friday.

  141. Cheryl

    Hi, Anthony! I have never participated in “Black Friday” shopping. In fact, this year, I drove up to Toronto, Canada, to see the traveling James Bond exhibit — “Designing 007”. I’m a big Bond fan who almost booked a trip to London when the exhibit opened at the Barbican over the summer. Actually, I’m glad I didn’t — because the exhibit now includes costumes and props from the latest movie “Skyfall”. The weekend in Canada, which included a ghost walk tour in the charming old town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, was an excellent get-away.

  142. Hugh Simpson

    Hello Anthony, today is cyber monday. What I did on Thanksgiving was to help the mission feed the hungry. on Black Friday I didn’t do anything because I didn’t have any money. Today is Cyber Monday and I still don’t have any money. I work for a startup and there is just money to pay rent for Dec. not me

  143. Carl

    I do not go out on Black Friday. Can not stand all the idiots, lack of common curtsey, respect and stupidly.

  144. Pat and Russ

    We finished our shopping by Halloween. We prefer to spend Black Friday with family and to begin getting ready for Christmas. Thanks for a great program!!

  145. Maureen

    Thursday was giving thanks for our beautiful earth, our country, our friends and family.
    Friday is the day to think go giving. Giving more love with everyone.
    I like to give the gift that helps others in poverty such as the give a farm animal. Chickens, goats, etc. for others in the world rather than encourage greed with the biggest iPod , etc. as gifts.

  146. mdelallet

    Well, on Black Friday, we usually stay home, relax (watch movies for ex.) as the children sleep late anyway. I personally do not want to be pushed over trying to get into a store for a supposedly great deal! I shop for what I need during the year if it is a great bargain and, if not available, I just do not worry and think it probably will be on sale some other time. If it is “electronics” things mostly, the progress is always an ongoing event and changing rapidly, so prices and good bargains are there to grab!
    I am glad you and your girlfriend and family were spending Thanksgiving together!

  147. gifty

    For me Anthony,Black friday is about spending quality time with friends and family by the fire cos here in uk it was raining and is even not about the rain,queing all day.

  148. Sherrie

    Hello Anthony,

    I did not go out on Black Friday. I spent time with my family and working on my various projects for my clients and my website. I feel Black Friday has started to be just another way for businesses to get you there to get your money. I usually don’t mind a business having sales and deals but they make this day a zoo day, basically. And you can not even call it Black Friday any more since many businesses open on Thursday. Some are even calling it Black Thursday. This truly takes away the whole meaning of the holiday. I would rather wait till Cyber Monday. I have found that there may be a good sale on Black Friday but usually the are not the good brands and the quality is some what cheaper. Through out the month you generally find that the quality products and good brands go on sale shortly after and the deals are very good. Or better yet, shop around all stores and the internet….you’ll be surprised where you find the best deals. Also, a friend of mine waited in line for a few hours and was right in front then an hour before opening a store employee came out and said they were sold out of that particular product. I find it unfair that a product is to be sold to the first so many customers that come in and request it and then before opening time they are sold….so not cool…specially for those who waited outside for so long. I would rather be with my family. Well, enough of my rambling, Black Friday is not for me but I don’t mind Cyber Monday….and hey…I also don’t mind doing some research and online shop…specially when my time is limited and precious. Happy Holidays to you all!!!

  149. Malikah Adu-Niasse


    I look forward to time to be still with my family. Black friday doesn’t get me going! It does sound like the perfect time to advertise….to knew clients!

  150. will griffith

    I hope you enjoyed your visit to Portland. Did you get a chance to experience Hood River, the Gorge or Mt Hood?

    I enjoyed the day on Mt Hood, cross country skiing with friends.

    Thank you for all your help and expertise.

  151. Marc Montaniel

    I don’t like waking up that early on Black Friday especially if the weather outside is cold. However, there’s one sale that I won’t pass every Black Friday: buying a 4 inch poinsetta plant for just 99 cents instead of $3.97
    from Home Depot. That’s a saving of $ 2.98 right there…and since I usually buy a dozen….that’s almost $25 which I can use to fund my Lead Impact campaigns…..

  152. Michael Bernal

    Hi ANthony,
    My girlfriend and I really just look for good gifts for Christmas gifts for the kids in our families actually. Be it video games, art supplies, movies, dolls etc. Then if we find any good deals on things that the parents would like we snatch those up too. We don’t go to the door busters at 5 am but we try to get to the sales that start at midnight or before. Lauren has even started checking out some bargain sites. Pretty neat actually.

  153. Eric Daniel

    Thanks Athony, I’m glad to join you back again this time. I must state that I was not able to make it last maybe because I needed more inspiration and fund to start. And yet still this time dose’nt have fund, I’m more geared up to go with your busines time, seriously. And I’m convinced by myself that under any circumstance I will succeed this time, God’s willing. But I need more from you to achieve this goal, please don’t give up on me rather be determine to be there for me through. Thanks very much & sincerely, Eric

  154. Felicia Oiboh

    Hello Anthony,

    I really enjoy all your teaching to be a successful business person. I have not really been doing much because I my husband has parkinsons and it is really taking alot out of my family

  155. Judy Wright

    Hi Anthony, it is now Cyber Monday and I did not go shopping on Black
    Friday. For another year I am not able to buy presents for Christmas. So discouraging!! Would love to buy some things for my grandchildren, but still can’t do it. Hope you had a wonderful time on your trip with your girlfriend.

  156. Abigail Forrest

    I am trying to get my act together from “food Wednesday”….and looking forward to dealing with internet shopping. I love Thanksgiving Day and the week preceding it we have a great parade and drum and bugle concerts which I work on. But my favorite part is being with family. I have very little so I cherish the time spent together.

  157. Judy Hill

    I went, I seen, and I bought nothing. I looked at it said do I really need it? I have everything I need to get by. I own a computer and a old analog T.V. but it shows me everything I need to see. I seen Howard Clark on HLN and he says if you don’t need it, don’t buy it. So I put anything I picked up back down with the saying do I really need this. Have a great day Anthony.

  158. Robert Norman

    I do not shop between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I did not answer because I believed you wanted information on product interests on these days.

  159. Greer

    Although I am unable to shop, I do enjoy looking online at the deals and you might say dream of possible purchases. I guess as far as actual purchases on Black Friday or Cyber Monday I saw some excellent deals on good Quality Cannon and Nikon long zoom cameras, some good buys on gifts for teenagers, and some nice scarf and glove sets for a couple of my disabled friends. The Internet can be used instead of the old “wishbooks” that we use to look through.

  160. Mike Johnson

    I was out of town and just read this message on Monday morning. I stay away from the crowds on Thanksgiving weekend. However, I think it’s a great time to prospect. Maybe next Holiday.

  161. Carol Collins

    Hi Anthony,
    I am late answering the question I know, but I don’t shop on Black Friday because I think it is dangerous. People stampede each other, bring weapons and some people get hurt. I don’t think it is wise to go and I don’t want to shop with a huge crowd. I like peaceful shopping.

    I really don’t have money for Christmas this year so I am desperately trying to find a job.

    If I did have money to spend I would probably buy toys from Toys R Us for my grandchildren. I would probably buy a new fancy cell phone from or compare sales online (for daughter), Visa gift card for shopping for clothes or? for my daughter & grandchildren, wonderful organization tablet for my daughter (online with free shipping). For my sister, I would buy a new coat online or from Burlington coat factory and a special ring from Victorian Trading Company. For my brother I would give cash since he really needs that. For my other brother & his wife I would buy a Christian Inspirational wall hanging. For my grandchildren I would buy little children’s bibles and good Christian movies for everyone. For my other sister & family I would buy a big food basket and some special chocolates. I also hope to do baking, sewing and maybe painting for some creative gifts. God bless you and your girlfriend.

  162. Susan Norman

    I do not shop on Black Friday (store Shopping) . I have all my Christmas bought buy the end of november. I got a good deal on carpet cleaners for my children before christmas.

  163. Dennis Finney

    My wife and I have been together for 36 years. There is absolutely nothing that we really need that we haven’t already got. There is a huge difference between “needs” and “wants”. Of course there are things we might like to have, but precious little we need. As long as we have our health and each other we are content. We discussed it and decided that the only thing we really need to be happy is each other. Let the others brave the insane crowds in search of treasure on sale.

  164. Dianne Andrews

    Yes, Anthony, I’m not the big shopping type, mainly because I hate debt. However, the day before thanksgiving I saw a 32″ RCA 1080p, TV (the size for my entertainment center) for 219. I thought the price was good and with my husband’s agreement purchased it on line. Can’t deal with the rushing. I am still looking out for a laptop with the right price.

  165. Walt Canady

    We have grandchildren, ages 6 months, 4 years and 8 years. We are shopping for toys, games and clothes for them and their parents as we “think more highly of others than we do for ourselves”!

  166. Sharon

    Unemployed. Not doing any shoping this year, Black Friday or any day this season. Too much hype on spending.

  167. Sandra Fallon

    I have never been into Black Friday Shopping, try to avoid it at all costs, no pun intended. Instead I took some extra hours and worked on my ads in the afternoon. When I finally got out in the evening, I met a “reindeer’ that was still shopping downtown London ON. LOL (true)

  168. debra galloway

    Hello. I’m Debra Galloway. I don’t get up early to get trampled on by people looking to get the best deal. I stay in bed. During thanksgiving break I rest and stay in touch with family. That’s the best and most important connection you should have no matter the time of year.

    Wish you the best,
    Debra Galloway

  169. Robin Moody

    Hope u had a good Thanksgiving. I go to Walmart on black friday to buy video games for my son and to get seasons of tv series like vampire diaries, supernatural etc. Good deals.

  170. Charlene AKZ

    Trust your holiday was great, Anthony. Twas good being with family, having turkey, ham, fresh steamed organic brussel sprouts, green beans, broccli, carrots with clipped stems, yams, sweet and or mashed potatoes, lemon meringe or pumpkin pie, sparkling cider, a litttle wine and sharing the cost and preparation. Wanted to spend the night with sister and younger niece at dads but felt pressure to get organized to visit son in
    Evansville this week and think about putting my marketing purchases to work. Expect to have alone time there to make some progress. Will see our mother at her nursing home xmas Day after time again with rest of family xmas eve. Needing new eyeglass lenses when time can be found. Black Friday seems like a major time consumer – never did it. “Halfprice” might make it worth the experience. The thought itself tired me. Not that kind of crowd lover… Catch ya later..

  171. jan rose

    I never have participated in the Black Friday thing, although some of my relatives do. It started here on Thursday afternoon, which made me kind of sad…
    This year I don’t need to shop for anything. It’s amazingly liberating. I made peace with the limitations of my disability and restrictions it causes, and thankfully, those that matter understand the whole thing! Again, amazingly liberating! I’m very thankful for all of this, and am looking forward to the most stress-free holiday season that I’ve ever had. I wish the same for you, Anthony and all of your family. Happy Holidays!

  172. Wayne Geringer

    I went to men’s clothing store and purchased 2 pair of slacks for myself.

  173. Robert Karney

    Well, Anthony, I am not a morning person either. Crowds do not attack me me. I have spent my time with my family and I will spent some time shopping for the required itiems that did not get purchased before turkey day. I will spent some time maiking up loss time for study time while I was away on travel. I am committed to learn this data. But, as you, I will take a couple days off to enjoy family.

  174. Barbara moore

    Hello Anthony black friday is not for me and its always so bad on that day peoples getting mad and talking shit to each others no way i am get out for that i prefar to pay the full price and be happy and have a good time with my family on thankgiving i mite not have no money but i do have lots of love to give and good food to eat and enjoying each others being with family and friends is so super great and my son is 10 year old he love this so much food to eat and so much sweet Anthony you Rock and have merry christmas it is around the corner and i need big money for my son tyresse he want a ipod and a psvesel and me i do not have a job but what i do on the internet my job close and move overseason

  175. Guy Slater

    Dear Anthony,
    Spent Black Friday looking at, and buying a new computer, “HP Pavilion 20 All-in-One PC” because the old one went on the fritz. Once upon a time I was an Army Signalman, and we had a saying that if you weren’t communicating, you were not working. Fortunately, a friend who is doing computer repair told me where to go (Electronic Express) so I did not have to fight the madding crowd. But the traffic was horrendous! My wife coined a new acronym for certain drivers. They all suffer from SIDS, Sudden Idiot Driver’s Syndrome. Works for me.

  176. Bruce Bell

    Hi Anthony:

    No, I don’t shop on Black Friday. Too many people fighting over the so called great deal. I don’t believe that we should be helping out the Chinese Economy. When are we going to start making these items in our country and put our citizens back to work? Anyway, back to raking more leaves. I need to clean up the yard this week.

  177. Elizabeth Gillis

    Thank you Anthony for your webinars. I actually do not participate in Black Friday outside of going into the city and storefront shopping! Bless you!

  178. Lee Manfredi

    Well, Anthony, I am on a medical leave of absence from my job as a flight attendant, since February 2012. And have no reserve funds left now so not going shopping or fine dining. But I do read and study all the time, anywhere, on health and weath. I have cancer which I am going to beat, and outlive. I have a masters degree in architecture and have a home office in my condo. When I do have a project on my desk, I give it my full attention. I am a single parent and that was what helped my daughter get thru private school and college. But I want to make it a success story and that is my goal. Thank you for asking. Lee Manfredi

  179. Pamela Barron

    I have never had the day after Thanksgiving off from work and if I did I do not have extra money to buy things. The only time I buy things is if I need to replace them and I will look for a sale at that time. I do not have a large family and we usually do not celebrate that much at Christmas due to lack of funds. If there is one that that I would buy right now is a new deep fryer as the one I have does not work very well and is getting old.

  180. Greg Gaughan


    I am after ‘nothing’ on Black Friday. I do not partake of what Americans have come to consider the Friday after Thanksgiving.

  181. Doris LuGrain

    Hi Anthony.
    I went shopping once on Black Friday and that cured me for the rest of my life. This was actually the first time in over 10 years, that I did not have to work.So I thoroughly enjoyed staying home, eating leftovers and hanging out with my daughter and and new granddaughter.

  182. Mick Sharp

    Well, just got my first fb ad going, close to getting a handle in the popups and my computer went bad! Talk about bad luck! Just another hurdle to jump I reckon. I share this so you’ll know that these things can cause a hitch but they don’t take you down!!

  183. Joan Bennett

    No shopping for me. It gets to the point where you have everything you need. I’d rather DO something with a family and friends. Nothing can take their place. We actually had people shooting people in line here according to the news. So sad, material possessions cannot be so important that they have to do something like that…

  184. Kimberley Sanchez

    I don’t shop on Black Friday, but I did have to go by the Gilroy Outlets twice. Man is that a mad house. Too many cars on top of no one knows where they are going, Cutting people and other cars off. Had to muck up after the horses and train mine. Happy Holidays

  185. Jim Bickel

    Just hanging out at home. No Black Friday shopping here. We will hit up some sales on Cyber Monday. Looking at tablets for the family.

  186. Carol

    Don’t shop on Black Friday . Hate the crowds and stuff is still on sale later that week. Hope you had a great time in Portland . See you in Mississippi on dec 5 th. woohoo

  187. Carrolyn Porch

    Hi Anthony,
    I did not attend any Black Friday sales. I do not like getting up that early to do that, plus I was went my family. And to be truthful, I didn’t have the extra funds to spend unwisely.

  188. Thomas Longerbone

    I only did a little shopping on Thursday, to get the food items I forgot Wednesday. On Friday I stocked up on food for the month and went dancing. On Saturday I did more food shopping and bought a vacuum.
    Sunday I just relaxed and took a bird watching hike and bought a folding table at a discount and went dancing.

  189. Sherri

    Thought about going out for a Nook but don’t really have the money and hate to shop so I will just wait for the next sale. Should save for presents for other people anyway.

  190. Emma

    I don’t get caught up with “Black Friday.” Over the years, material things are not as important as they used to do, and with the devastation left by hurriacane Sandy I am putting things into perspective. Material things can be here today and gone tomorrow. I am “laying up for myself treasures in heaven.” They are 100% safe there. I cannot for the life of me understand why would someone spent 2-300 $s on a tent, spend all that time on line just to save a few bucks for some gadget that will be obsolete in no time!

  191. Jimmy Laverty


    Black Friday is a day I will stay as far from shopping places as possible. I don’t stand in long lines, even on other days of the year. I was open (My Jerky Shop) on Black Friday and didn’t do bad, BUT I had an event on Small Business Saturday which turned out awesome. We sold a lot of jerky, pickles and salsa on that day.

    My other business we market small businesses in the community, so I am glad others are doing that for my Shop.

    The real reason for the season is not buying gifts anyway, but to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. I love Christmas!

  192. Cynthia

    Hi Anthony,

    I do not go to Black Friday sale because I don’t want to spend my time on long lines to the cashier and do not want to be with that much crowd. Although, my daughter kept asking if we’re going anywhere to shop. I know that I can get anything that I want to buy online. This way, I can do something else, like spend time learning your Affiliate system in My Classroom. I know that my time was spent more productively than if I had gone out shopping.

  193. Blanca

    Here is my answer… I was vacationing in Florida and just chilling with family. We went to Walmart on Black Friday because my son’s toes were sticking out of his shoe! Yes, let’s blame Mickey Mouse, all the walking at Disney caused the incident! We arrived and hundreds of people were buying electronics. We were one of the most boring customers, only got a pair of sneakers for my son, oj, water, two Disney shirts and two Disney key chains. That was our Black Friday shopping! We were SO glad to leave the store! Happy to hear you visited the Northwest, it is so pretty and cool.

  194. Pauline Hicks

    Hi Anthony, hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. I enjoyed my family and big dinner! My daughter and I decided to go out by midnight and catch the great sales for Black Friday, so we went to Town East Mall and shopped for a couple of clothe items, no electronics, just something special to wear, when it was time for me to check out my things I looked over my shoulders and notice a big crowd of children running, and thought my goodness what a big family, then my daughter said whats wrong? I looked again, then I notice adults were running also coming right toward us, daughter ask whats wrong again and a lady answered man got a gun in the store it took no time for me to drop my sale items to the floor and we ran out of the store with the crowd of scared customers. My daughter and I left there swearing no more Black Fridays for us. Next day we got news that there was no gunman only a large trashbin that was dropped from some floor that sounded like a gun so either way I still feel blessed and very thankful there were no injuries and thankful it all turned out to be humor involved in it instead of fatality and after all was settled we went back to Town East Mall to get my items, no couldn’t get all of them cause the sale was off of some items I had but I walked away with the best things,my daughter and me. God Bless All and Happy Holiday

  195. Glen Jones

    The Jones’s don’t take advantage of Black Friday! We stayed home and relaxed. I did build a LP for Black Friday but didn’t really know my next step. It will come though with time and training. I will make my first $ or $$ on the internet via affiliate marketing.

    Take Care!


  196. Jerome McAllister

    If I had money. I would be looking in the electronics dept. as well as gifts from sights like to buy for my family. Those gifts are good to tell your family, that you are thinking about them and you love them without going bankrupt.

  197. Blair

    For me, it’s not so much as buying things as just getting out in the crowd and feeeling that energy, which is both positive and negative,.It’s a great tradition, more for the fun people watching experience than purely bargain hynting

  198. Bob St Andre

    Hi Anthony
    i love your videos! You truly are a born “teacher”. I,too am not a ‘morning person’ so no “Black Friday” for me. But I do vote for Ellen #26 for this week’s cash and i have read them all so far.
    Happy Holidays to you and your’s!

  199. Patti Southerland

    I really appreciate all you give to your community.

    My BLACK FRIDAY consists of NO BLACK FRIDAY! I have never attended a Black Friday and never plan to. I believe in providing a fair price for a fair service or product. To me, by incentivising people to shop early is fine, however, then the bar is really low-people now only want to pay that low price for something and getting it always “cheaper” is putting our local businesses out of business.

  200. Anita Moore

    Hi Anthony,
    I spent the day cleaning and catching up on housework after Thanksgiving and planning & cooking to create meals with the leftovers. Oh, also took a nap.

  201. frank kingman

    Hi Anthony, I am not responding on black friday because we had a house full of family for several days and have taken the last few days off from business if favor of family. Very rewarding for everyone. But, at any rate, I don’t do the black friday thing anyway. I do virtually all my shopping on the internet which is not a whole lot because I don’t buy a lot of things for myself or for anyone else. I don’t put as much stock in things as I do things that matter more to the Lord. I obviously want to be able to live comfortably and enjoy some of the finer things in life, thats why I am involved with your program and will be coming to Madison in December for the mentoring. One of the things that makes this system so attrractive to me is your willingness to help make sure your students succeed so that those of us that want to, can not only be successful to what ever level we want, but to also help and minister to others near to our hearts so they can have some comforts and hope for the future also.

    Have a blessed Christmas season and I look forward to meeting you in person on the 18th of December.

    Frank Kingman

  202. Johanna Marie

    Hafa Adai Anthony,

    I just want everyone out there to know that on Black Friday every store has a sale, but really to line up and beat the crowd really sucks. I used to go to Black Friday’s, it’s really not worth the wait. I suggest to just spend time with your family and have fun. The most important thing in my life is the Lord and my familia, everything else can wait.

  203. William McKenzie

    I do not shop on Black Friday because i am retired military and shop at the Tinker AFB Exchange.

  204. jennifer neisser

    Hello I havent watched you show for a long while But something told me to answer you. I didnt chace the sales. Thats my sisters job, I slept in till 6 am when my teenage son woke me up. I look for deals but mostly shop at Sams Club, walmart and a local thrift store. Thank you again for your show.

  205. Kathy Hauser

    I never shop on Black Friday! Hate the crowds! I was wrapped up with family from Wed.21st to Sun.25th. I very much needed to work on my internet marketing, but I couldn’t pass up being able to spend time with the family. I am trying very hard to make a little money on the internet, although I’m not doing very well. I’m won’t give up though. I guess I’ll learn by my mistakes. Hope you had as great a Thanksgiving as I did!

  206. Mella Coleman


    Anthony, its after Thanksgiving and I just checked my email. To answer your question, what is everyone searching or looking for on black friday. I can tell you we don’t participate in the black friday sales. I believe everyone is just waisting their money and believing they are getting a bargain when they really aren’t. Shopping should be fun and relaxing, as for black friday it is neither of the two, no fun or relaxing. The one thing I am looking to do is to build my net worth. Now that is something to talk about. Black friday is building someone else’s net worth and not your own. All I’m saying in a nut shell is that I want to build on things that are important to my life and possible help the lives of others.

  207. Laurie Andrade

    I’m like you Anthony. I don’t get up that early unless I really have to. Hope you all had a great thanksgiving.

  208. kwame

    Hello Anthony,
    On black Friday i wanted to get black ops 2, but i had to work. plus it wasn’t even on sale, haha. so now i’m just saving my money so i can get 1 on 1 coaching with your program “Success with Anthony”.

  209. Zendre Boyd

    Greetings Anthony! Well, I had a wonderful time just relaxing on Thanksgiving Day. I had not been feeling well and the rest was much needed. Well, as I was continuing on with In my serenity mode, I get a phone call on “Black Friday” evening at about 10:30pm from my teenaged daughter. Mind you, she called me from her cousin’s house and said “mom, I started my car and I just grunts.” I said, grunt? So, I went through a series of questions with her, and using the process of elimination, I told her that she will need a battery. Well, of course, all of her friends and cousins just happened to leave…right. Being the mother that I am, I got out of my bed and grabbed my tool box(I was soo scared of touching a batter, but I had to seem brave); got dressed (frowning all the while), removed the battery (flinching after several sparks that raised my blood pressure…lol) and took her to WalMart in the midst of ALLLL of that traffic to get my baby girl a battery (she needs to keep working, so of course I was going to make sure that she keeps a job going at all times…lol). The store was packed, and people were actually camped out in the isles!! Well, that little field trip exhausted me to the point, that I that I could do was to get back home and climb back into bed in order to feel better for work on Monday. My baby girl was so grateful, and proud of me for actually changing her battery (no experience at all). Well, Anthony I guess I did a pretty good job, because she is driving everywhere, and nothing is smoking…lol! She even said “mom, my headlights are even brighter.” It was worth it all, to see how proud she was of her mommie!!

  210. Rita

    Hi Anthony,
    No money for Black Friday, I stayed at home with grandbabies while daughters fought the crowds. When younger and had job I fought the crowds for big ticketed items that the children . Black friday was never for me it was for the children.

  211. Roberta

    I guess I live in a commercially vacuum world, I actually went shopping on Black Friday to my dismay. The clerks tried to help but were overwhelmed with customers, the placed was packed and somehow I missed my turn going to the store and spent 20 minutes getting off the freeway back to where I started. Yes I returned home empty handed. I didn’t know they had Black Friday in Canada. Back to oblivion. I did manage to find what I wanted on the internet at a lesser price, Success, another Christmas gift acquired, shopping list shorter. Can’t wait for Boxing Day. I think I will stay in bed and figure how to pay for the Christmas gifts. Roberta


    Hi Anthony, Sheila and I went to my Daughter April and Ray’s home for Thanksgiving Dinner and the guys all watched the Football games while the ladies visited and cleaned up the table and kitchen. I am still trying to get something started on the internet, but no luck so far. I am definitely not going to give up on the effort. I cannot believe how many offers are on my email list. I noticed you spent some time in the Pacific Northwest. I grew up in Eastern Oregon and after graduation we moved to Spokane and later to the Seattle Area where we have lived for over 50 years.We hope you had a grateful Thanksgiving and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  213. Luis A. Deleza

    Hello Professor Anthony, I have to go work on Black Friday and i see all the people out there in a rush to get in line. I just thank GOD that I have a job to provde for my family.I also thank GOD for all you do for us students who are trying to make extra money and become a successful Affiliate Marketer.May GOD BLESS YOU!–Your student Luis,

  214. ANNIE




  215. Wendy

    What I think about Black Friday? Well it reminds me of when my sisters and I would go to Targets, K Mart, or WalMart and get deals on electronics. Well when it became a violent tradition that was horrible. People hurting one another for products. Well to keep an open mind and in the Positive and happy state Its the day after Thanksgiving and it time for getting ready for the season to be golly “Christmas”. People do change and are nicer during this time of the year.

  216. Brenda Conlee

    Hi I don’t like to shop so you won’t find me at any mall on black Friday. Always with the family on the holidays. Not really into the holiday season this year as I am having some financial problems and some health problems. Just thought I’d answer your question.

  217. Aletha Smith-Forsythe

    I personally don’t believe in “Black Friday”. It is clearly for businesses more than for the consumer. My family is almost all gone now. Those remaining value each others’ company more than gifts. We gather for a nice dinner and a long visit. I love to order any item that we decide is important online rather than to go and wait in long lines and inclimate weather. Thank you for your training. I hope to do more work online in 2013.


    Just tring to finish up the semester, not into the whole black Friday shopping I like catalogues, Ed B, and LL Bean and Spiel. when affordable.

  219. Dave Tini

    I stood home and tried to find out what keywords would worry work with my ads.
    Have a Happy Holiday!

  220. John Rix

    I almost always avoid the hyped-up special sales events such as Black Friday. I usually buy special high end products that i want from the manufactures or Distributers at wholesale or better prices. Im very much like you and avoid masses of shoppers when ever possible. I hope that you will enjoy this seasons holidays provided that we all make it past this years December 21st.
    BEST wishes for the New Year—

    John Rix

  221. ray brumbeloe

    Went to Walmart on thursday for the first black friday (although stores are getting into the action sooner now) event in my life. I bought my 13 yo son some half price video games and a few other items for him as well. I hate the crowds is why I have never gone before and the crowds and traffic as expected were awful; but I have to admit I still had fun doing it since my son enjoyed it so much so consequently I will probally do it again next year as well. You wont catch me camping out or standing for hours in any lines though I can promise you that.

  222. Patricia Cross

    Life is too short as it is!! We are not promised a tomorrow and I value my life too much to get entangled in Black Friday!! I worked on Friday, and the location I was in was very slow…
    I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and your trip to Portland!!

  223. sharon

    I hate crowds and pushing and shoving so i don’t really enjoy hitting the stores when there experiencing there busiest days.

  224. Elaine Pinkston

    I have already did some shopping by mail order and some on line. The stores are 30 miles away and I do not like large crowds so I stayed home all the Thanksgiving week end. and enjoyed my family and the rest.

  225. corey

    in line at target all night for xbox with kinex dance game then clothes sales at gordmans and kids toys at wal-mart

  226. carolyn alford

    Im not into black friday of that aftermath of crazy people im greatful to have time with my family and love ones of a blessing evening to share our blessings we have everyday we take for granted

  227. David Timmel

    I don’t like crowds so I don’t shop on black friday. Whatever I need, I can find later either online or when a particular store has a sale. Rather go deer hunting……

  228. Faline Connelly

    I’m looking for yoga pants, yoga mat, yoga socks, athletic shoes, long-sleeved shirts, pants, fleeces, socks, covered litter box, and a new business with affiliate marketing!!!

  229. Beverley Gallimore

    No shopping for me, Anthony. I am anxious to make some money before 2012 expires, so I am ramping up my efforts to get SOMETHING accomplished before January 1, 2013. One minute I think I am making progress; the next I have taken two steps back. It is very frustrating. Last year, I had a web site with nothing going on. I let it expire in September. Now, I have a theme, and exciting niche, domain, hosting, but no web site. What are the odds!
    I wish you and your loved ones all the best for the holiday season and an even better success connection for 2013. Please continue the great work.

  230. Cheryl Norton

    I went out on Black Friday and Saturday. I got buttons from JC Penney that have been winners. I also went to Cost Plus and got free movie tickets. I always find good deals, like to shop, and think it’s fun.

  231. Carl Byrd

    I need a new laptop computer, I have to go to work today, so I can’t go to the store and buy it today…soory I missed out on Black Monday.

  232. Todd Morris

    I’m not shopping at all on Black Friday or Cyber Monday or Traffic Jam Tuesday or Whatchamacallit Wednesday. I am focused instead on breaking from the consumer mindset pattern of the past and developing my entrepreneurial mindset according to the twelve principles I just finished reading about in “The Hidden Millionaire”.

  233. norman rambow

    Hello Anthony and welcome to the fabulous Northwest.

    okay it was a nice Thanksgiving day here. As a single grandfather of 14 grand kids, I called and had calls from my kids.and talked with grand kids.spent some wonderful minutes with each of them. I decided to just go mingle with people and not shop black Friday.. was interesting to talk to people and get some names for future networking opportunities. I asked many about their experiences and laughed over some of the things they did to get their bargains.. Ah the price some paid to get up early and more to endure.. My daughter works at Walmart north of me about 10 miles. The crowd started at 730pm until 8 am and was much better than last year..There was lines of people and bargains on all so many TVs and more.. If money was no object for me, I probably would have loaded up several carts and delivered gifts to families who were in need this year.. as this was a good place to get the so many departments . no real incidents compared to last year. one guy was trying to get a set of sheets and run out of the store.. I was there watching as it took 6 people to hold this guy down. One store employee did a flying tackle to stop him while the others piled on NFL style.. He was a rather large Samoan fellow. had no money and tried to get something for his girlfriend. The thought was nice, but the action was most definitely not the best judgement..too bad so many have no funds even this year.. In any case. two of my grand girls and I went to see various shoppers and go actually wish shopping for Christmas.. money is tight but getting a list is a good thing and they really liked getting out and looking .. Their mother just broke up with her boyfriend and so I was the outlet for them to go and see things.. they are 10 and 12.. the oldest wants and I pod touch so she was focused on that item every store.. the other was just beaming with excitement to go out and look at all things.anything from clothes to electronics. Costco had some good ones for large packages lego style things and Christmas decorations as Sams club.. Best buy is always a deal maker. TVs and laptops going like crazy… but we went to Sears and K mart looking for some clothing.Do you know one of the clerks had no idea about What a wish book from Sears is? The kiosks in the malls had lots of neat stuff.. for home and sports memorabilia..North of Seattle the stores were busy.. all the parking lots were full no doubt.. The bargains and people were crazy at the malls but the parking lots were pretty organized .. no crashing this year . So it was a great time but tired us all out.. now it is time to focus on the online campaigns to make some money to go shopping.. wow.. need a lot to do what I need this year..

  234. alan

    I read most of these comments, I Love the family time during the holidays.
    I think I have an Idea where you could help me, help you, help me. help you help others. tis the season. Hey everyone I wish you a Merry Christmas, and a great holiday season.

    Anthony, call me

  235. Teresa Hartman

    I shopped on Black Friday just two years when my niece was in college and wanted to go. That was enough for me. The only gift I want to shop, give and receive on Black Friday is more time with my family, no cooking, just relaxing and loving, enjoying their wonderful company and continuing this long weekend. So we went to the arboretum together, had a picnic together and watched football together. This is the same I am looking for in the new year, more time with family. And I hope you have had wonderful time with your family this holiday as well.

  236. Jose Ganancial

    Hi Anthony,

    Black Friday shopping is not for me. Always Heavy traffic and hard to park at malls here in Hawaii.I’m a newbie, so I’d rather watch and listen to your videos to learn more before I start advertising. I have a lot of things to read and watch about affiliate marketing. Really need more training and familiarization. Peace and blessing.

    Aloha from Hawaii,

  237. eddie strickland

    Hi Anthony, I answered the Black Friday blog on November 23rd @ 6:41am. I am in the number 2 position on the response list. Anthony, your blog is the best thing for me and I can`t even begin to express how much it means to me that you care so much about your people. Thank you from all of us.

  238. veronica mortarotti

    did not buy anything or have any interest in Black Friday as I can’t afford to buy anything for anyone. I pretty much survive paycheck to paycheck just to keep the heat lights and small amount of food on the table plus the wonderful gas to put in the car to get back and forth

  239. Lori Wiberg

    Hi Anthony, “black” Friday Ed spent driving and watching my first ads on POF. I am so new – and a bit “lost” – I was excited to see if anyone clicked on my little ads. I wanted to see how they were doing.
    I can’t shop I broke a couple toes a couple weeks ago and didn’t want to hobble in the crowds. Most of my shopping is done. I do it all online.
    Looking forward to the next video training.

  240. Peggy Combs

    I have only shopped black Friday once and that was enough. I saved $30. on a DS for my son. I think I stood in line for about 2 hours for that crazy thing, but hey he loved it so that is really all that matters I guess. To see the smile on your childs face is priceless, however the older he gets the more difficult it is to find something for him, because it is so difficult to buy them much anymore since there really has not been anything to beat what he has already. This year my be scaleback year and get to know the real reason for the season. So heres hoping you all have an awesome Christmas.
    Peggy of

  241. Keith

    However Anthony,The comment you made in the video describes what my ambition in life is.To help others so that they can help others.I believe people are what are the most important,And we are the reason our world goes around & around.So all I want to do is become accomplished enough some day to do just that.It’s refreshing to see someone else of the same mind set.May our good Lord help you keep it going around.Thankyou Keith

  242. Albert

    No Black Friday buying. My wife and I are flying home after a great week with our daughter and grand kids.

  243. jon gardner

    that black friday thing is just not for me to many people to hassel with hope u had a wonderful thanksgiving for that is what it is all about giving thanks for all the blessings that have been bestowed apon us God Bless Jon

  244. Kathryn Hamann

    My store of choice is Rent-A-Center, believe it or not they have an awesome repair service, and by knowing their program their prices are competitive with many stores, they do have sales on Black Friday, and my purchases are electronics, [tvs, computers, video games, surround sound system} becuse currently I am on a fixed income my dollar has to go as far as possible, and I have never had to pay fpr any repair through Rent-a-Center, and they have excellent products,

  245. Jacqueline Christian

    hi Anthony-belated Happy Thanksgiving and upcoming holidays that just seem to bump into each other. The last few months we’ve been dealing with keeping relatives alive, others healthy, and preparing everyone for good health, great spirits, and a positive outlook. Lets face it-just when we thought the situation in American could not get worse- It Did. We have been busy since August with Hands Across America disaster relief for fires in the USA and now we support Occupy Sandy efforts. Having spent my life in airline industry and retail; this is my first year not to be working. I neither Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Guess what -the great prices are always there-all year round. I was surprised to hear from you as each time I try to gain access to your community or training there is a firewall-telling me I do not meet the Administrations standards. Strange isn’t it since I am a Vietnam vet and former Presidential and Vice-presidential security person…?.God’s Blessings and maybe one day I will suit your paramitters. Until then-we began outside decorating of eaves, a 25 foot pine in the front yard, and hanging the 48″ patriotic wreath above the garage. Our holidays mean being thankful for those we have shared memories with, those with us and the ones that went before us. Thanking God for His Blessings and hope everyone can enjoy the season that celebrates the Birth of Jesus Christ, th and the Light and Joy to the World He has brought us. JAC

  246. Pam Carnes

    Hi Anthony,
    Hope you and your girlfriend had a great Thanksgiving. As far as Black Friday, years ago when I was much younger, in my early 20’s, I decided to go with a friend shopping. After that Black Friday shopping event, that felt like an ant hill on active duty, I swore then that I would never go shopping on that day again. I am getting ready to turn 54 on 12/24/12 and I have not been shopping on Black Friday since my early 20’s. I do shop on line for great deals.

  247. Jacqueline Christian

    Post Script..sorry for the typos. There is a relentless feline trying to take over the keyboard 🙂 Meow ^-_-^

  248. Don

    Hello Anthony,

    This is a time of the year that people become more thoughtful and generous. Some people really get into the sprit of Christmas. Which is very good times with their families and friends.

    Black Friday is not something that we do. We are not interested in fighting the masses of people looking for that great deal. There are plenty of good deals going on after Black Friday.

    This is a wonderful time of the year for now our grand kids. We have a 7 year old grandson that he and his father live with us at the present time. He is so full of life and so excited about Christmas. Having him around reminds us of how exciting Christmas was for our children. It also reminds me of how great life was for me as a child during Christmas.

    This is also a time of the year that my wife and I lost our youngest son and now he is in heaven in Gods hands. Yes, this is a very sad time for my family. I often think before the holiday season comes that it would fly by and next year is here. That would not be fair for my grandchrildren. It is such an exciting time for the young chrildren.

    I do hope you and your family had a great ThanksGiving and a very wounderful holiday season and that goes to all that might read this message.

    I also need help with my IM, maybe Santa will help me with that.

    God bless all

  249. Cecilia

    The shopping madness that Black Fridays create are not the best way I like to shop so I just wait until the chaos has quieten down a bit and shop in the middle of the week. We were out of town for a few days visiting family and friends.
    I must get on track and work the pace a bit faster. Staying on track is my biggest daily hurdle.
    I learn and still enjoy your weekly lessons. So many eye openers.
    Thank you Anthony,

  250. Paula Naill

    Hi Anthony. I had great plans to get to Best Buy and get a bluetooth booster for the speaker system at the cabin but since I came down with a nasty cold, I did the next best thing and sent my son out to brave the MN cold and crowds to pick it up for me. What a great kid, eh? I love my fam!

  251. Jiji

    Black Friday was actually Farly low key in my neighborhood. was not sure what to expect. but was presently surprised to find that Friday actually lower in traffic then a normal weekend.
    I stocked up on Art supplies at 65% off. since that is my primary business.


  252. Loyce McVay

    I did not go out for Black Friday this year. I stayed home and enjoyed the peace and quiet. It is too easy to shop online and still get the good deals.
    I am shopping for a “Tablet/laptop/iPad” along with other deals like Cruises!

    I hope you enjoy your time out West.

  253. Theresa

    I bought a laptop and some cheap old movies. That was pretty much it. The rest of the time was spend with family.

  254. Sheila Aldrich

    I actually went to work on Black Friday. I am not someone very much into the latest and greatest, the cheapest or things for free. Of course I like a good
    bargain but its not something I go after very often. The last one I got, I’ve bragged about it on and off ever since.
    hope you had a great time in the NW. Definitely a change of environment
    is very therapeutic and brings one back restored and ready for the next round. Good luck to you Anthony.

  255. Geri

    I use to go out on Black Friday, but I haven’t done that for years. I finally got wise and decided that it wasn’t worth the hassle.

    I love the Holidays period. I love Thanksgiving because it really puts life in perspective. Makes me think of how blessed I am to be healthy, have a loving family and a great life!!!!

  256. ida hamner

    Electronics are as hard to keep up with as money in my pocket. I went out about 2:00 that day. After finally finding a parking space in front of Starbucks, about two parking lots over from Best Buy, we walked over.. We were looking for XBOX 360 games. We turned around at the door. It was so packed with people.

  257. Mary Jo Richards

    Don`t do Black Friday. Was packing for trip to Miss. for your affiliate training program. Arrived Sat. & hard at learning today.

  258. Gilda

    I went Black Friday shopping with my mom to wrap up gifts for my nieces and nephews. Lets see…. Went to Walmart, Kmart, kohls, toys r us, and the mall! It was a long night and there were masses of people, lines were long but fortunately for us we didn’t have to wait in them to get into the stores, only to pay for our purchases. It was fun spending time with my mom but I’m not sure I would want to deal with all that madness again next year. Besides, I had a man try and start a fight with me because I said excuse me to pass him in the isle at kohls….not very Christmas like in my opinion!

  259. Sandra

    I went out looking for a new computer because my hard drive went completely out so now I have to work my home business using my mini notebook.With no luck,I came back home,and started back on working on my home business.Not really I’m shopper around these times ,I don’t like big crowds and the troubles.

  260. Maureen Sullivan

    I NEVER go anywhere — not even the grocery store — on Black Friday. My daughter and I do our annual housecleaning on that day.

  261. Annick Couture

    Hi Anthony!
    How was your trip to Portland with your girlfriend? Hope you had fun there!
    For me the black friday is not very important not because i’m in Canada, because the boxing day here is very popular and i don’t go either. This kind of pool of people is too much for me i don’t even go shopping on saturday because there’s too much people. I prefer shopping on line or going when there’s no one. I prefer staying with my family and avoid all of that. There’s not enough time during the day to do all i want and need to do so i’m not gonna waste some of it on shopping!!! I know i’m not a real woman… what can i say! I hate stores.

  262. maryann moon

    I think the day called Black Friday is a scandal ! I’ve heard stories that
    have come from scenes at the malls where people literally treat other shoppers as though they were not human. People have literally walked right over other persons who have been knocked down, so that the more aggressive shoppers can get into the stores first ! Trampled right over another human shopper! It sounds like absolute insanity to me !!
    and I wish this day would be voted out of existence.

  263. Patrick Miller

    I looked at some of the Black Friday ads but it just seemed like too much trouble to go shopping with the ‘hordes’! And I actually had most of my gifts purchased online several weeks ago.

  264. David Williams

    We bought a computer for 350 509 by time we walked out missed out on lowest price one. Bough one two years ago on Black Friday saved a lo t both times. Getting used to windows 8 oh my.

  265. Hilda Marshall

    I do not shop on Black Friday! The things I want cannot be bought. I wish and want good health for my family, physically, emotionally and mentally…problem is you can bring them to the fountain of health and wisdom, but it is tough to make them drink!
    Thanks for not giving up on me…all the best

  266. Jackie S.

    Hi, Anthony. I have never gone shopping on Black Friday in my life. I do not like having to shop in malls or big stores anyway, and the crowds on Black Friday are crazy. No deals are worth it to me to put up with all the crowds and craziness. I will do my shopping on more sane days!

  267. Ann Slifco

    I go shopping with my BFF and we usually go to a mall, Kohl’s and Target. We aren’t looking for anything in particular but we generally find some deals.

  268. Paula C

    Wish I had extra money to go shopping on Black Friday. But it seems every year I don’t have that extra to spend because I rather spend it with the family anyway. Someday once this business does pick up then I hope I will have the extra cash to do as much shopping I love to do. 🙂

  269. carol

    I work on my project for my website . I am trying to find a way to advertize without it costing me a arm and leg.

  270. Karen Verstuyft

    Black Friday morning. Got off work at 6 AM and took a nap. Happy Sale day.

  271. Charlie Washington

    I have never been into Black Friday because it was never a thing to do in our family growing up. Now that I am older I see it is a great way to make money if you can come up with an easy way and fast way to do it. Since it is a seasonal thing. Which I find hard to do on a fixed income with little money left to do nothing with.

  272. Tiffany King

    Not much of a black friday shopper AT ALL!! I use to work at walmart and saw how crazy some people can get. I like the nice calm relaxing time with my kids and family! i recently lost my father so this was my first thanksgiving without him, it was hard to be at his house and he was not there 🙁 but i know he wouldnt want us to feel bad or sad so we all made the best of it. telling stories and sharing some good laughs is what its all about anyways, right?!?! RIGHT!!! 😉 I hope everyone else thanksgiving rocked!!!

  273. Shirley Lawrence

    See you don’t quite get it, Anthony. It’s not about getting up early to go for Black Friday shopping. It’s about staying up all night and being done by 9 am or so. Then you go home and crash…sleep the rest of the day away! lol I skipped Black Friday this year. I did it for 2 yrs. in a row with my daughter-in-law and that was enough for me to not do it anymore.

  274. Linda Walker

    Stayed home and played scrabble and Yatsee with my family. Totally stayed away from all stores. Had a wonderful day!

  275. Bobby Hart

    Hi Anthony .” We don’t shop on Black Friday”. I did not have money to spend now. No not yet, but one day I will. I wasted to much time looking at Videos that’s NOT TRUE. After spending lots of money looking for a fast start, Like the one you made yourself. That was the video that opened my mind to do the affiliate marketing online Home-Base business. Now I know there is none.
    My wife and I will be in the Philippines for the Christmas Holidays. ( Dec.6, 2012 to Jan.10, 2013 )
    I will also purchase a new Laptop so I can be on the web 24/7 when we return.

  276. Mary Duff

    Hi Anthony
    I found out 2 years ago that for 40 years I had not went out on Black Friday and so my son and sister convienced me to go that year. Well it was my first and my last time, there is nothing out there worth going through the madness and crazy people doing crazy things, like standing outside in freezing weather for 8hr to try and get a product that will probably be cheaper in a few weeks anyway. So I just wait till a little closer to Christmas and do just fine that way. But for all those who like it go for it enjoy, just not my thing. A lot of the presents I give to people are from the heart and are home made with tender loving care, like a tee shirt with a special picture for my mom and dad a special quilt for my granddaughter, a special photo frame for my sister made of popcicle sticks colored and decorated with shells and colored cotton balls. These thing mean more than going out buying stuff they really don’t want anyway. I think Christmas has lost a lot of meaning because it has become to commercialized and not using the heart to realy give something special.

  277. Jeff Kleier

    No Black Friday for me.People get to crazy just to save a couple of bucks and they probably spend it on something else anyway that is what big box stores are counting on.Just hangin with family.Wait in line for deals,best time to buy tvs just before superbowl anyway.Hope you have a nice time with family.

  278. pauline normington

    i havent known a good christmass for me the olny thing i get is the decorations and tree thats i have no money for christmas to buy any thing
    all years i had to make homemade gifts it would be nice to able to have a
    decent chrisstmas one in my .

  279. Mark Porter

    I spent Thanksgiving alone. I had a turkey dinner with two portions. One for Thursaday and one for Friday with every thing my Mom used to cook. Of course I forgot the cranberries. The rest of the time I spent getting things organized for my new start up business.

  280. Angela Whatcott

    I have never been Black Friday shopping and i don’t think i ever will because i nearly got killed on Thanksgiving night just buying some groceries. I was walking out to my car after getting some groceries and a person zoomed around another car and they nearly hit me and the sound was just like what you hear in the movies. The one part where the car screeches and the jerks forward then backward. I flipped out and realize that people are more careless about you when Black Friday comes around.

  281. Gene Burbary

    I wanted to see what it was like on the inside of Black Friday. I took a contract job keeping the the shelves stocked with toys for 3 hours. Insanity and very stressful, but you did get more for your money. At least that is what the people standing in line to checkout said.

  282. Al Dinger

    No shopping for me this year at regular stores. Had to do other things. God bless for asking.

  283. Lois Amacher

    Thanks for sending me the additional reminder of your weekly blog. This year I didn’t pay much attention to Black Friday because I wasn’t shopping for anything and when I saw the crowds who were, it really made me happy I was only seeing it on TV. However, last year was a far different situation and I paid a lot of attention to it. The reason was, I needed a new computer desperately. I had a computer with only 75 GB and it couldn’t handle FlashPlayer 10 or 11, so I could no longer watch most videos and no webinars, so I was thrilled to get a new Dell Inspiron 620 for a really reduced price, but missed Black Friday because I couldn’t get through, but made the purchase just fine on Cyber Monday. My deduction is that a Black Friday or Cyber Monday is great if you are in need of a pricey piece of equipment.

  284. Carol Savaria

    I won”t be shopping for anything on Black Friday. There is not a whole lot that I need or want for myself. Hope you and your girlfriend had a great trip!!!

  285. Luz

    Hi Anthony,

    I kind’a like to be in ground zero for the frantic buying, but this year funds is a little bit tight. I already bought my new PC a week before hoping I could build a campaign before Black Friday! lol, easier said than done! Spent the morning watching those training videos. Then off to Bath & Body Works to grab some of their great deals – buy 3 get 3 on their body care collection. Bought a whole year supply on my favorite fragrance which comes only during the Holidays.

    Keep those emails coming ‘cuz we definitely need them. More power to you and Adrian!


  286. klaus

    Hey Anthony:
    Thanks for the video..always look forward to them…
    I actually spent Black Friday browsing the internet looking for work at Home programs to build a base for more FREE TIme as it’s a pain to go back to work(JOB)..I actually enjoy family time/free time and trying to get more of both..therefore the browsing..
    Hope you and girlfriend had a great time..

  287. Bill Russell

    I do not go shopping on Black Fridays. There are too many insane people in those crowds.

  288. Dan Stingley

    Hey Anthony,

    I’m just waiting till next payday…Things are tight & times are tough.
    Sorry I don’t have a better answer.

    Thanks for your help & what you do.


  289. Larry reynolds

    I don’t fight the crowds just to spend my money on something
    I don’t need. These sales are a waste of my time and money.
    Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy my family and friends.

  290. Courtney Gibb

    I saved my $$$$ and energy to help serve some 300 homeless (yes, number was almost exact as we count the forks!- it usually about 200 ) under the bridge after church. I have enough! and am so thankful for friends, family and good health. Personally I need to get re-energize with you. I have trip in future to Shreveport LA ,,, so thought I might drive over to see if I could get some more training. Please advise or have Randall or other team leader connect. thanks for all you Anthony! c2

  291. Janie jackson

    Hi Anthony I am one who stays in and decorates I hate crowds and the madness I have most of shopping done. There is not a good enough deal to make me fight a crowd at a crazy time of morning.

    Hope your Thanksgiving was blessed

  292. William (Bill) Whitney

    Hello Anthony. I do not shop on Black Friday. Getting old and being disabled, it is just not worth it for any deal to fight with the public. I have enough trouble trying to send my 7 daughters gifts for Christmas. I usually pick up things all year long as money allows and Christmas usually comes out okay. One can find many deals all year without the rush. For Example: According to investigators on CNN, most often the best time to buy a television is in January and February when the companies want to rid the stores of older models to make way for new ones. Thanks, Bill

  293. Sheree Slack

    Anthony, I did not shop on Black Friday. I am not into fighting people for items. If I do any shopping, I do it on Cyber Monday so I don’t have to fight people for what I want. If I did shop, I would be looking for electronics and computer parts. I am trying to get Christmas back to what it is supposed to be about, instead of all the presents. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  294. Peter Ligman

    Just staying home to decorate and transition the house to the holiday season. We have always enjoyed renewing the emphasis on family, fellowship and God which accompanies this season, and the spiritual renewal it brings.

  295. Melanie

    I do not go out on Black Friday… time is valuable especially with all this learning I am getting from you and your brother. Thanks for all yor help!

  296. ed curtice

    I went to black friday at wal-mart and got my daughter a 40 inch television
    for $178. What a nice xmas present,right?

  297. Kristina Phelps

    My husband does the Black Friday deal. I stay home with the kids, which I would rather do anyway. He came home with a Leap Frog for our 3 year old son, and a printer for me. What a guy!! I did Cyber Monday and got the girls a barbie karaoke machine. Hope you have a great day!!

  298. michelle drake

    looking to find something i have been wanting all year. I wait till black friday to see if i can get it for less. this year i just slept in with sick kids.

  299. Sandra Green

    Our family cooked for 12 friends and family and we all went to an outlet center and split up in three groups. We did not have a serious destination in mind but it was a beautiful evening, fun to get out and walk and get a feel for the what the stores were offering. The lines were small and there were, truly, some great buys!
    I do not always have a specific item I am looking for. However, I like a bargain and enjoy the hunt!
    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it centers me in gratitude.

  300. wendy

    Hello Anthony;;;This is the 1st time I have actually read any of these e-mails you have been sending… I have not had a computer up and running. I have beenn quite ill but am trying to get back up to speed. As far as Black Friday is concerned I have shopped a few times and it has been worth the time. I found if I find the right stores at the right time(like Some JC Penny’s )have no one in their when they first open so the 1st couple hours are great.But this year I just stayed home cause I had no money to shop…Thats ok. Times like this is when you really appreciate the finer things in life that money cant buy…GOD and FAMILY…. Happy holidays to you and your family

  301. Paul & Kathy Dietz

    My husband :& I went to Best BUY at 930pm thur night to stand in line for 2 1/2 hrs in 32 degree weather (not including wind chill) IT WAS COLD. for 2 new brand new lap top computers. One for him and one for me to do our business on. WE GOT THEM! They were sold out in 15 minutes, SO we were really thankful. We are still both unemployed but trusting God. We think God brought this job opportunity to us and are excited to see what we can accomplish with the help we will receive and the work we are willing to put into it. We have filled out countless job aps with no callbacks. We are both in the medical professions. SO this opporturnity is truley life changing for us. TY Anthony!

  302. peggy smith

    spent thanksgiving with part of my family it felt good not to have to cook this year. .wish the rest of my family could have come to oklahoma.I didn’t do any shopping friday money is tight and i am still feeling so lost since i lost my husband in april. but i have so much to be thankful for ..I promise to start getting more into getting ready to get my self geared to work.Iam starting to get out of my depression from maybe i can get my brain to working lol. thanks for all your help. i do enjoy getting your emails.hope you enjoyed your stay in portland. love to you and your family

  303. Sue

    Hi, Answering a little late, but better late than never 🙂

    My family’s holiday was nice…it was great to get a rest for a couple of days, and then go to a couple of Christmas parades too.

    As far as training, I would suggest helping people to understand how to monetize websites or blogs. I’ve personally been trying to figure this out for over a year, and I finally just let my website domain expire. Setting up the website and buying the domain was easy – figuring out how to get the traffic there has not been easy.

    Hope your holiday was nice too!


  304. chris

    I do not participate in Black Friday shopping but I am looking for a GOOD computer preferably laptop to conduct business on. I have aquired/inherited a courieer business and am trying to build that now so that I can make a good income and pass it to my son .

  305. Shawn Markel

    What was i doing on Black Friday , Staying at home, is a lot safer , and a lot less stressful .

  306. Elvira Spicer

    My Black Fridays are spent like every day after a holiday — resting from the preparation and the enjoyment of being with family on that special day.

  307. lynn-marie schmidt

    I am looking for a phone that is android phone and need a laptop also. Looking for furniture and something in hdtv……… Gotten an ad for laptop and did not get it they ran out,ahhhhh. Happy to say till now still trying to find laptop… However looking for hdtv half of my cash is gone since moving into a small apt . Been wanting to do internet shopping SO LASTLY PHONE AND LAPTOP ARE ALL I NEED …these will be used for school…..

    Hope you and yours had such a thanksgiving feast that it was just too good and to die for. Good comes in small packages ANTHIONY. At least I think so

    always Lynn-marie
    p.s. i am tryiong to help others transition from homeless to actually living in a home. Looking to purchase land and a 5-bdr house really soon.

  308. Diana Saxon

    Just working to make a living. Shopping isn’t on the agenda. Doing volunteer work to help others.

  309. Mack and Susan Traylor

    Hello Anthony

    There are no Black Fridays in our lives. That is just to crazy for words, people fighting over some small article or some big article for that matter. We would rather pay full price for anything as to get mixed in with all of that. Looking forward to coming to Madison next month and finally get started doing something, right now we are still confused to the max.I think it is called information overload, but anyway the best to you and yours over the Thanksgiving holiday.

  310. Indira

    Hi Anthony, well I do not like spending money that I don’t have its been a rough six months for me and my husband, he had a 3byepass two mths ago so we are keeping very low for now. We stay at home and watch the news seeing how people were going crazy at the stores, also look at some movies. Hope u and your family had a wonderful thanksgiving.

  311. Dave Pro

    To echo the words of another contributor, I wouldn’t be caught in this mess for anything. Black Friday promotes herd mentality, which doesn’t interest me at all.

  312. Chris LeCocq

    To Anthony and Adrian,
    Thanks for all that you do for the community. As for Black Friday . . . all the crowds and pushy folk are just a bit sad. I see the ‘getting” DEALS as a planned form of control. A setup, and an event to help large retailers make their money on the greed that they created. I like to find DEALS from small community business or people who hand make their items. Our tradition is to give 8 little everyday presents that says to friends and family we think about you all year. Toothbrushes, homemade jelly and jams, pickled beets form my garden . . . something useful and consumable.
    I personally love the creation of the packaging design for the jelly, jewelry or frame a piece of art I have made. When we are all gone what will be left behind but what we have added to the lives of others through our hands. I have always felt that “You can make a million, loose a million and make a million again . . .but once you have spent YOUR time it is gone forever.”

  313. lynnzee

    Hi Anthony,

    There is SO much to be grateful for in my life – and your help is one of them! Thanks so much for sharing all that you have learned about Affiliate Marketing with everyone – and coaching us to success! i am still just getting my feet wet in this process, but know i will succeed in 2013!
    No Black Friday shopping for me….even if i had tons of money i would never go out shopping in massive crowds or traffic….prefer going shopping online or driving to stores on quieter days and times. Just bought a yoga swing/trapeze online and am loving being a monkey on it!

    Hope you had a great time with your girlfriend’s family in Portland ….one of my favorite small cities.

    Best wishes!

  314. Bobbie

    This is kind of late blog but we do not do black friday and every day is a day of being thankful. I do appreciate your blogs about your how to get started in my own business.

  315. Mimi W.

    I live in the DC metropolitan area and on any ordinary day the traffic is terrible so Black Friday is when I definitely want to stay at home. Interesting, we hate the machinery polluting traffic congestion but as publishers we love cyber traffic. Happy Holidays everyone.

    My gift this year is a trip with my 82 year old mother to visit my sister and her family in Germany. Haven’t seen my two nieces in 7 years and they are now nearly graduating from the university.

  316. Sharon Brown

    Hi Anthony.There was nothing I wanting on Black Friday I.m not a person that likes big crowds. I do a lot on the computer. bought items for my dad and my son. Haven’t decided on a gift my my husband yet. He is the one that has everything so it hard but not hard to pick out something. Other than that I couldn’t ask for anything more than to see a smile on someone else’s face. I have been very blessed with the love of family and friends. Anthony think you for your time have a blessed day.

  317. Noellle

    Hi Anthony! NoNoNo!!!! I will never shop that way! Santa is coming and I was a good not a naughty girl. so there will be some little things for granny under a tree 🙂 I wish you the best of Christmas ! Regards Noelle G.

  318. Boyd Caudel

    Hi Anthony. Like you I am not an early riser so we dot do the whole “black Friday” thing. I also wasted ten years working for Wal-Mart so I know first hand exactly how crazy people can get when they are standing in line for hours trying to get their “Special” deals. Not a big fan. Hope your holliday was as special and memorable as mine.

  319. Kanchen

    Still nursing a twisted leg from over three weeks ago so hobbled round locally. Never been one to queue for hours so just enjoyed company of family. Am also spending more time on computer figuring out how to do
    stuff that other people manage with ease.

  320. john

    I have never shopped on black Friday.On the east coast shopping on the premier days of that year is a high stress maneuver and I prefer to keep my blood pressure down.

  321. Amy Nelson

    Happy Thanksgiving Anthony!

    I’m like you, not really a early morning person either, and do not particularly have an interest in fighting crowds. So, I have never shopped Black Friday. This year, I will for the first time shop Cyber Monday though. I have grown children who want electronic things! Have a Blessed vacation. Look forward to 2013!!!

  322. Irene

    Never have done the Black Friday thing not my kind of shopping
    I will be giving the kids money thing with small
    Thinks in their stockings.

  323. Kim Williams

    I’m not a morning person either, so my kids and I didn’t go out on Black Friday until about 3pm in the afternoon. By then, thank God, the crowds had subsided. The stores we visited were Macy’s, Belk, Best Buy, Walmart, and the Outlet Mall (Ralph Lauren, Hanes, Nine West, Nike); also Urban Outfitters.

  324. Jo Ann Edwards

    Hey Anthony,
    I never do black fridays. I live alone doesn’t do much shopping for holidays.
    Still trying to get my website up and running. Hope you and your girlfriend enjoys Portland.
    Thanks, Jo Ann

  325. Donald Campbell

    I was waiting on Black Friday to see if the Smart iPhone prices would be right for me. But that didn’t happen. Things are so costly that most are out of my reach, coming out of a bankruptcy trying to regroup has been very hard. I will try again around Christmas. So wish me luck..

    Thanks Anthony and team for tying to help me out of this hold.

  326. Fred E. Thompson Jr.

    Hello Anthony

    Personally I am so sick and tired of the way Christmas has been turned into a how much can I give, how much will I get that I have cancelled the commercial Christmas and I celebrate the birth of Christ and stop there, I hope others will do the same and stop this insult to the holiday.

  327. Jenna MacGregor

    Anthony, this was the 1st black friday I have shopped and that is because they had Samsung Galaxy SIII phones for 96 cents at sams club. I got it and it is awesome. Glad you are traveling. I am a newbe and still building my funds to get started but I look forward to getting involved in your inner circle. Thanks for helping us. Jenna MacGregor- Denver CO

  328. Denise Johnson

    Hi Anthony…

    I wasn’t able to participate in Black Friday due to my budget, but continued to work on my websites and post offers, etc. I saw great deals at Walmart & Best Buy for HDTV.s. I need one myself, but also will be purchasing one for my daughter. I’ve always put my family first before i buy things for myself, and that will never change. Love my family 🙂

  329. Susan De Rome

    Holiday shopping is an excellent sociological study in human behavior at it’s worst, especially Black Friday! We tried it for the first time this year, just to have the experience. We were disappointed and disillustioned. My daughter has the better idea – buy online during the advertised hours! I think that will be our strategy next year. ‘-)

  330. Kathleen Judy Beller

    Hello Anthony,

    I stayed home on Black Friday, because I do not like to shop or do anything
    the day after Thanksgiving. I cook all day and wait on the family. Friday is my day of rest. I do not like being pushed into buying things.

  331. Barb Bryant

    I did not go shopping on Black Friday because stores are too crowded
    and line to cash registers are much too long. Anthony, I appreciate
    your daily messages of encouragement and helpful tips. I am very new
    to marketing and need all the help I can find.

  332. Amy Barnett

    For the first time in the last 3 or 4 years, I didn’t have to go to work till 5am on Black Friday. I work at Target, but spent time in the backroom with the merchandise. Most of the sale mechandise was gone by the time I got in at 5…YAY! I had a quiet Thanksgiving with my husband, son and in-laws. My mother-in-law cooked, so everything was goooooood!

  333. Shannon

    Hi Anthony,

    Well…better late then never. I missed out on all of the holiday action. I was stuck in bed with a very nasty virus for two weeks, and I’m still trying to fight a three week ear infection. I missed out on a warm family gathering and the fun of shopping for my children. This year christmas will be a rush, I’m two weeks behind schedule!

  334. patricia

    Hi Anthony Morrison Happy holidays and have a merry christmas. This thankksgiving I was blessed to have my 4 daughters help cook 6y to 12.did’nt do the black friday this year but enjoyed it last year the first time camped out at walmart we had the girls and my oldedsy girl was there with my granddaughter amd husband and than my brother and wife showed up so we ate subway subs and snaks with the other fun people and partyed all nght 5am then then went home with our new big scrn tvs and computers

  335. Betty L Crabtree

    Hi Anthony,

    Sorry I missed your question. On 11/13/12 my computer was a
    person who said he was calling from Microsoft with a message that my
    computer was about to crash. Of course he could keep that from happening if I would purchase a service contract from him. I didn’t believe
    him and refused. He disabled my computer by cutting a wire on my computers mother board. Of course, MICROSOFT never has anyone in their employ call a client with such a message. I’m back on line today.

    I did not go out to shop on Black Friday but the younger members of my
    family did. I begin buying gifts for Christmas in August and usually finish
    by mid-December. I order mostly from catalogues. My favorites are:
    http://www.Collections, and Unique items and great quality at good cost. I love to visit stores Christmas Eve day and
    mingle with last minute shoppers hurrying about.
    quality at more than fair cost.

  336. Hank De Polo

    Not going out on Black Friday. Tried it last year for the first time and I am now convinced that the feeding frenzy is not worth the effort.

  337. Tom D. DeVisscher

    I worked on black friday late ! I invest in internet time with my spare time ! Just going trough my emails and it’s good to be able to get caught up on what I have been missing ! Keep the great blogging going !

  338. Carol

    I feel so sad. . .My computer has been ‘ill’ and I just read the bit about you spending time in Portland. WOW ! ! ! My neck of the woods. I would have loved to share some of the yummies that my family enjoyed during the weeks of the holidays. It would have been nice to meet you and your girlfriend. I’m guessing that her family must live here . . we’re not really a ‘hot spot’ for ramdom vacationers 🙂 They don’t know what they’re missing It’s really quite lovely here in the nearby Beaverton/Aloha area. ANYway, I hope you had a great time while you were here. No mega-shopping trips for me . . . just peaceful time with family. I hope my computer stays well so I can get the next news you send our way. You have so many good things to share with those of us that are eager to learn. Please keep up the good work. We appreciate you.

  339. John Dieffenbach

    I spent black friday with my daughter. We went to Bestbuy to pick up her new Kindle Fire 32GB HD after doing my shopping online the night before. Then came home, got my mother and went to a Chinese “all you can eat”. The rest of the day was spent getting ready for Deer Season on monday.

  340. Drew Nieto

    My wife and i did not do Black Friday. My wife just had back surg. i cant take her were people my bump her.

  341. Wymond Hurt

    Have been out of town and was inundated with mail. Reason I have not returned your mail. I leave again 12/10 and won’t return until 1/11/13. I turned 94 12/1/12 and just don’t know enough about the computer to operate it. I lost $14,280 in 2012 trying different things all to no avail. I firmly believe you are the only honest one on the net and I would like to do business with you. Now I am too broke to buy programs, tutors, etc. I will be in Virginia and D. C. until Jan 11 and I will get back in touch with you and maybe I can come down to Jackson and meet with you. I live in Tupelo, Ms. I appreciate the time you have spent with me and maybe we can work something out. My very Merriest Christmas to you and your family and a Happy New Years. Wymnd Hurt. (my friends call me “wy” and you may also !!!

  342. Malinda Darden

    I just went to Old Navy and got in on their deals and headed to toys”r”us for their 5 dollar board games.I started at midnight and ended it at 8 am went home and crashed.

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