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Well it’s Christmas morning at about 9:30am. My entire family is still sleeping and I am awake! Go figure so I decided I would share some insight on Twitter with you this morning. Think of it as my Christmas gift to those of you who read my blog, follow me on Twitter and simply desire to learn as much as you possibly can about Internet Marketing.

Anyway back to my story about Twitter. I am in the process of developing some really cool and useful applications for social networks. The software will be called SocialAdsPro and will encompass Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and even YouTube. Well the Twitter software is finished and is in beta testing. One of the features I added to it is the “tweet later” feature. Basically this just means you can pre-load hundreds of tweets and then tell the software to basically “tweet every X amount of time”. What this does is make sure that your account is actively posting a new tweet throughout the entire day.

Now originally I added this feature as more of an “advertising” tool. Basically tweet 1 advertisement about your affiliate site or products for every 10 or 15 tweets you post. Seemed logical and certainly seemed like it could help drive traffic to affiliate offers. One thing I did not count on was the increase in followers I have acquired over the last 3 or 4 days. I have gained almost 100 followers and guess what? I haven’t followed a single person to get that increase!

With Twitter the big key is acquiring followers without you having to go follow 100000 people to get them. The reason for this is pretty simple Twitter has a ratio rule meaning you can’t follow more than X % of the number of people following you. This means getting people to follow you is important, if you want to build your Twitter account. So all of these “auto follow” programs are great but at a certain point if people don’t start following you back you can’t grow.

See people value information. They value it so much that they are willing to “take action” to get it. All I did was simply tweet 10 or 15 times per day about Internet Marketing and my Twitter follower list is growing every single day! I think this is a very important concept that most people completely overlook about Twitter. The program was designed with this “auto-tweet” feature to make sure I could advertise on my account, but in reality it’s more of a “gain followers” feature.

It’s not hard to make money with Twitter. There are many services like Sponsored Tweets that will actually pay you to allow them to post/tweet ads onto your Twitter account. Guess what determines how much you get paid? Typically how many followers you have and how active your account is which is exactly why I am developing this software.

I hope you learned a bit today about Twitter. Remember it’s important to tweet relevant information not just a bunch of ads. If you do this you can make your Twitter list grow and earn more money!

Merry Christmas –
Anthony Morrison


  1. foundlinda

    I am currently enrolled in the school in Lehi, UT and will be attending their conference for 3 days in January. Can you send the adwords that work you discussed in your video? Once all this information comes together my visual perception of the complete program and its success seem obtainable. You are correct, it is alot of information and the infojunkies like myself should have fun with this new job. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

  2. Michael A. Wilson

    Attention Mr Morrison
    I also was up early Xmas morn and saw your infomercial on tv i see a lot of
    these programs and basically dismiss them as scams. But your fathers statement touched me as i at the age 52 find myself i that same position.
    Also you saying you make money if i make money made sense so i checked out the scam sites and read their and your blogs.And i decided to
    spend my last $20.00 with you tommorow i will as i always have work my rear end off but if there are hidden charges i do not have $4000.00 to spend
    well i hope you and yours had a merry X-mas and one day i can take care of my family the way you do.
    Yours M. Anthoney Wilson

  3. Lionel

    Your blog is always very helpful and insightful. I too came across your infomercial early one morning and decided to give it a go. I have learned so much about Internet Marketing since then. I think the biggest problem today with people trying to make money online is information overload. Many sales letters tell people how much money they’ve made but they dont show exactly how they’ve made it. 1.Research is key 2.Traffic is golden. without these two must-have elements you wont get far. You have a no non-sense approach about your methods and they have helped me a great deal. Keep the knowledge coming.

  4. iris galloway

    Learning about affilliate marketing and the internet is very important to me and I love following your tweets, as there is always something to learn, even if we learn one thing, it is worth the time to read it. I hope to get going this year and make money to help on our bills. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! When we put “xmas” we are x-ing out Christ. I used to do this, but since a young man told me this, I stopped using the x as I certainly don’t want to x out Christ. That young man is now one of my son-in-laws, whom I respect very much. Thanks Anthony for all your help.

  5. Bill Lee

    Hello Anthony, I am new to tweeter and internet affiliate marketing. I enrolled in your program and I need to earn income ASAP. I will continue to read and learn but I will always need help so I can help others. Thank you

  6. Doris Brauer

    Hello Anthony, I am new to tweeter and internet affiliate marketing, I have learned so much from your book’s and your audio cd’s. I know their is still so much that i need to learn and want to learn, Thanks Doris

  7. Ann

    Hello Anthony, I enjoy reading your blobs. I am new to the enternet and markening, I really new a lot of help on this. I’m trying to learn to go to these other sites and do the things to get going, Thank you so much for been there. Ann

  8. Mark B

    I sell a product thru Click Bank. Their contract specifically prohibits you from promoting your product directly by email (spam), OR INDIRECTLY via social media and things like Twitter. Apparently they won’t let you promote at all except by paid ads. Should I drop Click Bank and if so, who should I go with to handle purchases and payments?

  9. Phyllis Coolick-Neal

    Hi, Jim,
    It’s great that you know Tellman. I think both of you have a lot to offer and each of you are experts at what you do! For those readers who don’t already know Tellman, he is the an expert at listbuilding and email marketing. He is the owner of the web site Overcome Everything,com
    Thanks, Jim, for all the useful tips in your book, Advertising Profits from Home. They are quite valuable! I especially like the chapter on Social Media!
    You and Tellman Knudson help to keep us non-experts motivated! THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR EXPERTISE! Phyllis Coolick-Neal

  10. Audrey Kroll

    Thanks so much for your upbeat messages. It is a plesure to know there are people like you. I hope your have a great day and a great life! Audrey Kroll

  11. Curt L. Stiedé

    Thank you again Anthony. I havn’t used Twitter before. In fact I don’t know anything about it. I thought Twitter was just another talk thing like F/B. I do have my account set up with Twitter, though. Only because I was told by you to do so. So now I know what it is all about. I think. WELL ,we’ll See!!!! I shall learn more on that later. And Shall start getting going with it. But first I need to finish your book. “Advertising Profits from Home.” a step at a time! For me ‘Baby steps’. Thanks again Anthony. A great Inspiration to all. Best Wishes, Curt S..

  12. Lisa Miller

    Am trying to keep up while on vacation. It sure isn’t easy. But, to reach my goal, some study must happen. I love your massages and info. Very inspiring. It helps keep me going.

  13. Ron Akers

    Thanks Anthony for the information. Just now learning to spell Twitter.


  14. Dorothy Derr

    Good Morning Anthony – I signed up on Facebook and Twitter per your advice.
    I’m still trying to get used to it all but determined to become a successful affiliate marketer.

    Thanks for all your help.

    Dorothy Derr

  15. Charles L. [Lew] Jenkins

    Thanks Anthony, good info as usual. You wrote this 12/25/2009. Could you send me information on the soft ware.

    Thanks again,

  16. Pat Graeff

    Thanks, Anthony. This is very valuable info. Hope to make a difference very soon.

  17. Maddy Battista

    Thank you for all the helpful information. Taking small steps. .because utilizing all the internet offers is overwhelming. Thanks to you, with all the knowledge you pass on, I continue to forge ahead.

  18. jan

    #4 Lionel is right! thanks again for all your informative info and for sharing. Jan

  19. Pierre Mocombe

    I had a blast reading your tweet about tweeter and happy to learn you are developing new software. Although, I am reading this tweet almost an entire year past Christmas, but it still is wonderful to read and get energized. On the look of things, I am not the only one reading it so late in the year.
    Keep up the good work and I am learning a lot from you.

  20. Kaye Hutton

    Thanks for the information on building my Twitter following. I haven’t been posting on my page regularly but I will start. You are always so full of
    helpful information for us. You are truly appreciated!

  21. Kaye Hutton

    Thanks.again. I got this e-mail in September and I still haven’t gotten to be a regular at posting on Twitter but I am worknig on it.

  22. James Kahalewai

    Anthony………..Does emailing and tweeting conflict. I’m still learning and trying to form a plan. Thanks for everything….Jimmy K.

  23. georgina castle

    I am getting there Anthony. I am going to open a landing page and I have a essay in about 15 verses which I will put one each week in a blog I think. All the best GC

  24. Russ

    Thanks Anthony

    I Tweet Alot , Thanks again !
    I’ll be At the Free Webinar Thursday Oct. 27 2011


  25. Luis A. Deleza

    Thank you Anthony, I can’t wait for the software to come out! Great information as always. GOD speed Anthony!!

  26. Esther Gales

    This is great! I have got to get going with tweet.
    Thanks for sharing this with everyone what a great Christmas Present.

  27. Jay Doty

    So much to learn just need to make more $$. Thanks for all the tips. Always appreciate the great info.

  28. Rosemarie Delfel

    Thanks, Anthony, for the update on Twitter and for your continued sharing of your new developements in your affiliate marketing system. I am still in the process of learning the various aspects of Facebook as well as trying to familiarize with Twitter. As always, all the information you provide is greatly appreciated :)). Rosemarie.

  29. Bill Munro


    This software that you are talking about sounds sensational. I have found
    out that as you say, the more information you give people that is relevant,
    the more followers you will acquire, without following them first. Thanks
    for the info.


    Bill Munro

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