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  1. anthony

    Here’s a clip of my nationwide TV show…. feel free to leave me comments and suggestions! Thanks everyone.

    Anthony Morrison

  2. MrCompTech

    I like the disclaimer about how the average book buyer does not apply the strategies in your book. That is biggest reason that people don’t obtain the success they want. There are more people that want what comes with success that don’t want to do what it takes to achieve success.

    When people don’t get the success they want then too often they ‘jump’ to the next money making thing. this lack of focus can be costly to their success.

    I consider promoting affiliate offers as selling so when I hear you say we don’t have to sell with your program this doesn’t sound like an accurate interpretation of what you have to do to make money with your program.

    To me, if your doing something to get somebody to buy a product or service then you are selling. But not having to deal with order processing, order fulfillment and payment processing is a big reason to do affiliate marketing and takes a lot of the risk out of making money on the Internet. I think this is more a matter of who is definining ‘selling’ than anything.

    As far as the books advertisement I think it should be considered as the best starting point for Affiliate/Internet Marketing. But it is not a single source on how to make money on the Internet. The questions asked in the forum from the people that have purchased the book indicate this.

    I think people need to realize the book can get them started but there is much more to learn about Affiliate/Internet marketing than can fit in a 20 dollar book!

  3. Karen Allmon _

    I have read both books several times. I feel they are a good introduction to affiliate marketing. You keep tweeting about a book on ppc, but I find no mention on the website.

  4. Gervase Chaplin

    That story is amazing. Through necessity, you were able somehow to push aside all the hyped ‘get rich’ schemes, and slowly build on a business idea that could change your family’s dire situation. And you must have dramatically improved your Dad’s and Justin’s views of their own futures. How truly gratifying that must have been, and how even more gratifying it must be to allow folks like us to follow your lead and get as much out of your program as we’re willing to put in.
    Really inspiring stuff. Thank you.

  5. Irene Stein

    I found the tv show you were on this morning just what I
    needed to get my homebased business going. There is so much out
    there about making millions from working at home, and as an old
    lady living on social security, I just want to make some money from
    home because they don’t want to hire anyone over 50 today. You are
    totally correct in it is how much you know about Internet marketing
    and how much time one spends in working on earning some income. I
    look forward to your training materials I ordered today. Thanks for
    sharing your marketing skills with those who don’t know much about
    marketing. I would like to help the other old folks who want to
    work from home who don’t know much about computers. I taught
    computer skills since the 60’s and help little people at their
    homes learn how to send photo’s to grandkids, and send e-mails and
    other things.

  6. Saturnina (Nina) Fratarelli

    I watch this video every time it comes on TV. I ordered
    your book and am anxiously awaiting it. I am one of those who needs
    an additional income to supplement my Social Security. I’d like to
    buy a car. Even with a car there are no jobs available for me. So
    if this will help me I will be very grateful. I am happy that even
    if I am not good enough to make money with this, the opportunity is
    available to anyone. You helped your family and apparently helped
    them to get back on their feet too. You are a good son and brother.
    Thank you.

  7. Carol Amato

    I thought the interview was inspiring. The testimony from your dad was great because so many people can relate to his situation.

    I would, however, like to see a current, more recent testimony of someone that has had great success after just following your book, Advertising Profits From Home.

    Thank you,
    Carol Amato

  8. Lindsay

    It seems to good to be true, but sounds awesome – just saw the commercial last nigth when I couldn’t sleep.

  9. Casey

    I bought a lot of books from different people but I only read first few pages and I never read it again. I saw Anthony on TV show and I bought his books and I actually finished.

  10. Mirtha Watt

    My mother saw your Program on TV and bought your package. She thought of me and sent me your two books and videos in the mail. I saw the videos and read your books. I want to get the website so that I can start in this new venture. She will be going through surgery next week and I want to take over and start this new business. I can relate how you help your dad and how my mom thought to give me this opportunity to earn some serious income. Looking forward to working with you.

  11. Charlene Wood

    I have been involved in a few things in my 61 yrs. And none of them made me feel like I COULD DO THIS But what I got out of your tv interview was your honesty. You really made it sound easy. Unfortunately It has not been so for me. I guess it is my age but I am still determined to make it work. I do need a web page of my own to get start up funds for Endor. We have to build housing for the Physically Challenged. They have no where to go. My son wants to get married and he will not be able to live with his wife because they are both in wheelchairs and have no facilities to take care of both together. This is a sin.
    They are the same as us. only in wheelchairs. I need this to work for them.
    Thank you, Charlene Wood

  12. Jan

    The clip makes so much sense and it’s interesting to me >> I think it’s really awesome that you are close with your family members, I think that is how it’s supposed to be >> I can hardly wait to get your book, it sounds awesome!

  13. Bob Elmore

    I like Anthony Morrison’s book on tape. Anthony do you have your book The Hidden Millionaire on tape and if you do where can i get the tape. I have the book already.

  14. Suzanne Renshaw

    I watched Anthony on Mr.Hansen’s show this morning before my daughter left for school.I am a single Mom and Have been unemployed for over a year.I singed up to go back to school but was intrigued by the message of Anthony’s success and the Honesty he portrays about the business.So I ordered the books and Have been watching videos for 8 hours today.He is so motivational and I am looking forward to meeting Him one day soon with my success story.God Bless,Suzanne

  15. Darlene Sims

    I knew Anthony’s Program was what I’ve been looking for. I’m reading the book. I go online and read the blogs, his videos, just everything. Everytime I learn something new. I feel that he’s trying to teach his methods in everything he does. I can’t wait to get started. I know I will be successful. Thank You Anthony

  16. John Proulx

    Hi Anthony Loved the Clip ,

    Bought the Book and Just Attended A One day in Philadelphia . The Greatest City In The World . Received Your eMail on the Website Program.

    Will have to wait Till the First On That ( I Am on Disability Pension ) This Looks Just Like What I am looking For .

    Saw You in the Loby wanted you to Auto graph my Book But You Were with your Wonderful family so I did Not intrude .

    Will Be Going Into Action Now šŸ™‚

    Keep Up the Great Work

    John Proulx

  17. Joanne

    Anthony, I ordered your book yesterday for me and my friend Collis. Can’t wait.

  18. Kathey

    I have seen your show on television many times. What impressed me the most was that you stepped up for your family when they needed you, also you stress that noone is going to become a millionaire over-night. You speak in terms of money-making that are realistic. I was laid-off the end of 2010 and have been on unemployment since. There is no work for people over 50. I still have kids in high school. So, I bought your program today. Education is the key to any success. Who knows where I will go from here. I feel there is at least an opportunity for me here.

  19. Christian M Vindigni

    I want to keep it real I started by reading Anthony’s “the Hidden Millionaire” , and thus far I’m intrigued by what I’ve read, I’m am sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck, I’m ready for a change!. I will let you know more when I read “Advertising profit From Home”, and hopefully learn how to put Anthony’s imfomation to good use, and I make my $19.95 back and on my way to financial freedom.

  20. KARudolph

    Think your book is a Godsend, can’t wait to get my hands on it & get started. Real tough trying to survive when you’re disabled and keep getting the run-around from various agencies. My prayer is this will be the answer to9 my current financial dillema and I’ll finally be able to get out of debt, and be the role-model & dad I’ve always wanted to be for my 3 boys. Will be commenting again after getting the book & getting up & running. P.S. FORGET THE NAYSAYERS! As Nike says, Just Do It!

  21. Jill Slocum

    Like soooooo many others I am very encouraged and excited to get started learning about Affiliate Marketing! As a business college graduate of 1992, now working as a waitress! I know this can and will be perfect for me!! I have a need for learning, I always have! I’m waiting for your book to come in the mail., But, I’m trying to learn as much as I can from your videos and seminars until then! This is going to be fun for me and I’m very excited!! Thank You, Anthony, You’ve brought me back to life!!

  22. Carlos Brambila aka ChillaGorilla

    Its immeasurable, the format in which Anthony teaches others, to succeed through the use of his knowledge and experiences. The amount of energy and love, can be felt in the instruction provided…its a definite, WIN/WIN! Thanks Anthony

  23. Bobbie

    Anthony, I purchased your books and dvd’s. The “Hidden Millionaire” was fantastic, I couldn’t put it down. I watched the DVD”s and am almost finished with the book “Advertising Profits From Home”, it is great a little over my head…I am trying to put a plan in place to get this rolling…do you offer other support for newbies?

    Thanks So Much,

  24. cecelia mandigo

    Anthony, I am anxious to get started. I have been studying everything you email me, read your books and I am excited. I have purchased other programs and was totally lost. I am an educated person. I am an unemployed teacher. I live pay check to pay check. Non of the other programs have given me the support that you have and I feel that I can do this. I am looking forward to submitting my success story. Thank you. Cece

  25. cecelia mandigo

    Anthony, I am anxious to get started. I have been studying everything you email me, read your books and I am excited. I have purchased other programs and was totally lost. Non of the other programs have given me the support that you have and I feel that I can do this. I am looking forward to submitting my success story. Thank you. Cece

  26. Betty L

    Hi Anthony – morning I saw your show with Mark Victor Hansen. I have several of the Chicken Soup for Your Soul books and I felt
    comfortable with your message. That Mr. Hansen believed in you gave me the courage to commit to this challenge. Thank you for your guidance. I believe that God places people here on earth as leaders for others. Thank you. Betty L

  27. zerai brook

    Dear anthony this interview my link with ,at this interview i swallowed by your answers, it almost before 5 months , from that time i was following your orientations. now i am glad to be part of the family.
    you are doing excellent job . i am deadly sure this program will help thausands of families,and generate millions.
    god bless you ,it is not financial, it is spiritual go ahead i am with you .
    yours zerai

  28. ביטוח ×Øכב

    Great goods from you, man. I’ve be mindful your stuff previous to and you’re just extremely wonderful. I actually like what you have got right here, certainly like what you are saying and the way wherein you assert it. You’re making it enjoyable and you still care for to stay it smart. I cant wait to learn far more from you. That is really a great site.

  29. Sheldon C.

    I’m in Anthony Morrison’s program and he’s awesome, actually sits down in the webinar sometimes to train and teach his students..Thats a top notch leader and I know law of attraction power is with him and wish him all the blessings and abundance in all his ventures andlife.

    Rock on Anthony..And Im loving your Fash Cash system.

  30. dr steve smith

    Anthony, thanks so much for your book and continuing to get the info out there that we can do this. Advertising Profits from Home is packed with so much info, techniques, etc. to make us successful.

    You and Carol Amato are my MENTORS. I also agree with Carol that a more up to date testimonial is needed.

    Keep rocking with the ROCK…loliJ(lotsofloveinJesus)….dr steve

  31. Youpele

    Fantastic show Anthony you’re truly a great inspiration to anyone who’s chips are down. I guess the key message here is being proactive motivated and resourcful.

    Thanks Anthony

  32. Tena Roberto

    Pretty awesome. I am reading The Hidden Millionaire and I can not put it down. This is like being in college but for way less money! thank you so much.

  33. Eparkyn

    Need to learn how to get my Website. Watching Adrian’s Videos and setting sites like Tweeter , etc. going on baby steps. Thank you for your videos and e-mails. Appreciate very much your daily contact with all your new people.

  34. peter

    Hi Anthony. Great video and great job. You come across very legit and down to earth. You had posted on your blog that you would like some real feedback so there it is. Some other minor constructive observation too: you seemed a bit rushed. Possible you were projecting enthusiasm or were pressed for time. Not taking away from a great job, but just something that you might find a useful observation. Looking forward to getting started. Thanks for all your time on the blogs and your commitment to all who have signed up. Thanks.

  35. Ghulam Murtaza

    I watch this video every time it comes on TV. I want to order
    your book but there is some problems in my country no shipping sellers on amzon store that deliver me the book. I am one of those who needs
    an additional income to supplement my Social Security. Iā€™d like to
    buy a car. Even with a car there are no jobs available for me. So
    if this will help me I will be very grateful. I am happy that even
    if I am not good enough to make money with this, the opportunity is
    available to anyone. You helped your family and apparently helped
    them to get back on their feet too. You are a good son and brother.
    Thank you.

  36. Magdi

    Hi Anthony. Great video with great message.
    Looking for job on internet got a video “Success with Anthony”. Bought the program. Now getting started. I’m a little nervous (tried other programs that didn’t have result). But I hope working hard will have success with your program following step by step.

  37. Ron Robinson

    Anthony, your Dad’s testimonial is awesome. I find myself in a similar situation, and yesterday purchased the program. I believe this can work, and I’m willing to put the time and effort to make it work. Thanks for the opportunity and sharing your wisdom and experience.

    Stay tuned ā€” ” … film at 11!”

  38. patricia

    Great to be able to be in touch with you and I apreaciate that you have taken the time to help so many with your inspriration.I get things started but dont stay focused long enough.but with your daily emails and the community giving me the drive I believe I will finallly reach the desination. I look forward to that last dance on the island to party with the Anthony surviviors.

  39. Floyd T. Braden

    We have ordered your book, don’t have it, ordered about 2-1/2 weeks ago,
    and am anxious to get started.
    Thank You Anthony M. Floyd T. & Linda D. Braden

  40. Michael Tito6

    Hi:Anthony Morrison.

    Greeting from Kiribati very faraway from your Home.
    Now, I was interesting to join you on your program as the internet business net work online.Through your teaching and I can realized that my brain still have more expand and wider because your teaching can reach my goal in the
    near future ahead.This is my first time to join you and together with the communities as you work together this by now.There were so many things from you as we must covered up like a program from online net work.Book as we
    surely know that very useful for us to can read some other important point
    and can give other benefit from it especially on business matters.
    Thank you very much Anthony for your teaching and your relationship with me, I can understand that you a very kind, and hard working man etc.

    Yours kind understanding for my situation on this matter, would be highly appreciated.

    May, I wish you all the best luck and look forward from your earliest prompt reply soon.

    Best and regards
    Michael Tito

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