1. Russell Carlson

    I am trying to learn all I can about this marketing. Like you say, I a taking baby steps. My dad owned his own business, I worked with him for many good years made lots of money. Til the oil spill. I do know you need to spend money to make money. The one thing a am in short supply of at the moment.

  2. Lendon

    Thank you Anthony, I have seen your blog for ‘goal for 2011’ and agree. I just don’t want to go into debt if I get onboard your program. I know the startup fee, but down the line I want to gain money instead of loosing it.
    You understand our economy. I am having a hard time jumping in.
    I do like the way you keep your dressing basic instead of putting on an expensive suit and showing off your money.
    You are giving off the look of the avarage joe. Thank you Anthony.
    I am always thinking of your business.

  3. Barbara Allman

    Dear Anthony:
    I am happy to be a part of Affiliate systems, I am not sure of what I am doing yet, I have purchased submission hub, instant customers and I am reading a lot, I need to get customers to my site, I am very confident I
    will be successful I am trying to learn as I proceed.

    If you have any suggestions I would be happy to hear them.

    I have been in sales my entire life (but not internet sales). I know about being positive and motivated and I have full assurance in my prayers to
    succeed, and I do have goals and I have always liked the quote by
    Zig Ziglar “If you help enough people get what they want you will
    automatically get what you want”.

    I am going to be a great-grandmother on Dec. 8.2010 so I have a lot of family members to help. I am enjoying all your childhood adventures in

  4. Albert F Buchanan

    I need to know moore about things to git on the web, and know what I am
    doing,& doing it right berfor I can git on line.
    Albert F

  5. peter lowry

    i just watched your weekly blog it was pretty interesting but was pretty much all true.i have not got notification of the weekly blog for about 1.5-2.0 is nice to start receiving them again.thanks!.

  6. Lorie Morton

    I have just watched your video and I am smarter from all the training I have done in my classroom…I am motivated and ready to move forward but I get overwhelmed with all the knowledge..right know I am stuck

  7. Linda Burns

    Anthony I have read your 2 books twice and read your emails. There is a lot to learn. Just need to understand how to get website going and apply all that I have been learning with the videos and books. I won’t give up until I can understand. I believe you have a great program and you have really been there for support. I just need to find a way to get this to click for me. Thank You

  8. MARC

    Hi Anthony,

    At this point in time I have so much in my head, it’s kind difficult pointing out on one thing.As far as 2011 is concerned by God’s grace I’ll be in better position than I’m in 2010. I’m currently working on my new book on praise and I’m confident by June next year it will be completed. Income-wise I’m in very bad shape but I’m reading your book trying to grasp all those beautiful technical concepts of yours. I’m not too thrilled about the website yet but I know once i get it all the pieces will fall into place. I need every help I can get to see the things you talk in the book materialize!. I wanna be able to make a positive impact in my community, I’m looking forward to have my non profit foundation fully functional and be able to record my first solo album in 2011. Just as you said” we must aim at something.”

  9. Martha

    I’m a new kid on the block, just got my google account and going thru your videos. Yes, I made a list of items before I saw video 3 :).

    I don’t know anything about anything of this works but I want to. I bought your material in September. I’ve been unemployed for 6 months, I need to do something for an income that will help me fianancially. I thought I would have found a job by now, but I haven’t.

  10. johnathan phillips

    Thanks Anthony, I am in education and know to some extent the importance of learning…..To be smarter is a concept that is attractive to me here now at this time in my life. Knowledge itself is valuable. The application of certain knowledge seems to be a challenge at least for me more times than not. Perhaps a particular roadblock occurs at times and I am distracted instead of pressing forward. Your simplified presentation of sorts is consistent with all of your multi- media presentations and is in essence reassuring. Encouragement is key for me and your delivery’s casual but forthcoming nature sets your message sailing at least to the likes of me..Maybe I will begin to set in motion your message with some practical plan here soon…Thanks again. Your emails are catchy and even a little inspiring?

  11. Keya Persley

    I thank you for the great words of wisdom I am looking foward to get your program very soon I would love nothing more they to be a stay at home Mom.

  12. donald

    Anthony and friends,
    I would like to pass on these words of wisdom I have hung on my wall.

    “A dream comes with much business and painful effort” Ecclesiastes 5:3 (paraphrased)

    In a fast-paced world that is both challenging and demanding it is important to have dreams and visions. Without them it is easy to become complacent and fail to grow beyond where dreams and visions require hard work.
    Those who want to do great things without having to work will never see it come to pass. Using good business principles and being willing to work are requirements in the kingdom of God.
    Walking in kindness and love is a major factor in seeing your dreams fulfilled . No person is and island to himself. We need other people to help us be all we can be. Therefore we must operate with principles that build good relationships.
    As you hold fast to the dreams God has placed in your heart, prayerfully seek His guidance, and He will lead you to miraculous victories in your life.
    Joyce Meyer
    And as the coach Anthony assigned to me said, “Don’t quit.” The riches will come with time, knowledge, and diligent work.

  13. Isobel Jacobs

    I agree that knowledge is power and using that knowledge makes us smarter, that is definately my goal to become educated about online marketing and successful by putting into practice what I learn through your program.

    I started out knowing absolutely nothing about online marketing not to mention my limited knowledge about computers so I am definately out of my comfort zone so to speak. I do however believe that the internet is the way of the future hence the reason amongst others I took a leap of faith to learn about your program.

    Anthony your blogs have been instumental in helping me keep the faith in myself and to stay focused and even though I have felt lost at times it seems like you have read my mind and your blogs puts me back on track. Thank you

  14. Ken

    I am like some of the people that have to take it slow and easy. I do not have a lot of money to throw at this. So I am studying and working at learning enough to be sure that when I can really get started it will pay off. I am normally a slow mover, mainly because I would like success rather than failure. When I can afford to get started I will be ready. I took the first step and now I am watching the videos (second step) and basically getting ready for when I have the money to actually venture out and get my feet wet.

  15. Sandra Gardiner

    Anthony………….This is a Awesome Idea…….It got me really thinking.
    My NUMBER ONE GOAL WAS…….To try and master these lessons you are teaching us so I can get my son who was shot and paralized at 19yrs out of the nursing…..This thought just help me to focus even more…and confirm that I am on the right path, even though everything seems so far fetch right now……SMART IDEA……
    Anthony you are really a smart guy…..Thanks

  16. Kenneth Higginbotham

    Anthony, this is Ken from Florida. I am getting my SEO Package sent to me this Friday and I am excited about it. I truely have followed your program for the past two months and I want to prove to all others that your program really works. I have invested lots of money and time to get the program jump started. Please except my thanks.

  17. Gary Monahan

    You’re right again, Anthony!
    There’s no time like the present in setting goals and getting started, because we all know that time just keeps passing, no matter what you do with it.

  18. Marie Jackson

    I’m want to be smarter because I’ve learn from my past mistakes that Knowledge is Power! Im ready to learn and put into practice what I’ve learned. Most and formost I want to be healthy so I can be Richer and successfull.

  19. Jouvenel Guerrier

    Thank you for this lesson Anthony and my goal now is to be smarter about affiliate marketing

  20. Dale Kirk

    I am invested in this opportunity and have been learning as much as I can. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the information as I also work a full time job. My concentration has been on ppc affiliate marketing and dealing with the search engines with scarce success so far. I too am dealing with the present economy slow down Money for me is scarce so I watch my budget carefully, still paying off my cc for this program. I am still plugging away though, getting smarter and am looking forward to success in 2011
    Thanks Anthony

  21. Rickey Smith

    I have been in the program for almost 1 year now and have seen a mild amount of profit but a huge ammount of success. In fact, because of you and all you are doing plus some help from other internet sources (ie:google) I have been able to achieve #1 spot on 1st page for some keywords using only SEO. PPC is my problem area. Education is the key. Looking forward to your future Blogs and what 2011 has in store for me.

  22. Larry Nelms

    Lorie said it best for me, acquiring knowledge is essential. Applying knowledge takes education and training. I am the type that finds it difficult to train by reading, I need hands on training (visual) education and I am not that computer literate. So where do go from here?

  23. david rishling

    Anthony i am looking at your business. I need to make more money , I’ve been in the ranch business for 15 years.

  24. Natasha j

    Hello Anthony,

    I love the fact that you (or someone you’ve appointed) keeps the lines of communication open for us. I recuperating from a death in my family, and I had to light a small fire (smile) under myself so that I would just jump in with both feet and start my learning process. I am going to be one of your success stories Anthony. I am going to make sure that I take advantage of all paths that that you have opened up to me. Thanking you in advance always. Just do it!!!!!!

  25. Ronald Bish

    You must have been reading my mind, Anthony. I have been thinking the same thing regarding 2011.. Thanks for all you do,,You Da Man!

  26. Gloria Banez

    Thank you for motivating me Anthony. I have been reading your book and kind of overwhelm of all the things I need to learn. I am not a computer or internet wizard. Need a lot of help but cannot afford more expenses beside the books I bought from you. I get motivated every time I watch your video. Be patience with me. Thanks.

  27. nick del vecchio

    I thank you Anthony for your insite on what I should do in 2011. I know that I will succeed in 2011, because God said so. I hope to here from you some more on a way to succeed on my ventures.

  28. Barbara Long

    I just finished writing down my goals Anthony and Started reading your book and it is interesting. Sometimes I hate to put it down, but have to sometimes. I’m interested to learn more about the business. Thanks Anthony.

  29. Cecilia

    Goals, are so important. I am moving slow with the sorting out the steps I need to take but I will get there. I thank you so much for your great insight. I wake in the morning thinking about steps I need to take each day. Writing down ideas when they occur. The knowledge I have received so far is fantastic – I just have to keep moving in the right direction.
    Thank you so much.

  30. Nelson

    Thanks again Anthony. Your videos are very motivating and on target. In order for me to reach success of my goal is to get smarter with email marketing. I know it may not be as good as advertising, but I do believe that if I get smarter at it, I can at least start moving toward my goal. Right now, I just don’t have the funds to do online ads. So I must get smart with email marketing.

  31. Esteban J

    Anthony thanks for the clip. In my first week in your program and soaking all the knowledge I can grasp.

  32. Walter Whitehead

    Aloha Anthony
    Learning more is the # 1 goal and your blogs always seem to help .

  33. Edna Watkins

    that’s kind of what going on with me my job closed down so I’ve been borrowing money from family that is getting short so just investigation on work from home plans I’m in need of something now.

  34. anthony

    Thank you all for your responses! This is what makes such a great place. Just wait until next weeks “Thanksgiving Blog” I have something really cool planned for you all!

  35. Philip

    Anthony, you have such a genuine desire to help us beginners become successful, and your positive attitude is both motivating and refreshing. Thank you so much for sharing your hard-earned secrets and strategies. My goal is to completely immerse myself in the system every day allowing time for only positive thinking and productive learning, keeping my eyes on a stable (not wealthy, per say) but a stable business that will grow steadily because it will have been set up the correct way–The A. Morrison way!

  36. Judy Hazzan

    My goal and embitions in 2011 is to be succesful as long as Iam recieving the ecouragement from you.Iam taking the steps to go slowly for personal reasons,but Iam learing a lot.You way of leading your team is unique and rare Keep the good faith.Thanh you and happy thanks giving.

  37. Judy Hazzan

    In 2011 I’ll Iam goin to succesful. You ecouragments and way of leading
    your team is unique and rare.You are a true leader keep up the good faith.
    Today is sunday. Please accept my comment.
    Thankyou and happy thanksgiving.

  38. Nick Cole

    Thank you for your insight. I will start learning more everyday to help achieve my goals!

  39. doris

    I need to get back to the beginning. Things are now settled and the time for me to focus is now. Would someone be able to get me started again?

  40. Jenal Harris

    Thank you Anthony, definitely need goals for 2011. You hit it on the head, we need to be smarter so that is one of the focuses this year into the new year.

  41. Richard Schaft

    My goals for 2011 , To finish what I start, not 99% but 100%. Keep better track of my goals and keep focused on my goals.

  42. Carrie Gregory

    I will take advantage of the Goal for 2011 and become SMARTER; then comes the Riches and Success… I’ll work harder to master Internet marketing.

  43. Sarah

    Thank you very much.. I will forcus as from now and learn a new thing everyday.

  44. Cynthienia Binsheresher

    Thank you for this information. I’m looking forward to growth with in myself. This is a mine, body, and soul adventure. My goal and focus will be semi complete in the year 2011

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