1. Joy C.

    So I’ve become a new member today and following each email. This is the first video blog I’ve ever watched here and I am definitely happy with the name Success Connection Video Blog. I want to be part of connecting with your success and that you’re connecting all of us to success as well.

    Just before watching Success Connection #100, I’ve connected with your FB page, liked it and read other people’s comments. Yep, I’m happy and excited and look forward to establishing myself here. Thanks Anthony Morrison.

  2. Carol Kranzman

    Have not been on for a while, so trying to catch up(if that is possible).. I do like your new name Success Connections.

  3. Charles DeBaptiste

    Hi Anthony,

    way to go on the new weekly blog”s name. “Success Connection”, it’s short and full “POW”…… you know, that stuff that makes you jump out of bed in the morning ready to take the world on. Love it, love it, love it. I’m new to the family, and can’t wait to get started.

  4. Bruce

    The new name “Success Connection” Resonates And yes I will be following your blog. Thank You for doing them.

  5. Anita Runeson

    Success Connection! great words!

    I think those two words make a perfect union!

    Success accelerates connections!

    Connections accelerates success!

  6. Vev

    Anthony I think the name “success connection” is a winning name. Its encouraging, prestigious, and educational to connect with the information to gain success. Nothing negative about it at all. It keeps me motivated to carry on. I love it! Keep up the great work!

  7. Teeta

    Two and a half weeks ago I started to watch the weekly blog from the very first one. I got to #99 two days ago. I got to see this evolve practically before my eyes. I learned so much. Thank you for taking the time to create these videos. I love the new name! It’s very fitting.

  8. Buck Miller

    I suggest Success Connect. Leave off the “ion” because the “ion” 1) does not flow as well, and in fact, softens a strong double syllable phrase, and 2) Success Connect connatates action, more like a verb, where Success Connection is more like a place. And Anthony, you are all about ACTION. Success Connection sounds like a place to land, and Success Connect sounds like a place to take off. Hope that helps!

  9. James Crowley

    Hi Anthony, Love the new name! But i would watch the blog no matter what you called it. Im wanting to get social media domination from you but i just cant afford it right now. Wish i could have about a two hour one on one with you like 100s of others wish but success connection will work too! Love your work Man and thanks from the bottom of my heart.

  10. Theodore Lindstrom

    Just love you and your family Anthony, Ive had a very hard ride over the years from sex abuse, to time in shelters when i was yong, to prison for mistakes i made drinking, thank God i dont drink any more. I have to kids, ages 10 and 11, Teddy, and Emmalea. Love them so much, You inspire me anthony, and not just you, but also your team. You get it Athony, its not about you. It’s not about me. Its about the people we can help. I help alot of people, but you help alot more. Keep rockin with that heart of gold you have, and i will keep rockin mine. I love to play ball too.

  11. Joanne Spence

    I’m just getting started and trying to learn everything I can about Affiliate Marketing. I have seen a couple of the past blogs and found them helpful. I look forward to learning more from the Success Connection!

  12. peterg

    Hey Anthony congrats on your 100th edition. Really looking forward to many more.

    I feel that the name “success connections” is good. It may seem a little dry or generic tho – just reflecting that it doesnt seem to have that exciting feeling after i say it to myself. So i thought,…, it at least needs to be a verb…

    “Welcome to the nth edtion of .. Connecting Success. The blog where we provide a mosaic of business and general life strategies to keep you connected and help you succeed…” idk, something like that.

    I dont need anything if you decide to use it, just want you to have a flowing, meaningful name that resonates. Enjoy. Really appreciate all your time and effort in providing such an authentic and caring experience.


  13. Joyce

    The Success Connection is great and sounds so much like a motivational blog. Gets everybody motivated to make money online.

  14. Christy Baldwin

    I like the new name because it embroiders both sucess & connecting with the team.. Connections bring out the togetherness in people and allows an individual to feel that comradre with others.

  15. Mark Gleason

    It’s smart and simple…and it works great. Straight and to the point, I like it; I think it works perfect. Great job!

  16. Rob

    Hi Anthony …. Success Connection makes alot of sense! Continued success to you and I have enjoyed our weekly connection through your weekly blog.
    Have a great weekend!

  17. Terrell Bird


    I think that your new name sounds much more professional and inspires a desire to tune in regularly because it seems to be less about you and more about us and how we can achieve success.

  18. michael shuttlesworth

    Really like the name “Success Connection” and have really enjoyed the teaching sessions that I have seen. It is really appropiate name since you are bringing people together and connecting with all of us, so that we can learn how to be successful πŸ™‚

  19. Karen LaFournier

    Like the name..Success Connection…think it truly “tells the story”!

  20. Carol Amato

    Hey Anthony!

    I LOVE the new name for your blog – so fitting!!

    Congrats Melinda and Scott – great ideas!

    WOO HOO!!!!

    Have a great weekend. πŸ™‚

    Take Care,

  21. Greg Prudhom

    I like “Success Academy” but would like to offer comment to further expand this name. Since: Success= Work + Attitude + Goals………………..

    How about WAG Connection?

  22. Rosanne Becker

    I love the new name: Success Connection! It describes so well what we have in our connection with you, Anthony! It is terrific that it’s not just about you but about what you make possible (the connection).

    Thanks for all you do in connecting us all to success.

  23. Richard Barschdorf

    I like the new name.I’m living at the Salvation Army in Wisconsin. I have read your books and am ready to get started.My biggest obstacle is I dont have the money for the computers necessary to launch me into the world of affiliate marketing. I could really use that tablet. Please help me be your next success story.
    Richard Barschdorf

  24. Tony Shanahan

    this is the best name ive ever herd for a blog i like it iam looking foward to tunning in every week to wach the sucess connection it makes me want to put on my suite every day so i can get that promotion.

  25. Sima

    Hi Anthony,

    This is my first time seeing your video blog. I like the name “Success Connection”. Sounds very practical and relevant to what you do in your weekly blog.

    Sima Bahman

  26. Rosanne Becker

    I love the new name: Success Connection! It describes so well what we have in our connection with you, Anthony! It is terrific that it’s not just about you but about what you make possible (the connection).

  27. Andrea Alexander

    Love the the name, It certainly got my attention. have been lazy about getting involved, but thisname turned on a light for me.
    Thank you

  28. Andy. wapp

    Anthony I’m having a hard time getting information other people I don’t understand it As for the name of the blog it’s not bad And I understand that learning that is success

  29. Wendy Fritz

    I do like the new name. I hope you will have a session soon called, “How to stay focused and stop jumping from one opportunity/training course to another to another without ever realizing success because you are suffering from information overload!”
    Ok, that’s a little long for a blog title but you know what I’m talking about;-) This is the disease that I am suffering from. I signed up with your service a couple of months ago and have yet to do anything with it, along with several others…..I need to stop jumping all over the place!

    Good luck Anthony and to all of your loyal followers!

  30. Joseph Blanco

    First of all Congratulations to the winners. Success Connection is simple yet strong words as a new name of the weekly blog. The new title explains it all, what the blog is all about and the purpose of the blog. The sole purpose of the blog is to help us succeed. It helps us reach “Success” and Anthony having a “Connection” with us is the most effective way of doing it. And every week we will he will be connecting with us to our success. This title deserved it.

  31. Shirley Carter

    Success Blog was what I submitted, so I am right there with you on the connection addition. Great name. I am looking forward to it.

  32. Gary Perdue

    I appreciate the way you keep us all
    all plugged in with your tips to
    success and helping us stay
    beyond the curve!

  33. Audrey Gibbs

    Love the new name for the weekly bog. I like to hear the word success when listening to Anthony’s blgs. Connection is perfect due to connecting all of us to each other and to Anthony.. Perfect. Audrey Gibbs

  34. M. Bednarek


    “Success Connections” sounds a little bland however I do not have a better suggestion.

  35. Dorothy Jennings

    Anthony-I just love the name of your blog page and yes I’ll be watching every Friday. I am learning so much from you. Like I told you before I will be 84 years old on March 23rd and I really don’t know that much about the internet. In fact I don’t know that much about computors but I’m in debt and need to make money to get them paid before the Lord calls me home. At 84 yrs. you can see I probably don’t have as much time left as most of your students but I’m giving your program MY ALL.I just watched your webinar on cpv. It was awsome. Need to make some money first. My website is not completed. I’m waiting for Blue Gorilla to send me my e-mail. Your office said they were doing repairs. Keep up the good work. Thanks

  36. Daniel D Magniza Jr

    The Weekly Blog Name you choose is really appropriate for the purpose it is intended for.
    It is such a good idea to keep us in touch with your weekly treat of tips and encouragement for success in the business.

  37. Cookie Webb

    I am Soo impressed with your Blog name choice! Success Connection is an excellent way to describe the purpose of your weekly teachings. How encouraging to meet with a mentor. My goal is to develop alternative methods of income support to a village of like-minded people. Your insights are greatly valued! Thanks!

  38. William Gunnari

    “Success Connection” seems a little trite, perhaps even overused. It is not in keeping with your usual action statements. “Sharing Success” might have been a better choice. Your blog is the meeting place where you are sharing your wisdom with us. That is the message that your 100th blog sends to me.

    Sincerly, William

  39. Ralph Davis

    Hey Anthony

    Hoping all is well with you, I think the new Blog name is quite appropriate, I truly believe that Success is definitely and directly connected to the type of connection we develop throughout lives, it takes only one right connection to change a person life forever.


  40. Alisa

    I don’t have a web site yet I just bought into it.. I have been haveing trouble with my computer.. But I can’t wait to get started. I can’t work anymore I have no income coming in .. and I have seen you on TV and on the internet. So I’m putting my Heart into this …

  41. charlene nash

    I really like the new name “Success Connection” . It reflects motivation.

  42. David Vidakovich

    Anthony, I like the new name. Has some distinction. Been busy with Matt Wengreen at PMI rebuilding my gotkitchen website and have missed a few blogs. Trying to catch up and keep current. David L. Vidakovich

  43. Rosalie Bullington

    An excellent choice for the blog name. I will be getting
    my own intenet soon and am anxious to try out your

  44. Jamielee Hutton

    Yes I like the name and it say’s it all , the connection to acheive success . What I thought you were looking for was the weekly blab or the weekly view or something like that . This isn’t my motivator for tuning in , I tune in for the content and training . I beleive people will be inspired to tune in when they hear the name .
    Your friend ,

  45. Jason A. Lopez

    Hi Anthony. I love the new name! And congratulations to the new winners!



  46. Andre Roberson

    i think the name is perfect in that it focuses on the two things mean a lot to people

  47. Tom


    I like the name. It defines our “community!” Keep up the good work. I told a few friends and we kinda have a “Success Connection” brain storming session ourselves.


  48. Dorlyn Burgin

    SUCCESS CONNECTION !!!!! Wow what a name. It fits the blog really well and gives inspiration to attend every Friday. Looking forward to next week.

  49. Janice Thrift

    I think the name for the new Blog is the exact thing people like me who have been very slow in getting started, (even though I have the web site)
    My daily job is holding me back (45 hrs not enough money except to just pay basic bills) and when the week is over just too tired to turn the Cpu on.
    I think the blog is great, And intend to start tring harder to pull myself out ot the same old same old pattern that has not worked. The Lord willing maybe this is the year of change for me.

  50. Wanda Fleming

    Hi Anthony, I went to your seminar in Jacksonville Florida yesterday. It was very interesting. I learned a lot. I think that Success Connection is a good name and will attract more people.


  51. John Hervan

    Helflo Anthny,
    I like the Name “the Success Connection” as it was was just fine as well but I believe it will inspire more people to “be a part of” and I will be here next wee for your first “Success Connection”! I am looking forward to it.
    John Hervan

  52. Scott Rayl

    Anthony, I like the new name. Everybody has a ” blog “. Success Connection sets you apart. Even those who don’t know what it is will be inclined to follow it. We all want to be Successful, but we all don’t want to follow a blog.

  53. brittaney sanders

    I really like the name for your blog it sound so unique and the keyword here is success and that is something I’m looking forward to do and become very successful for me and my family. I’m really looking forward to success

  54. Patricia Sequino

    I really like it! As you said, it gives us something to think about as we have our own SUCCESS stories for EACH of us, theCONNECTION, as we promote our websites. Thanks Anthony for your insight into our futures.

  55. terri nemetz

    Anthony, New to your program and still educating myself on the nuts and bolts of this system. Thanks for the great information and support system…I think Success Connection is a wonderful description of what you are striving to achieve…Terri

  56. Helga Armfield

    Hi Anthony, I think you picked the right name for your blog. This indeed the place where we connect to look for ways to be more succesful in our inter marketing endeavors.

  57. Jeannie C

    “Success connection” is a well thougth and intelligence choice for Blog #100 name.

  58. Dawn MacDonald

    Hello Anthony,

    My name is Dawn MacDonald and I am very new to your program. I have been havng problems with my computer down loading the programs involved with completing my website. I am working hard on getting it fix and hope to be up and running pretty soon. I am telling you this so that you know why I did not tell you my website name.

    I am excited about the new name that you have decided on. I am glad that you decide on this name, because I believe also that it should not be named after any one person. Like you said this program is about all of us, and you are here to help all of us be SUCCESSFUL.

    I can not wait to continue with the blogs, and be successful too. Thank you for helping us out, not many people continue on after they have got a person to buy there success bussiness. Any way I just wanted to tell you Thank You and God Bless.

    Dawn MacDonald

  59. Mary Bucchignano

    Hi Anthony,

    Love the name. Glad you didn’t focus on the “millionaire” part. Says a lot about you. I am a total beginner and have a lot to learn. I look forward to learning from you. Would love to win the tablet.

  60. Pierre Mocombe

    I am glad you were able to select your winners. I certainly was hoping to be one of them. The name chosen fits the description of the weekly blog because for one thing, you do promote success and two, you invite your followers to connect using Facebook and Tweeter thus enabling you to grow and at the same time they will be growing as well once they have a running start.

  61. Donna Oliver

    Hi Anthony! Just wanted to let you know that I think Success Connection is a great name for the Weekly Blog. The name tells others that you are happy to connect for their success. BTW…Congrats on your New Studio! It looks nice πŸ™‚ I am a single mom from the south and new to the program. I am so excited about this program and truly hoping that I can become successful with it. I have been soaking in all your tutorials, advice, and blogs. I’m enjoying this journey and hoping that my son and I can have a better future. Thank you for all your time spent to help others succeed. PS: My Son and I would love to have an ePad!! πŸ˜‰ Best wishes,……Donna πŸ™‚

  62. Thomas Kelly

    Success Empowering Techniques (SET)
    Empower Your Success Connection: Remember as a child you climbed everything and every time you fell you got back up; and ascended even higher. Now as an adult you get to CLIMB the ladder of the SUCCESS CONNECTION!
    Thomas Kelly
    Inspiring more Kindness for the month of March

  63. Raul medina,jr

    I think its a good name. This first time I seen your video been very busy trying to get some where in life. I do body work and lm 44 years old getting old tire of working so hard maybe you can help make my life a little easer.

  64. Jimmy Kidwell

    Ive already hit the like button on fb. You sent me this link via my email.

    Like the “Success Connection” title. Good choice!! That will make me want to tune in everyweek. Im a newbie at all this and am glad I found you. FYI I found you while sreaching entreprenue. Thanks! Youve helpful with my learning curve.


  65. Gregory Dean Specht

    All right, you grabbed my attention. I have started catching your weekly email notices for your BLOG and have started tuning in.

    I want to learn everything I can about Helping, Coaching and Training people for business.

    I like the new name and good luck!


  66. Bill Dean

    To be honest, it sounds like sooooo many other catchy names. i wish I had another suggestion. i do think it is better if your name is in it.

  67. Gayle Redfern

    Hi Anthony I am new to your program and look forward to stepping up.. I like the name, it has rhythm and motivation. I have about three addresses on Facebook and none seem to work. I followed your suggestion yesterday and put an ad on, but I can’t find it. I know this is step #1 but it is hard to get through that step.

    Can you connect with me for success.


  68. Ella Lehman

    I like the new name. Success is what we are all striving towards.

  69. Doris Gessner

    Anthony –

    I LOVE the name, I believe it does exactly what you want it to do and is a great name. Wish mine would have won because I’d love to have the personal e-book and I always click the FB and Retweet every week after watching the Blog. Keep up the great work. Since I’ll be winning the e-book this week for my comments, LOL, please tell me how they work. All this technology is mind-blowing and I have been wanting to get something but don’t know capabilities of each of the new technologies. Doris Gessner

  70. Robert Davis

    Hey Anthony I gotta say I don’t really like the new name… I love it. Your already an inspiration to me and am happy to be working with your CPV Domination program. Success Connection I believe is the perfect name cause after watching all your videos it not only has brought me success but it has connected me with your thoughts and opinions. Its not gonna make me tune in every Friday cause I already tune in every Friday to watch Success Connection. But Thanks man for taking your time to make these videos and help not only me but everyone else that watches these blogs. I really means a lot.

  71. Allyson Griffin

    Love the name and your helpful blogs! I look forward to Fridays! Thanks for the help and I liked it and retweeted it!

  72. Phillis Alexander

    I was pleased to hear that you took the feedback of two of your proteges and used their idea. That tells me that you listen to us and you value our opinions. I didn’t win the naming contest; but because I am a winner, I have nothing but kudos to Malinda a Mr. Duddles.

    I sure would like to win an e-pad! And, I look forward to your weekly “Success Connection.”

    Phillis Alexander

  73. Marie Gertz

    I think it is a great name. I can’t wait to meet you at your seminar in Annapolis MD. on the 16th. Looking forward to it.

  74. Bill

    Awesome Name!!!! It allows members, both new and seasoned to actually see what you do. the nae Success connection means just that, to be successful, one must Connect!!!
    Again, without reiterating numerous time!! AWESOME name!! love it!!!

  75. George Harvey

    The new name has a catchy ring to it for people that follow your blog and i am sure it will be an inspiring name to keep people coming to watch the blog

  76. John Weaver

    I think the name is quite fitting because we can connect weekly for more tips for our success! I also admire the way you gave both Malinda and Scott credit for the name. That is all part of your giving back mentality and yet again proves what a Class Act you are. I attended the 3 day seminar in Austin recently and will have a website up soon but needed some more information and clarity before I jump in.

  77. Debi Schwartz

    I like the new name, Success Connection. It really fits with what you are doing for those of us that watch every week. Congrats to the winners.

  78. Judy

    I like the new name. It’s simple and straight forward. Congrats to Malinda and Scott.

  79. James Ivy

    Hey Anthony I’m excited about this new name I think its on point great choice! I find it fitting to the weekly blog, what you are teaching is success with online marketing!

  80. faileysr

    Yes. Anthony the new name for the weekly blog, is a excellent choice. I like it. And congratulation to both winner.

  81. Karen

    I love the new name:)
    I do find it inspiring and very positive. I start my personal training on Monday, I am so excited and kinda getting antsy.

  82. Pam

    Dang. It’s one of those things where ya think, “Why didn’t I thing of that?”

  83. Ben Benson

    What a great name for the Blog. It will flow with what you present each and every week. Keep it up.

  84. Ray Dowzycki

    I like the new name, just hope to be a longtime part of it! Successfully Connected to Success through what you teach about this type of business and how to go about it the right way. Thanks, Ray Dowzycki. I’ll be watching!

  85. John Vidal

    I like Success Connection as it invokes an image of interaction with your knowledge to help me achieve my success.
    John Vidal

  86. baz

    Great selection Anthony with the new name of your blog “Success

    Connection” It gives people a clear plan to progress in their struggle

    on to the road of success and freedom.

  87. baz

    Great selection Anthony with the new name of your blog β€œSuccess

    Connection” It gives people a clear plan to progress in their struggle

    on to the road of success and freedom

  88. Tom Stiles

    Enjoyed the Blog and especially that you chose to give both Malinda and Scott credit for the inspiration for the blog’s new name.
    Success Connection is a great name for the blog and yes it will encourage me to tune in every Friday.

  89. Mary W.

    Hi Anthony, I am empressed with your new name for the weekly blog Success Connection. Very clever of you to put this together from two different suggestions. I am inspired and working hard to make my first dollar. I cannot wait. Thanks for all the help you give us. Mary

  90. jack jefferies

    I agree, a great name for Anthonys weekly blog. Fantastic!

    “Sir, what is the secret of your success? a reporter asked a bank president.

    “Two words,”

    “and, sir what are they?”

    “Right decisions.”

    “And how do you make the right decisions?”

    “One word.”

    ‘And, sir,what is it?”


    “And how do you get experience?”

    “Two words.”

    “Ans, sir, what are they?”

    “Wrong decisions.”

    Greate decision, Anthony….I like the “Success Connection” for the name of your weekly blog very much.

    The only time you find success before work in in the dictionary.

    Alaska Jack

  91. Lynn Siler

    Anthony, what a great name for the weekly blog. it make me excited and optimistic just to log in. I know that by doing so some of that success is going to rub off on me. Good Choice.


  92. Gayle Cerveny


    I am just beginning at this venture. I have recently started listening to the affiliate lessons, and I wish that I had started back when I first became a member.

    I think this was a great way of getting the new name for your blog sessions, by putting the two ideas together.
    It is gratifying to know that there are still people such as yourself who are genuinely interested in helping others have success.

    Thus Success=helping your viewers and Connection=you giving your time and effort to help others in their indeavors.

    Thanks for your continued efforts to teach others how to have Successful Connections.


  93. Durand Tardy

    I liked that you gave credit to the contributors for the new name of your weekly video blog. Great job

  94. Jennifer

    I love the new name! I will be connected to each and every Success Connection from here on out. Learning is easy here! Jennifer

  95. Shelly

    Hi Anthony!
    I really like the new name! It is awesome! I enjoy the weekly blog….keep them coming and I will keep tuning in! Have a great day and be blessed….

  96. Clarence

    Hey Anthony love the new does make good sense, to be Successful and Connected at the same time.

  97. Ruth

    I like the new name. Success Connection!! Sounds really elegant, yet attainable. Good job.

  98. Mattie McGowan

    I think it’s the right name, because it helps me to think about success.Helps me want to be successful and stay connected.

  99. Jay Doty

    I like the new name and hope to win one of your epads and I will click on the facebook like tab

  100. Jim DeHart

    Success Connection is a perfect title for your blog. It says it all in 2 words.

  101. Evan Helmers

    Sorry Mr Anothony, Success Connection seems kinda basic to me. Connection to/of Success, granted sounds more like a book title, appeals more inspiring. As such are your blogs, they are my “Connections to Succeed”.

    No thanks for the Touch Pad, unlike my BlackBerry Curve, I don’t think I would be able to use it for almost everything.

    Keep up the Blogs please. I am learning alot as an online marketing N00B. LOL

  102. Pat Rebo

    Hi Anthony, Good choice for the new name for your WEEKLY BLOG. I liked mine better though because, each week it was a new adventure to my success, don’t get me wrong, it still is,but that $100.would have come in handy ( ha ha ) Have a great day Anthony. Your Friend, Pat Rebo & (Pat, are the same person)

  103. Donald

    In reverse order>Connect for Success, I thing when ever we log-in to the blog, we Connect to be come more Successful in our affiliate marketing training.

    PS just a though πŸ™‚

  104. Tamie

    Hi Anthony, yes I do like the new name you have chosen. Success Connection no doubt and should get us tuning in every week better than the previous weekly blog title, great choice! the E-Pad’s you are giving away would be nice to have as I have still yet to make any cash yet so purchasing anything is out of the question. Would be a nice back up in case I continue to have computer issues so would love to have one. Thanks for all you are doing to help. I’m still hanging in there!

  105. Sue Kauffman

    I really like the new name! It encompasses your vision for your blog I think.
    I clicked “like” too. =)

  106. Paul Van Steeter

    Hi Anthony. I like Success Connection. Years ago I was the National
    Sales Promotion Mgr. for W. Clement Stone. He taught me to always use a command to action with the themes I developed. His two favorites were “Do It Now” and Success is Achieved by Those Who Try and Keep Trying: We used that on our little hinges that swing big doors. I encourage you to use :Do It Now” as a tag line to Success Connection. I see this as a connection to what you teach after each weeks blog, for follow-through. By the way I am a student of yours and am currenlty also using PMI.

  107. Tristan Johnson

    That is a perfect name for the weekly blog Anthony?
    That is so amazing man, that is nice man.
    I can’t wait to see what its made of man.
    Keep it up man, love the Success Connect man.

    I love it man, and Its gonna make me tune in every weekdays
    Anthony. See you on Moday.
    Have a good weekend. And congraduation to the winners, thanks

    Tristan Johnson

  108. Barbara moore

    Hello Anthony success connection is a great name and it can help some many peoples to feel good about what that are doing in there life

  109. Shirley

    Success Connection is a great name. I wish I had thought of it. It explifies what we all want from your blog…a connection to Success.

  110. terry blankenship

    I believe that the name success connection will give me inspiration to work hard at getting my company up and running so I can become a success.

  111. Stella Marie

    Congratulations to Malinda and Scott!…I love the new blog name Success Connection. It inspires me to keep abreast weekly and stay updated and informed on making affifiliate marketing business work for me. You are so generous and sincerely helpful Anthony…you never cease to amaze me. Thank you so much for being a positive source of motivation not to lose hope!

  112. Daniel Braden

    Anthony, I must say SUCCESS CONNECTION is a great name.
    1. Its short
    2. Its to the point,
    3. It grabs your attention
    4. It will also get more viewers

    Anthony, must say that your weekly blog has been a great tool, lots of information, and very motivational and very informative, thanks so much for this tool.

    Thanks again,

    Daniel Braden

    PS: I always hit the facebook like button

  113. Paual

    Iam so glay everyone has been making it and making money
    I still have not maked it any where I glad someone can do it
    Iam having trouble and have not got started do anything at this time
    thank you for reading Paula

  114. Marty L.

    Perfect name. It combines the two most important aspects of what you are trying to do, connect with an audience and teach them how to be successful.

  115. Beverly Dwyer

    Love the new name of your blog, SUCCESS CONNECTION.
    Implies path to power, dynamic energy, and is achievable by all as success is defined by individual.

  116. Andre Tyus

    I like the new blog name. It defines your goal for us all (success) at the same time there is a communal or family word (connection) that links all of us together.

  117. Geraldine Warner

    I really like the new name. Success Connection would be something that would attract my attention.

  118. Margaret Wheeler

    “Success Connection” is an appropriate name for your weekly
    blog because I think you want all of us to have success and especially you want us to keep connecting with you so you can give us some shortcuts to achieve our success without all the pitfalls that you had to go through to get to your millionaire status. Secondly, your teaching methods matter to us and also to you because you want to guide us to how to make money on the internet through affiliate marketing and the tools to find the best way; to do this. You think it is better to use videos, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networks to achieve our success faster. I n my case, I should have planned better and had a savings to start my business which I did not do so I can start my business
    at this present time. but I am listening to your videos to catch up and I will make it some day.

  119. Spencer Cotton

    I like your new title ” Sucess Connection’, but it seems a little generic. I think it needs something else, like “Anthony’s Sucess Connection”, or at least, “The Great Sucess Connection”.

  120. Lori Staples


    Love the new name. It fits what you’re trying to get across to each of us and sounds “motivational” which is what we all need every day. I also like the fact that you chose pieces from two people to make up your very own name. That way it is yours. I also appreciate the fact that you care about others and don’t plan on boasting about yourself. Your humility is what attracts people to you along with your success and training. Thank you!

  121. Ricky Thurmond

    I freally like the new name for your weekly blog. It definately sounds like a winner. I will be waiting and watching your weekly blogs. I am anxious to learn more about making money online. Thanks for all you do!

  122. Norm Crawford

    I should have thought of that name. I’m usually pretty good at comming up with neat phrases with a snazzy ring to them.
    You did a good job – pat on the shoulder to you.

    For an example of neat phrases

  123. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – Success Connection sounds great for your weekly blog. The name I sent to you was Weekly Success Strategies but what you decided is better.

    Looking forward to the next blog!

  124. David Dockstader

    Perfect name; it implies we will be more successful by connecting with you on your blogs. Good choice.

  125. Ronald Blum

    Hi Anthony,
    Was able to catch your blog and just love the new name. It says it all.
    Success Connections. I’m still working on my website but have had tremendous success with the information that I have learned from you with both email and fax blast to potential customers. Increased business by 28%.

    Thank you

    I look forward to many years of success together!

  126. Deppie Tinny Kekatos

    The new name is awesome and totally inspiring. It is truly motivating and I cannot wait to get started. This name makes me feel more excited about jumping in and working hard to be successful. I could not start right away because I fractured my wrist and I cannot do things with one hand.

    Thanks Anthony!

    Deppie Tinny

  127. Joseph C. Smith, III

    “Success Connection” perfect, I came up with “Friday Feast” of knowledge but I like the combo you chose

  128. Kenney Vogt

    I am new at this but I really Like the new name of the weekly blog.

  129. Lisa

    Anthony I like the new name Success Connection it has a ring to it and I think it will make more people interested to see what you will have for us each and every week!!!!!

    Thanks Anthony for all you do for us!!!!

  130. Vantina

    Success Connection is great, I am still looking to make my first dollar. I have been following U 4 my success!

  131. William King

    Like the Name and Hope it inspires me as a newcomer to your system to really connect and suceed! Check out Wild Bill’s Music on youtube!

  132. Kathleen Hewitt

    What can I say! Great name. Success for the people who follow your teaching and advice, Connection for all the people who connect to your weekly blog, (Connection) every Friday to learn something new.
    Congrats to the two winners.

  133. Guy Armstrong

    Actually my first blog I’ve tuned in for…
    Just getting ready to finally pull the trigger, got my ticket for an upcoming seminar (Vancouver Hilton).
    Thanks for your truthfulness and consistency.

  134. Nicholas

    I like the new blog name. It’s simple, clear, and informs the reader to anticipate ‘success’ by simply ‘connecting’ to the blog every week. I would only suggest that might be a coincidence. But I don’t think so. Because I believe ‘Success Connection 101’ would be a perfect name. It denotes education and it’s perfect because it will be blog # 101. How’s that? Aloha, Nicholas Salmas

  135. Dan Madero

    The new name SUCCESS CONNECTION is Sensational! It is definitely inspirational, captivating and on point with what you are doing with your weekly blog. I also wanted to note that it’s very commendable of you to give credit to both Malinda Dardn & Scott Duddles for their input and contirbution to the new name…

  136. Ricardo Osuna

    I hope to have a job in the next 2 weeks, that will allow me to get on board with your opportunity. I did purchase your product a while ago, I’m refocused this time around I’m all business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. Liberty

    Success connection is like getting in touch with a right person who is very successful in every way of life. It is like a joint or affiliate connection with a particular person like Mr. Morrison with regards to internet marketing or any kind of success stories in life.

  138. Deborah Moore

    I like the new name. It sounds more professional. Im gonna miss you welcoming us to :the weekly Blog” though. It seemed so much more friend to friend. I hope the Success Connection keeps me feeling like Im talking to a friend. Whatever you do Anthony please don’t become just another Talking Head”

  139. wendy maura

    Hi Anthony, I love the new blog name. It says it all. Very appropriate and just perfect!

  140. wendy maura

    Hi Anthony, I love the new blog name! It really captures the philosophy behind the blog purpose. Very appropriate. Just perfect!

  141. Gladys

    I think the β€œsuccess connection” is a great name for the weekly blog because it sort of ties together the concept of learning the business. Meaning, to be successful in Affiliate Marking you must be connected to the Affiliate Member team in order to learn about the internet marking process.

  142. Lorie

    I think the new name for the blog is terrific and says it all. Good choice.

  143. N.E. kennedy

    I recvd your premium package of books about year and half ago. Was part way thru reading them when had bad accident out of my state. Long recovery, & finally home. Just found box of books & will start again. Cheered so very much by ur daily messages retrieved (partially) on a cell phone. Trying to buy used desk top now so can “really connect” with the SUCCESS CONNECTION. And learn how to participate in your company!!

  144. Don and Carmen Swenson

    Hi Anthony,

    We think the “Success Connection” name is good, but a little incomplete. Better to us would be “Anthony Morrison’s Success Connection”. This completes the branding and answers the question: Whose Success Connection?


    Don and Carmen Swenson

  145. Denise Johnson

    Love the new name Anthony ! Great how you combined the 2 ideas together to produce what fits for your new Blog ! Looking forward to more great info !

  146. Linda

    Success Connection – Great name for a blog. It is Affirmative & Positive. Indicates that both you and I are successful. We all encourage each other.

  147. sorita

    Really enjoy your discoveries and listening to you.
    Love the new Blog name, it makes me think.
    Have to translate it to Spanish for my followers/friends… lol.

    Got you on Facebook/like you are all set.

  148. Tammi Garland

    Success Connection~
    Simply Ingenious! Outrageously Brilliant! Marvelously Exciting! Superiorly Inviting! Cutting Edge of redesigning the way the world thrives to exist!
    I am 48years old and had no idea what I would do to live from day to day.
    Along came Anthony Morrison and I now have renewed myself and my families Spirit, if you will, just by applying the little bit of what he teaches and using his ideas of Success to feel reconnected to a Life of Living that we all require to be Connected.
    With that being said~ there you have it……
    The Ultimate Solution to the Equation-
    It invites your mind to receive inspiration, to interact with others that want more from life then what the world has to offer. The elite of society as it was intended to be. A Very Positive sense of Connection.
    Looking forward to a continued education with the modern day Enstein!
    Thank you for the opportunity to educate myself and so many others just by tuning in and applying what I learn each and every week. Graciously,
    Tammi Garland, Southern California

  149. Devika Rivers

    I think the new name is great I hope it can help me jump start my success.

    Thanks for all your support and help Anthony.

    Devika Rivers

  150. Bob Edmiston

    Excellent choice of name. I really speaks to what you/we are doing.

  151. Traci Dingman

    I absolutely LOVE the name Success Connection! This certainly is an inspiring name to make me and others aware to make sure were drawn to this Blog weekly and receive the wonderful tips on affiliate marketing.

  152. Cynthia Oleson

    Hi Anthony,
    I like the New Blog Name “Success Connection”
    It is a Great connection for our Success !! I’m just
    learning how all these connections for blogs, E-mails,
    Facebook Etc. all tie into each other. I hope I liked you
    on Facebook as well as leaving this comment.
    Looking forward to the next “Success Connection”

  153. Jerry Weingart

    I agree that success connection is fitting to what you are doing. Thanks!

  154. Sue

    Hi Anthony,

    I really like the new name, and I think it will inspire people to keep following these important weekly messages.
    Always thankful for your good information!


  155. Catherine Dade

    Love the new name: Success Connection – Keep up the great work.


    Success Connection is the correct one!
    It calls out to me such as my aim to get ahead!
    It has been long since I have been online and watched your blogs – too many distractions and health conditions – which I myself consider excuses – as I want to have success and also be connected with all those who have reached their goals.
    I always say that he who perseveres, triumphs.
    And I want to triumph by using OUR Success Connection!

    Aiming ahead,

    Thank you.

  157. Floyd Black

    Love what you came up with.I call myself Diamondmind.Only beacuse i ,ve been through alot and came out shineing .So any way I need alot of shinning up to do so keep up the good work Anthony Beacuse there are plenty of fish in the sea.Throw the net on the other side of the boat the lord says God Bless everyone.Some day Anthony we,ll be fishing on my big Yacht.

  158. DeeDee

    Hey,Anthony….Love,love,love the name ! Now I can recommend your blog to those who NEED quality advice, like myself. I try not to be subscribed ( or CONNECT…LOL ) to too many blogs…only the most informitave ones. The name just WORKS ! Looking forward to the next addition…

  159. Collins A. Phillips

    It is a catchy name. Its an action name with a promise. I’m enrolled.

  160. Joanne Spence

    I am just starting out and want to educate myself as much as I can about Affiliate Marketing. I look forward to some helpful tips and advice from Success Connection!

  161. dunes tunes

    Success Connection is a good name to start with.But could be better.

  162. Randy Petersen

    I think the name is fitting because of your success and connecting weekly with me and the other people that are working to make it happen on the internet. I keep trying, and your Blogs keep me inspired that I to can someday be successful and be able help someone else with all I learned from you.

  163. Andrew Gordon

    Excellent choice of new name combining those 2 different suggestions. The “millionaire” word is good in some contexts but you are right to not use it here for educational purposes. Well done to the winners Malinda and Scott.
    Now I will go and “like” you on Facebook πŸ™‚

  164. John Williams

    I think you made a great name choice. I am eager to get started on the system (And have been watching the videos, Webinar, etc.).. I just honestly haven’t been able to afford to register a domain yet. I am unemployed and am expecting my tax money soon. I didn’t want you to mistake my inactivity for lack of interest (The free web hosting is a nice bonus). I look forward to “Diving in” soon.


    John Williams
    [email protected]

  165. Carol Harris

    I look forward to the next blog with the new name. I like the direction the name is going in. It gives a sense of motivation also. Like – keep it going. Thanks for what you do. Carol

  166. Betty

    I like the success connection- you are correct in saying it means more than team or millionaire does

  167. Bev Kleefeld

    I just tuned in to your weekly blog #100 for the first time and I do like the new name ” Success Connection”. I am just getting started and I am looking forward to becoming educated on how to be a successful affiliate marketer. Thanks !

  168. Yvonne Crooker

    I like the new name! I am going to write it on a sticky note on my laptop so that I can see it every day. I think it will help me remember to refer to your trainings and the PMI homework, also.

  169. Carolyn Taylor

    Hi Anthony,
    I think that the Success connection is a great name for the weekly blog!

  170. Syed Bokhari

    I like this name. It does describe what actual your blogs are about. I submitted two names also, but I think “Success Connection” is better than mine. Congratulations to Melinda and Scott for being the winners in this contest.

  171. Robert Ashton

    Its a great name! I’m glad your here….you offer a good change from a lot of other peolpe selling inferior products. Thanks

  172. Ed Bradley

    I like the Success Connection. You always push us to be successful and the weekly blog is a great connection. Keep up your good educational information.
    I will be successful one of these days.

  173. Steve Czach II

    The name is alright, though I am still partial to my suggestion. LOL
    congrats to the winners, thank you for embracing me, here, and I am still praying for the miracle

  174. Sandra White

    I really like the name of the blog. It is positive and uplifting! I feel good about it. Paraphrased, the title is stating if I tune in weekly (Connection) it will lead to success (Success), Success Connection.

  175. Don Thomas

    I like the name very much…well done Scott and Malinda!! Yes I will tune in. It’s fun to learn and keep moving forward.

  176. Sharon Barnett

    Hi Anthony;

    I love the words. SUCCESS has always been a great word because it brings to mind that there is the right motivation that will create the success of a person. Well, CONNECTION means to me that I am not alone and that I can connect with others that will help me be successful.

  177. Ruth

    Hey Anthony!
    I really love the new name! I will see you next Friday on the “Success Connection”!!! Take care.

  178. KK

    Dear Anthony:

    I like your naming the weekly blog “Success Connection”. When you chose those two words, you were humble and never pretend to be the millionaire. That humility and your selfless advocacy for everybody to be materially successful inspired me a lot……

  179. dan tompkins

    Hi Anthony, liked your motivational approche

    Hello anthony, I liked your motivational approach in this eposde of anthony’s SUCCESS CONECTION. Your share and share alike attitude is refreshing.
    Please keep up the ” we are here to help” spirit. Wishing you and yours a blessed Weekend and happiness beyond what money can buy! Dan

  180. Marcia Brown

    Hi, Anthony!

    I really like the new name. It is the perfect name! Getting connected to the right place (your blog) will be a great way to learn what I need to learn to be a success at internet marketing. Thanks again for all you do to help us gain the knowledge we need to be experts at this great and fun way of making money!

  181. Jacqueline Crenshaw

    Very Good I believe it will work for me. I am new and want to learn to be successful with connecting to you.

  182. edwin

    Its sounds graet cuse its even says in the name success connect that means that’s if ppl wanna be connected to u or are olredy they will be successful on being connected with u n ppl will like that Cuse ppl make so many ways to stay connected with friends n family so they will come to fine out how they can stay connected

  183. Tom Ward

    Better Name: Connection For Success due to if made no connection one
    cannot get or receive success. The connection must be made to receive any success, right.

  184. Eparkyn

    Dear Antony: It is a great Title, very inspiring, did you read the articles about Facebook and Google planning big changes on their services? On the WSJ and the Times News papers. Thanks again for your inspiring blog. EParkyn

  185. Beverly F

    I love the new name, “SUCCESS CONNECTION”
    The new name gets me excited because, I LOVE SUCCESS! I LOVE the CONNECTION I feel when I tune in to the” Weekly Seccess Connection”.
    It makes me feel closer to SUCCESS. And CONNECTION to what I strive for! In other words! I want to feel the Connection with Success! That’s why I spend hours learning how each program works. I need to feel a connection that I’m getting closer to SUCCESS! Each week gives me the motivation to continue to put more hours, more of a Connection to CPV,FTC and PMI! I need all the help I can get!
    Thank you for the Connection! Soon to be Success!

  186. Geordi

    What can any of us really say? Its all about you and your program. Now hit the Success button and send it our way. ty

  187. Robin Ready

    I Think The Name That You Got Is Great I Think That’s Very Smart Of You I Really Like The Name It Make People Want To Be A Success Business Person Like You Great Name

  188. Selesa Iosia-Poulava

    I truly believe that your chosen name “Success Conection” suits best with what you’ve done for us….it really identifies the type of person you are that you love to share your success and do what ever you can to guide us to that same path… Keep up with the great work and may God continue to bless you Anthony!!!!!!

  189. Brenda Conlee

    I think the way you came up with the name was fantastic. The name itself says exactly the message that I feel you try to give…let’s all strive together for a successful life. I love it!

  190. Victoria Green

    Hi Anthony,

    Just viewed your Video and I like “Success Connection” as the new name. I think it’s straight forward and to the point! Self explanatory! Awesome! It definitely caught my attention and “kudos” to both the winners!

    Victoria Green

  191. Mike

    I think you should have called it the Morrison Monolouges. lol
    Sorry I missed last week.

  192. Gordon Harvey

    This name send the message, “If you listen each and every week you success will be within reach and attainable.

  193. Colleen

    The name is perfect! It is a way for you to connect with your viewers on how to become a success in the internet world.

  194. Luis A. Deleza

    Hello Anthony, and congrats to Malinda, and Scott for the good ideas for Anthony’s new blog. This is a positive environment for success! Thanks Professor Anthony! “SUCCESS CONNECTION” it even sounds cool. GOD BLESS!— Luis

  195. Curtis E. Lawson


    You are the greatest. You are successful because of your willing to give it away. You encourage me to do what it takes to be successful. I think the choice is perfect. Because it is the “CONNECTION” that hold things together, “SUCCESS” is what you have and want others to experience.

    Curt Lawson

  196. Heather Tankersley

    Just started your program Thursday, 3/1/2012.
    I have taken 16 hours to go through most all your emails, information and clicking on every button I see.
    I joined up with the PMI coaching. Not 1-on-1 right now, though.

    I hope I don’t miss a thing with all these websites to go to, sites to sign up for, and places to read.

    Knowledge is important and I am really wanting to do this right. But I am overwhelmed.

    Success Connection is a catchy blend of the two name doners you recognized. Great job guys!

    In these next few weeks, I hope the title is as successful as your teaching with it. I have a lot to learn and I want to do it right but with speed.

    How many more connections do I need to go through to even get started on my success? I fill like I am going in circles. I will stay tuned till next Friday.

    Wish me luck!

  197. DonaldRTaylorJr

    Anthony, I think the new Blog name is awesome, God Bless!


    Your always bring positive thinking, motivation, sincereity, after 2 years of looking you are by far the best to learn AFFILIATE MARKETING.
    SUCCESS CONNECTION fits yur talents and dedication us out here.
    PLEASE don’t stoppppppppppppppp.

    Best to me and all who are inspired by your teachings that we feel will brings us some form of financial success.

  199. olivia sterling

    Dear Antonio,

    i am a newbie and i watched your new SUCCESS CONNECTIONS video and it seemed fine to me, only one thing. i wanted to win!!!!! :))))
    i will be on next week for 101SUCCESS CONNECTIONS!

    Olivia Sterling

  200. P J

    The new name Success Connection is a great name for the weekly blogs.

    To Your Success,
    P J

  201. Linda Guarino

    I am ready to learn so what ever it takes to do that. Lets get started. I need to buy a home of my own it is my dream. But I want to have more time for volunteer work that is my most rewarding thing to do .

  202. Athit Voytas

    I totally agree that you have chosen the perfect name for your weekly blog;) I also believe that it will draw in some curious/nosey clickers to see your blog! Awesome job! Thank you for being who you are;)

  203. Irene Hale

    “Success Connection” really does say it all. knowledge, tactics and motivation needed for success do come through connecting. thanks for your dedication to sharing your experience and expertise.

  204. Joseph Smith

    thought the name was appropriate and it was a good idea to give credit to both winners

  205. Dale Henning

    Anthony…Just got home from your “WORKSHOP”day#1…”LIKE”…click
    The new weekly link…”SUCCESS CONNECTION”…the name just gets
    you ready for NEW knowledge…or maybe I am just still pumped from the
    training conference… Dale Henning

  206. Jill Arnold

    Liked the name very much. Just starting out so Success Connection sounds very incouraging to me. Always like your Blog. Always get great information I can use. Thanks so much for taking the time and your knowledge so that the rest of us can be a Success.

  207. Eduardo Alvarez

    Hi Anthony, I guess that after 100 Weekly Blogs, and I have watched all of them, the name was already ingrained in us, but a change is good so now it will be Sucess Connection for the next 100 blogs. Congratulations!
    Un abrazo!,
    Eduardo Alvarez

  208. Daphne

    I love the New name for the Blog Anthony it is authentic enough to add other success tips that not really your creation but will add overall VALUE to viewers.

    The name spells it out …when I go there I am there for a ” SUCCESS CONNECTION” nothing else.. my focus then is to make that connection in whatever way I can…

  209. Evelyn

    Great name for the blog!
    I feel as though my transformation
    is connected to your blog.

  210. Sandra

    I like the new name,”Success Connection”, You are my “success Connection” after all! At least you are my main inspiration to keep plugging away and not give up even though financial success seems to be eluding me!!I (Your brother, Carol Amato, and several others are also very inspiring to me).

    “Success Connection” embodies the essence of what the Weekly Blog is all about; you continuously and so generously provide training to help your students reach the same success that you have. You share your knowledge to help us over hurdles and keep us from too much attendance at the “School of Hard Knocks” and it is greatly appreciated.

  211. Rich Bergold

    Great choice on the name “The Success Connection” for the weekly blog.

  212. Sandra

    Luv the name! I think we will all be connected to be very successful!!! ;o)

  213. Leonardo

    I think the success connection is a good way to expression your self because if is a success to learn thing that you didn’t know. it like if you don’t understand thing maybe Anthony Morrison can help with these blogs. it a success connection because you don’t have to drive nowhere all you have to do is go on Anthony Morrison page on Friday’s and learn a lot of different things that why it a success connection.

  214. Jeff Jones

    Your right Anthony, it’s perfect! From every angle, it’s perfect.

  215. Debra Lee Kimmel

    I Love the announcement of the Friday weekly new Success Connection! I will be able to look forward to it every week..I am a new member of your program and am a part time member for now, will be full time as soon as possible! You are the first website engineering, marketing program that I felt I could trust….and will have every Friday off to devote to my new job with you and my new Success Connection! I wont feel like I am playing catch up with the education you provide for me and others…I will be on time for every Fridays Success Connection!

  216. Maria Morris

    Anthony, first of all I want to say that I love your succcess stories, because they are it personal, which makes it more real. Without them, I don’t think I would be as inspired so thank you.

    I really like Success Connection. I think it is very catchy and will grab peoples attention, it did mine.
    Success Connection makes sence, they make sence together. I like it how you are always using the word success because you are successful so it is the perfect key word and everyone including myself who reads your blog every week are connected with you because of your teachings, inspirations,honesty, and caring about someone elses success. We are all human and we are all capable of sharing the same success. What makes us different is how we work for it. Success Connection says alot because we are connected not just in the business but as a team and with that ,we grow more and more to success. Thank you Anothony for another opportunity to give our opinion and thank you for caring about our opinion not just on the blog name, but for anything, it says alot to me. Yes! it is a perfect blog name and I will tune in every week to be inspired more and stay connected with you in reaching my own success. Thanks, Maria Morris

  217. Scott Duddles

    Awesome, I think that the name you have chosen is perfect, because you are all about success & you are, our connection to learning & achieving our success by, through & with your teachings. I want to thank you for choosing part of my suggestion to help conclude your decision on the name for the weekly blog. And yes the name suits & fits this event perfectly, I assure you that everyone who is smart & willing to learn will attend the “Success Connection” every week, I know that I will.
    Sincerely Scott Duddles

  218. davis gongora

    I like the name because you have to connect within yourself and trust that you can success.

  219. Christine

    A perfect blending of both words to give a positive inspiration for your blog – It says everything about your mission. Keep up the great work!!

  220. Stephanie King

    Success Connection does sound good, but I feel like there’s something missing. Yes I know this all has to do with being successful and you are the connection in making that happen. So that name is very fitting but it still seems like there needs to be more to it. What you are doing is wonderful. Your taking the time to teach others on how to be successful in what you have done, and I thank you for that. Your giving us the stepping stones to reach a new level in life. Your bridging the gap for us by educating us on what will and can work. Bridging the gap to success, The bridge to success, Connecting the bridge to success. Other than all that I do thank you for giving me the opportunity to better myself and my family. I look forward to all your blogs from here on out! Thank you once again!!

  221. robert a. barentt

    Anthony. I cannot believe I did not come up with the new name for the “Success Connection”. I now own a satellite TV business (7 years now) and the name of my business is Your Reception Connection. How interesting is that? I now have even more motivation to tune in each and every week to see the Success Connection, my nemesis! Great name (if I dont say so myself). Congratulations to the winners! And I look forward to Success Connection #1 next week.

  222. Helen Marie

    I like the new name for the Weekly Blog. It has class, and states a goal that could be for anyhone who is serious in internet marketing.

  223. Peggy Hoshizaki

    “Success Connection” does not fully emphasize the complete impact of the connection between the two words. I believe “SUCCESSFUL CONNECTIONS” is better because it means accomplished results.

  224. Tom Steinberg

    Anthony The Words
    ” SUCCESS CONNECTION ” truly says to me,your
    showing us the right direction & giving us the tools & education so we’ll all have a far better life situation. No more Debts & No more Worries We now have an Internet life success story being made. Follow the leader. Anthony Morrison
    Thank You. Tom Steinberg

  225. Jerry Hieronymus

    I like the new name you have chosen. Your blogs and your courses have taught me more in the last 5 weeks than I have been taught in others in a year.

  226. thomas newton

    i love being part of a sucess story. i think the name says it all. we are all striving for sucess and an income. thanks for the blogs

  227. Sandra Kemp

    I love the new name & I hope to get started in this soon !! Thanks !!

  228. Bill Swigart

    what comes to mind :
    Have success spirtually with God,stay connected.
    Have success with familey,stay connected.
    Have success with this program,stay connected.
    Yea, Success connection,Thats very good.
    Be Blessed.

  229. Scott Stembridge

    Hi Anthony, congratulations on 100 blogs. Awesome effort. I like the name, our Herbalife recruiting company is called Success Connection, so it works for me!
    I will certainly continue to watch your blogs, as I never know what tips and ideas I am going to pick up along the way. My weekly inspiration as it were.

  230. Al Paolucci

    I feel that the name Success Connection is rather bland. It lacks a pizaz and has no “PUNCH” to it. The blog itself is good in content.

  231. Ereyk A.

    Greetings Anthony!

    Great choice! Really like the new name for the connection we have every
    week, So congratz to Malinda & Scott on creating the idea for Anthony to
    come up with this much better name for the blog. Yes it is a great name
    that i think it will attract more people to the blog i know a lot of people
    don’t like blogs so its much easier and inviting to say to them “you should
    take a look at Anthony Morrison “Success Connection” you will learn a lot
    from it” than saying ” take a look at his blog”.

    Well i Hope im as lucky as malinda & scott and get to win a prize too
    never had that luck of wining when stuff are being given away on contest
    either in radio or t.v. or blogs….lol will be a First and sure it will be exciting
    to WIN!

    Thank you Anthony for connecting with us every week to share all of our
    success, Looking forward to much more Success Connections!

    God Bless!

    Ereyk A.

  232. Ben Marciano

    Hi Anthony,

    “Success Connection” is the perfect title. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and decision making process. Your humble, thoughtful and altruistic spirit in addition to your faith and integrity are just a few of the character traits that make you successful in business and an inspiration to many, with wisdom to share.
    ” The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and all good understanding have those who keep his commandments.” Psalm 111:10
    May the Lord continue to Bless you Abundantly.
    Ben Marciano,MD

  233. william mcilrevey

    Anthony I thimk is a graet name for your Blog “Success Connection ” it give you a need a strong drive to to have success.

  234. Patrick Miller

    “Success Connection” is a great name – it really conveys the intent of your weekly blogs!

  235. Nick Edwards

    The two words success, and connection means to someone who wants more out of life, that here is where they need to be to connect with success….. GOOD NAME

  236. Ian Brandsgaard

    The name Success Connection is perfect for those who wish to learn the art of creating success. This name will inspire those of us with access to your system. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  237. Mitchell Canada

    I like it, not only does it should good ,it does what it’s saying so you can say it’s a Winn Winn.

  238. Benny

    Great name selection…Another opportuntiy to keep the follows focused and excited about making money and of course being successful!

  239. Diana Smith

    I like the new name for your blog. I like “Your Success Connection” better than “The or My Success Connection”. Thanks for all you do to help all of us who really want to live a better life.

  240. Millie Martin

    Good Morning Anthony, I love your new “Success Connection”. I have been a member of your site for a long time and love all the emails you send out. I am a member of “Direct cpv” and I watched the webinar that your brother Adrian did last week with Anik Singal. Adrian’s Mass Traffic X sounds like a real winner too. Always look forward to everything you do and love all the charities you are involved with. So many people just need a helping hand and people like you who care and want to help. My favorite charities are: Feed The Children and Danny Thomas Hospital for Children with cancer. God Bless and have a wonderful day. Millie Martin [email protected].

  241. Stephen Hand

    Hi Anthony,
    I think “Success Connection” is a great choice for your blog name. After all, I think we are all here reading your information because we are seeking success on the internet. That certainly is why I am here and that is why one of my suggestions for your blog name was “Path to Success”.

    Keep up the good work, Anthony.

  242. Reuben Williams

    The “Success Connection” is a great name. Success is what we all want to connect to.

  243. Kathy Adams

    Hi Anthony , I really like the new name SUCCESS CONECTION. It is really Positive name. Kathy

  244. Charles McGregor

    Anthony I like the Success Connection as the new name for the weekly blog. It gives it a sense and purpose for what you are trying to relate to all of us. Thanks for your continued support!

  245. Beverly Klahn

    Great choice! Congratulations to Malinda and Scott. Looking forward to the first blog of “Success Connection”.


  246. Kim Windfeather

    Yes, I do like the new name The Success Connection. Much better than the Weekly Blog. Great choice!

  247. Jerry Taylor

    Success Connection is an EXCELLENT name for your weekly blog. The name says it all, a place to come to connect and learn how to be successful. It is also cool that you gave Malinda & Scott credit, even though you actually came up with the name yourself. Another tribute to your charactor!

  248. Ken Curran

    This is a good choice of names. The recent blogs have given me ideas to have success in my business. The name rings well without pretense or intimidation but encourages community and assistance. Well done

  249. Robin Moody

    Well Anthony that was inspiring I like the name success conection it is inspiring to people to check it out. Appreciate all your help.

  250. Tom English

    I love the new name, Success Connection, and agree with you that you should leave out the millionaire stuff. “Anthony’s Success Connection” would have been OK but the new title is shorter and straight to the point. I’m intrigued with your e-pad. Who makes it and what is it’s retail price? You say it has WIFI so does it have Windows7 and can I use it as a “no DVD laptop”? Maybe on one of your weekly blogs you could talk about the tools that you use on a regular basis. Thanks for your helpful tips. Tom English

  251. Dianne Harmon

    Thank You Anthony – It’s a Great name! I think it’s what I need to keep in touch with you to get my business rolling. After the Tampa Bay seminar, I had SO many loose ends in the WAY of my Success, but your Connection is gonna change all that. God Bless You!

  252. dr steve smith

    I like the new name, SUCCESS CONNECTION, my wife likes it too…You are continuing to help me obtain the success I need in my website…thanks again and Yes., GOD BLESS YOU…doc

  253. Mike Muraca

    Great name…But where this is presented weekly why not call it “Weekly Success Connection”? Thus defining the frequency as well as the function.

  254. Gary Fenton

    I kept meaning to submit an entry, but never did. It’s like winning the lottery… you have to buy a ticket. The new name is short, simple and to the point of what you blog represents.

  255. Sharon N

    Success Connection — has a nice ring to it. I really like it. Thank you so much for staying connected with us in this way and sending us a lot of helpful information. It’s like the “continuing education” sessions I had as a paralegal (and a lot of professions require).

  256. Libby Sosa

    I also think it’s a great name, so simple but to the point. I think it wonderful that you’d rather take the spotlight of you and shine it on others. I see there are tons of comments I wonder if that will transfer into more FaceBook likes? I am happy I represent some of the likes as I click each time!

  257. DeLois Weldon

    Anthony, I truly like the new name. It describes it perfectly. Your blogs
    are very informative and I look forward to listening to them every week.

  258. Ethan Strunk

    Love the name Success Connection it makes it feel like we are all a family trying to strive for the same goal

  259. Ethan Strunk

    I love the name, it makes it seem like we are all a family that can rely on one another to succeed.

  260. Cindy Fergen

    Hi Anthony,

    What a Great Name……. “Success Connection”…I think it reflects a great winning attitude…

    I look forward to keeping getting great information from you on a weekly basis…

    Until next week !!!!



    Hi Anthony: Received your BLOG just at the Right time. On March 1st 2012
    I started back on my ROAD TO SUCCESS. I lost a small fortune and now I
    am starting all over. I will call this MY SUCCESS CONNECTION.
    GREAT NAME. Keep up the good work.

  262. Vicki

    Awesome new name that encompasses the entire marketing scenario! I’m inspired to get busy!!

  263. Joan

    I agree.. much better than ‘weekly blog’. Maybe I can get something going soon.

  264. Barbara Jones

    Hi Anthony:

    I think is a good a name for your Blog#100. It wii moviate to get there business and running. That’s the way to go.

  265. Betty Baker

    Thanks for the website and all your help Anthony; Love the name success conections. Congrats to the winners. Should of stayed with your blogs all along. Gotta lot of catching up to do. Thanks for all the help!!!!!

  266. kathie

    Hi Anthony
    I watched your show on success and connction.
    I think it’s great . when we connect with the people
    then then is success.

  267. Tracey Wright

    Great name success connection, short and sweet, connect for success, i,ll be cheeky but sweet, please can i have an e pad !!!!!!!

  268. James Sliney

    Anthony, I like your synthesis of the two suggestions for the new name of your blog. “Success Connection” is a short, positive, appropriate new name for your blog. I look forward to your next blog under the name: “Success Connection”.

  269. Michael Hart

    Anthony, “Success Connection”, is a catchy title, grabbing attention, and stimulating interest or curiosity. I like it.

  270. Diana

    I think it is a very inspiring new name. Everyone want to be successful and most want to feel connected be it relationships or careers and in this case,”Ones on Boss!) Very GooD! choice.

  271. isaac santy

    Hello Anthony new the name is good would have liked to see my or our to make it more personal or more group targetd and still it is a good one congratulations and for the winners as well

  272. Gloria Conyers

    I like the new name Success Connection. If I didn’t know what it was about, it would grab my attention and make me want to find out more.

  273. Virginia Thiele

    Great name! I enjoy watching and learning every week. I’ll see you April 9 for my training.

  274. Doris Jones

    I like the new name because it fits what I am looking for…SUCCESS and a CONNECTION that I can constantly go back to for information and updates. I have an issue with staying focused on one thing and I managed to stop to listen to your blog and thought that it was very interesting and fit what I am looking for at this time. This is my new focus for my success journey. Thanks

  275. Ira Jamison

    Hi Anthony,
    Yes I checked the Like button.
    Success Conection, well, I supose it is ok. It is kind of a uncatchy name.
    But, on the other hand, your explanation of why you choose that name makes sense.
    Now that I think of it, Connecting to Success sounds good but, it is rather late LOL
    So three cheers for Success Connection and I look forward to seeing it every week

  276. shawn r

    Hi Anthony congratulations on your 100th blog.Success Connection has great meaning for the golden nuggets of information you share with us to help achieve success weekly.The goals and dreams we fulfill have a direct connection to you because of the passion and drive to teach others internet marketing.Most all thank you.

  277. Eleanor Davis


    The fact that you feel good and have joy about the new name, means soo much to us all. As I read the comments I see great confidence in your successfulness. I am posting a note to myself to be sure to watch every Friday. I’m starting my Weekly Blog notebook to record the key points to have at my fingertips for daily review, to help me stay the course.

    Congrats, winners!

  278. Colleen Barlow

    I really like the name “Success Connection” it fits exactly with what we all want to accomplish in these stressful times.

  279. Jerome McAllister

    Hey Anthony:
    Totally awesome choice”Success Conection.” I missed when you mentioned that you were going to let us choose. I might have said.Our Weekly Success Plan. But I think what you have is Perfect!

  280. George A. Beasley, III

    Hello, Mr. Anthony, I think you hit the “bull-eye” with the new “weekly blog” name. It’s like you connecting “Success” with the “Connection” to be successful, as our “predecessor ?”

    Thank you again,

    George A. Beasley, III

  281. Kerry

    Hi Anthony! Love the new name “Success Connection” for your weekly blog. Keep the blogs coming as I look forward to hearing them.


  282. Patricia Rogers

    Hello Anthony Morrison, I really enjoy watching the blog and I think that the new name for the blog is a excellent name! in order for anyone to succeed and be a success in anything that he or she do, will have to connect with someone or something, so I think that it is a great name for it.

  283. michael warwick

    Anthony I think that Success Connection is great!! to me i think it means that you have the trust in yourself that you will have success.

  284. Natalie Lee

    Congrats Malinda & Scott for inspiring Anthony w/ a very original Blog Name! I do like the name, inspires me to “think” success for myself. With words comes thoughts…..then reality for me!

    Yes……I would love a new Ebook! When can I expect one in the mail ; )

  285. Robert E.

    I like how you brought those two suggestions together. This shows us how your internet mentality unfolds right before our eyes. Thank you for letting us foresee what’s expected from you in the near future, and beyond.

  286. Ella Jones

    I applaud your selection of “Success Connection” as the new blog title. You gave credit to two deserving individuals. The title is, quite simply, a link to you and your proven successful techniques and strategies. Kudos!!!
    This was my first blog. I’m anxious to view the next one.

  287. Jo Ann Edwards

    Hey, Anthony,
    Congratuulations on your 100th weekly blog. “success connection” is an inspiring name. I am doing my lessons, have ein, sending off for my LLC. Educating is the way to success. Keep up the good work.

    Thanks, may God bless.

    l ations

  288. Emily j

    I really love the new weekly blog name “Sucess Connection”. I think the new name is perfect!! Wouldn’t change a thing. It really motivates me and can’t wait for Fridays. You definetely are my “Sucess Connection”. I can’t thank you enough for changing my and my family’s life.

  289. Scott Lariviere

    Great name Anthony…..looking forward to more information for my business.

  290. vickie flaherty

    I like the the new name it has a ramped up sound to it. Good job…
    !!!!!SUCCESS CONNECTION!!!!! I have been following your blogs when I can. Since I started I went from only being able to load your video on my computer after sitting and waiting a while to being able to load the blogs on my phone in just a few seconds. I think what you have done with improving your studio has made it a lot better for those of us that are following your blog. Thank you for doing that. It takes the stress out of trying to learn..

  291. Joseph Bynoe

    I think that the name truly represents what you are trying to do with the weekly blog. You are trying to make a connection that will bring success to the readers if they will follow your instructions.

  292. stanley escolano

    Success mean we all can succeed. connection is you , Anthony are the glue that puts it all together.

  293. Robert Ussher

    I think the name Sucess Connection has the power to sell anything and is a powerful name that people are going to take notice of the title

  294. Robert Ussher

    God Bless all of you your staff your family and to all you have helped to become a success I would give anything to become a truly successful person through SuccessConnection but the finances don’t enable me too and for that i am sorry.and its like I said a very powerful title.Take care Anthony and all the best for 2012.

  295. Alicia Mejias

    This is a great name!! I look forward to your weekly blogs. I don’t always get to see them live but it’s nice to now that I can still view them via your email links.

  296. Twyler McClanahan

    The new name is very catchy and interesting. I smiled and shook my head when I heard you announce it!!! “Success Connection” is definitely an Inspiration! In fact, I believe it will encourage others to join in every week ,including myself!


  297. Shirlan Rymer

    The new name sounds really good and hopefully everyone will have success with your many blogs ahead. Looking forward to success.


    I believe this is a Success Connection and will continue to work toward success in 2012. My progress toward success will be slow as I do not have the finances to purchase the programs I need to get started at this time. Child Support is payroll deducted and next Friday the court is bringing the issue again, to attempt to take even more of my income. I will continue to read everything on your home page, follow the weekly blogs and use what I learned in the seminar on Ft. Myers Beach, FL last week.

    I agree that you need tools to “practice the principle” and the ability to recognize the “critical chance.” Maybe I’ll get lucky and win the $ 100.00 blog prize or win the Wed./Sat. Power Ball!


  299. Eddie King Jr.

    Hey Anthony,

    I am new and know it has been hard to catch up to me, but I am still excited and going for this business! I myself was trying to think of something better for the Blog name but I could not. This name seems to say it all, and I do like it very much. I will join the community now and will try my best to log in more.
    Looking forward to future Success Connection Blogs!

    Eddie King Jr.

  300. Linda Paterson

    Thought the new name is great. How can I get instructions on having my website come up under the first few entries for washington christmas tree farm. I own and operate a choose and cut your own christmas tree farm. Need some help but am on a limited income.

  301. Brian Kralik


    anthony, The name you picked for your blogs Success Connections sounds great because you always talk about being successful. I will be looking for your blogs every friday for more information on how to succeed.Thanks again & have a great week.

  302. William Torres

    I really like the new name, SUCCESS CONNECTIONS. It states what we are doing & implies the ability to connect to other members & staff for help in obtaining the success we want.

  303. sylvenous French

    The name is great , like gloves & hands they both go together. We all are seeking both.

  304. Vicki Kirkpatrick

    I do like Success Connection. I had some that I really liked but this one is good and I will tune in. Thanks for listening to our thoughts and suggestions and implementing them in your already successful business. Vicki

  305. Osman Barrie


    Success connection is a great name, the work sucess inspire me to be successful.

  306. Ella Woodley

    I love the new name for the Weekly Blog. Success Connection is a name that lets us know that we are going to be successful if we stay connected to the training that you provide.

  307. AnnMatthew

    Hi Anthony.
    Congratulations on successfully choosing two people to create the new name for your Blog. That is a Success Connection. I LIKE THE NAME. IT IS A FOCUS FOR WHAT WE DO AND WHERE WE ARE GOING, with Affiliate Marketing. My favorite quote is “In every generation, action frees our dreams…..”. Success Connection is action oriented education. THANKS, Anthony. Success Connection is a wonderful way to connect with you Anthony, & it also puts Success Academy at the back of our minds as a resource. I hope to use the Success Academy in the near future. Thank you for offering further I incentives to us for success. BE WELL. PEACE. ANN

  308. Debra Leighton

    Great name! Congratulation on your 100th Blog! Keep them coming.

  309. Reginald Jackson

    I like the name, but I think it should be Successful Connection. It gives more of a positive note.

  310. Sarah Fuchs

    I really like the new name! Success Connection is exactly what I’m looking for. I don’t usually leave a comment because I’m new and I don’t always feel that I know what would be appropriate. But I spend a lot of time studying and learning this stuff. I wish I could get hold of the workbook that one of your supporters mentioned in her blog. It apparently with along with your book, Advertising Profits from Home. Is it still available?

    I look forward to Success Connection. See you on Friday!

  311. Jeannine

    I like the new name…it fits. Sorry I had to miss your seminar in SA. I was looking forward to it! Next time.

  312. Claudia Rodriguez

    Hi Anthony
    I like the new name’s Blog. I think that we are missing another word.
    LI like the words: close,through,beside,sky-high, strengh.

    thanks for your advice

  313. Karina Casillas

    Success Connection.
    The name works well, it is about the support networks and the idea of success that becomes a reality. I also like how you have started to build up this network especially by involving your followers in the name process. Definitely creates more unity and group loyalty.

    Looking forward to the 1st episode.


  314. Jesse Fuga

    Aloha! Anthony,

    I do apologize for not particapating in the names event, but to be honest with you, after hearing about you giving away some E-Pads you got me listening. Its funny how people would react to the words they like to hear. As for me I plead guilty to that statement. So here I am trying to get an E-Pad. πŸ™‚

    Success Connection – It has a good ring to it, but honestly to me its not something I would be excited too hear. The reason being is Success is a common word used in business term, we hear them all at time and it just gets boring to hear Success. Some sceptical people hear that word so much that they tend to block it out and forget the whole meaning of the word. Now the good part of that word, is when you place a challenge before it. In other words I would love to here the word Success when completeing a race in a tournament. But non the less I feel that Success should have a strong word before it to make it stand out! Connection is another common word in technology. Connection is good but Networking is better! If I had the chance to add a name I would put Networking Success, because its a business in networking and the success comes from the network. I don’t know it’s just my opinion. But I really don’t mean to offend anyone, if anyone is offended my apologies. So any ways back to the winning Name Success Connection I give it a 7 out of 10 becuase its simple and I want that E-Pad πŸ™‚


  315. Dave Smith

    I have gotten the emails in the past about the vblog but this is the first time ive clicked on it. I love the name and has me planning on stopping by more often, like every friday.

  316. george rolph

    Really Anthony, very lame for such great blogs. Dont be to proud to include your name this is your pride and joy.Also bsides being lame it is to plain at least add your name such as; Anthony’s sucess connection. What ever the name I’m still a big fan and will continue watching the blogs.

  317. DiscoverAuction

    Hi Anthony,
    Your choice, Success Connection is great! It has a good ring to it and is simple to remember. Education and knowledge are key in internet marketing and I learn something new from you every week. Thanks so much, and keep up the great tutorials.

  318. Jim Freudenstein

    Love you guys. Thanks for keeping me in the loop with emails. God bless.

  319. Jordan Frazier

    I like the name, Success Conection sends a message to what the blog is all about.

  320. Rita Tatum

    Everyone is looking for success and they are also look for connecting to the online market success and this is why I think you have a GREAT name for your Blogs. will be looking each week for the new blogs/success connections.

  321. Jay King

    LIKING THE NEW NAME and the LIKE button also like now having the correct spelling for Success and Connections This is great… πŸ™‚

  322. Priscilla Barattiero

    New to this… Signed up just yesterday… Hi everyone, just want to say the name sounds great and am excited to get started on my own success with Anthony. LOVE IT!!!

  323. darius rains

    Anthony , hello , I’m Darius Rains , one of your newcomers! Would like to say thank you for everything !!! I also love the new name !! To all , best of wishes and good luck !!!!

  324. Craig Oestreich

    The name is great. I is not similar to your other names for facebook / twitter etc. and also clarifies the fact it is your and the other team members location or platform committed to our success in our businesses.

    A unique name for the committed team to grow and share.

  325. Carly Leigh

    Love your new name it pretty much says it all. I have not watched your weekly blog, but will now be a regular



  326. Trixie

    Love the new name and the way that you come up with it but taking the 2 submissions. Congrats to the winners.

  327. Sandy

    Hi Anthony, I really like the new name. It sounds professional and exciting yet warm and inviting. Thanks for all you are doing to help all of us. I did press “Like” for Facebook. πŸ™‚ I’m just beginning to watch regularly and I look forward to learning more from you.

  328. christine quinn

    anthony ive been watching your blog for the past few months since i stumbled upon you said education is key to success and i am proud of myself that i swam through the maze of info.i recieved this past while leading me to connect with the wizards of internet marketing and i love it ,i have yet to reap the rewards but i ve no doubt i will find success in 2012 regards from ireland

  329. Martha Hartmann

    Love the new name! Hope I can find the time to really get started!

  330. James Dorsett

    Hi Anthony,

    I think Success Connection is a GREAT name because success is what you are not only preaching, you are also demonstrating it through your video blog making a “connection” with all of us out here in the trenches who are building our Internet marketing businesses. GREAT name.

    See you next week,


  331. Georgette

    Hi Anthony
    love the new name. Its straight to the point and its appropriate

  332. christine quinn

    i stumbled upon IM a few months ago and agree with you that education is key to success especially in this minefield of unfamilar terroritory.i am so proud of myself that i stuck with it to connect with the wizards of IM and can now see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.mind you i have not made any money yet but have no doubt i will have success in2012. On your caption SUCCESS/CONNECTION. the two go hand in hand in all our endeavours regards from IRELAND.

  333. Carol Betts

    Like your new name for your new blog. Makes sense and sounds good!

  334. David Jackson

    YOUR name IS your brand now I say stick with it I trust your name Anthony Morrison, Success Connection sounds like a gimic. But your name now that says a lot.

  335. sal serrato

    i want to be successful with you and you only.i have been with you for about a year and a half and you are the only one i love of all the ones that i have tried. i wish you could help me set up my advertizing. please help

  336. Christian Moreno

    I love the name!! I think it’s adds sort of an edge to it! And it sounds great!! CANT WAIT TILL NEXT WEEK TO SEE THE NEW SUCCESS CONNECTIONS!!! and love the Facebook page too!! Take care Anthony!

  337. KAT

    You have pick a winning name Success Connections it grabbed my attention and everyone else as well!

    The two words Success Connections say it all! The Connections is you Anthony and you help teach all of us the techniques that we need to be Success/full…

    Thanks Anthony

  338. Rohan Pommels

    Hi Anthony! Just looking at the name itself, sparks creativity! I’ve always struggled with learning and comprehending things in the past.. But with your system of teaching, I believe success is inevitable.The interconnection between you and all of us is so rich in the secrects that you reveal, I’m so motivated! Can’t wait to share my story.

  339. ian

    hi anthony,
    ok you have these two words but i think there is something missing.maybe it should be affiliates success connection
    affiliates success connection with anthony morrison
    it just seems something is missing

  340. Sharon Howell

    Awesome Landmark “100 Blogs”- Full of Information. Not forsure if I heard this saying from You or Carol “Work Smarter, Not Harder”. Checking your Blogs & Applying your information that you’ve already been there done that, Puts us in the “SUCCESS CONNECTION”. Perfect name because they are filled with Succesful Information. Awesomew

  341. Marie Schukart

    Tying to get caught back up, wow, you keep very busy just putting information out for all of us! πŸ™‚ Thank you

    Of course the name works, your the expert! πŸ™‚

    Success – What everyone here wants
    Connection – we all want to feel that we have a connection to a true guru, the great information you pass on to us, and because it is a blog we can basically connect with you.

    Thank you for keeping the feeling of personal involvement, it makes a big difference!

  342. Bruce A Mayo

    Great name! I’m a newbie here, but I like the information I have received so far.

    Thanks for taking the time to help us that are just getting started!

  343. Bill White Sr

    I think that this a good selection.because it inspires one to a apart of being successful.

  344. Lois Pyles

    I think the new name is “Perfect”. It is exactly what you do and it is exactly what you want us to be also when we connect with you! I am an associate of and it happened at least a couple of weeks ago. I was going all over the internet before I found your email to me, and got hooked up with streamline online and paid $5,ooo. for marketing the website (which broke me) before I found you. So, to make a long story short; I like your method better and plan to do your method each day. Thank you very much for being patient with me. I become very tired and stressed when I have to again take my husband to the hospital for his heart problems. He has become quite fragile & weak, but I want him to have as much independence as possible. So now I tell him in the A.M. “I have to go to work” and he knows what I do. So he is fine with that and watches a movie until I’m done. I am so very thankful for you! Lois

  345. sylvia pardue

    I wondererd why there were so many responses. I like it,too!

  346. Elizabeth Aliaga

    Success connection is a great name!!!! Congratulations to the winners!!! Thank you for your informative blogs!! It’s great to see someone with such success so motivated to help others!! I guess that is why it is only fitting that your weekly blogs should bear the name “Success Connection,” because it is a way for you to connect with us as well as with each other in the further of all our success!!! I joined Affiliate Marketing a while ago and am happy to have learned so much about online marketing and hope to continue to learn more on my very own path to success!!!! I don’t know many successful business moguls so willing to help out the underdog toward their success!!!! You’re one of a kind!! Thanks again, Anthony!!!!! πŸ˜€

  347. cantmisthis

    I thank its a great name for your blog
    Ive been with you for awhile now ,You are very sincere with what you are doing with your students and that is one of the things that keep me here cause you do care as, As we all grow and learn this business we know you and your staff are there to help and continue to add more ways to help us all out congrats on the winners and good watching out for them both cause you are our success connection

  348. Jeremiah Afong

    The Success Connection name is inspirational, it gives me the inspiration to challenge myself to be successful at what ever I do.

  349. Ralph

    Hey Anthony

    Hoping all is well with you, I think the new Blog name is quite appropriate, I truly believe that Success is definitely and directly connected to the type of connection we develop throughout our lives, it takes only one right connection to change a person life forever. I believe that what you are doing to help people succeed qualifies you as one of the connection that can change someone’s life forever.

    …… o
    …… n
    …… n
    ….. .e
    …… c
    .. ….t

  350. Gina Amos

    I like the new name. It will get me to get on more and check things out more than I do. Plus you like our ideas and I like that. Looking forward to the next seminar. I get so many opportunities being a business owner to watch seminars and yours I really learn from. Keep up the good work and sorry I’ve not been on here to post been busy fixing my car. No I didn’t win, but I look forward to more learning from you and more chances to win.

  351. Pierre Mocombe

    I am glad you were able to select your winners. I certainly was hoping to be one of them. The name chosen fits the description of the weekly blog because for one thing, you do promote success and two, you invite your followers to connect using Facebook and Twitter thus having a symbiotic relationship where both you and I will be able to grow. I am looking forward to seeing you on March 14, for the 90 minutes conference to be held in Plainview. I tried my best to get the free Tablet pc offered to the first 50 to register, but unfortunately, 50 of your followers beat me to it. No sense of hiding my disappointment but hopefully in the near future, I will be able to win.
    Keep up the good work and God bless!

  352. Naomi Nores

    success I like to succeed in every goal that set myself into and to connect is important, is the only way that you will succeed in life we always need connections in order to succeed even when you buy something when you have good connections you get better deals. I think this is a good name it shows us that we have to be realistic and positive to succeed and to connect. Yes I do like it!!!!!!

  353. SEA

    Anthony no i wasn’t me any all is well Gid bless continue to do what you are doing

  354. Giannina Aguirre

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  358. Mary Kenyon

    I Love your new name and will look forward to success stories, comments, and ideas on your weekly blog. We will all learn from you and appreciate all your input.

  359. Susan

    Hi Anthony,

    I like the name Success Connection. Because it is short and sweet and stands for just what it says. People can achieve Success through the Connections that are important to them. So connect and you will have success!

    Best regards,

  360. Edmund Clay

    Hi, Anthony!

    This new name is similar to the name I have suggested and e-mailed you a few weeks ago. I called it “Weekly Tips On Successful Marketing On Line”.
    See and hear you more on your weekly Success Connection.

    Edmund Clay

  361. Glen Tweet

    Love the name “Success Connection”. The words work very well together to combine into a powerful meaning.

  362. Annette Anderson

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    Thanks for all that you do,
    Annette Anderson

  363. Tonya Young


    I feel that you couldn’t have picked a better name. It just makes since. πŸ™‚
    Congratulations to us all on our success. Thank you, Anthony.

    God Bless,
    Tonya Young

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    Carry on -You are a real inspiration..


  367. Judy Hill

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  368. John Olson

    I do like the idea that the two words reinforce each other—go together!

  369. Cindy

    I have had your information for a while but never was in a position to do anything with it. I moving myself towards really getting connected. Which brings me to how much I like your new blog name! Connected to success is good thing. I’m also more confident in your system than ever since you have not fallen off into the abyss.

  370. Debra Rebetje


    Although you did not pick my suggestion I am impressed with your combination idea. It couldn’t be more perfect. It describes this project perfectly. I love it and look forward to “Success Connection” 1, 2, 3…etc.


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    It is amazing how you have students from different ages. I was reading the comment about an 84 year old man. It is astonishing to read this! I got even more motivated to read what he had posted on his comment. I thought to myself “if he is able to do it” I can do do it as well.

    Thank you for your efforts in helping us and for insipiring masses of different race, age, gender, knowledge, and nationalities. You are a leader and a preacher for success!!!!! Thank you once more. Also, congrats! for the 100th weekly blog.

  372. Carolyn H.

    I really like the name Success Connection, but it doesn’t have a smooth flow as you say it. Maybe you should just call it SC when you talk about it, but keep the name Success Connection on the blog. Anyway, I would love to win an e-pad, and I will also keep watching your video blog.

    I’m still trying to figure out a name for my web page.

    God bless,


  373. Gary Tonissen

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    Really Awesome Day, May God Richly Bless You,
    Oh, and , I hit the like button on here for Facebook too.

    Thank you,
    Gary Tonissen

  374. David Vaugh

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    Love the Name, it is precisely what I need. A connection to my success.

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    This was my first time watching, looks like a connection I want to be a part of!

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    Best wishes.

    Kevin K.

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  379. Karen-Anne Bishop

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    KAB πŸ™‚

  380. lorne

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    Great idea Tony, wonderful idea, I like it,Big High five to them Malinda and Scott.

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    i think success connection is a good name for your weekly blog.that name fits.

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    I think this is a great name! I do think the name will give all of us inspiration. You’re weekly blog has always been beneficial and inspiring to me so, no matter what you name it I’ll be here!

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  388. Joycelyn Dickerson

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  389. Tom Cory

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  390. Joyce

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  392. Curtis-Lee Johnson

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  393. M. Stewart

    Wonderful Marketing and insightful name; Success Connection. Includes your audience/listners/clients/group feel a part of a professional successful adventure! Like Olive Garden’s ~ “When you are here you are family!”. Actually I entered that in a suggession box at a resurtant years ago when I was a server at Roswell, Georgia Olive Garden. They were promoting Hospitialiano which ment nothing to me….I told the manager people like to feel part of a family. Then entered “When you are here….that into the box. Good Choice!!

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  395. Patrice Baker

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  397. Mark Sonnenschein

    Success Connection is a great name that accomplishes two things.
    “Success” is an inspirational word reminding all of what they want for the goals they have set. “Connection” serves as a reminder that if they need information or help, they know they can contact you and/or your crew for the needed information.

  398. Omar Sequera

    I like the video and also Success and Connection.. Success for everything you been doing and Connection to show everybody all your Success.

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    P.S. Anthony Morrison LIKE

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  403. Anna Varnell

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    Best Wishes, Anna

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  405. Yvonne Pizarro

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    Yours Truly,
    Yvonne Pizarro

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    Just to let you know, I’ve saved over 425 emails from you and purchased some items. I just attended Adrian’s 3-day training in Orlando and look forward to meeting you at the end of March in Mississippi.
    By the way, I had that similar title around 14 years ago~
    God bless!

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