1. Allyson Griffin

    Appreciated this video blog, Anthony! I am working on campaigns now and this was helpful in knowing how many to have!
    Thank you!

  2. James

    Good tips Anthony. I would like to have a way to find out what is moving well like what is selling well on Facebook and Linkedin. Any advice or suggestions?

  3. Kim

    Helpful reminder to not spread ourselves too thin but did not give specific examples.

  4. Carol Amato

    Awesome training – thanks so much!

    You are a master teacher, and I’m very glad our paths crossed.

    Can’t wait to comment on Blog #100 next week! 🙂

    Take Care,


    Thanks for blog #99! I look forward to 100 and the new blog name.
    I attended your conference on Ft. Myers Beach yesterday 2/23/12. I am a newbee to affiliate marketing, I’ve downloaded your book and the other free stuff and the Secret 16.

    I am serious about making this work and will start from scratch and follow your lead. I have never made one red cent online, but believe from what I saw yesterday and blog #99, that my mistakes were not understanding where to begin. Thank you and I will be in training from today forward.

  6. Susan Acree

    Thanks, Anthony,
    I just talked to a coach this morning…have been frustrated that I haven’t had even 1 action on the 6 or 7 Campaigns I have tried…I’ll keep trying, but need a little success to get better…

    BTW…I think you meant Too Much… Old teacher, can’t help myself 😉


  7. Alan

    Anthony – this was helpful.

    Recommended blog subject: For someone starting out, what businesses are the most likely to generate income with minimal advertising investment.

  8. Tomi

    This is great….giving us a goal and knowing how many to work on at a time. Next time what to look for in successful campaigns to continue and when to turn them off.

    Great Job

  9. Dorothy Marr

    Yes! This helps me to understand what I need to do.

    Thank you

    I am looking forward to our future with these blogs.

  10. Jesse Duguay

    I have just signed up and i like the advise of the success
    but i need help on getting started up so i can get this going

  11. Sue

    Hi Anthony,
    I am still waiting to make that “first dollar” but will use all this information to get there, and hopefully build on it.

  12. Rosalind Quaye

    Thank you for your much needed, comprehensive, nutshell advise presented on “Weekly Blog #99: Mistakes Affiliates Make”. This is my first time responding to your messages since hospitalization. I am so glad that I did not ignore your email!

  13. Pat Rebo

    Hi Anthony, it all makes sence to me. If you give them too much to choose from at one time it can be overwelming, I know it overwelms me. PS . The white board didn’t have any glare this week with you standing on the right side of it . ( GREAT JOB ) Thank You PS. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, and have a GREAT WEEKEND. Your Friend Pat Rebo

  14. Dobey

    Yes, correction is in place for having to few campaign, Thank you, Anthony.

    Dobey Gavin, President/CEO
    AAB Service Corp

  15. DeeDee

    Thanks,Anthony…great tips ! Would love to see what types of campains are most common and useful.I hope to see the blog number still used in future posts as it helps me stay on track.Thanks,again…Dee

  16. Sheleen Lanier

    Thanks Anthony, This really helped me to know to not get too crazy and know what to start with. I’ve had a hard time even getting going so this will help.

  17. Gretchen Love

    That was a great help. I don’t why I thought that if I put a lot of campaigns out that I was doing it right. But now that you’ve explain how it shold be done I’m going to change somethings that I have been doing. Also can you explain how to test your campaigns in your weekly blog. I don’t understand what you mean by test. Right now I’m doing everything on and I get hits but they still won’t buy. I know I’m catching on but I just need to know a few other things before I can start getting people to leave me their email address.

  18. Vicki Kirkpatrick

    Anthony, this blog helped because it is easier to go in every direction and too many. Simplicity and one thing at a time (well maybe five as you said) and master that one thing. I get calls all the time to get into something else and my response is always the same – I am working on a program right now that I want to finish and complete so I am making an amount of money I think I should on the start and then I will look at other things to add. I saw a video today that totally has the right profile to fit into this program but, I have to get my site and program to a level of making sales first then I will for sure add this other program. Thanks for all your training and positive thinking because that relates into success for me.

  19. Dave Landis

    Anthony, thank you for this info about affiliates. You could spend alot of time here because that is an area that has many people stumbling. I certainly do not know how to run an affiliate campaign… details on how to word the ads to be effective would help me to do better.

  20. Cheryl

    Hi Anthony,

    Thank you! You can get too overwhelmed if you do too much… One or Two at a time you can stay focused and it’s easy to get lost!

    Thank you for validating my feelings about this!


  21. Maurice

    Good Evening Anthony, I want to thank you for this blog and the very useful information in it. I seem to be stuck in one place with my wheels spinning. I would like to know how to get an affiliate website set up. This is my sticking point. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated and again, thank you for sharing this info.

    Maurice Tuck

  22. Shirley York

    Thank you so much for another one of your golden nuggets.To someone like me that is just getting started they are much appreciated. Thanks again.

  23. Debbie A Stanton

    Yes Anthony I agree with what Allyson had to say. This was very helpful in knowing not to get to much going at one time. A doer of much but a master of nothing! Keep up the great work at blogging for us, we really appreciated it!

  24. Doris Gessner

    Hey Anthony – It actually gave me an idea. I don’t run a bunch of campaigns because I don’t even know where to start with that, but it did crystalize my thinking about a question I should be asking. Thanks for your wonderful efforts we all so appreciate you!
    Doris Gessner

  25. charles ross

    im just starting my bussiness and i was wondering how many campaign i need to work on at one time and when i listened to today blog i got my answer.Thank you Anthony.

  26. DonaldRTaylorJr

    Anthony, Excellent Blog, great backup for what I am working on right now, thanks and God Bless!

  27. Scotty

    Thanks Anthony. It was helpful. Keep up the good work. I really like the white board teaching technique.

  28. Don D Stecker

    Thanks for this information. I need help in getting started with this business, and especialy with email marketing, ie: creating a email list, send, Profit.

  29. Rich Bergold

    Thanks for the advice. When you say to select your 5 offers, do you pick 5 from one category (i.e., weight loss, dating) and then further focus on just one type of media to promote on (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Email) or can you mix up your 5 offers / campaigns with simultanoeous promotions on Facebook, Twitter, Email etc?

  30. daniel

    I would like to see you teach how to advertise your site for free.
    via face book twiter etc. this blog does not help me I was iold by an aff.provider the more you have the better the chances to get a sale.

  31. Phillip

    Anthony, Thanks! I have probably been too conservative with only 1 or 2 campaigns at a time. This helps to know from your own experience and not from a text book (except if you have written it.)

  32. Lusida Nell

    Is this my website above. Like I told you, I need you to do step by step, because I am not expert in Computer. I really need to earn money this month so I can pay my daughter…..Thanks…..Nell

  33. Nancy Anderson

    Very helpful. I did not know how many I should be starting with. Thank you.

  34. Carol

    This is helpful. I am working on a single campaign now and thought to start that would be sufficient. Now I know otherwise. Thanks. See you next week for #100

  35. Ella Dikeman

    yes this did help me, I am working on one affliliate, So that I can get really good at it. and to understand what I have to learn, I never thought about more than 50 at a time.
    now I think I will try another affiliate.
    and work on my web site, again thanks for the tid bit of info.
    as always you do give good advice,

  36. Ron

    Good point, Anthony. I have spread myself out too thin and don’t get enough traffic to any of the sites. I’m going to stop starting new campaigns and concentrate on 4 or 5 of the most promising ones now. Thanks for the tip.

  37. Karl

    This was very helpful!!!. Keep on giving everybody so good Tips. Can not wait to see and hear how you name your campaign.

  38. Geri

    This blog was very helpful. I am only starting with 5, because I want to see what’s happening with each campaign.

  39. faileysr

    Hi . I am very excited about the future as I learned more about affiliate marketing.First let me say Thank to.You and your Brother. Adrian for that you do, and also to the mentors, who help me when I have question.
    Because if his I thing This is a good name for the weekly blog.

    (1) Mentoring Flame Blog.
    (2) Mentoring light Blog.

  40. jason

    Hello i wonder if you can show us how to write a campaign or the idea on how to write and ad for for website, this would help alot if we have some kind of guide to go by.

    ty, jason

  41. Tom D. DeVisscher

    I am trying to market your solar panels affilliate program with your twitter program and am looking forward to buying another of your great books! Thanks for the weekly blog! Heartily yours , Tommy D.

  42. Chuck2

    Newbie here – I liked your “missing piece of the puzzle” analogy. I have just dumped the IM puzzle out of the box. This Blog and all others are giving a more and more complete picture. Keep’em coming.

  43. Don Thomas

    Hi Anthony, yes this helps a great deal…. Sometimes I either do much or not enough. Ya gotta be willing and able to look at those things about yourself. Thx Bubba!!!

  44. Richard Belair

    Hey Anthony, Go over the steps for campaigns. Specify points 1, 2, &3…that will help out. Thanks

  45. Lynn

    I have only been learning about what this is all about and I have not started anything yet but your blogs are very informative. thanks

  46. Lydia

    This blog helped me, I have been all over the place, rather than focusing on mastering, testing, and creating campaigns that work. I have made a list of items that I will be researching to link up with as an affiliate. I also like that your blogs are short and to the point so that I can get busy. Thank you Anthony.

  47. Yesenia

    I really like the empowerment you provide to our business. I like how you teacho us little scopes of your knowledge and help us comprehend our readings better. Thank you I will consider your advice and get rolling. Thank you, Anthony!

  48. Roberta Jones

    Enjoy your weekly blogs. Today I attended Day 1 of a 3 Day workshop. Fantastic! I suggest The name for the Weekly Bog to be “Stepping Stone to Success”

  49. Martie Rader

    Anthony; am just choosing a niche but hopefully I will soon have a product out there to test. Thanks for the info and the encouragement.

  50. Scott Davidson

    Yes this blog did help me even though I have yet to start implimenting your course.

  51. John Haynes

    The black and red on the whiteboard work very well! I have been thinking about starting to expand as soon as I get a few more bucks – I’m normally a one thing at a time, methodical type of person. I had a feeling that I needed to do some ‘experimenting’ though – and your blog definitely confirmed it for me! Thanks for all you do, Anthony! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  52. Joyce Hubble

    Just started your 3-day introductory class today. Loads of information. Really excited to begin your program. Yes, the blog was helpful. The $$$$$$$ are tempting; but, we must remember, sometimes, less is more.

  53. jose cordero

    this was very helpfull cuz I did one canpane got no hits and I stop cuz I thought it was a wast of $$$$ I AM GOING TO GET BACK AT IT

  54. Nelson aguilar

    woaaaoow makes sense……just like your brother said. by the way i went to your brother class and he said exactly the same thing . i haven’t make my first dollar yet. but i can feel it in my hands….. im still waiting to get approve with wolfstormmidia… cant wait till i start testing and writting ads. sounds like a proces but verry powerful. its ok ,you know that in the end it’s going to pay off then you pad yourself in the back……..thaks anthony for for putting such good ifo out there.

  55. Michael Casarez

    Hi Anthony, great blog this week. It is direct and to the point. I look forward to blog #100. I am a new member and comming along quite well. So far I have succesfully brianstormed my first domain name, it was available and my mentor commended me for my ability to create domain names on my own without any other affiliates examples.I am going to give my best effort and move on to the next step with wordpress, bluehost, and go daddy. I hope to meet you in peson one day when you visit Los Angeles in the future.

  56. Michael

    It was good!. . . but I am disabled and cxannot afford the coaches, specialists, or Representative to help me. Anyway, Thank you!

  57. Melissa Cue

    As always great! I’m marketing online baby. Working hard to figure out what the bleepity bleep bleep bleeeeeep I am doing. Thanks to you I actually have a chance. So keep em coming and thanks.

  58. John Olson

    I’m just barely getting started, so this is critical information for me. With all the pieces of info. coming at me (I’m brand new to the field of internet marketing) tends to be somewhat overwhelming. So simple is nice. Thanks!

  59. Arnie

    Thanks Anthony,
    I’ll do that this coming week. I have not been able to make a cent in the last five months. I’m gonna try to concentrate on one offer and push the campaigns on that offer to see what happens. I’ll see if the PMI coaches can help me as well.
    Thanks Arnie

  60. Cynthia Oleson

    Thank you Anthony,
    I’m a new student and appreciate these videos. do I start running a campaign from my affiliate builder? or is it done on face book, click bank, etc. I’m a little confused.
    Looking forward to Blog # 100

  61. Doreen Munoz

    Loved your video! I’m not spreading myself to thin. I’m promoting just a few products that support my health message to my readers and in branding myself as a health expert.

  62. Leslie Powell

    Yes Anthony this video really did help me! Should we also stick with ‘alike’ products rather than promoting different companies with products that are not alike at all? Thanks for your help!

  63. Curtis E. Lawson

    That is very helpful. This approach is just what I need to get going. I have tried a few things that did not work but I’m sure this will. Thanks for your faith in what you are doing.

    Curt Law

  64. Dan Collins

    Thanks for blog #99. This one was really great because you focused on a real aspect of AM. It’s like the difference between telling someone how a blower can make your Mustang go fast vs. telling them you need a high-flow fuel pump, high capacity injectors and ECU reprogramming to get the most out of your Vortech supercharger on the 4.6 liter V-8. Details give us confidence!

  65. John Carney

    How about naming it: Phoenix Blog or Phoenix report
    because a phoenix rises from the ashes to soar above the clouds.
    And thats what we are all aiming at.

  66. Michelle

    Thanks for sharing your info on this subject,I am just starting thisaffiliate adventure in several of my websites with sure if it will work out but I’m very hopeful,could use any advise husband is subscribed to ur video blog but I am now , I would like to join cuz eight now I have to go into his email and forward ur messages about the blog to myself lol thAnks again

  67. Jamielee Hutton

    Yes it was helpful because it confirmed what my gut was telling me . More advice on the proper way to market would be great . Thanks for the training and keep up the great work .
    Your Friend ,

  68. Joyce Knake

    Always helpful information. I’m just starting on the affiliate program and I’m not sure of some things like do I have to blog on each affiliate product and how I get my bloging comments to link to my website. Maybe I need to be looking at Affiliate Marketing 101.

  69. steven lowe

    Anthony,thanks for confirming what was I questionable about.I’m one of those people that could go overboard just because my mind says more is better.What I learned is ” quality, not quantity” is the key to a successful marketing flow.Thanks again. Steven Lowe

  70. Tom Matson

    This was good information thanks.
    It helps me put a “Road Map” together for my campaign.

  71. Keith Dansie

    Anthony thanks for all the help. Why don’t you call your weekly Blog ‘Anthony’s corner’. Keith

  72. Francine Hamanne

    THIS WAS SOOOO HELPFUL. Thank you for your constant tips to help we ‘little financial people’ thrive to succeed. I look forward to working with your brother Adrian at next weekend’s 3-day training! Yahoo!

  73. Keith Dansie

    Anthony thanks for the all the help its great. Why don’t you call your weekly Blog ‘ Anthony’s corner’

  74. david Johnson III

    I’m just starting and what you just has been my problem all of my life. and now I am learning to slow down and concentrate on one aspect of life, and one aspect of business at a time.

  75. Cheryl Harrington

    I am a newby and will getting started next week – I was looking through your web and came across the ” Weekly Blog” . Already I have gotten some very valuable information from the CEO about working my business.

    When I get into the education aspect and start getting myself ramped up and online this advice will be protocol for me. Thanks Anthony Morrison for this valuble advice. I will be watching these blogs on Saturdays to gear my self up for new strategies for the next week.

    Thank you very much and I sure it will be successful!!!!

  76. Penelope Cottrell

    You are so right! With so many offers to make money on line it is very easy to get confused and not really follow up with any of them. Also you may not make the best use of your financial resoursed if you are as you said”spread too thin”.

  77. Ron Bufe

    I am not currently running campaigns, however, in the near future when I start, I now know not to run too many nor too few. I will definite start with one and them add to that. Thanks, Ron.

  78. peter


    Excellent. Very concise and simple and… useful. Appreciate your time and efforts.

    i signed up last summer and have done *nothing* with the program. Yes, lame. I havent made the time to even look at the details. I just went thru a divorce, short-sold my house and am trying to consult to get out of debt and make some money. In the process, i have been lame. The style in which you present material is why i am still around. Me getting out of my own way is something else, but just wanted to say keep them concise and dont get sales-y. More details later.. Anyway. Keep up the good work.


  79. Gladys

    Thanks for the tip. I just stated your program and I’m very excited so far and seeing that you keep us informed greatly boost my confidence that I made the right choice.

    Much Thanks!

  80. stanley escolano

    your weekly blog 99 is very helpful. I’m am still studying 365. thank you.

  81. Jim Williams

    I’m going to miss “The Weekly Blog”. It is a simple name that aptly describes exactly what it is – your Blog that you do each week; now for 99 weeks!

    #99 is a good, practical Blog lesson, but how long should you run your 5 or 6 campaigns before you give up on them and grab 5 or 6 more?

  82. Adrian Pearson

    Cool this video because I read the captioned closed as subtitles and some understand what u re suggest me right path. I am doing to try my best.
    Thank You, Anthony

  83. Sydney

    Thanks for the vids. Yes, it’s helpful! Anything advice from a successful marketer is always welcomed!
    Happy 100 next week…Keep ’em coming!

  84. Irene Hale

    thanks, Anthony! my natural tendency is to bounce between extremes, depending on my mood or desperation level. good to know where that “just right” level is, to keep things moving if one campaign stalls and so my focused, methodical side can be most effective.

  85. David Ginisi

    Hi, Anthony! This is a helpful blog as a “newbie” to affiliate marketing, I think this will be an important strategy to remember. I appreciate the information.

  86. Hook

    I agree on finding the balance and the gems in the rough. Maybe you could work on “Right” lol Right?

  87. Natalie Lee

    Yes….I love your weekly blog & tips, all are helpful. I’ve only started one campaign, but it’s on hold due to my financial challenges. I’m still going to go thru each step as soon as I’m financially able to. I usually focus on one baby step at a time! Keep the tips coming as I use all of them to learn….

  88. Rosemarie Delfel

    Blog #99 was informative and great advice. Also, the darker writing is now perfectly legible on your whiteboard! Another effective name for your weekly blog would be: “Projects & Objectives: Weekly Review”.

  89. Toni Rowe

    Blog 99 definitely helpful, but going into how to test (if you haven’t covered this in previous blogs) would be even greater help.

  90. Jes Olvera

    Excellent and to the point information in this weeks blog. I suppose many of us in our haste to get the most benefit from our endeavors often do too much or not enough just like you mentioned. I await the new name of the weekly blog.

  91. Brandon Simmons

    Thank you,Thank you, Thank you. Weekly blog #99 was exactly what i needed to see.This will help me out alot.

  92. James Crowley

    Great stuff as usual! Learn from every blog of yours i watch. Wish i could have gotten in on the cpv dominator on our webinar. Keep up the good work Anthony!

  93. Stephenie Joyner

    I found it useful of how to go about making things work. I am still in the baby stages of this but I feel deep down in the my bones I can do this and succeed.

  94. Jean

    I found it very helpful as it gave me a balance to make sure I do not over whelm myself and not accomplish my goals.

  95. carol overton

    Hi Anthony, I am just beginning to come aboard and listen to what you have to say. I am working with facebook now, finishing up with a social networking site and working on a blog for my clients and that’s a-lot for me to manage. So it makes sense to keep things low key. Thank you for you insight. I want to know if I can catch your other blogs?

    Have a Fantastic Sunday,

  96. Dave Klee

    I am a newbie also. I love your boks, videos, and blogs. Can’t wait for blog 100 and more helpful information. Thank You, Dave.

  97. Peggy

    I’m just getting started as an affliliate and that was one of my questions. How many campaigns to start with. Great info. Thanks

  98. Bryan

    Very practical, helpful, basic information. Especially helpful for me at this time as I have been too spread out – too many domains. It’s amazing how quickly I forget the basics. Thanks!

  99. RD

    Yes, Thanks Anthony. Have added to my notes as I will be reaching this part soon. As always great help. You Rock!!
    Peace & Happiness

  100. Lamar

    Yes Anthony, this blog is very helpful. I watch all of your blogs and I always learn something that can help me be successful . . . . take a lot of notes too. Thanks for all your help !


  101. Ereyk A.

    Wow great blog Anthony!

    Just getting started will be attending training this coming wekend,
    can’t wait!! I see your blogs are going to be of a lot of help for newbies
    and it looks like you are an excelent teacher/trainer.

    This blog already answer one of my first questions i had in mind.
    Thank you very much, i will go thru all the past blogs im sure i will
    learn a lot more and get more knowledge and questions answered
    and will be looking forward to future ones and my future success with
    all your help! God bless!

  102. Marcia Brown

    Great advice, as usual, Anthony! I have been hesitant to do more than one or two at a time. I plan to try this strategy because I evidently don’t have enough campaigns going. Thanks again, for all you do to help us be successful!

  103. Edward

    Excellent information to put into practice. Every business person at some time or another in their business career tends to want to do a little too much and lose focus on mastering one area of their business then moving or growing on into a another area. Great blog to bring us back into the basics and reality.
    Thanks !

  104. Sid Williams

    I have not taken the 3 day course yet, but it looks like you are
    there to help us learn the business and to earn some money!

    Feeling better about making the investment!!!

  105. Gary H

    Just getting started, here. The reminder to focus energy on fewer campaigns with higher quality and greater attention to what is working is plain good sense. Less waste of time on ineffective campaigns. Dart analogy very useful for keeping concept in mind.

    Keep it up, Anthony!

  106. Jackie S.

    This was a very helpful blog to let me know how many campaigns to work on at once, especially since I am just beginning. For your next blog, can you explain how to test the campaigns? I am assuming this has to do with the response you get to the campaigns, but just exactly how do you go about testing? Also, how do you know when you should shut down a campaign? Keep up the great work and help!

  107. Dan

    Thanks, enjoyed the blog. I am presently involved with your PMI training and affiliate network course as well as a few others doing much the same training. Your 2 courses are exelent. The other courses are on hold while I persue these 2. Once one of these corses helps me turn a profit withion a few weeks all I have invested in will be profitable and my expences will be recouped.

  108. naomi graves

    i know i can do any thing i want to it just takes a little work. i have to want to do it. the way you put it it isn’t as hard as it might seam to be. i’ll get back with you next month and tell you how things are going sence i under stand things a little better.

  109. Alex Ramadan

    Anthony, such a big help thanks so much man I didn’t have enough and I just let them run too long when they aren’t working. I need to shut down and try a new product and need to test more products out to find my gem. Again, thank you do much.

  110. Edith Rekshynskyj

    Hi Anthony, I did listen to your very interesting blog early this morning. I thought I was to new to give any comments. I try not to miss anything, as I really want to learn the trade.

    Thank you,

  111. James Ivy

    Great Blog Anthony about testing your campaigns I made an FB page the other day as well as posted on Linkden and gotten great responses.

  112. Candy Johnson

    This was very helpful as I am just getting started and wondering how many types of advertising to use and don’t want top spread myself too thin. Thanks, Candy Johnson

  113. Joe Williams

    Great teaching in blog #99, keep up the good work, looking out #100, I’ll be on monday night @ 8pm,
    Thanks for this is the greatest oppertunity in a life time, may you receive many Blessings in this life.
    Thanks again.

  114. Leipzig Hughes

    Hello Anthony
    thanks for this particular blog, it will help me understand my husband’s desire to utilize more than one marketing campaign with his business. I was thinking it would be a waste of time and money and I was suggesting for him to add the dollar amount and time he will utilize on the other campaign towards the first option. But listening to this blog helps me put my case to rest and trust him on his choice. Now I just have to wait and see…

    Thanks for your time and all efforts to help others.


    help me alot thanks !!!! and i think the weekly blog should be called the (Boarding Blog) because you are always introducing the white board before you start to eduacate us on the marketing….and people are always coming on aboard to this marketing business….

  116. Kelley

    I am truly green to this program and am always listening to your videos. If there is any one on one help I would be so appreciative. I have nothing but time so I am available. Please help me. Thanks

  117. Anna

    Thank you Anthomy
    This information is very smart and in time
    So long I just collected informations
    Now the time calls for action

  118. Laisne

    Thank you for the blog. I am just starting out in affiliates at clickbank. Trying to figure out how and what to do.

  119. Denise

    Hi Anthony and thank you for the tips within the blog. Very valuable. I’m a complete newbie and must admit that I’m a bit frustrated as there is so very much to learn. Having said that, your support services and the Fast Cash members training is superb! I’m just going to hang in there and know that it will work if I work it!! Thank you again.

  120. David Eisenhauer


    You are absolutely correct when you say that testing is important. It has been my experience that with testing goes tracking / analytics. If the data is not captured for future uses it is almost like just spinning your wheels and throwing your money away.

    By the way – how about “Anthony’s Tips And Tricks” or Anthony’s Internet Marketing Clinic or Internet Marketing Strategies ?

  121. Deppie Tinny Kekatos

    This is really amazing as usual. I just need to get started the right way.
    Thanks Anthony. You rock!!

  122. Gerald Acken

    I like your slow and steady approach to the topic. I am still reading your book and am absorbing the information so that the terminology becomes second nature to me. I keep all of the things you send me and will be going through all of the information for anything that I can learn from you. Slow and steady and careful is the approach that I follow as well. Thanks Jerry

  123. Beverly

    Right on. I had a professional from SCORE tell me the same thing. In a word, he recommended that I FOCUS. I will try it your way and get better results. While I am great at multitasking, nothing gets done well, it just gets done.

  124. Ana

    Just one little comment – ‘To Much’ is not correct. It should be ‘Too Much.’


    thanks Anthony,I am looking forward to your next week blog,I always feel good when you speak to us even though i havent achieved much i am trying to follow your advise and my mentor is also great in helping me, in under standing the program,the computer this is totally new tech for a hairdresser who has done only hair for 57 years never have left the profession i am excited about doing a new job from home,and still make an income,thanks anthony, i am looking forward to seeing my first fruits of my labors .MARY BALDWIN

  126. Ray Findley

    Anthony, This helps a lot. It narrows the campaigns to a manageable number. It helps to know a viable approach to designing a campaign.


  127. spencer

    Hi Anthony: Spencer here I’ve just reviewed your 99th video blog.good tip and I do get it, but what you didn’t relay to us is time. How much time should or what is a good time frame to spend or one or five to six campaigns.

  128. Sandra

    Hi Anthony,
    Thanks so much, I need more like this! I feel like I’m trying way too many different types of ad methods as well (ex website, landing pages, email/zip submits, CPV Marketing, and more) and I can’t keep my head on straight!
    Thanks again!

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    Had little contact with councle .Still dont know where to start yet but
    getting close to working on setting up a website.Thanks for your help.
    Your blogs are helpful.

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    Right now I’m working thru the 365 days, but this was a question that I asked myself recently. Your blog helped a lot. Working with about a half dozen or so campaigns at a time is manageable, so that will be my approach when I begin. Thanks much.


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    thank you again.

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  174. Constance Archer

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    Fred & Hyunsou

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