1. Louis Jackson

    Anthony i am a 75 year old black man born in Waco Texas but i live in, and have for the last 42 years. I am also Legally Blind. I purchase and recived it last week, i need a magnifing glass to read your book ,buti am so happy to be able to read them .I have reded ADVERTISING PROFITS FROM HOME AND HIDDEN MILLONAIRE, And now i am going to read them again. They are very good and your teaching is good i was only in school til the 6th. grade.I have tryed a lots of other program that didn t work. But i know yours will. Thank You,

  2. Alana Personius

    Hi Anthony ,Me and my sister went in on your book and dvds together ,You sent us. We are 49, and I,am 50 years old .We both feel this is yet the best years of our lives ,to come. And we are excited in our new career with you, and your teachings . We received your book on 19th of Jan 2010.We look forward to prospering in new internet Business, Alana Personius

  3. Salimata Cherif

    Hi Anthony
    I just started your book and I find it very helpful. The first and second chapter were enough for me to take out all those questions I was asking to my self. I hope the motivation and the new confidence I build from my reading will make me be one of the best affiliate marketing ever. thank you so much and god bless you.

  4. Thomas L

    Hey Anthony,
    Started reading the book and i am really inspired even though at 50 i still feel computer illiterate. Very stoked to see this to fruition thanks to your honest, down to earth manner you project thus far. Thank you for giving me hope of a realistic career change that has the promise of prosperity unlike the numerous others ive tried in the past!

  5. Robb Saunders

    Just received your package a couple of weeks ago and ended up subscribing to the marketing plan recommended. Great stuff so far. Of course, I have not completed reading your books yet…I am still crawling and completing the curriculum recommended. Your enthusiasm for others is so contagious and refreshing and I really appreciate your generosity to those who really need support. I continue to be impressed and honored. After spending thousands and thousands of bucks on stuff that was supposed to work, only to find that they did not and come across your system and advancing and profiting slowly…I believe it will happen. I am looking forward to becoming more of a person than I have ever been as one of your students and will hopefully become one of your success stories.

  6. Buford Turner

    Hi Anthony,

    I have read both your books and I enjoyed them both. The second half of
    Advertising Profits from home was really good because you focused on explaining how to get started and get your business off the ground.

  7. natalie ward

    thank you so much for your book it is very inspirational and this is something I know can be done!

  8. Debra Scribner

    Thanks so much for the drive and push to keep me going, I have felt like quitting this week for some reason. Not seeing resuts even though I am spending the ad budget, just a little discouraged. So thanks again! Debra

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