Affiliate Summit – Las Vegas & SocialAdsPro Launch

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All I can say is “wow” I am glad to be home! I just spent the last five days in Las Vegas for the Affiliate Summit convention. If you haven’t been you should make plans right now to attend Affiliate Summit in August 2010 it’s being held in New York. If you want more information on Affiliate Summit just visit

Anyway for those of you that don’t know exactly what this event is let me give you just a small overview of what happens and why you need to be here. Basically this is the convention of the year for affiliate marketers. The event brings together advertisers (those people that pay you to send them sales/leads), affiliates (that’s those of you sending the traffic to these offers), and media/advertising companies (these are the companies helping you drive traffic)….. so can you see why you need to be there now?

No matter what role you play in the affiliate space there will be some great contacts for you. When I arrived in Las Vegas I met many people that we drive traffic for and I also met people that drive traffic to some of my products and services. It’s a great place to network, make deals happen and put a name with a face in most cases. Remember I have always said that networking is a key component to success I even dedicated a chapter to it in my book “The Hidden Millionaire”. This is the event that holds the key to building your network. And no I am not getting paid to promote the event I simply believe that knowledge is power….. and this event can give you a great deal of knowledge because you are putting yourself in the right place at the right time with the right people.

With that said I am really happy to announce we are just a day or two away from launching SocialAdsPro and you guys are going to love it! This is a suite of software and tools that I am developing to keep you ahead of the curve and help you automate some of the social media advertising. I am not charging some ridiculous fee for it either! In face right now if you pre register and enroll today it’s only gonna cost $19.95 a month to use this software.. and that includes free updates (meaning when I add new software you get it free with your membership). I am also doing some training modules on social media advertising to really help you understand the concept and how these tools can and will help you with your marketing. If you want to get enrolled just watch this video I made for you now Enroll Now – SocialAdsPro

I hope you all are having an incredible 2010 so far! Remember to stay motivated, engaged and positive. You can do anything you set your mind to provided you work hard. Success doesn’t come to you….. you go get it.


  1. Jerome Green

    I thought the book advertiseing profits from home was very informative. I will be reading again. Looking foward to attending ,the New York Affiliate Summite, &SocialAdsPro launch.

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