1. Ronald Bish

    Hello Anthony, I hope all is well with you there. I just watched this video, and it is a good pump up messege..Thanks again for doing these blog videos. They are always enjoyed and appreciated.

  2. jerry stokes

    I believe in what you are saying, and my goal is to be a millionaire even before I knew about you, but I also know that it takes time, and I have time,so I just want to learn how to do this business, so I am willing to learn.

    Thank You Very Mush Anthony
    Jerry Stokes

  3. Patricia Smith

    11/04/10 I listened in on the phone call and I am following your advice. I intend to be successful in this business. Thanks you for all the blogs. They’re invaluable.Pat S.

  4. Charles Rose

    Excellent! I’m sharing my enthusiasm with friends. Still seeking quality employment to support the business startup. Keep me in the loop! I’ll be ready soon!! Charles from MICHIGAN

  5. Kathy Ott

    Thank you Anthony. I am getting ready to make a serious committment to this. My husband has just given me his blessing and will support me. I am still reading the book but will probably have questions. Thanks again.
    Kathy from Ocean View, DE

    P.S. Not sure what my web page address is. I think I set one up with you quite awhile back and I am not sure how to get to it.

  6. Larry

    Hello Anthony. I’m still reading the books myself.. but it’s great to see how fired up you are.

  7. Salvador Isberto

    Thanks anthony for keeping on my toes. I am really all charge up. Your success academy call me to sign up. I cant afford it. thus Ill be doing this the hard way. I can really feel this will work. thanks again for keeping me going.

  8. Consuelo

    Thank you Anthony for all the support you are giving me, giving us. As you know I enrolled on your PMI course. Still trying to learn everything and not quitting this. I need to learn and make this work. Thank you.

  9. Jane L Cmerek

    Anthony Morrison that was a good video it hepl to here good thing. godb elles

  10. Daria Bruce

    Anthony, that’s a very good encouragement for the new member just like me.
    I want to follow your system so that I can reach my goal of success.

  11. Lisa

    I would like to get onto the forum but can not. I am very slow learner. Can I still do this. I would like to succeed.

  12. Kentbourne McFarlane

    I am new at this therefore I am constantly looking for help. Your regular input have been motivating for me. One day I hope to be a master at this and be able to help others. Thank you Anthony.

  13. Sheryl

    Hi Anthony I appreciate the opportunity to get started as an Affiliate Marketer. Currently, I am completing the final term at the University of Oregon to obtain a Master’s degree in Linguistics. My time is taken up with writing my project so I haven’t taken the time to start my business. I have read your book and reviewed the 365 day plan as well. Please, be patient with me. You will be hearing from me! I will be successful! Thanks!

  14. Sharon Shaw

    Hi Anthony, I received my book a few weeks back; but, with school reports and Finals pressing, I didn’t have the time to read it! However, after seeing your video tonight, I realized one thing: Like anything else I have been achieving success in, like going to school and getting in shape, I must make the time to be successful at affiliate marketing! With that said, I would like to say thank you for staying focus and following you dreams; thus, I look forward to seeing you in the future when we sit next to one another as I tell my success story!

    Love You Anthony!

  15. Ramona Dillin

    Hi Anthony,
    Thank you for believing in me when absolutely NO ONE else in my world believes I can overcome the tragic dilema my husbands death 3 yrs ago has left me and my 16 year old daughter in today. You see, we have lost everything! home, car, boat, my step-daughter, my family and friends. I also suffer from a chronic disease that leaves me debilitated most of the time and requires I take massive medications just to function at a piss-poor level of existance. As well, my daughter has been recently diagnosed with Type I Insulin Dependant Diabetes. We are both uninsured and only have 20,000$ a year to live off of and we were homeless from last April until just recently in Novemeber my doctor paid the deposits and rent to get us a home. If I had not heard your story and realized I too can be more than what the masses tell me my situation will remain, leaving me hopeless and helpless! But NOW I again see a light at the end of the tunnel! My hope restored and my faith in myself and my ability to overcome this tragic lifestyle that was forced upon us due to uncontrollable circumstances! But you have given me my control back! I know I can again be a productive citizen for society! Thank you Thank you Thank you! I appreciate your pep talk and your words of support to give me the courage to start over, take contol of my life back, and prove the masses wrong! I will make a very lucrative living via affiliate marketing thanks to you and the awesome support you are constantly sending our way! God bless you Anthony! You are my Hero and my hope for a better tomorrow!
    Ramona, Denver, CO

  16. Ricardo M.

    Life is a made up of choices. We travel our daily life making choices. However, choosing the right path can be difficult. When offered an opportunity we sometimes second guest ourselves. I want to seek this opportunity and share it with others. .

  17. Cynthia

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for the up lifting video…it seem to be sent to me in my e-mail box just when I needed it. I needed that comforting talk and words of encouragement. Your always a pleasure to listen to and learn from.

  18. Audrey Kroll

    Anthony, You have no idea how much your motivational talks help. thank you for keeping in touch with us, especially those;of us who are still taking baby steps. Audrey Kroll

  19. Madeline

    I have my Web Site, now need my Domain name. I watched the video you sent; how to set your website and get a domain name. I go stuck trying to set the Domain name. If you have any suggestions I am wide open. Thank you for helping me.


  20. The Night-Owl (Bobby Sims)

    First and foremost! To answer your question” How I know I’ll be successful?” Because I believe in myself. Also, there is three special keys and few strong principals that take practice. I’m what one’s would call, an ordinary man. Allow me to share this old wise words of proverb with you. ” A successful man is just an ordinary man, but with extraordinary amount of determination.” As I believe and learnt it from you about these three kets, they in this order: (A). Education, (B). Finding your niche and(C). Niki, said it all in their slogan: JUST DO IT!!!! ACTION BABY! But one’s also need to be: Consistent, persistent, insistently repetitive. I’ll end these answers to your blog by leaving the audience with this thought in mind: I’ll never every give up on my success, no matter what.”

  21. Patsy Cuson

    When I got your email this morning IT BLEW ME AWAY WHEN I READ YOUR WORDS “I THINK YOU ARE READY” My first impression was positive Last week I would have thought “Yeah right.what well did you fall out of”., I have made progress that is getting me in the mind set to do it. You got me pumped today. I am not going to let fear stop me. every day I am feeling less and less fear

    Tomorrow I am going to work my first list program diligently. my secret to getting where I am now is an email I get everyday that is inspirational “2 minute wisdom ” that is a key to use each day and a scripture to back it up.I focus on God’s Promises in His Word to me. That is how I am overcoming my fear of success.

  22. stella amoako

    Thank you for your weekly help us a lot.
    Continue to help us we need it. Thanks.

  23. Ruth Odell

    I look forward to listening to your weekly blogs. I consider them words of wisdom and inspirational. I’m getting off to a slow start and will be with you all the way. thanks for your care and understanding of human nature.

  24. Ramon-DC

    These stories of how and what to do has kept me moving along. I want and need to learn more; Success occurs when “opportunity” meets preparation. Learning is what I’m doing; I’m not a quitter.
    You have presented the “Opportunity” and the Preparation I will be successful. Thanks again Anthony

  25. james young

    Hi Anthony I always enjoy your motivational talks. This gives me a much broader outlook to move forward. Thanks for your Emails, they have been very helpful .

  26. Steve Burgeson

    These are tough times… just found out my superior at work was temporaryily laid off … meaning if any work does come in, there’s now one more person waiting in line to get those hours… I REALLY NEED to get going on making some money, thanks for making this possible. Can’t wait to the day I can say I don’t need the work because I’m making more at home!

  27. Phidelma McGrath

    It’s comforting to listen to how you made your way in the face of hard times and came out on top. It gives me hope that i can get there also. Thank you for sharing your story and for helping us to find our way.

  28. Kaye Hutton

    Thanks, Anthony, for keeping me motivated with your weekly blogs and all the videos. I truly feel I have found the program I was looking for to start a home-based business. Your e-mails have been a great help also.
    I am amazed by your CPV marketing techniques! That is going to be awesome!
    Thanks for caring about us!!!

  29. Kathleen Beller

    Hello Anthony, Yesterday I copyrighted 60 photographs for the website I am still developing. So you see, I am working hard to get up and running by the
    end of August.

  30. Dorothy Derr

    Anthony – I am going to do this! Right now monthly income is limited. I know where there is a will there is a way. Thanks for sharing your knowlege.

    Dorothy Derr

  31. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – I realize success is not possible without the proper mindset.
    Thanks for taking the time to motivate us.
    Looking forward to your webinar on August 18.

    Dorothy Derr

  32. Jimmy Johnson Jr

    The phrase “The Internet provides OPPORTUNITY” really appealled to ME in this blog.

  33. Pierre Mocombe

    It is really essential to have goals and to keep refreshing yourself and to surround yourself with successful people. It so easy to give up but perseverance does prove to be the key to success.

    Pierre Mocombe

  34. Deniece

    The blogs are so encouraging, Anthony I believe this business is worth it. I want to start making money.

  35. Bill Lock Jr

    You have no idea how much your Motivational talks help, especially, of us who are still taking baby steps. thanks Bill

  36. James Kahalewai

    Anthony……..Thanks for this blog. Motivation, persistence, and a refusal to accept defeat has been my life goals. Since 1980 I tried many programs, they all failed and put my losses in the 6 figure bracket. The humiliation I suffer on each failed program becomes unbearable,

    Your Affiliate program begins to revive my desire to “try again.” Following your life’s history, accomplishments, and “failure is not an option” to help your family and other people has been the high point for me to “try again.”

    I look forward to any help you offer………Thanks Again………..Jimmy K.

  37. Geri

    I, also, believe in myself. Not too many other people do. I am going to make money in this business, come hell or high water, just to prove to everyone that it can be done, but, first and foremost to help my brother.

  38. Jessie Littlejohn

    Hi Anthony,
    I love your Blog Videos, they seem to arrive when I am at a low point and at a point when I feel like saying “the H.LL with it” and giving up, maybe this is not for me to have. Thanks for the inspiration and support.

  39. Kaye Hutton

    Thanks Anthony. I needed the motivational talk and reassurance you give in this blog. I am trying hard but as of now I haven’t really got things going right. Your pep talks sure help keep me on track to get where I want to be.

  40. Sara

    I know I will succeed with this. Am finishing your book today.
    Bought in already to the Affiliate Marketing…the start up costs are so much cheaper than opening up a restaurant. My goal today is to finish the book. Then tomorrow, get the ads up and running.

  41. Jeremiah K Afong

    Your weekly blogs keeps me motivated and I am still working on my drop shipping program, will go live in about 3 to 4 weeks.
    Thank you,


  42. Ann Murigu

    It is good luck to have somebody who is encouraging like you. It is very motivating and keeps me going on. I am sure it is just a matter of time. Thank you.

  43. mattman

    thank you for going the extra mile(s) Anthony (on these posts) to further educate and inspire me- you are the real deal!!!

  44. Mady Buddington

    As usual, a timely shot of adrenaline. Thank you for all your motivation. We’ll get it together!
    Mady Buddington

  45. T. Campeau

    Hi Anthony,

    Once again a very up beat pep talk to get us motivated and stay focused !
    I know I can succeed !!

  46. Erin Norris

    I know how the 15 year old boy feels. I have no support from family or friends. I know I can do anything I put my mind to but I am also human and sometimes doubt creeps into my mind. I have a 7 year old daughter that depends on me. I want a better future for her and myself. So that you for the continuing support.

  47. edna

    you are so right anthony
    so many people cannot find work today
    and no one seems to care if they have a place to live or food to eat
    man thanks

  48. theresa mcdonald

    I have said it before and I will say it again, your ability to motivate people is developed far beyond your years. We are so lucky, as students, to have someone who cares enough about his students to continually keep us focused, motivated, and encouraged. This is essential since most everyone is embarking on something they have never done before and the stakes are high. Most of us have our backs against the wall financially and failure is not an option. Keep up the good work and do not give up on us!

  49. Lorreigne Yao

    It was such an inspiring words, Anthony. I for one feels the depth and sincerity in the way you have presented this blog. Well done Anthony!!! Keep inspiring people, like me .

  50. Sandra Hale

    it was a very good video. ‘I agree with it totally.

    Sandy Hale

  51. Robert Karney

    Anthony, as you state it is important to have the correct mind set and to have the right support to keep on track. Success does not come easy. but it does come. robert.

  52. Muriel

    It’s true that you have to change your mindset to change your life. It’s up to you to make that change.

  53. Michael Williams

    Anthony thanks for the encouragement. I’m looking forward to becomming a success in affiliate marketing.

  54. Tom Simmons

    Motivation,motavation,motivation,Thanks Anthony this is the serum that
    keeps all going.Tom Simmons



  56. Brian Aldrich

    Thanks for your encouragement,mentorship and guidance to help my wife and I become successful. God Bless you!

  57. Kong Sourivong

    Hi Anthony, God blesses each’s one of us today is Sunday. its good day.
    Awesome blog,

  58. Richard C.

    Hi Anthony,I believe we come on this Earth to better our Soul and to serve, make our World a better place to live in.You are certainly living on target.Thank you!

  59. Tina

    You’re Monday morning pep talks, are helpful. I enjoyed this one, and the last one where you talked about getting negativity “out of your life”! Negativity can bring you down, and we are all planning on going up, not down. So thank you for that.

    It’s sometimes the smallest things that help! Keep up the good work. And sometimes the right words, more than $50 or even $500.00 can motivate someone, and you may never know who….to get going, and be successful. I know I will be. Even if it’s just living comfortably enough to pay my bills.

    God Bless!

  60. Cesar P. DeGracia

    Hi Anthony, You’re indeed a great motivator. I believe what you are telling me. I have to live every day of my life to the fullest. I am enjoying it without getting worried about money. I am not interested in any kind of material wealth anymore. I have done my share and that’s it. Let the young, educated and ambitious young people take advantage of the opportunities you are offering them. If they don’t listen to what you are telling them, it’s their problem. I certainly admire your drive. More Power to You, my friend.

  61. Marquis Montague

    Hi Anthony; I love your work so wonderful motivator in more powerful spirit..
    Let in touch with me get success by your works out than what I am been suffering life..

  62. Charlene AKZ

    Must get your book/s. Happy Easter 2013! Will do 4+ hours of driving to be
    with dad, mom, & friend – all in their late 80’s at different addresses.

  63. john skanes

    ok I set my plans for today and made it happen , i will keep pushing. thanks Anthony.

  64. Kareem

    That was a good informational video to keep me encouraged. I needed it to get on track.

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