1. Jerry Arichabala

    First thing’s first, Anthony, you are very inspirational. I don’t have much support either — at 25, I have my wife and my own apt. I am full time student and looking for a job. Although times I’m full of desire to learn and achieve success. I also want to help others and share my success with everyone else. I do that now with small things I learn in classes, peers, friends and family.

    What wouldn’t anyone want to learn more? Why wouldn’t anyone want to be successful? – Both blow my mind. In any case the 15 year old kid does have a lot of drive and isn’t scared but worries about his potential but we all need to give him our support!

    Anthony really, thanks, don’t and please I ask, I beg you don’t become to commercialized. Stay within your people’s sight and keep your presence as we all need it even if we are successful in the future. We need that person in our life to stay because it is the person that will have given more than he could ever give and it is truly inspiring.

    Jerry L A

  2. Valrie Cole

    First thing Anthony i must congratilate you for the good work that you are doing,your life has touch a lot of people so many of us have had struggles
    but by reading your book helps to motivate me it is really a God send as you share the e-mail about this 15year kid which is really challengening all he needs is the tools as you said in the book, the suport and just a little encouragment to keep him going,

    So Anthony i want to use the five keys to succeed.
    Valrie ny

  3. Ibis Palazuelos

    Dear Anthony, thank you for all the good you bring into this world. Just a few months ago I had no goal, no confidence and I was afraid of my own shadow. Your book has been and eye opener for me. Is not about money which I really need, but is much more, is about dreams that in time become true, is amazing to feel that I can accomplish all the things I could never do in 60 years of my life. At times is a little overwhelming, but I never lack the support of the many people committed to make us succeed.
    We all need your blog and the conferences. Keep up the good work

  4. Jamie Huttn

    Your weekly blogs are great and I always appreciate all your tips and advice . But I’m guilty of something I noticed in your video , I assume because I understand and follow all the internet tips and jargon , that anybody can do internet marketing . Lets keep it real you do need to have some computer savvy to do this and make it work . When I try to talk to someone with no experience it’s like talking to a brick wall . Not that it can’t be done and anybody can learn with no experience but they would have to get some computer training and it would take a little longer too train them . Anyway thanks for all your support and teachin you are a true inspiration to me .

  5. Katheryn Bazar

    Anthony, You have a sincerity about you that really inspires us to want to do
    better. I have worked hard all my life and have accomplished a lot just to have
    everything taken away at the blink of an eye. I was so devestated that I just shut
    down. Couldn’t think, did not want to do anything until I came across a young
    man that had the talent to make me sit up and listen. I am finnaly back on track
    because of you and I want to thank you for that. I have studying really hard and I
    will make a come back. It will not be long now.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart

  6. James Magee

    Dear Mr. Morrison:

    This was one of the best weekly blogs you have published!!

    I am one of your students (Originally from Mississippi) over twice your age that appreciates what you do and how you do try to help your students.

    You can take these few words and a dollar and get a cup of coffee, but I appreciate it.


    James Magee

  7. Jack Flynn

    I was inspired to see you talking and wanting to help out that 15 year old. I am 76 and in good health and have invented some exercise that has kept me in shape thus far and in good health. I have had some misfortunes in my life and lost a lot and need to know how to get ahead. I still feel like I have lots of life left in me and want to make some retirement money…I would like to promote my product somehow I do have a patent on it, but just writing someone, how to say the words, how to phrase things and thus is difficult for me as I have little education. I don’t even know how to write an intelligent letter, unfortunately. Well, I know your a busy man and if I could just turn back the clock, but I can’t…however, I feel like I can get it ticking again. Please advise…Jack

  8. Debra Mosley

    hey, I know you don’t know me, but I,m touched that a 15yr old kid is willing to learn your stuff. It goes to show that you are never too old to learn. that really get ya thinkin! I’ve been watching your blog for the last few weeks and I enjoy them very much. Please keep them coming and never let anyone stop you. keep up the good word (and yes I meant WORD) Debra in Arizona

  9. Tim Kelly

    It seems you have struck a cord with this topic, I see alot of folks here have felt it too.
    I have worked hard all my life, and gained so much only to watch it vanish.
    And even today am suffering some of the worst set backs you can imagine.
    But thanks to you I have hope. From the first time I saw your TV show you came across very clear and sincere about wanting to help others. I have read your books, and enrolled in MSA Academy and getting closer to publishing a website.
    I want thank you for your support and the forum to help us.

  10. Nick Cole

    I got your book and the free website almost two months ago and started getting the e-mails that I just let build up. At that time my life was spirling out of control. I divorced just over a year ago and lost the good job I had for 7 years at the same time. I have been struggling ever since to find myself and a way to help support myself and my two young boys. I have tried several things looking to make a living outside of the factories and everday grind. They either didn’t work or I quit before they had a chance and all those around me kept telling me I was wasting my time! I recently moved to Arkansas from Tennessee to live with my parents, because I was so far behind in bills and no way to dig out. I have started watching the blogs from my e-mails and taking notes. I need this just as much as I want it to work. I left my boys to stay with my ex-wife and I want to build something that can get my bills payed and get me back closer to my kids! I am ready to learn how to succeed in this online world. I want to thank you for taking the time to do these blogs and share your stories, because it is helping motivate this 37 yr old single dad to regroup and reclaim my life and make it better than ever for me and my children!!

  11. Ricardo Madrigal

    Anthony, thank you for all your advice and support, I’m a 48 year old man, which
    believed that had all under control until that dreadful day of 11-25-2008 when I received my first pink slip ever. I lost my job after 10 years, which I believe, I would retire from. That dreadful day knocked me out. I always considered myself a well prepared man with a military background and a college education. I always believed that I could do anything if I put my mind into it; However, for the last 2 years I have been down and have lost all confidence in myself. Lately I’m beginning to get my confidence back, but I steel need a little more encouragement and support. I order your advertising profits from home package, but I’m steel skeptical about the whole thing. I recently started watching your blogs and they are giving me the push I need to get started on my own, on my own terms, and doing what I want to do.

  12. Val Jewell

    Just got my own training materials right after the New Year, and I’m working through the video training that built up while I was waiting for the Ad book. I got as much or more from the replies as I did from the blog message, which resonated with this mother of a 17 year old young man. I seem to have a lot in common with Nick Cole; and I’d like to see if there’s some way I can help Jack Flynn with his writing challenges. I’ve done lots of very successful promotional writing locally, and I’m hoping that Tony’s training matrials and the WWW will lead me to some exciting new opportunities! Time to go make that list!

  13. Diana Shearer

    I am soooo excited to learn your system! I am soon to be 48 years old and am tired of working for peanuts and for other companies. I have over 28 years in the administration field along with 10 years in personal care and what these companies offer for a salary is very disheartening! My son has had some misfortune in the work force (and I was laid-off for most of 2010) and I am so thrilled with the opportunity that you have presented to me, along with many others who have said “yes” to your system, that I want to inspire my son once I start applying the techniques you have spelled out for me in your book. I am not going to boo hoo over my finances because my faith in Jehovah God and Christ has always kept me alive….along with giving me a positive attitude in life! I am still reading and trying to absorb every tool and technique you have given to me to make me successful in life. You have given me exactly what the doctor has ordered! I am so excited for my future now….I no longer feel anxious as to my future or fpr my families future because I KNOW that your system WILL work for me. I WILL overcome any obstacle!! Where there is a Will, there is a Way! So happy to have found you on TV! 🙂

  14. Henry Kekoanui

    I don’t feel like I need to tell you anymore than what you’ve already been told.
    Kudos to you and your persistence in helping us find better ways to improve our businesses. I wish our roles were reversed and I was the 15 year old with the same advantages you offer Matt. But I’m 77 and still working at learning this technology. This morning I will get an account on Invest domain and Purchase your domain for starters. I’ve been unemployed going on two years now but I stay focused on each weekly session. My advice to Matt would be if he wants to succeed, read advertising for profit manual then read the profit manual again. Being young he’d probably learn it faster that I am Bless you Anthony. HKK

  15. Salvador Isberto Jr

    Your the only reason why I’am still here Anthony. No matter how hard this is, I’ll keep learning till I understand it. I know this takes time and commitment. I will do it one baby step at a time. I was offered softwares too but honestly I dont know to use it yet. One day when I am ready to spend and invest in this bussiness, that will be the day. thank you so much for not giving up on newbies like us. May you be bless more for what you do.

  16. Wuyanbu Zutali


    You are the real deal.

    I like your materials very much.
    I am new at owning an internet business but I am learning more every day.
    Thanks for being the real deal.

  17. Miriam Ferrary

    You called me yesterday to help me and I’m sure I gave you the idea I wasn’t interested. I’m sorry. I am interested. I have had a very bad week
    and I need to get my desktop running.
    Every tine I sit down to work on the desktop, I get called to do something else. I will let you know when I have it running so I can run some of the e-mails you sent me that the iPad doesn’t play. Apple and adobe had a fight and apple can’t use flash player that’s needed to open some of your attachments.
    I’ll be a little late in starting, but once I do, I will put everything into it.
    Thanks for your help.

  18. Marilyn Kepler

    Hi Anthony, all I can say is ditto on all the other comments. I have been working on internet marketing for the last year or two. Although I don’t have a lot of time, I have prioritized my time and will spend as much time as possible to get going on my affiliate business. I am learning step by step and will continual to put my blood, sweat and tears into getting it going and moving forward. That’s the key, is to move forward little by little. Failure only comes by giving up and I don’t intend to do that.
    Thanks for the weekly pep talks and support. I have never seen anyone with the drive, ambition and caring support that you give.

  19. lana dageford

    Motivation isn’t my problem. I am on a very limited income and have to nickel and dime everystep I take, but with God’s help I will get this done!! You are a very inspiring young man.Keep up thr good work.

  20. Phidelma McGrath

    July 8, 2011 at 11:41 pm

    Hello, You truely do inspire me. I aspire to do what you do helping others. I am often afraid that I may not live up to that. I want to very much.

  21. Kaye Hutton

    Your aparent honesty and caring personality is what set your program aside for me when I was surfing for a home-based computer business.
    I have to be home to care for my 95 yr old mother-in-law (not complaining), but your program has givern me hope to relieve my husband of some of his burden and brighten our prospects for retirement. You are an admirable young man. Thanks!

  22. Virginia L. Shuck

    Good Morning Anthony Morrison it Tina Marie Deter and Virginia Shuck and what keeps us going to want to make this Program a success Tina reason is to be able to provide anything that she needs to provide for her 6yr. 0ld son, and I Virginia Shuck want to put my daughter Son and my grandson throw Karate classes* plus I Virginia have Dream of Paying off My Home and getting all the bills payed* and put my grandson throw all of is schooling EXT* and those are just some of our goals* and the first thing is to pay U Anthony totally back after we fined the Success we are seaking* thanks hope to meet you soon Anthony* E/mail Us at: [email protected]*

  23. Nick Kiss

    Thats for the that. Happiness cant be bought but has to be earned one way or the other. Thanks

  24. Albert Shinn

    Thanks for your support. I too don’t feel I have the support from my family like I would want. I need the success first it seems like to get their support.

  25. Jimmy Johnson Jr

    Not having a support team is pretty tough whether you’re as young as 15yrs of age or still young at 31yrs of age. I’ve given up on a lot of things in life by not having the best support from ppl around ME.

  26. Bedminster King

    This is why I had become so discouraged in this internet business, I had spent so much money purchasing websites which had great income potentials but recieved no support from the company who sold it to me. They made a lot of promises of success but left me drowning in the process.

    Anthony, you are different! You are there day in and day out, I can see you and communicate with you. This shows that you care. Thanks for this weeks blog and the great support that you give.

  27. Julie paulvin

    By the way you are motivate your people!Let me think you are. so special; you are a gift. No matter what ; anyone can’t fall in front of you!
    Of you! Congreatilation. You are a man of God. Julie.

  28. margaret haag

    thank you anthony, for trying to help so many people, you are a true godsend.i am a 63 yr old widow since ll/3l/08..after a 40 yr marriage.i thought i wanted to go too. but god has other plans for me to make it .with my good health and the love of my two wonderful children, and all the time in the world. i will read and reread the two books i ordered from you. i am learning everyday about the computor,, so be patience. again thanks mh

  29. Annette

    money helps you live comfortably if you handle it properly, but how much more fun to be able to give it away and to help others. Besides as a Christian, I don’t think living comfortably or being rich is a goal Christ as for us as much as serving Him and being an extension of His hands and voice, to serve others.

  30. Dennis Ward


    Thanks for your support and showing me this video. That was number19 and the one before that was #78 and you were in Las Vegas. I used to drive thru Mississippi when I lived in Louisiana, buying Aluminum for Reynolds Aluminum Recycling Company (Reynolds Metals Company). You might have seen on the news where David P. Reynolds passed away last week and he’s the one that started the company into recycling Alumnium. He was 96 years old. Anyway, I drove from Virginia to Baton Rouge to work for Reynolds Aluminum Recycling driving an 18 wheeler to 8 different cites in LA and 2 in Mississippi in 5 days. Needless to say, I need to get back to reading “AUTOMATED PROFITTS FROM HOME.”I’m reading it again for my second time.

    Thanks again and have a good week


  31. georgina castle

    CONTINUATION FOR #35…. and left a… at the end of each section but i do not know what or where to put it on. I hope by the time i get to the end of this book i will know. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest, like many others and the fifteen year old i do not have any one to encourage me and am on my own in this endevor. All the best Georgina Castle

  32. Le Be

    I’ve lived a very comfortable life with my husband’s salary.

    Yesterday I went to the grocery store with just100 cash, the first time…ever. I wanted to see how it felt to be in a budget.

    I almost cried when I had to buy the cheapest type of trash bags! Sorry, but that’s the truth:)

    I only bought neccessities but still at paying time it was $139.00. I used coupons and felt good that I brought the total down to 98.59:)

    As I left the parking lot, the gas’ empty light turned on on my SUV and I literally started crying!

    I realized how ‘spoiled’ I had lived and how things could changed in a minute if something happened to my husband.

    This made me add a couple of items to my list of ‘wants’ including to hurry up and make money on my own to finally reach my long-time goals.

    I’ve started with PMI classes and last night I signed up with one of the search engines to start my first online add! I know AM will help me get where I want to get and yesterday’s experience added to my foundation’s goals as well.

  33. Theodore Seavy

    Anthony , I understand your motivation. I sold investments for a man back in the 70’s and he told me that the money is just a way of keeping score. I have been retired since 1981 and just celebrated my 85th birthday. and I still feel the challenge of doing some thing
    good for people. My primary goal in helping people heal their body so they can live a healthy productive life. See you in MS in Oct.

  34. Ron Hendrix

    Thanks Anthony, you have inspired me in more ways than you know and I really feel good about the way things are going for the first time in many years. I’m almost 70 years old and have tried a couple of internet ventures before, of which I didn’t get very far, mostly because of lack of support. I now get that support and it makes a world of difference! I know now that it is possible to succeed when you’re on the right team, with all the best advantages.

  35. James Kahalewai

    Anthony……..Motivation is a stumbling block for me. You have given me much in steering me in the right direction. I welcome and enjoy all you do to help. I’ve tried many programs, Don’t Work……….Your’s is the most inspiring, proven methods, well organized, thoughtfulness/follow up and desire to see your students through to achive their goals on internet entrepreneurship. Keep up the good work.
    Thanks…………..Jimmy K.

  36. Deborah

    Great blog Anthony! I very much enjoyed listening to it and think it’s wonderful that you took time out for this young man and to share it with the rest of us. I’m just starting out, staying tuned to every email and video you send out….just trying to find my niche.

  37. Sheila Perry

    I need the money to pay bills for me and my grandsons. I want a better life of some fun and to be free of all my debts. I want all this stress brought on by a lack of money to do what needs to be done.
    Your videos help me lift my spirits to know I can and will do this business and will enjoy doing it.
    Thank you!

  38. Jermin

    Hi Anthony i see ur blog comments are gettin longer. I live in Kingston Jamaica and for the past 10 year i av an interest in doing an online business. Here in Jamaica not much people is literate about online business but i do, i watched ur paid programme on the cable one early moning could not sleep, because i am out of a job being redundant. an aunt came to Jamaica i gave her some money to buy a phone but after seeing ur programme i told her not to buy the phone but better yet buy this book for me which she did although i av not gotten it yet.NOW Anthony please can u make way for peolpe like me in Kingston Jamaica to access ur info suchas ur books cd’s posted to Jamaica instead of having USA address include countries as mine

  39. Rhonda

    I’m just getting started and trying to get through the two books and advance from that point.

    Your family must be very proud of you.

    I’ve heard the saying, “people tend to follow those who know where they are going”.

    Thank you.

  40. Debra Scribner

    Hi Anthony! Well thanks once more for giving me what I needed to hear today. I made out my list….. again! lol and it reminded me why staying motivated and goal oriented is so important today. Thanks again!

  41. Ed Moore

    Thanks for inspiring every one, that will listen. Internet Affiliate Marketing, is not Rocket Science, but, there is a method to success. Thanks to you, I now have a Click Bank Affiliate account. I do not know,yet, how to properly set up a hop-link. I am learning. I also have a Pay Pal account.
    When all of the details come into play, I will be ready for success! There is too much information to dig through. You should consider a short-cut method, and then promote that. I look forward to your next Product Launch.

  42. Magda

    Staying motivated and support from family are very important to succeed.

  43. Cornelia

    Anthony you did it again! You gave such great information! I was one of the pass webinar $500.00 winners I am forever greatful for that…as I listen to the story of the 15 year old kid and how you are taking the time to help him you are an amazing person you are always giving in some kind of form or fashion God will continue to keep on blessing you! You have helped so many people and you truly care about people. Anthony keep up the good work! You are clearly a winner!!!

  44. Kong Sourivong

    Hi Anthony, you motivate me , you young man want to help a lot of people to meet theirs goals. incould I am.

  45. Peter

    Hi Anthony, you are very unic person.Your success made you happy and strong. Strong so much, that your desaire is to help athers! Anthony we are very fortunate that you cross, now going parellel with aurs life lines.

  46. anita

    dear anthony and success with anthony team, you’re the best! ever…..
    you work from your heart, you’re very motivated me,
    i’ve done all of what u’ve said but still not seen the result, that’s what makes me very frustated to do all of this things, in other side, all of my family really2 need my help cause one of our parent’s is in hospital right now, besides that a lot of children in my village is need help too for still get their food,
    i really2 need to figure this out as soon as possible to help all of my family,
    thanks for all of your advice, please help me to figure this out, GBU all.

  47. Carol

    You are such an inspiration. I’m still working at it and waiting for the first penny so I know I’m on the right tract. Thanks keep teaching.

  48. Sharon McGaha

    Anthony Thank you for sharing it makes me want to keep working on learning new things and no matter how bad life gets I keep going forward because you make me want to suceed

  49. Wilma Falzarano

    Hi Anthony, Thank you for that inspiring blog tonight. You and your brother are very much motivators, and that is what keeps us going, because

  50. Wilma Falzarano

    Anthony you and your are true motivators. Know wonder why you are soo successful. I am truly inspired by all your blogs. This one tonight was very special. Keep them coming.

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