1. Cindy Latimore

    Thank you for this weeks “Weekly Blog”, the subject you choose for this week was exactly what I needed to hear. It is nice to have a cheerleader behind you especially when the world would have you think that things are in such a state of gloom and doom. Love the “Weekly Blogs” that you produce, keep up the good work.

  2. Bob Sims

    I agree 100 % with Anthony as I have come to understand that God will not give us more than we can handle.

    It takes time,trial,error,and educating yourself to achieve things in this world. And a hand-up form others is a blessing.

  3. rod king

    would like to educate myself with the same technique that mr. horton(teleconf#1). am just starting and was interested in what the technique was. thank you for assisting with my education.

  4. patsy taylor

    I am just now starting this program. I mean I am brand new. I was glad to hear this week’s blog. I need all the encouragement I can get. Anthony, keep up the good work! I appreciate what you are doing! You really do stand behind the people who you are involved with.

  5. Charles Finley

    I saw your infomercial this morning & was just very curious how your dad lost all that money in the stock market in 2005? I mean, you started the business five years ago because of that, right? Hadn’t the markets had three years of positive returns at that point?

  6. anthony

    Started my business in 2004. The reason he lost money is he invested in WorldCom look them up. Huge accounting scandal which left many investors broke…. this was a huge company but also a local company. My dad as well as many other people here trusted it. Anyway that’s how he lost so much money. I agree the markets were doing great at that time… just picked the wrong stock.

  7. Rex

    Anthony thank you so much for this weeks video message. I have a lot of stress right now with money and I’m always asking myself can I do it – to be able to pull myself and my family out of this hole. I am going to put your suggestion to action today.

  8. Carol Johnson

    Thank you for this video. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed myself and this was just the sort of encouragement I needed. I will be putting “post-its” all over my house and car. I’ve been training with your website for a week and I’ve learned so much. I am trying to stay positive even when I see all the bills I’m not able to pay right now. I know the money will come with hard work and patience. I just needed to be reminded because for me failure is really not an option. Thanks again


  9. luisteq

    Very interesting, changing our attitude, and a very simple phrase can really give us some peace of mind. The peace of mind we need in this difficult times to stay focus.

    Good job Anthony, thanks for using those little pieces of information to remind us that being positive will always lead us to a better spot or situation.

    good luck everyone.

  10. Simon

    I agree 100 % with Anthony as I have come to understand that God will not give us more than we can handle.

    It takes time,trial,error,and educating yourself to achieve things in this world. And a hand-up form others is a blessing.

  11. Willie

    Great words of positivity Im at level zero but im just positive person period im startin with nothing and hopin for something greater. Its hard some times but I constantly remind my self why I must succeed bein positive motavates me to go on and thanks to you Anthony and your book I can see a brighter day comin soon i just need a little more help to move in that direction. thanks again for these blogs and the program. hope to see everyone at the top.

  12. Bruce

    Very interesting, changing our attitude, and a very simple phrase can really give us some peace of mind. The peace of mind we need in this difficult times to stay focus.

    Good job Anthony, thanks for using those little pieces of information to remind us that being positive will always lead us to a better spot or situation.

    good luck everyone.






  14. kelly

    I will do this!! Have alot of stress in my life today with the loss of my father and with four kids who all play soccer and our home in jeperdy of forclosure just feel i need a miracle. I can do this and suceed and overcome Thanks Anthony.

  15. Cheri

    Thank you for this simple but powerful reminder. I’ve been on your “list” for quite some time. I finally opened today’s email and I am so glad that I did. There was a treasure in my inbox that I’ve been ignoring. Thanks again.

  16. wramon

    Sometimes we forget, that when we get knocked down to get back up! Sticky pad, ha! I use memo pads. Thanks again for this encouragement.

  17. Don

    Hello Anthony,

    Your words of encouragement are very good and kind. I think many people have that idea in mind and try their very best to persue it.

    Sometimes in life things happen that are not money related and my own personnel experience are much harder to over come. You know, money comes and goes, it is possible to obtain it if you loose it.

    Keep up the good words of advise, we all need it.
    I am still looking into several programs you offer

    Thanks again

  18. Erica J

    Thanks Anthony. I am taking “baby-steps” to make my business grow. I have made myself a promise that everyday I will do something for my business. Thanks for the motivation.

  19. Janice Golly

    Your sincerity and desire to help others with techniques you know work give me the hope to keep trying. Thank you!

  20. Kathy Ott

    Very encouraging. I look forward to these blogs. They really help.

  21. Ben Benson

    Hi Anthony;
    What a great way to get yourself motivated each day. I love it. We all need encouragement to keep us motivated and this is truly a great way to make it happen.Keep on giving us these words of wisdom. I agree that God will never give us a burden we can’t overcome. Keep the faith.

    Ben Benson

    Apple Valley, California

  22. Henry Kekoanui

    It does make a difference in your performance if you post little reminders where you’re able to see them. mine read “I will persist till I succeed.”
    mahalo nui, HK

  23. Debra Mosley

    Dear Mr. Morrison.

    Thank you for this weeks blog. you see, last week I found myself setting goals to do one thing and truning aroung and doing something differant because I got sidetrack on the way. Now I will but notes on car’s dash to remind me of what I’m do to stay focus,to stay on task of my goals, thanks again.

    Debra Mosley of Arizona

  24. Isobel Jacobs

    Dear Anthony,

    Once again your motivational blog hit home for me. I Had put up notes saying
    “I will not give up” The reason is because just after I signed up for you program I was confronted with unforseen personal issues that have kept me from fully committing myself to the program. After some self talk and reflection I decided to hang post it notes with “I will not give up” and also posted what my next steps need to be. Thank you for the encouragement and bless you for caring.

  25. Nick Cole

    Thank you so much again for the positive energy you put out! I just read the e-mail and watched the video about the 5 year old boy in Kansas with Cancer that is selling his drawings for $12 to help pay for the cost of treatments. I have no money coming in at the moment, but I will find a way to buy one and I posted it on my facebook page to encourage others to do the say. I will make notes not only saying ” I can do it”, but also saying ” I can make a difference!”

  26. suzanne murphy

    Thank you for your inspiration. It is the holidays and as usual there have been mental distractions, but I am going to spend 15 minutes daily on my mission and post sticky notes every where!

  27. Daria Silvano Bruce

    Hi Anthony,
    Nice encouragement, thank you taking care all you members and we hope
    we can follow your steps in 2011.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    daria bruce

  28. Mark soto

    I feel that your weekly blogs are very helpful and motivating I thank you and hope to see you around some time at a big convention maybe. happy new year.

  29. Shareef Butler

    Wow- that was excellent Anthony.. Thank You!! It is
    normally so easy to lose sight of your dreams and your goals, but
    this perfect excercise will mininimize this risk by far!!

  30. Robbie lou Raymond

    I’m just getting started. I haven’t talked to a
    representative yet, but I know that with blogs such as this I will
    be able to be successful in this new business I’m about to
    undertake. I just want to be successful and follow through with
    this endeavor. I’m an older person and I know the time will come
    when I will need more income and I hope my children will not have
    to support me. I want to “wear out” not “rust out”. So I take this
    venture very seriously and welcome any and all pep talks, blogs,
    books, videos,etc. I can get. It’s a new year tomorrow and I want
    to start out with positive thoughts for my life ahead. Thanks in
    advance for all your help. I’ll get me some sticky notes! Robbie
    Lou Raymond.

  31. jeffF

    I find your videos very inspirational & look forward to them , even though i’am backed up in e-mails. But i know this message will work ! I was a smoker for close to 30 years & after my dad had a lung removed , well a light came on & i told myself i need to quit smoking ! The way i reached my destination was, every morning when i woke up and wanted a smoke, well i told mself i am going to quit someday . it took a few months But, it worked.

  32. Suy Sun

    Thank you for the blog Mr, Anthony this video is very motivated to me. And I agree with you 100%.

    God Bless you and your family

  33. Ernestine "Ernie" Emery

    I am trying to get this started and I will
    There is so much info – I get confused at times
    but your blogs helped

  34. David Mangum

    I am also new to the program and thank you for the encouragement. It takes alot sometimes to remember the I can attitude. This year 2011 and on is only going to be a can do attitude instead of being negative and blaming others for failures.

  35. RICK M

    “I can do it!” Just what I needed to here today.

    Thank you Anthony

    Rick M.

  36. Mary Goodman

    Thanks for the pep talks! They do help me so much. You are so right about reminding yourself to stay positve and focused, and your little sticky note reminders are a simple way to tell myself this, and that I can do it, and be successful.

    Like I have said before, I am working at this at a snails pace, but I am dedicating more time each week to meet my goals for 2011.

    I want to help my family as well. I have elderly parents, and the only income they have is their social security, and honestly that’s not a lot of money. I want to help them so that they can enjoy their senior years, and to be able to do things.

    Thank you so much!

  37. James J / Madonna

    Anthony, Thank you and wish you well..We will listen and follow you any time any where and do our best to make your efforts worth your time and trouble. My new goal is to talk to you in person.

    James J / Madonna

  38. Ely Pardo

    Thanks Anthony for the motivational message!
    in this life sometimes we are so blind !
    sometimes we have the treasure chest in front of us and we don’t even see it!!!
    “there is no worst blind that the one who doesn’t want to see”
    i’m about to start your program!
    thanks and god bless you
    and you know what???
    I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!

  39. Diana Shearer

    Thanks Anthony…I always ask God to give me the confidence I need. I have recently started 2 pt positions and learning something new can really be overwhelming at times…esp. dealing with other people’s money! I am a pt teller and a pt office manager on top of trying to educate myself with your system! My goal for this yr is to make enough income to stay home and completely stay focused on this amazing system you have created! I can’t thank you enough!!! God Bless!


    Thanks Anthony!
    I fully agree with you. Confidence, faith, and self esteem lead to desired results and accomplished Goals. I want to add to the I can do it montros my favorite Bible text, ” I can do all things through Christ…

  41. Adele


    I appreciate the words of wisdom that you have to offer on these weekly blogs. Everyone needs little reminders and encouragements to get them through the bad days, but we also need them for the good days. I know that when I watch your blog, I will have wisdom to carry me through without having to worry about someone taking advantage of me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  42. Selina

    Hi Anthony!

    I love your creative ways of staying positive. You have inspired me not to give up! I can do it!


  43. Thomas Evans

    Anthony, Would first of all like to say thank you for trying to help so many people out there in this troubled economy. I have purchased your 365 course to success and also Tellman Knudson success with Email course. I do seem overwhelmed with all the information at first. I have had my series of difficulties the last couple of years financially as so many of us have had. I lost my wife and daughter for 11 months while I was driving long haul trucking for awhile. I appreciate your weekly blogs and store them in my computer for later reference. In time, I really know that “I CAN DO IT” when it comes to building a successful home business. Thank you Anthony and always looking forward to hearing from you in the future!

  44. Janet

    Thank you, new to the training and need all the encouragement possible.
    One step at a time is all we can do looking to a brighter future we must live in the present and encourage, and help others to grow.

  45. Steve T.

    But of course having the right mind set helps.You have to recondition yourself & keep applying the same principle to where if you run into obstacles you can overcome them.

  46. noelle

    Anthony! thanks for all your e-mails, I have been looking foreword to next one, you are my inspiration yang man, I need to make some
    income to ad to my little SS check. Than you again.

  47. Peg Welcher

    Thanks for the inspiration. I’ve actually always told my husband and my two (collegiate) daughters the power of positive thinking is the most important thing in your life. If you believe you can’t do something, you’re right!!!

    Btw, are you married – HAHAHA

  48. Jesus H. De La Garza

    Anthony, with everything going on in my families lives plus the uncertinanty of our employment, I too will be new to your program and I too will write notes everywhere that I too can do it!

    Thanks for your advise…

  49. Abe Doliente

    Thank you so much Anthony for your post this week. You never stop to amaze me with your enthusiasm in presenting these ideas. From now on, I will keep your message this week as my guide in my every day life. Yes, “ICAN DO IT”.



  51. Jordan Frazier

    Anthony thank you for the weekly training they are really helpful, this a new way of doing business for me and the weekly blogs are the Best. I have been successful in other businesses and I know with your help I will be successful in this one.



  52. Mispat

    Anthony thanks so much for giving me a new way of thinking and I will use the sticky note idea, I really think it is great Thanks again.

  53. Corzo

    I’m new to all this, and I must say that the encouragement that you (Anthony) give to us is working wonders for me. My mind is staying focus and I’m sensing a confidence in me that wasn’t there prior to your tweets, blog, and constant reminders that not just I but ALL who is taking this venture, We all have what it takes to do it. Now its just up to us to use this motivation to be successful in life as well as in this business venture. Again, Thank You Anthony.

    Corzo R.

  54. Craige Bottorff

    Funny that I get this email from you because it is something that I have done myself already. It helps with a verity of subjects

  55. justin kurk

    Great advice, thinking positive opens up the door for positive things to happen.

  56. Dan Johnson

    Anthony —YES I CAN ——-EXCELLENT —the old saying is true –If you Think You Can You Will but If You Think you can’t you shant –KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK —Thanks for all your help Brother –Your Friend in deed becuase of our need —Dan Johnson –Future Millionare

  57. Paula Walden

    Thank You Anthony, I am relocating back home to New Jersey from Atlanta. Your words of wisdom is very true, with your help I know I will find a new Job and home very soon. The more someone say, Are You sure, the more I know I can do it. Your book I keep by my computer. I know I am on my way. Thanks Again

  58. Elie Cherenfant

    sometimes the vision starts to fade and i do get discouraged but the motivation that you offer is enough to get me back on track.

  59. Edgar

    Anthony I’am still trying and just maybe I can do this with a little hope and the love of GOD it will happen thank you for that .

  60. Doreen

    Hi Anthony,
    Being positive is so important. It’s truly a mind set that can propel you to achieve your goals and dreams. I must admit though it’s very hard to stay positive when so many negative things have occured in your life. For the last 2 years I’ve had one tragedy after another occur in my life. It’s been hard to stay positive. I’m going to try your suggestion of the sticky note. It’s a great idea! Thank you again for your video/weekly blog. Again, you’ve delivered great information.

  61. Naomi Haman

    Hi Anthony,
    Thank you so much positive words to help us to succed beyond what we ever imagined & to not give up no matter how hard life can be and what it throws at you. I want you to know how helpful you are to me and I’m sure to all of us. I know you put alot of time in for us and you encourage us in all aspects. Thank you for your time and support!

  62. Cheryl Smalley

    Yes, it does work. The positive affirmations are very helpful to me when I want to give up or quit trying. What a great idea. And saying it out loud makes my brain hear it and begin to believe it more also. We brainwash ourselves with negative talk, instead of using positive words. Thanks for all your help Anthony.

  63. Steven Surace

    Hi Anthony,
    You are absolutely correct when you said a positive attitude is essential for success. I CAN DO IT! Is a perfect positive reinforcement statement. It is short and to the point. I love your weekly blog. It is full of excellent information about Affiliate Marketing as well as life in general. Thanks for taking the time to make these and I hope you never stop!

    Thanks Again,
    Steven Surace

  64. John Deli

    Dear Anthony,

    I know I can do it. But everytime I get almost there, I hit a road block.
    I make a mistake that fouls everything. Or I can’t afford the next step like
    seed money.


    John Deli

  65. Maurilio Haro

    been positive is so important I read some positive post every morning. and thank you for taking the time to do this blogs

  66. ann matthew

    Hello Anthony,
    Many thanks for the upbeat “I can do it” STICKY NOTE MOTIVATORS. yOU ARE SO KIND, AND THESE WEEKLY BLOGS KEEP ME FOCUSED AND ON TRACK. Yes i can do it, and have to wait until the 25th of July to buy my E-mail CD, but I can do it.
    Just don’t let Tellman take it off the web page before then, I am looking forward to that E-Mail information.
    I can do it Anthony……This month a friend of mine had to buy Synthroid medicine for me as a birthday present, because I was so strapped for cash.
    I knew people had to choose between medication and food, I just never knew that I would be one of those people on my 66th birthday. What a leveling experience. I can do this and help others do this too. Thanks again, you are a friend in need and indeed. You are special. God Bless You. All the best, Ann

  67. ann matthew

    Dear Anthony,
    I had to reply again, because you know, in school I had this motto up over my desk and I just remembered that. FAILURE IS IMPOSSIBLE. I HAVE ONE MORE………….FOREVER POSITIVE, WE ALL CAN DO IT! WHILE BLOGGING WITH ANTHONY. THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN. ALL THE BEST, Ann

  68. Sandra Lyman

    Hi Anthony,
    I listened to your blog on “failure is not an option”, you know “it is easier said than done”, you reminded me of a saying a friend/boss said to me one day, and this really worked, so thanks for the reminder.

    This is what she said to me to say to myself as many times as I could remember: MY NAME IS SANDRA, I HAVE CONFIDENCE AND I CAN DO THIS. I repeated this to myself many times a day and it worked.
    So thanks for the reminder!!!!!

  69. Becky Wardlow

    I really enjoy watching your videos. You are so right we all have it inside ourselves to be successful ~ we just need to remember we can do it. Thanks for being my daily inspiration.

  70. Ellen

    I too tell myself failure is not an option, I can do this….

    thx for the reinforcement.

  71. Kaye Hutton

    I have a real problem at times being positive. Thanks for the reinforcements
    your blogs bring and the idea about the sticky notes. Constant reminders do help keep one positive,! I have to be successful in this…it is my only option!

  72. Dwana

    Hello Anthony,
    First I always try and remember ” If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it”. I love your ideas about the sticky notes. One thing that has really helped me was watching ” The Secret”. Summary: If you are around positive people then you are positive; but if you are around negative ones…then yes you will more than likely be negative. It is a mental choice to be positive and confident.

    Thank you for all your help
    I can and will do this !!!!!!

  73. Melissa Gonzales

    Thank you for this weeks blog I am going to believe God is with me he does not give us more then we can handle. I will use the sticky notes.
    thanks again.

  74. Sue Brodersen

    Awesome message and positive messages really do work in changing how you view life, how others treat you etc. Keep them coming!

  75. Rosie

    Mr. Morrison,

    Thank you for your continual possitive thinking,
    God Bless You have a marvelous afternoon.


  76. Juan R.

    I finishing your book I purchase from you. I have no website yet. I finish seeing your video, it is great in that you reinforce the way to stay positive in spite of hardship. I understand it is easy to say but harder to do. Yet knowing that some knows because they have been there is very helpful to someone who is there in about the same situation. Thank you, keep up your good works.

  77. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – I have a note next to my desk which says “Just Do It”. I also talk to God each day and give appreciation for what I have, even though I may not have it yet.

    Your words help me get motivated all over again.


  78. Nick Kiss

    That was great. everyone need a good pep talk. thanks. I CAN DO THIS. With a little help though a lot to comprehend at first but your blogs get me back on the path of sucess. thanks again.

  79. Jennifer Nelson

    That was my first thought before I got your program. Failure is NOTan Option! I am going to do this no matter what it takes! I want to have time to spend with 7yr old and my 9mo old little boys. Heck, if I can have a baby all by myself while taking 29 college credits and still get good grades…I can do ANYTHING (through He who gives me strength)!! 🙂 Thank You, Anthony! I’m going to try your post it idea to keep me motivated each day… you’re a true inspiration!

  80. Jim Hodges

    I loved this blog,the positive attitude is awsom! Anthony you are an amasing person.I can’t say it enough the positive encouragement is awsom.Thank you verry much!

  81. Albert Shinn

    Glad I watched this video today. I attempt to be positive all the time but, even the most positive can have a time of uncertainty. Thanks for the upbeat message.

  82. Kathleen Beller

    Hello Anthony, as a child I was always reminded that God helps those who help themselves. So, I know I have to do my part. Life would be so much easier if we knew what was going to happen before it happened. I’ve decided to plan for the worse thing that can happen from now on. We all need reminders. Thank you Anthony!!

  83. Jill Carpenter

    Sticky Notes and the I CAN DO IT is timeless affirmation. I’m thinking of making a whole bulletin board of sticky notes to grab one whenever I’m headed out the door. It would be good for grandkids to help make creative sticky notes using those same words. Thanks Anthony.

  84. yolanda

    My first to watch your Blog. Very interesting and as a young rich man, I commend you. Glad that you are sharing your secrets to all. I definetly concur at what you have said. We really just have to focus and believe in ourselves. Also your webinar yesterday also my first. I am just waiting for my books to come as I really love to read and learn in details. Then start from there. Again thank you for the motivation.

  85. donna long

    Thank you so very much Anthony for the great advice. As a child I was brought up being told that I was dumb, stupid, and wouldn’t ever amount to anything, by a parent figure. I am now 52 years old, and still struggling with these issues , of failure, to try to put all this behind me, forever!

  86. David Mason

    Anthony Morrison,
    I just watched your weekly blog #21. The way you open your video by saying God doesn’t put anything in front of you that you cannot handle.

    Those words stuck! You’re right he doesn’t. The different is how each of us handles it. Some handle hard times well and some not so well. Now you can be upset and feel defeated or like you said “I Can Do It”.

    Now it is time for me to step up and grab that bull by those horns and tell myself “I Can Do It” I will have a positive attitude along with it and those four words you said. I can do it.

    I want to thank you for your faith in us.

    Sincerely David

  87. Shirley

    I beleave in what you are saying I just have to keep telling myself I can do this and do it. I will put the sticky notes up every where.

    Thank you.

  88. BA McKnight

    I am looking at so much information that I am feeling overwhelmed. I’m trying to get started and I want to do every thing, but I don’t know how to corral all of this information so it makes sense. I want to have people come to my website, but how do I know which one of the products I want to represent. Is there a track record for these companies? And will I see something, negative or positive that lets me know I’m reaching people? Help!!!!

  89. Deniece

    Thanks Anthony for the encouraging words, I really need them, I can somewhat relate to the guy that you are talking about. I am trying to change from the job I am currently doing to the internet business. I have a mother I would like to help more, I am a single mother, having having family problems. I sometimes come home drained to tired to do the homework assignments you assigned. I came to a conclusion I can do this, it is so much to gain. Thanks again

  90. Andrea Lee

    Just what I needed today. Was looking at my Mt Everest and wondering how in the world I was going to overcome it. Maybe I shouldn’t think about the problem defining my life and just DO IT!

  91. Virginia

    Appreciate the weekly blogs. I have my pad of post its ready to post all over my apartment. Thanks for the tip

  92. Netra

    thank you Anthony your inspiration will change not my life but millions of desparte americans suffering from economic crisis. Good work , keep it up.

  93. Marilu Nieto

    Anthony, I dont know how you do it, but you ALWAYS say what I need to hear. I am so inspired by the the way you conduct your videos, and what you write. I have always attended motivational presentations, and I must say you are like spiritual. You have the gift to direct your teachings where I am feeling the need for motivation. YES, I CAN DO IT>
    Thank you

  94. Elena

    Thanks Anthony:
    For being such a Great Motivator…and for your patience and dedication to all of us…God Bless you for the motivation so much needed nowadays.
    God blesses you!!

  95. Marie

    I CAN DO IT! But remembering To Do It! And WILL DO IT! Is Important too! Following through is a big thing. I’ve always had the Pull yourself up by the Bootstraps attitude but have gotten lost sometimes tying the shoes or putting things together. It’s called Distraction. Can’t let that get in the way anymore. Gotta focus and Do It!

  96. Karen Harkins

    I just saw this video blog and I am writing my sticky notes now. Thanks so much for all the positive reinforcement. It is very appreciated!!! 🙂

  97. Dennis Ward

    Thank you for sharing your Blog with me. I’m gonna write my notes and use tape to post them and remind me that I can do what I set my mind to do.


  98. Lisa G

    Thank you…I needed this. Life for me gets so overwhelming sometimes….and trying to stay with it and positive can be tough. I can do this….Stay positive!!

  99. Robin Moody

    Anthony, I appreciate your down to earth positive attitude, in June I lost my job of 11 years I have a12 year old son to support, My 27 year old daughter has a family with 2 sons, my mother is a heart patient we are all dealing with financial struggles. All I ever wanted was to help my family. This is the motivation behind my buying your program. I can identify with your feelings about your own family issues that went on. I never wanted money for greed I only want and need it to survive and help my family. Again thanks for all your helpfulness.

  100. Ed Ware

    Hi Anthony…

    When people are going through hard times, sometimes it’s had to stay positive and to find the courage to go on when everything looks hopeless. I am in complete agreement with the message in your Weekly Blog, “Failure Is Not An Option”. Thank you for the motivation and support I reveive in you Blogs each week. I wrote a song about 50 years ago, that I listen to every now and then, that each of us can achive what we truly belive in. In fact I put it on my Web Site, so you can listen to it while you read. If you get a chance listen to it and tell me what you think.


  101. James Kahalewai

    Anthony……..Failure is not an option…….Thanks for all the help…Jimmy K.

  102. James Kahalewai

    Anthony……….I agree………Failure is not an option, only an obstacle……Thanks for all you do……….Jimmy K.

  103. Lewis

    Right away put a sticky note up “I can do it” . And thank you and Chachi for the help in getting Social AD Spy.

  104. Jeremiah K Afong

    I have been doing it my whole life. I can do this, its just a bump in the road..

    Thanks Anthony.


  105. Yvonne

    Hi Anthony, Your words were very encourging and I belive I can do it!!!
    thank-you. Have a blessed week-end. Yvonne

  106. Gaither Hendrix

    i guess i am afraid of success i know these sticky notes are going to help THANKS!!!

  107. Joyce Knake

    We have to keep a positive attitude (sp?) . Our brain believes what ever we tell it so when you find that you are saying something negative replace it with a positive thought.
    I was in Karate for 14 years, I’m now 74 and I got my black belt because I kept a positive approach to it. Believe me, it wasn’t easy. I was old compared to all these other students. But if you think you can do it, you will. We just have to keep thinking positive and always keep learning.

  108. Sheila Perry

    Thank you, Mr. Morrison! I really needed this encouragement to think success and think positive.

  109. Connie Rebert

    I’m a grandma at 66 years of age, just getting started in the program and very green to everything. After over a week of challenges with getting my computer back from Geek Squad for updates and still was not running smoothly. Finally, yesterday, your very special tech support team was able to add Firefox to finally make my Education Center work. I’m thrilled to start searching for my ninche. I can do all thngs through Christ who strengthens me. You are so on top of it Anthony. Thank you so much for your blogs and your sharing!

  110. Sherry Morgan

    Anthony, “thank you”. This is an excellent blog for the week and I am definitely going to go out and get myself a large package of “sticky notes”. You are an excellent motivator, teacher and speaker. Again, thank you for sharing all your knowledge about this business. I’m just getting my feet wet, but I feel with you in my corner the water is going to be just fine.

  111. zerai tesfai


  112. DAVE

    Head up, eyes not blind,see throw whats stopping you.Thank you so much Anthony we all need this from time to time.

  113. Dalia Garibay

    Okay, Anthony tell me how can I start. So I can help my self and my family. Tell what are my first steps that need to take. Welling to do it to better my family. Dalia

  114. Rosemarie Delfel

    Thanks again, Anthony, for another super incentive on positive reinforcement. Posting affirmative “sticky notes” in plain view is an excellent idea and I will do that today! :-))

  115. Dwight Price

    Anthoy you are right the good book says we can do all things thru CHRIST who strengthen us and i believe it

  116. Jamie Duty

    Unfortunately i missed the blog on the little boy with cancer, that is selling his drawings for $12. Where do i send money for a couple of his drawings? I’m broke but i can spare $24 or even $48 dollars for his pictures. God Bless all the children in this world and hopefully this world will get better soon.

    And Anthony, thank you for you coaches and your teaching. We just started with 7search and are starting to do good with a couple of promotions. Finally hit the $40 mark woohoo. But I know it will get alot better it just takes time and patience.


    Merry Christmas to everyone

  117. Cassandra Smith

    Anthony, the tips and life lessons you give are outstanding! I really have learned so much from you. You are totally an inspiration. Now I don’t fear in business like I used to due to your training. Cheers

  118. Cheryl


    Great Video! When I got my B.A. degree everyone would ask me now what are you going to do. I decided I would tell people that eventually I would go for a Ph.D, so I hung a huge Ph.D sign on the wall in my room. I never thought I would get a doctorate. Eight years later I was in school getting a doctorate. Telling people and having that sign on my wall where ever I lived I believe put me on a clear path and eventually I sat down filled out the application and applied, and I got in-it was a great thing. It is the same thing, write down everywhere you go where you are going, i.e. I am on my way to great success. IT WORKS!
    NEVER, NEVER, NEVER Give up!

    All the Best.

  119. Deppie Tinny Kekatos

    I agree with you that it may work but right now I am so down in the dumps and I don’t think that anything can work for me right now. I need someone to show me how to get started and do it with me and then I can duplicate it from there over and over.



  121. Ron Gilmer

    Anthony, I probably have the most items like you had! But believe it I think of Joseph! A father’s favorite, his brothers sold him into slavery, he spent years in prison and then became one of the highest officials in the Egyptian Government! He never lost his faith! Every morning I have a quiet time where I read the bible and set my tasks before my God in the name of Jesus! And I am positive and I have a tremendous load on my shoulders with my wife needing 24/7 care and so many things are coming up! I will get it going if only I can find out what is what and that is coming soon! And as the one comment said by someone; God will not give us more that we can handle! Amen and Amen to that! God Bless in the name of Jesus of Nazareth!

  122. Muriel

    Thanks for the tip about “sticky notes”. Sometimes you feel beat up w/life and your job situation. Sometimes you need to see and believe that things will change and get better. A different future is ahead! If you can do it! So can I!

  123. Michael Williams

    Thanks for the advise Anthony. I already believe that I can do this. And I know that I am going to do this.

  124. James

    A good idea. I’ve heard of this technique before. I am going to use it myself this time.

  125. Maria Ventura

    I want to thank you Anthony for taking the time to inspire us and motivate us with your positive attitude and recommendations. I am trying to start my online marketing business as an affiliate and it is not easy, sometimes it can be downright overwhelming and depressing, but I have no choice, like you said in your video, Failure is not an option. I am a single mom, unemployed and not receiving child support, only my unemployment check, which is not much, but I am determined that this year, through the grace of God, I will break through my obstacles and somehow make it an affiliate marketer. I am educating myself and with people like you to help me and inspire me, and with God on my side, I know that ‘I CAN DO IT.” =)

  126. Linda Saracco

    Thanks Anthony once again for a great video! I believe there is a reason for everything under the sun and God brought me to your success with anthony program for a reason. I have begun to dream again!!! I truly believe in the power of self talk and positive thinking. The sticky note idea is a great idea and I will implement it every day starting right now! I can do this!

  127. Leroy Blanchard

    Thanks I Lost my mother at 10 years old and was raised by relatives . I had to make big adjustments to be adapt to this new loving envirement, I New I could do it

  128. darlene

    Dear Anthony,
    Thank you for your inspiring words. Your positive attitude inspires me.
    God bless you dear one.
    Your faith is amazing!
    Best regards,

  129. Kong Sourivong

    I agree with you, I can do this.

    My friend told me , don’t give any body money. You con’t do the internet,
    marketing , you don’t know enough English.

    I talked to her I can do every things if God give opportunity.

  130. Kong Sourivong

    Hey Anthony , I can do this.

    God give every one have opportunity to learn and gain knowledge.

    Action, focus on, time, money.

  131. Janice Thrift

    I just found out I am going to be a Grand Ma.
    I work 40hrs a week in a Holiday Inn.
    I only have 2 hours at night to work online
    And I have researched all the online BS
    Yours is what I have came back to I am doing email marketing
    seems to be all I have time for, working 40 and Helping My Husband get startes in his Backhoe Busniess. Is alot for a crippled person.
    But I am going to stop looking and start spending all my spare time
    working on what I have on my afh site, with you,
    I cant afford to buy any more at the time, but My husband bought afh fo me
    after I had a bad fall and lost full use of my right leg, I have a cane now something I never thought I would have to have.
    But you are right I can and I will is a part of me I lost when I had to sell my resturant, because I was not able to do it anymore. that was 9 years ago and I have not tried hard enough, I guess the depression ove missing my old self kinda had me in s hole. But its a new yoeas and a new frame of mind I have turned the page and ready to go forward atlast. Thank you your words have helped.

  132. carol kay gardner

    congratulation and many thanks u anthony I ll trying my best this year 2013

  133. Bill Munro


    This is excellent advice. The more positive reinforcement that one has, the more successful one becomes. When you constantly see positive reinforcement everywhere you turn, you have no choice, but to believe & receive Positive Results.

  134. Carolina Decorte

    I am just now starting this program. I mean I am brand new. I was glad to hear this week’s blog. I need all the encouragement I can get. Anthony, keep up the good work! I appreciate what you are doing! You really do stand behind the people who you are involved with. Thanks for the words of encouragement!

  135. El Dee James

    Anthony this is a great idea. I will try it. It makes since to keep you positive if you just look at your notes and believe.

  136. Monica Bartek

    When you find out you learn different than a lot of people and it’s easy to get frustrated until you master some techniques-just saying I can do it,makes all the difference in the world.



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