1. Jerry Arichabala

    Hey I just finished watching your video and it truly sparks the brain about staying motivated. We can really do what we want – humans are lazy – sometimes due to laziness we don’t achieve what we vision we could accomplish.

  2. kim brandt

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks so much for keeping me connected with your emails. I honestly have to say that I got your program long ago and the box is still closed. I just don’t know what is wrong with me but yet i have this drive to be successful. Am I lazy? do I have a block? Am I fearing something. I have no idea, but it is making me feel desperate that time is slipping by and I have done absolutely nothing. I am determined to get to your program becuase I am really broke.

    Thanks once again. You are very inspiring.

    Best regards

    Kim Brandt

  3. Jay Greenhalgh

    Anthony, I just finished watching the video and what gets my mind going is I know that I am driven, and that I want to achieve great things. My only problem and hold up to that is having the resources. Money is tight and right now things are tough and I am barely scraping by. Anyways thank you for the blog I think what you are doing is great and I hope that soon I will be able to use the Anthony Morrison procedure to bring me success! Thanks again.

  4. Ann Wagner

    I think that you’re right on about keeping your family as your primary focus. I’m not as financially successful yet, but being a bit older than you, I think that you’re wise beyond your years.


  5. Ibis Palazuelos

    Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for helping me keep my sanity. You know I wont give up, no matter how hard things are. I’m having problems downloading the page I wish I could have a blog but how do I do it when I’m not good talking to people. I need some tips on that, and you are the right person to help me with that. That would drive traffic. Anyway, I love your blog because it brings the best of me and reminds me that I’m not alone.
    Thank you again and God Bless you

  6. Ben Benson

    Thanks again for your weekly blog, I am always looking forward each an every week for your video.I find them very thought provoking and educational. I truly want to be successful, however, my one major hold up is that of having the resources and my wife and I are struggling to make ends meet each week, but I am going to find a way to get this business going even if it kills me.I have your book and training videos, so I must start trying to put this to a test and make it work.I am determined to give it my best shot. Thanks again, for your on-going training and all the help you have provided.

    Ben Benson
    Apple Valley, California

  7. Sandra Gardiner

    Thanks Anthony for keeping us motivated. You have give of yourself and your time unselfishly to motivate us. You are giving alot of people like myself the courage to make it through each day.
    Because of you Anthony, I do believe there is hope beyond the horizon.

  8. Derrick

    hey anthony i just wanted t say yu nailed it his really did hit me right in he gut im doing it because of the people i love and so that i could provide for my family an like yourself my future family thanks

  9. David Caudill

    Anthony you yourself are a great influence and motivator and you have helped me in so many ways. But my biggest and best motivator is my girlfriend Cindy. She is battling breast cancer at the present time,and everyday she gets up and goes through her day with no complaints and nothing but positive words.It is for her that I will never give up,she has proved to me that with the right attitude all things are possiable.

  10. Isobel Jacobs


    I just finished listening to your blog and once again your timing is right on. You certainly have a lot of insight Anthony and your blogs are deeply appreciated. I love the Idea of your new blog and will look forward to it.

    Anthony wishing you your family and all PMI families a safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving.


  11. Zerelda Quintana

    Thank you – enjoyed the motivational video – I like the way you make motivation part of daily real life and put this alongside trainings needed for many of us to be successful.

  12. Daria S. Bruce

    Hi Anthony,
    Thank you for the word of wisdom, nothing great was ever achieved without
    enthusiasm. I liked your motivation, will focus the activity of this program that first inspired all your members to be come successful.

  13. Pamela

    Hi Anthony, I would like to know if there is somewhere to get a recording of the teleconferences you have had? I am in Hawaii and because of the time difference it happens while I am at work with no access.
    I would also like to say that you are an inspiration. I am getting your program slowly due to no experience at all in this business but you are a very good teacher and explain things well and you keep me motivated to improve my financial situation for my familys sake. Thanks

  14. Crystal Sain

    I want to thank you for your weekly blogs. I am really excited, honestly a little nervous but encouraged about this buisness. I was accepted to the Marketing Success Academy, even had my Welcome call yesterday. I have my 1st session with Tyson on Thursday. I would like Anthony, I pray God continues to bless you. I believe that God is using you for amazing things and I am thankful that I am becoming a small part of it. In your book The Hidden Millionaire, chpt 8, you mentioned a picture of a road that forked, your Father gave you with your 1st computer. Which inspired our bible study for today. Thank you for sharing with us daily. I may not always respond but I am always heeding what you say.

  15. Selina

    When it hard to stay motivated and focus, your weekly blog is very motivating. Watching your video gives me that extra boost to keep going. Every time I see your email it reminds me to stay focus 365 days a year.

  16. Paul Schall

    Hello Anthony,the comment from Kim Brand in November 2010 is exactly my story as well,i save all your e-mail so can read them when i have time,proplem is -i never seem to get to it–i like the story with the big rocks first in the jar,i can relate i filled my mind with so much small stuff-that i have no room to work on’whats important,i think i have done this all my life-anyway i have learned quite a few things even i have not stated your program-writing here may be a sign-that i am moving in the right direction.
    Thank you,

  17. Randall Brown

    A nthony there are 2 things I can count on every day. Number 1 is an E-mail from you that would encourage as well as challenge me. All for which I thank you repeatedly.

  18. mike dashiell

    Thanks for the inspiration and motivational advice. I have video taped it to watch again and again to keep me motivated day after day! You are such an amazing young man!

  19. wayne Mills

    Anthony, Thanks for all the help. I’m a student of PMI.And with there and your help I hope and expect to making $ soon with this system. Plus i’m also learning a lot about the computer and internet.

  20. Gregory Hilli an

    FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION,its full speed ahead,waiting on the state of Arkansas to hurry up and send me my tax number is driving me nuts,but other than that i am haveing the time of my life working with pmi,and this great program,i cant thank you,and all the great folks at PMI enough for all the support that i have received.My wife suffers with fibromyalgia,and other related health issues.I am very motivated to quit my day job,so I can be at home more,and help her.I am also motivated to help others, I know allot of people who are suffering in this economy.I would also like to help the local church that my wife and I go to.I have been spending every wakeing moment working this program,thank you so much for this chance to be all I can be,and may God richley bless you and your family.

  21. Janet

    I just listened to Blog #22 Staying focused

    I have to admit is is hard sometimes to stay positive in today’s economy, jobless and looking for something that can work for you. Being a self driven, self motivated person i have always prided myself on the accomplishments I have made but it seems I always have made money for other people. Working 10-13 hour days, being a single parent I found little tile for my daughter. I would bring her to work to spend time just so I could see her. That is not quality time at all, I am now in the success academy following the plan for my own business. Having the tools and resources available to create a business for my family is always what I dreamed of, they deserve it and so do I. Life is too short, I have lost so much time but look how quickly it changes, a tsunami in Japan wipes out entire families, generations missing we have to stay positive and have faith.
    Thanks for the focus…… step and a time

  22. Michalene Warburton

    Hi Anthony:
    I received your package and got as far as opening and reading your books and setting up the website, however, just as i thought i was getting started my mother got ill and i went to Florida to take care of her. Unfortunately she passed away. It has been very hard since and i have had no motivation to get started again, until i saw your blog. It has inspired me to get going as my situation warrants that i move full speed ahead. Having left to go to Florida i am now unemployed and just hanging on to try and keep my condo. Thank you for keeping us motivated, this means so much to me, at a time like this.

  23. Audrey Kroll

    Thank you, Anthony for keeping in touch with those of us who bought your books. It is truly inspiring to be a part of your organization. Hope to be a more active part soon.

  24. Madeline

    Hey Anthony,

    I just watched your Blog, and you are correct, it is not the Ferrari. I lay in bed this morning thinking I have to get my business running to have an income, my bills are beginning to overwhelm me! Thank you for the help.


  25. Gopal Iyer

    You are so correct. We all do things for our family. I am working hard to support my son in college and my daughter who is soon going to be in college

  26. Jerry Richter

    Anthony, (5/4/11)
    Your “each morning ‘reminder'” is a great way to remind ourselves
    – a shot in the arm, as it were – of our motivator.
    This step-by-step guide for what to do next is EXACTLY what I need.
    You read my mind. Jerry

  27. Miken

    It would be great to be able to do something like this. I have time since I am retired but I have no money to invest. I don’t know how one can to this without a monetary investment.

  28. Richard Olobatuyi

    I’d been in the system for over 6 months. Money has been a big issue, to fund the business, sin ce then. I need ur personal encouragement to keep me motivated because, at this point, I don’t have one and the fact that I’d tried many other opportunity with no success. I sure can use your help anyway possible. Thanks for motivation intact. God bless.

  29. Cee Gee Rabren

    Thanks for your weekly blogs. Your videos certainly help me stay focused, motivated and to keep pressing forward to achieve financial success. Be sweet and have a stellar week. T T F N ~ Tah Tah for Now.


    Thanks the goals I have set , needed to be kicked in the butt as, it has been hard to keep so many family things going , and still looking for internet and real world work working as one unit, and you are right set time each and everyday with family and that helps balance the high performance that others can support , while new contacts open , thanks for the kink support and know you do care about being good but bring the best of what each one that is in the program no mater who they are or come from a well balanced and weekly support to each of your members , dont know anyone who takes the time to make sure your reaching all of us , in a personal way I learned more from your personal touch I hope I can bring to all my people ,in a way that they know you are personal to each of your customers needs once more thanks for the help, colin

  31. Cee Gee Rabren

    Hi Anthony, It is 5:25am Saturday morning July 16, 2011. I am seeing your Blog # 22 for the first time. I was in on your Webinar that aired July 14, 2011. Wow! There sure were a lot of people that tried to log in at the same time, it was amazing to witness. Thank you and Adrian for making and sharing this Webinar 2011 program with us. It was spectacular. Be sweet and have a SPECTACULAR week end. T T F N.

  32. maria

    Hi Anthony…..since I’ve gotten your book and the whole package that I ordered I have to say I’ve been either lazy or maybe too overwhelm to even start your program. My excuse is I’m just not internet strong..I still don’t know many of the features that another person would just simply know a so it kind of stops me on going forwards with what I’ve got. Though I have to say that every day when I get into my emails you’re there again to encourage me. I wanted to thank you that you haven’t given up on people like me. Me myself..I feel hopeless and I’m broke. As a single mom I am responsible for my kids and that’s why I ordered your program….I’m really gone try to take time to learn and to find out if I’m capable to make some extra money. Keep it up for people like me Anthony…..Thanks

  33. Kaye Hutton

    Tonight I really needed motivation. I have had a day of two steps foward and one back! I am working on your new program on cvp. It is amazing but some days I feel inadequate…then you send an e-mail with another
    morale booster.
    Thanks for sharing your positive comments and attitude with us!

  34. Nancy Prosa

    Anthony, you asked in your email to us why do we do that?

    We get up in the morning because we have to get ready for work.
    We go through our days in stunned silence.

    Curt’s Cookie is dead! His only daughter dead at 46 years. We wait for the toxicology report.

    That is why we do that, why we walk like mummy’s through our day and wait!

  35. Rosie

    Mr. Morrison,

    Thank you for your encouragement,
    remember take care of yourself, have
    a restfurl weekend.

  36. Bruce Lee Morris

    Thanx for the encouragement Mr. Morrison because I’m not concerned about the expensive toys either I’m more concerned about helping my family as well and help others to reach there goals. Get some rest!!! God Bless.

  37. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – I have to say you took the words right out of my mouth. My main reason for wanting to be successful is financial security for my family. There are times I feel I can’t do this but failure is not an option.

    Thanks and Take Care

  38. Lynn Harris

    Hi Anthony, I realize how busy you must be, but sometimes people have an absolute need to speak with you directly! I am one of those people. I have a mild head injury and am concerned about being able to do what’s needed to succeed with your program. Please contact me at the e-mail listed so I can speak with you or someone who will convey my message to you. There is more, but I wish to discuss this privately. Please contact me!

  39. Carol Isenhower

    My family is the most important part of my life. I want to be able to help them in any way that I can. Success comes with hard work and Anthony you keep me moving in the right direction. You inspire me to do good things. You keep me motivated to tackle anything each day. I thank you each and every day for being in my life.

  40. Linda Brown

    Hello, Anthony and Co. – I am enjoying and feel challenged with the internet business. Coming from a military environment for almost 12 years every day and dealing with all the hustle and bustle can be overwhelming. So yes I need this advice on a weekly basis. Thank You for it. I have earned a Certificate in the Medical Claims and Billing Specialist area. But I cannot put it into action until thing’s are paid for tuition and all. So until then I wanted to start in on this business. Slowly, and I want to do this as much as the other subject so I dove right in. Yes my family’s financial security is important. I am staying focused. Hard work and doing what you teach us is critical to making it work. Thanks, also for inspirational scriptures.
    God Bless,

  41. Cynthia H.

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for the weekly blogs they are very helpful. Also I so much agree with you when you said you need to create a step by step, walk thur procedure to show us what we are suppose to do to get started from ground level. To tell the truth I am really lost with this program and dont know what to do first, beside read the books!!!!!!

  42. Joyce Knake

    I guess we do what we do because every day we have faith that things will get better. They have to. And without a positive attitude, they won’t.

  43. scott ware

    Good Morning Anthony
    It’s so nice seeing your Updates and your excitement for your information on your new products and new information for us.I’m pushing as had as i can to get everything underway so I’m also going in the same direction. I’m very very deti

  44. Cecilia

    Your weekly blogs are motivational for me. There is so much for me to learn about marketing on the internet. I am truly thankful for your consistent help.

  45. Mike Eakes

    Good Evening,
    Your blogs are very motivating to me. It is truly important what you continue to say about family and goals. I have gotten so tangled up in money at times that I can not continue forward. I am working hard to start my business. You have got a great personal message.

  46. stephen connelly

    thanks anthony you hit it right on the nose its not just all about yourself life continues with the people around u when there happy your well c u for now i have some more learning to do

  47. Editha Knuth

    Hi, Anthony,
    Thank you for sharing that idea setting goals are important as well as family. But we have to take care also our health in order to continue our success in life, Rest Anthony when you really need it okey? I dont want you to get sick.

  48. Beverly F

    I’ve been jazzed for a long time. I just can’t wait to see the results. I believe it’s going to happen. I need my husband to believe like I do! I want to receive that check large check and tell him,”This is it! This is why I do what I do! This is why I invested so much $$$$$ and Time… so we can have those happy fun years on a cruise or whatever we choose! This is Why!”

    Thank you again for the weekly motivation and reminder,
    Beverly F

  49. Emma Everett

    Hi Anthony. I am impressed with blog-22. the contents for your future blog is what I need. With that kind of information, I think I will be able to make it with my business. thank you. Emma

  50. roy medina,jr

    anthony thats what i do but . i keep focus on trying to help myself to help my family but as soon as i make any money its allready spent or trying to avoid getting any of my utiltys cut off . its a never ending battel………….

  51. NeilB

    Anthony Thanks for flaring up the internal flame again. I am amazed that some one so young has such wisdom & insight to lifes values and purpose.

    Thanks again for keeping me motivated & focused on my dream.

  52. Abigail Forrest

    Yea Anthony! Think the idea of step by step is wonderful. There is so much involved in Affiliate Marketing that sometimes its so overwhelming that it caves in on you. So those first baby steps one at a time can be giant leaps.

  53. Macy Walsh

    A step by step program is exactly what I need. Without it, the information comes at us at too fast a rate to be absorbed in any sort of logical pattrern and we end up trying to do too many things at once resulting in mass confusion. I just enrolled in the Build – Send – Profit program and hope it will get me on the right track.

  54. Shelly Campbell

    Thanks Anthony.I’m glad to hear what keeps you going.You are a diamond in the ruff.Make sure to take good care of your self.If you are not already taking some powerful antioxidant supplements.I recommend you do this esp.because you do work so hard.I do have some of the best Herbal Nutritional Supplements available.They are the best because your body can actually absorb them & assimilate them.It is extremely important that you take care of you as well as all the others you work so hard for. look under Herbalife cellular Nutrition.Thanks & God Bless

  55. Alice Wilson

    Thanks Anthony – first things first, take care of yourself. Get some rest and give your body a chance to heal. We all need you to be there fresh and vibrant as our leader, inspiration, and teacher.
    Take care – see you on your next blog.

  56. Pearle Pearson

    Anthony, goodness exudes from the strength of words in your messages,
    thereby causing oneself guilt feelings for having been drawn to the near giving up point

  57. darlene

    Thanks for you time this week. Many good blessings this week.
    Keep up the good faith.
    Best regards,

  58. Dave

    Hi Anthony,
    Thank You once again for your inspiring blogs. I am inspired but but look forward to your step by step to making headway in making money through the Internet. Whatever I have tried in the past has not been successful leading me to almost lose faith in Internet marketing. Have a great day.

  59. norman rambow

    Thank you .. it isnt easy doing what you need to do in helping others all the time.. it does take time.. I enjoy anything you talk about.. the dream of being self sustaining is the goal.. Yes there are things in life that always will get somewhat in the way but ..Anthony my challenge is just being able to get some over the shoulder help.. I am motivated.. just need that help like everyone else..You will love my story when I can get this in the motivational forward position.. I am trying to get to starting.. block running in the right direction.. Just one successful upload will make the difference.. I am a great idea guy and this is sooo new. Thank you…..

  60. Marie ROMULUS

    I help others but not like you do it. I create businesses already. I fail them.

  61. charlie

    I am motivated and my goals have not change ” Ferrari, relly, but nice ” .
    Help my self before helpping other,Thanks To U. GOD BLESS.

  62. Joe Kroepil

    Thanks Anthony, still working hard every day and learning. take care
    joe kroepil

  63. Joe Kroepil

    Hi Again Anthony,
    I thought about it.
    1. I enjoy trying to Win, and learning something new every day.
    2. My good friend has lots of confidence in me and motivates me with his helpful hints for success.
    thanks again,
    joe kroepil

  64. Carolina Decorte

    Anthony I just finished watching your video and it truly sparks the brain about staying motivated. My family is the most important part of my life. I want to be able to help them in any way that I can. Success comes with hard work and Anthony you keep me moving in the right direction.
    Thank you

  65. candice

    Hi Anthony:
    I just finished watching your video and it truly sparks the brain about staying motivated. We can really do what we want – humans are lazy – sometimes due to laziness we don’t achieve what we vision we could accomplish.

  66. Ben Nyman

    Hi Anthony,
    I like it when you get personal. In weekly Blog #22 you hit the nail, it make one review the goals and go on with it step by step.

  67. El Dee James

    Anthony I am so glad you share all your knowledge with us. It is very inspirational and I try to watch as many as I can a week because I do need to stay motivated and all this helps. Thank You

  68. Susan Marcoux

    So true. When you ‘get outside/over yourself’, when the energy is focused on something bigger, it seems to come together with more force and velocity. The Universe just seems to work that way. Think small…act small! Think big and who knows what might happen! Thanks, Sue

  69. Luc

    Thanks Anthony, just got some bad news about me but I got to keep my head up and stay focus. Just lost my job too but I got to stay motivated and keep on pushing day by day. With You I will…. again many thanks Luc F.

  70. Carol

    we are grateful for this training and the additional paid workshops we took this year from you. It is an exciting new way to earn more income for my self and my husband. Appreciate you, Adrian and the team.

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