Weekly Blog #26: Anthony Takes You Inside The Marketing Success Academy (PMI)

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To find out if the Marketing Success Academy at PMI can help you jump start your succcess just dial 1-866-621-1531 ext 990

To find out if the Marketing Success Academy at PMI can help you jump start your succcess just dial 1-866-621-1531 ext 990


  1. Evelyn Romero

    Hi, I love this blog it’s great to make a connection with the academy, and put a face to that place. Davin is that goodlooking guy that helped me with my landingpages. WOW! thanks for this blog.

  2. Lorry Hautajarvi

    GREAT PLUG for the Academy!!! I was not aware of it until a day ago when I finally was plugged in and ready to go. I’m on my way to a huge success and it’s all thanks to you Anthony!!! Keep up the good work.

  3. Jessie Dudley

    Thanks for the up date and visit to your academy. I have not signed up because I have no funds at present. I believe in this business. I have learned so much from Advertising Profitts from Home.

  4. Steven Tullis

    Superb. Not to many people will take someone through a coaching facility. down to earth. Especially with the diff. i deas.

  5. Gary Bales

    Wow Anthony! You have really put something intothe MSA! I have heard you talk about MSA before. But now that I have seen it I can see you are very serious about it!

    After purchasing “Advertising Profits from Home” I received a couple of calls asking if I wanted a coach and stating that you are looking for testimonials to your program.

    What I think would make an awesome testimonial is if you were to have one of your coaches put in to action what you have taught him/her for 30 days. Give them their normal daily pay but instead of coaching have them do what you are teaching and then let us know how well they do, how much money they made in the thirty days then let us all know what it took step by step, dollar for dollar, minute by minute! The most awesome part will be if they quit working for you in favor of going full time in Internet Marketing!

  6. Peggy Whitford

    I just finished your book Advertising Profits from Home. There is so much information to absorb. WOW! I’m going to read it again and work the plan to get my own internet business up and running.
    You have certainly given the community a great value in this book that is above and beyond the cost of the investment in the book.
    I look forward to applying the knowledge you have shared and will be asking for help and sharing my learning experiences with others on the community board. It’s wonderful to have a place to go and ask questions.
    Thank you for this wealth of information that will help me and so many others to be able to set up and work our own online business.

  7. John Elder

    I am so impressed with Anthony Morrison and the entire concept of the Success Academy. I just met my coach Kim Thurman today and had my first 30 minutes of coaching. It was great. I am very exited for the next 6 months and beyond.
    Thank you PMI

  8. Ezra Woods

    Read the books, hidden millionaire and adv from home. Started w/ setting up my Twitter & rss feeds. I got 95 followers in 2 weeks. Then set up other social sites & still finding more networking avenues. thanks.

  9. Lois Hanson

    I had my first 30 minutes with my coach Kim and am impressed. I need to start placing ads for the rewards to start coming in. I am so excited:)
    Thanks to Anthony this is a wonderful opportunity

  10. Shirley Ajayi-Carroll

    I read the both books and I was happy to finally know some of the secrets to marketing on the Internet. I partically like the info on thow to get paid on twitter. I can’t wait to set up my dormain name and get started on the other accounts doin’ affliate marketing.


    Anthony I would love to join the Success Academy I will be call first thing Monday around 9am Eastern Time I have tried to get back my money to do your program and I will call to find out how I can start the academy.

  12. noelle

    Hi !!!
    I love everything what I have learn from your books (read2x) and
    all the videos.Thank a million,cant sign up now-no seed money 🙁
    I have done some domaining strictly to your guidance.
    Thanks again.

  13. Russell Carlson

    Hi Anthony,
    That a pretty big operation you got there to help us. Looks good. Can’t sign up right now got my hands full with PMI. This is alot for me to learn. It’s coming very slow for me. Alot of Hi-Tech for me.

  14. Debra Mosley



  15. Buzz Whitehead

    Aloha Anthony
    The teaching center was just as I pictured it .
    Davin was our coach and we could not have been more satisfied . His expertise is a great asset to your company .
    Mahalo Davin & Anthony


  16. Suy Sun

    Mr. Anthony,

    Thank you for letting us seeing the coaching station. This is just a lot of learning to take in. But i take a little at a time.

    Again Thank you!!

  17. Kinsan

    Once again, you’ve distinguished yourself away from the traditional teachers. Your unselfishness is the true reality of the Market Academy. I have a full plat to learn, but this video is another reason to review my priorities. I used to ask myself why this guy is bombarding me with emails; certainly more for him than me. Well, the true thing is you are just a different man. Thank you Anthony

  18. Rian

    We’ll I just wanted to say that I have just purchase your books and I am reading it now. I can so far I really like it. But of course there is a lot of question that I do have. So I will be making that call to have a coach just for me. Aloha and Mahalo from Hawaii

  19. Anthony

    Anthony, Thanks for the tour! Would it be helpful to place a picture with a name for your staff to better personalize the training? Its just a thought that I hoped you might appreciate. Three quarters through your book and the ideas in my head are purculating. I wish you great success as that will help the rest of us as well. Take care and God Bless.

  20. Howard Bickerdyke

    Hi Anthony; I am really enjoying your book that I bought and also your videos which are super. I want to get started but at the present time I am cash short as I had a accident and now I can not work because I can not drive a car anymore as I get dizzy spells now and then. But I am going to continue studying all your materials, plus any and all the videos and by April I hope to have at least part of the money needed. Keep up your good work helping people and I will be looking at your. Sincerely Howard

  21. Edward Becerra

    just got your book 2 week’s a go Iam reading checking out some web sit’s
    just getting my feet wet have not bought any thing yet need to know how much I can put in my budjut as i get a check once a month I am in a fixed incom Iam running 1 month behind have to save a little than used it so bar with me

  22. paul eggert

    Anthony I will be in Plainview Long Island NY on March 10th at 12noon to see you or one of your coaches.I have been at it for a year now and I still need help figure this thing out! I did not know how to turn my pc on a year ago, but I am a positive thinker. My wife is coming too! I am gratefulto you for getting me back in touch with Bob Proctor! Keep on Truckin!!

  23. Nickey Jones

    I got my websit up been reading your book and learning alot . Money is tight so I can’t get the extra coaching I need But THANK YOU for showing me there is hope for my future.

  24. cesar cipres

    Thankyou,for the support you give to me,i finish t book on 3days at this time i cnt be part of gett couching at this time,i gn try my best asap,your book is really amazing tool for some body want to make business on internet,i used my dictionary each time i reread t book,help m a lot,thank you. 🙂

  25. Randy

    Dear Anthony: Thanks for show the academy. It is good to see real people in action there. I have been dejecting all of this information by the Book and Audio Book aswell. Believe it or not, I am old school with this tech and I wonder if I could do this. After looking at the training videos, it is beginning to all click. Still a little foggy on this but that is not a big obstacle with me. I have my first training with a coach on Tuesday. I believe now I can do this thing! If I can suceed, anyone can. 🙂 I am at that point in my life that I am tired of being sick and tied! I am sure that one day I will be able to join your academy and the ranks of the successful Marketers. You will hear from me! Thank you from the Old Dominion of Virginia. Be Bless!

  26. Antonio

    Hey…Ant…WOW!..God blessed you man and i’m glad you’re looking out for others as well as he has for you.It’s a wonderful thing that this world NEEDS man…Proud of you and your success,continue helping others..”it’s good to get,but BETTER to give”..alright talk to you soon man.

  27. Johnothan

    Just stopping by for a moment to wish everyone success. The drive to succeed is the primary factor of success. I am learning this system and enjoying the process. I am taking the approach of using this and learning the same as when back in school. So, my goal or approach is to have the fundamentals down and some successes in the results withing a 16 wee time frame (a semester in college). I am certain when complete, my target goals will be reached. I intend to use this program as half or more of my overall strategies and goals, since marketing and using the affiliate program is only part of what I wish to achieve. My web site is still in development, (I wrote all the code by hand, now I am using tools to much of it). I use my site to learn, experiment, and hopefully pass on what success I achieve to others as Anthony does. My simple rules of business are these:
    1. You cannot fail unless you give up or quit.
    2. Find new ways to keep you motivated that target what your goal is.
    3. Never worry about how you are going to do something in the beginning. The what you want to do and the why is everything at this point. Everything else will fall into place as you go along. Anthony has most of that worked out for you.
    4. Connect with others that are positive and successful. Remember who you associate with can help you to become who you want to be.
    Hope this is helpful and useful to you.

  28. Naomi Haman

    Hi Anthony,
    That is really great to see all the supporters for us. Thank you so much! I am doing the PMI program and that’s where alot of my focus has been. I’m in the process of creating a product. I’m taking step by step. I do want you to know how helpful your weekly blogs are. Just for the encouragment alone.
    I have joined your web site, but havent had that much of a chance to go on and start talking with others. I am putting aside some time this week to put in some more personal info so I can interact with the community.
    Thank you so much for all the time and effort to be there for all of us and help us!

  29. Gregory Mack

    Thank you and your group for what you guys do. I will always recommend this opportunity to people. You have plans a opportunities that are affordable to everyone and your team is the first to offer the great plan that is perfect for me. I have heard from many coaches that are not willing to work with people like your coaches do. I thought I was alone and stuck in affiliate marketing, but just one phone call had me seeing blue skies once again. Thank you all!

  30. Lisa Miller

    I was nice to see the coaches. Dan and I are excited to get things rolling and are doing the class together. We started the class friday and are stuck with the long weekend here for the 4th. But, that won’t stop us from moving forward each day. Thanks for your inspitation.
    Dan & Lisa

  31. Maurilio Haro

    this is great anthony, im already read your books and videos, is a lot info i”m still confused on how to start, it looks like I have to start by myself right is not like you have a program that connects to your business and starts working. or how it works.

  32. Ron Adkison

    Thanks for the tour Anthony, I have had a positive experience with all of the coaches I have worked with in the success academy. It is very beneficial and helps to map out the process. One should always remember that it still requires work on your part and Anthony has always said this; To think anything in life comes easy is just not true. What is true is that with the success academy it becomes much easier as you learn step by step what to expect around each corner in your training.
    Thanks and Blessings,

  33. ann matthew

    Great info thanks so much. I look forward to putting my Website together, and working with the coaches It is awesome. Seee you soon
    Ann Matthew

  34. Dorothy Derr

    Thanks for the tour. I am taking babysteps right now because finances are limited. Learned how to work with Google Adwords. Promoting one of our campaigns from the Affiliate Marketing List.. I’m learning something new every day.

    I appreciate all the work you do for us.

    Dorothy Derr

  35. Richard E. Vandevander

    Hi Anthony. Blog 26 was the best so far. It was nice seeing where all the helpers work..I keep looking for your next Blog. Good Health and God Bless


  36. Ronnie-Ray

    Hey Anthony great blog. Being prior U. S. Army, one learns to be lead before one can lead. I look forward to the Marketing Success Academy.
    Two thumbs up:)

  37. Kaye Hutton

    Hi Anthony,
    Your MSA is a great asset to me. I have been working with them for a few weeks and they are most helpful. I always know there is help waiting when I run into something I don’t understand (which is pretty often!)
    I haven’t made any money yet, but with their help I hope it will not be long.

  38. Marilyn Kepler

    I want to get started with the coaching. I am going to call tomorrow to sign up as I think I already have the coaching available to me thru PMI. Thanks Anthony for helping us get started. All the pieces are working together and all I have needed was the time to actually make it start happening, and has become available to me now as I will have more of that in the next few months.

  39. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony -Enjoy your videos as always. I have to take babysteps right now but having fun doing it . I signed up on Facebook and Twitter as you suggested. I love Twitter – gaining quite a following. I’m trying to promote some of the campaigns from our Affiliate Marketing Program. Success does not come quickly but I know that being consistent is the key.

    Thanks for all your help.

  40. donna long

    Hi, I am letting you know that I have just started claases at Mountain State University, to get my degree in Business Administration, (ecommerce), working with Livefire Learning, and PMI, with a consultant, because of what you and the Lord are doing, working together to help us to succeed! I have been trying to start my own business from home for the last 2 -3 years with no success. Thanks so much for the nudge!

  41. Cindy Brown

    Thanks again Anthony for relevant content! I worked with PMI getting my eCommerce site up and was at the 3 day training in March(where you spoke!)
    I have just started working with your team now for my Affiliate sites. Finished all the videos and just need a little help in putting all the pieces together! I also am a member of CPA Domination. Everything you do is top shelf!!
    Thanks again for paying it forward 🙂

  42. Carol Isenhower

    Hey Anthony, I like the tour. I’m reading your books and love love love them!!! They are helping me out alot. Very informative. Keep up the good work!!! Take care. Talk to you soon!!

  43. linda brown

    I’m already learning the materials on being in the success club, i was waiting for my phone to get my free 250 minutes a month tomorrow. So I can let you know i received my books for the master academy information..Thank You so much your business is very personable I like that, and will do my best to compensate you for your helpful teachings…I can only say that i am reading your books, and they are very cool and the information is an eye opener. I have learned so much..but i still need to learn more and i can see that this business takes time for new learners on the internet..Your time to your business will prove to be a success in time…I’m quite sure–chat at ya soon:)

  44. Catherine

    Thanks Anthony,
    It’s nice to see where the coaching takes place. I will make the call when I can commit the time.
    I appreciate everything you have taught me so far and I am looking forward to working with one of the coaches in the near future.

  45. Marcia Brown

    I am making great progress using the Marketing Success Academy. I am learning so much, and beginning to put it into action. My coach and I are now working on my landing pages. I still need to get some more offers up and running, too.

    I haven’t made any money, as yet, but I continue to be excited about the potential. I am loving soaking up all the knowledge that I can. Thanks, Anthony, for working hard to get this into people’s hands!

  46. Bernice J Adams

    thanks for this video, I was able to see my coach and put a face to the voice of help now…Kris and I are still working at me moving forward and I really look forward to his input each week… great program

  47. Jack (Alaska Jack)

    Really enjoyed the video tour of your marketing success academy…didn’t know it existed. How do you sign up for the 30 days of coaching? Great set-up, makes me even more excited for our potential success.

    Alaska Jack

  48. AnnMatthew

    Hi, great video, good to see the inner workings and people available to help if the fit is right. This is a comforting & relaxing & supportive way to learn quickly.
    Thanks Anthony for a fine way to reassure & smooth the way for learning. Best Wishes & Peace. Ann M.

  49. Jeri iMorgan

    I am trying to learn asmuch as possible. MSA and the coach Davin is a wonderful match.

  50. Deppie Tinny Kekatos

    Wow, Anthony. This is really cool. I really want to get started ASAP but I am out of funds. All I need is someone telling me how to get started with placing an ad and pulling in traffic. I am really excited about starting this but with no funds it is hard to do anything.

    Good luck to all you guys that were able to get started.

  51. Cheryl Harrington

    I have personal coaching and I LOVE IT!! I have Nathan who is also a very successful entrepauner in this business. I believe he said he has now gotten 20 websites!! I hope I can get there someday.

    I don’t know what I’s do without Nathan’s help. I have the help of PMI helping develop my web page. Through their help I have a very good product to sell but mostly I am learning how to go through the process of developing the web site, find a product. Work with clickbank and GO DADDY…it’s incredible!! Ididn’t know all this was out there!!!

    I LOVE THIS!!!


  52. Stanton Hagan

    Anthony: In a nutshell I want to learn how to attract customers and
    how to get traffic to take a positive action on my products.

  53. Merryla Fidler

    Hi Anthony.

    i am so new in computer tech.i am sooooo happy i can email you and be part of the Community and say the following:
    i am a student at PMI+ i love everybody.All of the coaches are so professional,nice,kind,patient with me because i am new with computer+this material is new too for me;However,i am learning a lot+progressing,slowly but surely.
    Slowly with a persistent determination,i am overcoming my ignorance of computer knowledge and i love every bit of the training,and you bet there is profits,big time.

    Anthony,thanks for everything…
    Thanks to all of you.


  54. Kong Sourivong

    It’s wonderful we have someone ready to help, I want to go there .

    Kong Sourivong

  55. Kong Sourivong

    Thank you Anthony , wonderful who have a coaching, I reach I can go there.

  56. herbert

    first time i seen this and some of your response are like the one on facebook as i read them u know what u gettin ,u are gettin the kool today

  57. patricia

    enjoy and look forward to the email u send since the wakeup call at 2:49 am i thought who is that so early in the morning. That,s the kind of motivation i like

  58. Steve Le Baron

    Anthony, I do really appreciate you showing us, that there are many others behind the scenes there, ready to coach people like my self, through the trying times we all at some time face. Anthony, you have a foundation of knowledge that can be utilized with your growing student class room.
    Thank you.

  59. Rute Radzwich

    Hi, Anthony: I am a bit overwhelmed because I know nothing and I want to
    learn a lot. So, I’am getting bits of information and insights here and there…I don’t know what all this is leading me to..
    I admire you as a successful business man and entrepreneur. There is lot
    to learn from you… Sincerely,

    Rute Radzwich

  60. William A. Ricks

    I have just watched your Success With Anthony video and have been browsing through this website and I must say that I am impressed with the way that you go about teaching your program.
    I am one who has been in network marketing for about 10 years now and I’m sorry to say, without much success. Your program strikes me as different somehow. I’ve never been able to ‘get’ the concept of affiliate marketing so I am looking forward to learning what you have to offer. I have the 2 ‘Success Factors’ you spoke of in your video and I’m counting on you to supply me with the third!
    I am also starting the program simultaineously with a friend in another state so that we can track our results together.
    Looking forward to becoming two more success testimonials for your program!!

    William A.

  61. Sammy Hauser

    I went to Mississippi for three day and learned a lot an trying to apply. Getting a little better all a long and learning as I go.

    Have a nice DAY THANK

  62. Steven Ruedebusch

    Thank you for this information. My wife and I are limited with funding at this time. Thank you for all of your tools you give us for being sucessful in our business!!! God be with you and your family with this project. You are really the deal helping other people be successful with your ideas!!! Thank you again for your Blog!!!

  63. El Dee James

    Anthony I just played your video on Blog #26 that takes us into the Academy. I am training with Tyler Judd from your Academy. I think this was the best choice I have made so far in my venture to learn how to run a successful online business. In the 4 weeks or more I have been on the coaching sessions with Tyler I have learned more from him than I did the whole year with Global Education. They basically taught me nothing, and I paid them a lot of money. Your Webinars and all the emails you send out are so informative and I so appreciate all you’re help.I can’t wait till I start making some money.Thank You so much.

  64. Sue Marcoux

    Does your 866 # work from Canada? I’d love to get more involved.

  65. Sue Marcoux

    I’ve been here before (on this video) and, tho I can Tweet, I can not FB as I’ve already Liked it and…I guess they remember.

  66. Theresa Charley

    can someone please tell me how much the Academy Training cost. I would like to sign on

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