1. Charles Rose

    Thank you for all the weekly encouragement. It really helps me keep focused on success!

  2. Jean

    Thanks Anthony
    For the weekly blog and all your help.
    it’s going slow but i am determined for this to work for me. thanks

  3. Clara Leake

    Your weekly blogs are encouraging. I just joined your Home Jobs For Citizens and I’m getting ready to post my first item on ebay. By the way check out my blog: My squeeze page is also completed, but I have to find out how to get to it. Keep up the good work. MERRY CHRISTMAS and God BLESS.

  4. kinsan

    I am glad for Garcia. Thank you for sharing; with it is just about time, but we will surely get there. Once again thanks for the blogs

  5. Frank Brown says

    Anthony, great video. I try to get on community live but it rejects my login info. I don’t know what’s the problem but I’ll get on. and thank you Anthony.

  6. Jody Anthony Thompson

    Thanks Anthony, yes, this will indeed be a very successful year. Infact, I’m actually thinking about enrolling in the marketing success academy; myself. By later next week, I should be ready to get started.

  7. Larry Grimes Sr

    I enjoyed this blog and am continuing to dream that I will succeed eventually within PMI schooling and your book that I am reading maybe I can feel some of Garcia ‘s feeling of success

  8. Karlene Schiele

    I’m loving every minute of my internet marketing studies with PMI. Will be trying many different programs and tools. Good to see others engaging in the same. Learning at PMI has been the best thing I’ve invested in.
    Besides your books and videos that is.

  9. kathy moore

    that is a great story!maybe i will learn .if it worked four him .thats a great sign

  10. Naomi Haman

    Hi Anthony,
    Thank you so much for sharing that story. That’s a great idea. There are only too many times where idea’s come into my head when I don’t have anything to write down with and you can forget most of it when you do. Your weekly blogs are such a big help and support.
    Thank you, Naomi

  11. Dorothy Miller

    Really enjoy your blogs Anthony! It’s slow going for me, but each blog encourages me to keep plugging away. 🙂

  12. A Campbell

    Hi Anthony, just wanted to say that I am just getting started and am moving at a snails pace right now. I have joined the success team and am very glad they are available. I liked this blog it is encouraging to hear about the note pad because I am an innovator myself. Great idea and I will definitely start jotting all the time.

  13. Kaye Hutton

    Hi Anthony,
    That was another good blog. It is always encouraging to hear a success story knowing we all have the same tools that he had to work with. We just have to get it done!

  14. Kathryn Mann

    I love your weekly blogs. They are always very informative. It’s good to hear about other people that use your system that are succeeding. Can’t wait to attend the upcoming webinar.

  15. Alissa Garrison

    Anthony, I really like your weekly video blogs. Thank you for making them and the two webinars. They help to refresh my mind on what I already know, and they do help me to stay motivated and encouraged.

  16. Kathy

    Thanks Anthony, you have such positive energy. I am a newbie to this whole advertising endeavor. I am so hopeful it could actually be a profitable business. I have bought into other online businesses that proved to be schemes. At least with this one the support and follow up are actually there. I am still excited about the prospects, thank you for the continual motivation.


    Good day Anthony:

    Thanks for the great job. I am inspired and motivated by your blog. I hope that others are reading it with interest and excitement.
    Thanks for your cooperation.

    John A. fONTEM

  18. Pierre Mocombe

    Anthony, I want to thank you for the weekly blog and videos you post. They are really motivational tools. It is so easy to feel discourage, but your weekly blogs do provide renewed energy to keep going and not despair. Our family is facing a lot of problems, mainly financial for at the end of the month, I will have no job and my wife is facing a similar situation at her place of employment as well, although hers may come a couple of months down the line. Your blogs provide me with the motivation I need to do even more. Before going to bed, I try to achieve at least one more goal, do one more step toward achieving my goals; no matter how exhausted I feel.
    Again, I want to thank you for your weekly blog, may God bless you and your family!

  19. Fontella Dubissette

    Hi Anthony,

    Hearing & seeing you talk instead of reading your blog is way much more “doable” for me.

  20. Ligaya Valonzo

    Thank you Anthony, for sharing about Edward Garcia on your blog, I am inspired being one of your student, I am positive to be successful too, I just need to put on more time and efforts in the program. Off course, with you and your teams help, nothing is impossible.!!! More Power!!!

  21. Sandra Bishop

    Love the Blogs, They always come just at the right time, they help keep me from being discouraged.. I know I am on the right track, its the world around me that sometimes throw roadblocks in front of me, so far I have managed to climb over or go around all of them.
    Thank you for all the hard work you put in on these blogs and training video’s.

    have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas
    Sandra B.

  22. Robin Moody

    Anthony, I enjoy hearing you speak and although I’ve never met you personally I know by what you say and how you say it you’re a good and honest person in you’re heart, I appreciate all your help, I’ve had a couple roadblocks getting started but I am determined to bust though them and march on to sucess thanks again by the way I have a seven year old grandson named anthony

  23. Joyce Knake

    It’s always good to get encouragement. And sometimes a little tip can spark an idea when you least expect it so it is good to write it down.

  24. K. K.

    Dear Anthony Morrison:
    I love your unrlenting campaign to motivate your listeners to stick with a goal until they accomplish what they set out. I wish I could follow your steps but I realize that for any business to succeed one needs to invest funds first which I do not have. It is likely that I will be homeless very soon because I could not pay so many bills and got into deep black whole of debts..All your optimistic lectures have no relevance in my case

  25. Charlotte Burns

    weekly Blog #25, that was a good tip about taking notes every where you go,because you never know what may go up in front of you. that was awesome how your business can grow.I’m still learning about the paper clip. I’m looking forward to 2012 being better in my financial situation than 2011. thank you….

  26. Marcia Brown

    I try to do this as well. In fact the planner I use actually has lots of pages at the back that are there just for such a purpose. I take my planner with me most of the time no matter where I am going so that I have that notepaper with me. Thanks again, Anthony, for all you do to keep us motivated to strive for success.

  27. David N Ajuebor

    I love success stories.
    It is amazing how one can already have a working
    site in less than 40 days.
    What a coach!!! What a vision to implement.
    Way to go, Bravo…

  28. James Johnson

    I want to say thanks for the stories Anthony! Im new to all of this, but the stories like the one that you just shared just helps gives me motivation to be successful at this. Im going to keep pushing to make it work!! Tanks agin, and pleas keep the news comming!!

  29. Tony Shanahan

    the blog is awsome and Iam in anthoneys marketing sucesss school the twelve month program this runs 3,0000 up front and i paid it its welll worth the price iam learning so much you guys need to check into the program.

  30. Rudy Ambion

    thank you very much for the information. Still trying to make it work….

  31. darlene mckean

    Garcia you rock.
    Thanks Anthony for everything.

  32. Eileen Ferrer

    Thank you for sharing Mr. Garcia’s success story Anthony. It gave me motivation. I have not called the academy for help with my ideas. I think I will. Thanks again and keep these weekly blogs coming. Congrats Edward!!!!

  33. Elena Dominguez

    My dear Anthony I am your fan and I think I am even addicted to your programs, your advise is so useful and practical, that I have no words to express how good they are, and how kind is on your part that give us all of this for us to use in our favor, so we can succeed in the online business.

    God Bless you Anthony Morrison…you are the best!!!

  34. Deniece

    Anthony your story regarding your student Mr. Garcia is very encouraging. I keep my a notepad with me. Thanks again

  35. Bill Munro


    I appreciate you sharing Mr. Garcia’s story. I will be implementing carrying the note pad today. From time to time, I believe that it was you who mentioned that every once in while you watch TV, just to check out the commercials to see what’s selling. When it come to this, I definitely need a note pad. Thanks for all the great information, Anthony. I will be carrying a note pad 24/7.

  36. El Dee James

    You are such an inspirational person and this is why you’re community keeps growing. You are helping all of us to better ourselves and I for one really appreciate the time you take out of your day to do this.Thank You again.

  37. Chris Wells

    Thank’s Anthony for sending me your email about your weekly Blog, I’m really serious and commiting myself to my success and I think this is going to greatly increase my chances for success.

  38. James Samuel

    Hi Anthony
    Thank’s Again

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