1. Linda Cloud

    Hi Anthony:

    Wow! As you know I am a freelance writer, and I have to say that I absolutely loved the way that you presented how to write ad copy.

    A lot of mentors, or orators would go into a very long drug out and complicated formula.

    This was short and to the point: Emotional response + target fields= a very nice way of promotion of product!

    Love it, love it, love it!!!!!

  2. Donald Jackson

    Your blogs are great and always informative. You could write a little bigger you have alot of space there. I have just started in this new venture and have been reading your book Advertising Profits and am about half way through. Alot of information and easy to read and that is good for someone that has never done this before. The information is fascinating stuff and will have to really study it to understand all of it. Have been to your web sites and signed up for everything. I know this is the way to go because of the power of the internet and where its taking us. I am glad I saw your commercial on TV on our vacation to Arizona. I knew I needed something to change our lives and I think I have found it.
    Thanks, Don

  3. Carol

    Anthony, thanks so much for this suggestion. That one change made the difference between 5 views and 67 views of my blog!

    I was in the middle of writing my blog when I stopped to view your video lesson. Immediately, I changed my subject line to include an emotional aspect and BAM!…it achieved a huge difference.

    Thanks so much for your awe-inspiring experience and suggestions!


  4. Joyce Farr

    Everything you teach fits in somewhere along our way to money.Thanks Anthony(hope you do not mind me addressing you
    as Anthony since we have never even met).


  5. Becky B

    Hey Anthony, this ad tip on writing ad copy is really cool. I have not known how to use targeting with specific information before! Thanks so much!

  6. Anita Williams

    EMOTIONS are definitely the ticket. I recently lost my mother and my brother’s mother-in-law was just buried on my mother’s second birthday after her death. I have been sharing my emotional ride with loved ones. I feel you! I know I can capitalize off this blog! Thanks, Anthony!

  7. Sandra Taylor

    Hi Anthony,

    I just saw your blog it’s great even tho I’m new you are a great help to me . I’m still listing to the videos and reading the material from the lessons.Keep up the good work ! Sandra

  8. randall palmer

    hello anthony, this is really great stuff and im really going to pick up and run with all this when i can. finances are the only thing slowing me down right at the present as i have the time , i have the motivation and im not handicapped in any way other than i need to understand this better. sort of hands on . when this is accomplished you will see time and effort and sales from my end.i have a very great imagination and some really good “out of the box” ideas . when i am able i will for sure be joining the academy. thanks for great support and also not abandening those of us that are at a financial hurdle.i watch and take in everything. thanks again… randall palmer

  9. Edwin Keck

    Thank you for the informative video. I stay connected and focused when
    I am watching your videos. I have alot to learn, and to apply.

  10. Evelyn Barron

    Thanks Anthony, I will use this on my e-mails and FB to my customers and friends. Just learning this, I bought your book but have not started my business going to be profitable in it. :0 what to do first?

  11. Pauli J

    Hi Anthony,
    Great info thanks again. Your billboard story reminds me of a local restaurant near me that always has a message like:
    Now Hiring
    Swedish Meatballs

    Makes me do a double take and laugh every time.

  12. Donna Matheson

    Hi Anthony,
    Thank you for the tips on writing an ad on the blog. I have not used any advertising space on the internet yet. So, I have a lot to learn but you make it seem simple. I am excited to learn more.

  13. Rasheedah Ali

    This video hits on something me and others can work with I am new and would never thoght about appealing to the emotional side of a customer to attract them to our ads and maybe get a sale or repeat sales to differrent age grous and state or city.

  14. Pat

    I am just getting started. Reading your book taking in all I can. Honestly, I’m the one who “can’t sell that bucket of water to a rich man in the dessert!” I feel I can do this!! Easy and to the point.
    Thank You.

  15. Phyllis Wilson

    Thanks for the link Anthony. I was wondering how to actually make the blog interesting and at the same time emotional. I never would have imagined the way you explained it. It came at a great time I am actually starting my business. I am so PUMPED!!!

  16. Roger Radonski


  17. Linda Quigley

    I have not started writing ads yet but this information was very helpful for when i do. I can see where this will be very beneficial to my ad writing. Thank you for this very informative video. I can see where the emotional feeling will come into play. Emotion has a huge reaction with everyone!

  18. Johnny

    Just been reading back over profits from home and it is informative and tomorrow i will buy my first yahoo search engine ad and I came a long way ,first i saw your informercial on early morning tv and i bought the bookand i think i got it now and your blog is alson helpful thank you anthony and god bless you.

  19. Buzz Whitehead

    Aloha Anthony

    As many eye’s as possible . Great tips are always appreciated .


  20. Priscilla Romano

    Hello Anthony,
    I’m going back to reading your book and your info you gave in your emails.
    You were ment to teach also. I’m going to make the call.

  21. John Hervan

    Thanksso much the weekly blog has give me some I deas for my up coming ads. I will let you know how they work out.
    I Have been trying to findout how I am supposed to work my facebook ads for a while now. Wondering how I could place pics that we have on our affiliate website? is that possible?
    Thanks again,

  22. Charles Syptak

    Hi Anthony, I just watched your video. That is a neat way to get an ad
    from an overall view to one that is more specific. The ad will be more apt
    to make the reader feel as though it is aimed at her or him.

  23. Robert Clanton

    Thanks for the information, I have learned enormously regarding the internet advertising during the last two months. I have just watched your weekly Blog 34. It was and is great information.

  24. mjbrewer

    just wathched your weekly blog #34.

    per your example (the Billboard) ithought it was great cause it showed that your ad copy can be pretty simple, yet really effective!


  25. J Means

    This is a great tip. Thanks for your continued support and encouragement. Because of medical issues, I have gotten off to a slow start, but I’m determined to make up ground. I have almost finished the book and am looking forward to putting all of this information to good use.

  26. Jeanne McCurdy

    Hi Anthony,
    Thank you for being a great teacher and mentor!
    Although I haven’t been disciplined enough in reading your book Advertising Profits From Home, so I can finish it and start working, I admit that it’s written in a way that is easy to understand and agreable.
    The fact that you incorporate your life experience to teach us, makes your book interesting and your life story relatable.
    I’m going to do my best and finish it by the end of this month( I read very slowly so I can understand everything). In the meantime, I’m glad to be learning more with your videos, e-mails, blogs etc..
    To our future financial success!

  27. Mary Chelf

    Hi Anthony, I’am new to the team,internet and the computer.I’am starting computer classes next week.Taking notes and reading everything.Thanks slow bloomer

  28. Joshua Herrera

    Anthony, your blogs have been really informative. I am almost done reading your book Advertising Profits from Home and cant wait to start working on it. God Bless!!

  29. Janice lopez

    Thanks agaim for another great lesson. I feel so lost sometimes and everytime I see you do something it really inspires me to do better and to try again. I have been with you since March 2010 and I did join the Marketing Success Academy, but I still feel so lost sometimes. I wish I had you as a one on one mentor, not that mine isn’t good, she’s a doll.

    Take Care!

  30. Elmore Simmons

    Hello, Anthony, I just started two days ago. I am reading and getting myself familar with the info that you have provided to me. Definitely looking forward to recieving your books and ready to get going !!!

  31. Michael Blaboe

    thanks for your great information about the blog, it’s very usefull and encouraging, but some of us are beginners and the whole thing is new to us,at the same time i’m trying to finish the book for the second time snice i’m new to the computer.put things together and move on.

  32. Jaime

    Thanks Anthony, I have read your books and watched your video’s. Keep up the good work, you are a very good teacher.

  33. Sheila Volz

    Hey, Anthony,
    A Super Blog – Concise and to the point. I so appreciate your always telling us WHY we need to do something. When I know the why’s I tend to remember better. I’m so grateful for all your expertise and willingness to help – a true sign of a great instructor. Have listened to all the videos and read the books and am trying to comprehend all the details.

  34. Jerriu

    This is great…I am such a novice…I don’t even know what a Blog is and have never used one or been on one or however you say it.

  35. Mary Brown

    Dear Anthony, Thank you so much for the tip on advertising. I have been sitting here about to pull my hair out trying to think of a good advertisment log. What you said really made sence and helped me to go back to the drawing board. So again thank you again for everything.

  36. Consuelo

    Hi, I just watch your video and it looks so easy and make sense. I just finished reading your book but I know I have to rerread it to understand everything on it. I am not a computer savvy person so it will take me longer than the others to follow everything you are saying on the books as well as on the videos. But I will spend my time rereading everything if I have to because I want to learn everything that you are trying to teach us. I already activated my free website but I haven’t started doing any ad yet, because I don’t understand the part of the landing page. I need to go back again on the book. Thanks a lot for a very informative video.

  37. Eric

    Thanks Anthony,
    Clear and to the point. I’m a newbie so I could use some even more basic info – how do I change my username? how does affiliate system send payments to the members? How do I pick and choose the links on my website? Most of your members are probably past this but I need some beginner help.

  38. Geri

    Thanks, Anthony. I’m a newbie and could use all the help I can get. I have a coach and without him, I’d be lost. I’m forging on!!!!

  39. Calvin

    Thanks Mr. Anthony I Finish Both Of Your Books That I Purchase In June Of This Year Thery Are Very Helpful To Me Because I Can Use More Extra Money Again Thank You.

  40. Jane L Cmerek

    Thankas you Anthony I,am a newbie and could use all the help i get that was a good blog and helpfull.god bless you all

  41. Russell Carlson

    Hi Anthony thanks for the advice. I am trying to do this from a earlier blog I watched. It does work! I ain’t in to facebook or myspace yet, soon maybe. I am learning the more I can get my ads out there the better $.

  42. Jeanne Mausure

    Anthony, your enthusiasm is wonderful! I have a tendency to want everything yesterday so I purchased your 365 Day program and absolutely LOVE IT!!! I didn’t start it until Monday of this week and it’s keeping me focused rather than stressed over too much info too fast! This year I have the time!!!Jeannne

  43. steve

    Iā€™m a newbie so I could use some even more basic info ā€“ How do I pick and choose the links on my website? Most of your members are probably past this but I need some beginner help. I just finished reading your book but I know I have to rerread it so that I can better understand everything on it.

  44. Cynthia Lutman

    This is exactly what I just learned from your brother, Adrian, on the 3 day conference this weekend in Fort Myers. He was absolutely fantastic and I learned so much….I recommend this live training session to everyone when they come to a town near you.!!!

  45. Abe Doliente

    Thank you again Anthony for your Weekly Blog # 34 posted Sept. 10 of last year. You are really an excellent teacher. I learned this from your brother Adrian during the seminar that I attended here in San Diego last November. But these are reminders that I needed and they are excellent ones. You know how to motivate people like me.

    Again, I thank you so much. May God Bless you and your family.


  46. tommy

    Thanks Anthony for the info will be very useful in future ad writting.

  47. Katie Figueroa

    saw the blog today! Still digesting the PMI information, and getting things organized. THANK YOU!

  48. Joe Carrazco

    PLEASE anything you have to send me send it at “[email protected] because the email address you have have been compromized,,…THANKS ;JOE CARRAZCO

  49. Naomi Haman

    Hi Anthony,
    Thank you so much for giving us an example for an ad and idea’s about one. I know at least for me that’s the part about this that I have trouble with. Forming an idea that would Your awesome! Your giving great tips!

  50. judy nagel

    I liked the info about ad copy thanks for the support. I am trying to absorb all of this. There is a lot to take in ..

  51. Jimmy Johnson Jr

    This is great, I luv the classroom style blog…I’m taking more notes now!

  52. Ronnie-Ray

    Great insight regarding ad copy. Not just food for thought, but words to live by. Thank you Anthony.

  53. Kathleen Beller

    Hello Anthony, this was an excellent blog. It told me more about how Facebook can help get the word out, and it made me think about how to write good copy. Thank your!

  54. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – Thanks for bringing this info to my attention again. I forgot how important it is to create an ad for emotional response.

    Thanks again.

  55. Bruce Lee Morris

    Thanx for your support I’m trying my best to take it all in its alot to absorb I feel like I do have an information overload but this has made a lil better to understand as i overcome each hurdle. Thanx!!!

  56. Janise

    Hi Anthony,

    I’ll be thinking about how to get people to emotional respond when I start posting my ads now. Thank you for the heads up!


  57. James Kahalewai

    Anthony……….Thank you for this blog. Human emotions are powerful helps or hindrances. Identifying which you choose can motivate you or make you quit. I believe adversary is given to us for a purpose, “Choose Wisely.”

    I never give up……….Jimmy K.

  58. Eparkyn

    Thank You for all your Blogs they are very inspiring.

  59. Elizabet

    Hello I purchase the products but at the time I didn’t have a computer now I do but I can not set up my website can anyone help me do this thanks

  60. Muriel

    Great video on ad copy! I really like it! It should help a lot of people like me who know absolutely nothing regarding ads. I hope to eventually get my website up – got caught up in the storm- would like to do the academy when things ease up a bit. Thanks again for the info.

  61. Melody

    Hi Anthony, Great idea for ad writing. Thank you for the great video blogs they are greatly appreciated.

  62. Tjep Marku

    Thank you, Anthony. An add should touch the heart and the head as wellas well, I think.

  63. norman rambow

    Good evening Anthony..

    You are correct.. emotion is Important… and I can see where it will grab someones visual attention it makes sense… as a baker in a grocery store when I bake cookies or a specific type of goodie I usually can always sell it .I kinda use a Jerry seinfeld type approach.. comon you like it.. try it.. it wont hurt you haha ,, Thanks for the tip.. working on it tonight and the rest of the week.. going over all the videos in the my AFbuilder section..


  64. Bill Munro

    Great Information Anthony,

    Your title to your email definitely had me take a second look. Of course,
    I open all of your emails with great anticipation. I didn’t know what to
    expect on this one. Getting an emotional response from the subject line
    really make sense. Thanks for the great information.

    Bill Munro

  65. Karen

    I have asked several times how to get started. After purchasing your software, I became ill and diagnosed with MS. Since then, I’ve been lost and don’t know how to get started. I haven’t a product to sell or advertise but I didn’t think I needed one…..PLEASE HELP.

  66. Carl Hogue

    Absolutely hated your comments and suggestions, because I should have thought of them myself. (get your attention?)
    Thanks again for the information, always top notch… šŸ™‚

  67. El Dee James

    Definitely the emotional response makes sense. It certainly catches the attention of potential customers. I never thought about it that way. Thanks.

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