1. Dreamcatcher

    Thanks! for the info but at this point I am still kinda lost! It all sounds Awesome and simple but I am not at the point where I understand it all yet. So back to the training for me.

  2. Edwin R. Martinez

    hahah…good job getting me here with the facebook “subject.”
    thanks again for all your help. just got my hands on ur book.

  3. Carol

    Thanks Anthony! I’ve just recently been checking out PPV so I am happy that you are touching on that too. As always, I look forward to learning more.

  4. candice wilson

    anthony. i just ordered your books last week so everything is new to me. and i am really happy that you are mentioning free advertising because i am completely broke and i know for sure that this website will turn my life around. i am currently waiting for my laptop so i will be on the ball pretty soon. thank you anthony for all you are doing and for making sure we all stay on the right track.

  5. JennyJ

    Thanks Anthony. Received my package today and am reviewing the video and reading the books. I am also learning all the techniques from your teachings so that I can know how to apply it when I am fully versed on what to do. Thanks again.

  6. David

    Good job and looking forward to seeing more, love the books I bought and picking up bits and bits of info that I am using with success.
    Thanks David

  7. Sheri Kreiner

    Hi Anthony~

    Thank You very much for taking the initiative to do this for us, as it’s a huge help & it really makes me think deeper inside about how important it is to remain positive & to leave those who are extremely negative because we all know “negativism” is CONTAGIOUS! I loved the video blog regarding that man who always smiled & was always trying to make others smile through making such positive comments to everyone!!! Great Video & example of what happens to even us positive people when we tolerate others or even just one person to bring us down to their negative level!!! THANK YOU, Much for allowing us to be involved with such an Awesome group of people!!! Also, “Thank You” for always being so Motivating as that’s key & paramount for me to continue to focus on SUCCESS!!! I will be present for next Monday’s video blog, as now I finally got it down, however, what’s the time of event (I’m in Eastern Time Zone)??? Take Care!!!

  8. Deborah

    Thanks Anthony,

    These web-blogs are very helpful and would like to thank you for them. Please don’t stop. I really appreciate the help. Keep up the good job you are doing.

  9. donald

    We wanted to say thank you Anthony and we are reviewing the materials we just received and are excited about what we have been learning, we have been taking baby steps in apply the techniques daily as we aquire the knowledge this is great thank you again.

  10. Carmen M

    Thank you Anthony, I’m looking forward to next week, I’ve been working very slowly, and the closer I get to understand this stuff, the more meaningful your weekly blogs are.

  11. Gerald Coggin Jr.

    I am in the process of being trained by PMI and a guy named Mike Landon (Market Success Academy). It is all new to me and I look forward to putting these ideas to work in the near future. It is very exciting. Continue to send these ideas. I enjoy hearing from you. I have read your book and participated in one of the phone calls last week.



    Thanks Anthony for the badly needed information. I have very limited funds to work with and I am thankful that you seem to understand that. There has been so many offfers that you have made that I just did not have the finances in order to take advantage of them. I realize that you have to invest in your business at times. I will have to wait untill I can do this. I sure appreciate your intrest and help that you have given to me so far. I am determined to hang in there until I make It. Thanks again Juanita Alexander.

  13. William S Steffy

    Thanks Anthony. I enjoyed watching the video, have a lot to learn. Just
    got my books and video today. I have plenty of reading and videos to watch for my success.

    Thanks, Bill.

  14. Erica Johnson

    Hi Anthony,
    Thanks for the blog. I’m new to this industry so i appreciate all the additional info that you’re sharing. i like the offers for additional training & money making opportunities. i am determined to make this work so that I can afford to take advantage of all that you have to offer. Thanks again!

  15. Michael White

    Thanks Anthony, I was glad to watch your video blog. Currently working w/ Kirt [email protected] Finances are extremely tight right now but trying to stay focused and get though the material. Keep the info coming sooner or later I will GET IT!
    Thanks again, Mike

  16. gerry2009

    thanks tony for your great book,i,am just about ready to get started,cant wait to get going ,just a few more things i need to do.

  17. Patricia Rigby

    Hi Anthony. Thanks very much for the info that you give us, I watched the videos, and listen closely to your teachings. Even though I just recently activated my web site, I’ve read both books and printed your teachings and free gifts so that I can take it with me and read them when I’m not at home. I’m very thankful for your past experiences; especially the one being the man of valor for yourself and for your family when your Father were being financially tested. Congratulations to you Anthony you’ve done a great self taught job, I’m looking foward to learning what you know.
    I appreciate what you’re doing for people all over the world.

    Thanks again, Patricia

  18. Glenda S.

    Anthony,Thanks for all the info ,yes keep it comeing. Im just getting started,im reading your book,and going to have my 1st meeting today online.Im learning alot, this is awesome that you have all these helpful techniques.

  19. Greg R.

    Thanks Anthony,
    I have read and reread your book. This is very exiting! The videos on the website are very helpful. I am doing the research on each product to begin promoting the products. There is a lot of material to cover so I take it one step at a time. This business looks very promising.
    Keep up the good work.

  20. Angela Grandstaff

    Hi Anthony,
    Sorry I responded lately. But I have been following you closely. I’m still in the early stages, I think. But looks promising. I made my first $2.13!, “Gotta start somewhere”. Still building pages and followers! It’s FUN! Prosperity must be just around the corner. But which corner?
    Keep up the great work!

  21. Louis Smith

    Anthony I would like to thank you for what I have already learned.Shortly I will be publising my website. I will be looking for the weekly blog. Thank Anthony

  22. Belinda Ramey

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with people all over the world. You are doing a fantastic job teaching us and directing. Perhaps you will out do The Donald one day!!!

  23. Camille Fraering Jr.


    From the bottom of my heart I thank you for the marvelous opportunity. I cannot wait to get started .I have hundreds of ideas already to get started. I have so many diciplines I am competent in. I cannot wait to get started .

  24. R. Timothy Russell

    Anthony, thanks!

    This is exactly the focus I need. Thanks for the advice to stay engaged. This is an exciting opportunity. I appreciate your commitment and value the knowledge I have already gained and anticipate much more. Thanks again.

  25. Jmarquez

    Hi, Anthony
    I just finish reading your books but like a few of us out there im still lost dont know were to start. I just lost my job dont have any money had to pay all my bills and still have a house payment. I need help to start with no money to invest please help. Thanks you I thing this Blog will be very helpful.

  26. Robert Mills

    still going thru the affiliate on-line marketing lessons ,at 76 this is a lot to learn ,BUT i will catch those youngesters ,keep the faith!!!.

  27. Elsa Bandich

    I just finished reading “Advertising profits from home” and am a relatively new member to learn how to make money on the Internet. I am enjoying the videos you have. I love the fact they are free. Thanks

  28. Debra Elder-Lambeth

    This is like learning to speak a new language. When you are thinking in the languag you are learning you are speaking it. Your lessons are starting to come together like a new language. I am ready to learn about free advertising.

  29. Paul Mccomb

    another fantastic presentation and full of great info keep up the good work i promise im like a bad habbit u cant shake im here for the duration.. I want to learn it all go big dog…

  30. Bob Kelly

    Anthony, I just read the book, Thank you for my free website – user name;” Dealmonster” that’s what you have created. Your the BOMB! I’m trying to get my family involved.
    Thank you Anthony. You’ll be hearing alot from me and my sucess.

  31. Mary Brown

    I am so grateful for all the training advise. I have not receivied a check yet but I am not giving up. I know that Rome was not built in a day and my business will not be built like that either. So I am sucking up everything that is being said taking plenty of notes and starting out slow. This is my business and i will make it work. With the grace of God i will do it. So thank you Anthony for all the training you are giving I really need it.

  32. Lucy k Prose

    I have my plan for action, but unsure where to post it. It is on my “success stories” on my pmi account; but here it is again: I am about to post my first website, based on all i’ve learned from the success team! I cannot wait to monitor and edit it. The start another. And another…you get the idea! The sky is the limit as I fly into 2011! Thanks.

  33. Ken Stoakley

    Thanks Anthony for all the advice, for myself I can’t ever get enough info from people like yourself that have been where I’m at now and have made it all work for them.
    Thanks Again!!

  34. LaJuan Gilmore-Preston

    thanks again, Anthony. that was informative. some of the information I already knew, but the reminders of the effectiveness of what I am doing is encouraging. Happy Holidays, dude!!!

  35. William

    Thanks Anthony, I got excited to see a wholelist view of the advertising plateforms; seems to be successful all methods should be applied to one’s efforts. I look forward to the information you are going to be shraring. Plus, I was hoping, at some point you might cover conversion rates and what one should expect from clicks and impressions. Thanks again!

  36. Carrie Gregory

    Hi Anthony: I am loving this technique and the strategies;
    once i get them master more will have been established I am sure.
    Thanks, Happy Holiday’s

  37. Mitchell Hutton

    Thanks another very informative blog . I was wondering about teaching how to write ads that sell , maybe give some examples not just reminding about a call to action .

    Thanks again ,

  38. Russell Carlson

    Hi Anthony, I need to learn this all to make a good living. I just finished the PMI course. The last course were your affiliate marketing. They are all good I just need to learn a good way for me to implement what I learned. What I am saying is I ain’t much of a social media guy. I need to find my niche soon. Thank you for all the help & blogs.

  39. Mary Goodman

    Thank you for this blog! This blog has given me a lot of information, and I look forward to next week’s blog.

    I’ve been using quite a bit of “Free Advertising”. I think slowly but surely I will get to a point where I can make money. Once I do, then I will be able to invest in PPC, PPV, and SEO. I am already using Facebook and Twitter.

    I appreciate your efforts in helping us to achieve our dreams!

    Thanks Anthony!

  40. Alberta Banks

    Anthony, Thanks again for your information and I am learning what to do, but not quite there yet and do not have the money to invest in the fast instruction program.

    Alberta Banks

  41. Fred Thompson

    I am really looking forward to these nest few sessions, it will be a lot of help to people lime me working with nest to no investment capital.
    Fred & Hyunsou

  42. Relma

    Hi Anthony, Thank you so very much for your excellent teachings. I can and I will put them to good use in my future. thanks again Relma

  43. Abe Doliente

    Thank you so much Anthony for your weekly blog # 35. Even though this was posted less than a year ago, it very much applies to me. I am in the early stages of this business and I am only advertising using PPC for now. This blog really opened my eyes and I could hardly wait for your future blogs on advertising platforms.

    Again, I thank you so much. God Bless you and your family.


  44. Larry Peterson

    Good stuff. Looking at all the other industry and job search sites I’m involved with like LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Plaxo etc as venues for our message, too. Thanks!

  45. Doreen

    Thank you Anthony! I look forward to the next few weeks of information in this area. Being a newbie, I can use all of the help I can get.

  46. Sandra Jordan

    Anthony i need all the information i can muster heavens know I could use them looking for your next blog

  47. Larry Chess

    Thank you for this. I hope it will help me get this website out there and make it pay for itself. I will be sure to stay engaged.

  48. Gerry Salazar

    The more I learn, the more obvious it becomes that all this is truly an online lifestyle. Thanks Anthony

  49. Ramon

    whoa, bing,bing= the light has re-appeared. Thank you again Anthony for staying on my case. I’ll stay focus!

  50. GioVanni Soprano

    this is great stuff cant wait till it starts turning over. great Webinar also ; )

  51. debra antoni

    Anthony your video’s, blogs, facebook, youtube, and twitter inspire me to work harder for what is important in life. I am rich in my mind and soon I will be rich in my soul because you take the time to teach us how important we are. You rock.
    Thank you.

  52. Jimmy Johnson Jr

    I’m psyched about learning more about all these platforms a little more

  53. Gary

    Liking your new studio,eh. great tips and I am looking forward to the next detailed blogs detailing the five areas outlined today.

  54. Gerald Lecher

    Advertising platforms,paper clip, social networking ,ppc marketing ,seo , also free advertising. Looking forward to learning more. thank you Anthony

  55. Tom Manders

    Thank you for your generousity in providing information. Your commitment to teaching and keeping us abreast of new techniques is appreciated.

  56. Aleyda Cardona

    Is my first time responding to a blog but all I can say is very interesting information, Is so much to learn!!! Thank you ..keep it up!! you are awsome Anthony!!

  57. Sandra Bee

    Thanks Anthony! You are awesome in how much you give of yourself to all of us! I love all the information.

  58. Larry Fennelly

    WE LIKE FREE! Looking forward to the coming blogs. As always, very informative. Thanks Anthony, Larry

  59. James Sliney

    Anthony, thank you for your motivating style in your blogs; especially thank you for giving us a clear outline of the different marketing platforms that are available to us. I am a beginner who is taking the little steps and your blog today provided me some much needed direction.

  60. Cecilia

    Anthony, Once again your teaching subject is right on target. Thank you and have a great new year.

  61. Youpele

    Thanks for giving me a glimpse of what to expect over the next few days. I look forward to it.

  62. Steve

    Thank you Anthony for simplifying aspects of this industry for someone like me to follow and apply. Your visual instruction gives more hope to grasping and applying these techniques.

  63. Muriel

    Anthony –

    You truly are amazing! You are always coming up with something new! I will definitely stay tuned in to the weeklys! Sometimes I feel like I’m overwhelmed because there is so much info that I am just learning. Can you tell that I’m not exactly a computer “geek”? Life is a learning experience and I’m definitely learning a lot – it’s just putting it to use. Anyway, THANKS SO MUCH for all that you do and teach!!!!!

  64. Bill Munro

    Hi Anthony,

    This seems like alot of great information. I look forward to the information
    that you are going to share. Eventhough, some of this is review for me,
    I learn something new each time. Keep up the fine work Anthony.

    Bill Munro

  65. Edmund

    Great Presentation Anthony hope everything is going well for you sounds like a great plan for the coming weeks .

    HAVE A GREAT DAY! – Anthony

  66. El Dee James

    I look forward to this training on advertising. I really don’t know much about it so it will really help me learn. Thank You Anthony.

  67. Eddah

    Thank you Anthony. I cannot wait to learn more.
    You rock! Happy New Year to you!

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