1. Ronald Bish

    Hi Anthony,thanks for this weekly blog training,,I like what you are bringing to light. I have one question regarding the last blog. Can you show us exactly the best way of posting an article ad.. Ive been thinking of it and not sure of right way to make it affective. Thanks for all you do..YOU DA MAN!!

  2. Caleb

    The SPLIT TEST is a great piece of advice. I had the 1st three down, but haven’t been split testing properly. Thanks!

  3. Ermine Thompson

    Hi Anthony, Thanks a lot. Great information. I read that section several times in the book, but still had some questions. You’ve answered some of them in this blog.

  4. jose collazo

    I enjoy your teachings on the blog, it is very proffesional.i need help in getting a website and getting affective sale.i know i can do it.

  5. Clarion

    Hi Anthony, Key points I learned from this week’s blog are: keywords in ads, keep it simple, be selective with keywords, time of day, and who sees it. Believe me the things I learn from your blogs I use in everyday life.

  6. melody branch

    Still learning to get started. Your information is great. Thank you.

  7. Erica Johnson

    Hi Anthony, thanks for the training. I’m still getting a handle on this business, but your training sessions really help me understand things much quicker.

  8. Karen McPherson

    Thanks for the valuable info. These weekly trainings are awesome!

  9. Larry

    Pay Per Click That was Short and Sweet I like that and I understood you not bad for a 63 year old guy.


  10. Sandra

    Thanks Anthony I am still reading to learn more before I really get into. Great info so far.

  11. Joel Parker

    Hi Anthony, I would like to hear the other 26 blogs. This is my first time listening to you and I’m sure it will be very useful. Thanks

  12. iris galloway

    Thanks for everything, Anthony, I feel like 2011 will be the year for me as I am still learning and come the first of the year, I am going to hit it hard, had some real challenges in 2010, like my daughter’s illness and surgeries, and losing my Mother in October, really threw me some curves in life, but make no mistake, I am still here for you to help me. Again thank you, may you help all of us who want to do good in affiliate marketing. Happy New Year!

  13. George Campbell

    Hello Anthony…from an 82 year old “Geezer” USN Submarine Veteran.

    I greatly enjoy your data & philosophies…

    Although I was quite successful at ‘field’ selling high speed computer and internet hardware and software, I had very LITTLE interest in advertising…I left that function to the Home Office Folks.

    Hence your program is not applicable for my activities; although I shall read all of your words, in the future, with maximum interest…

    CHEERS…George…retired Physics & EE

  14. danny

    still takeing everything in studying very hard just don’t know how to get started will order some more stuff when get some income tax money in the 365 day program thanks for the info!

  15. Diane Goff

    Hi Anthony, Thank you for all your information soon or later I will know what to do with it. I dont feel totally in the dark just half way but there will be a light I have faith.Thanks again.

  16. Relma

    Thank you Anthony for all of your great “tips” and now to apply what
    I have learned in a responsible way.
    Thanks again ! Relma

  17. Wisdom Scott Jr

    Thank you Anthony for getting back with me in a timly fashion. I was beginning to think I was just another number to yo but I’m glad to see I’m not your a real cat! I just got your email and joined the blog site. The info was very good thanks for sharing. I’ll stay plugged into your blogs and utilize the tools I have picked up from you along the way and put them to use. I’ll keep you informed on how things are going. Again thanks for getting back with me and sharing the tools on the this blog.

    P.S I’m not sure what website you want me to put so I put my work site on and if it’s not correct just remove it and tell me what you want to see there.

  18. Abe Doliente

    Thank you Anthony for your Weekely Blog # 37 that was posted Sept. 28 of last year. You hit right at the button for me. I needed this. Now, I can see why my ads are not performing the way I expected them to perform.

    Again, I thank you so much. May God Bless you and your family.


  19. Janelle

    Thanks for this. I kept it in mailbox had to stop doing this and im trying to pick it up and really start to focus on it and coming back to old emails is really helping out.

  20. james young

    thanks for your tips on PPC marketing using key words in my ads , keeping it short, and what is the best time of day, as to who will most likely see it. thank you Anthony, you have been a great help.

  21. Jennie Koo

    Good morning Anthony!

    This particular video was done in such a way that I was able to understand and get the content clearly as a very pre-green newbie. Great slow enought speed and clear delivery it was for me.:))

    Thank you for your generosity , commitment, and care!!!

  22. The Night-Owl (Bobby Sims)

    Anthony, your blog#37 was very enlightened. its shown me my mistake i made with Google Adwords, with my added. i didn’t used my keywords in my advertising nor did i negotiate my CPC.

  23. Sandra Jordan

    Great Blog!! Anthony good to keep us focus and let us want to keep on keeping on. Lovely

  24. David Uchieng

    Many thanks for being educative. It’s very encouraging to impart knowledge about the business. I’m always thrilled by your continued education through weekly blogs. Infact, I have never missed one because I’m motivated despite the fact I have not earned a penny! I believe the more knowledgeable about something the higher chances of success.

    Keep it up!

  25. Mavis Turner

    thanks Anthony everything you say is always a winner and always sounds like a winner to me . thanks again, Anthony your’re really great!

  26. Jason Wilbourn

    Hey, Anthony, hope that you and your family are well and healthy. Your PPC Help was informative, as usual, little more studying on my PMI course and my ad site and my e-commerce site will be up and running. Thanks again, Jason Wilbourn

  27. stella amoako

    Thank you Anthony, for all the good information you give
    to us every week about business.You really want to see us succeed
    and we Thank God for you being there for us.God bless you and your team
    Keep up the good work.


    Hi Anthony,

    I was truly honored to receive your books and are helping me know so many things concerning Advertising Profits from Home.
    Once again, thanks you so much.

    John A. Fontem

  29. Susan

    I always get somthing new from your weekly blogs. I am about to get started on implementing all I’ve learned from your book and blogs. Thanks for the support.

  30. Pollie Witherspoon

    Now that I’m learning more about your technology, I understand it all better. the first time I saw this Blog, did not know what you were talking about but today it is plain. You know more what we need than we know what to ask for. Great information. I’m reading and watching you teach.

  31. Patricia Courington

    excellent information makes sense targeting a market and specific demograpic can be difficult!

  32. jerome

    Thanks for ad writting search engin info if you are new to ads writting and placeing ads you dont know who is receiving ads what time ads are placed by ad company unless thay tell you these information

  33. James Kahalewai

    Anthony…….I just finished today reading Section III, Chapter 1 (PPC Advertising) in your book ADVERTISING PROFITS FROM HOME. Very interesting and supports blog #37. This avenue for Affiliate work is high on my list. There is much you teach and I’m very grateful. I’m in your program 1 month, reading and trying to comprehend all you have to offer. I just started your CPV DOMINATION COURSE, which I will certainly need help in.
    Thank you for everything you do………Jimmy K.

  34. Luis A. Deleza

    Great Blog Anthony, thank you. I wrote it down on my pad for tips to remember. You always give us great information. GOD BLESS YOU!

  35. Sandra Bee

    I LOVED this Blog! Sometimes I have to hear things just at the right time for my brain to absorb it! Sometimes just over and over again but I always, always, get something if not tons of somethings out of your blogs! Thanks!

  36. Perry Dalton

    The best blog info yet for a beginner. It was specific, it was clear, it is doable. I believe this is what I needed at this moment.
    Thanks for your help.

  37. Dave

    I really like this info and will put it to use.

    Should I continue use my web site above. I have tried a few times to contact the ones who runs the site. I want to see if I can add other affiliate offers to the site. I believe I may need to upgrade it and I am willing. That is my main issue of creating a site with multiple offers and drive different traffic to each offers.

  38. Cecilia

    Thank you Anthony for the ad advertising. I am taking this all in and shall incorporate in marketing. Thank you for this GREAT insight.

  39. Sarah Towfigh

    Hello There Anthony! I, Sarah Towfigh! Really Did Enjoy Your Teaching On The Interduction On The PPC Of Advertering. I, Sarah Towfigh! Will Save This Information. You Really Do Inspire Me On The Way You Explain Information; That Is Benificial To Other’s To Help Inclain There Business To A Better Profile On As View’s That Are A Long Learning Process Of Studying. InWhich, To I, Sarah Towfigh! As,Long As, I Have Been InTouch With Your Work Of Listening And Learning From, You Anthony! I, Sarah Towfigh! Hope That Maybe One Day I May Have The Time Of Learning More From You And As I Grow In Learning From You That I May Share; What I Have Learn From You And Maybe Ad More If, I Come Up With Something That Wiil Be Benificial As, Of The Progress That You Make In Your Studies Of Work. If, I May, Say: Thankyou Very Much For, All Of Your Outstanding Performance And God! Bless! I, Sarah Towfigh! Will, Close For Now. Sincerely, Sarah Towfigh!

  40. Deppie Tinny Kekatos

    This was so awesome Anthony. All I need at first is one good ad with good keywords to get started. My ads are so dull though. I will try to spruce it up and see what I can do.

    Thanks Anthony

  41. Deppie Tinny Kekatos

    All your weekly teachings are amazing!!

    You are truly awesome.

    Thanks Anthony

  42. Steve

    I really like this website, can’t wait to use it, I hope when the next semniar comes my you will get more depth with it. Again can’t wait until the seminar comes!!!!!!

  43. Melody

    Hi Anthony, Thank you for the great video blogs. They are greatly appreciated. I always look forward to the great information on each video blog. It’s always helpful to know how to run an online business & know what works & what doesn’t. Like you’ve said before it’s always better to have a plan already laid out. Then to sit there & try to figure everything out by yourself & trying to be successful. Having a plan in place always helps. The information & video blogs are greatly apppreciated. Thank you, Anthony. Melody.

  44. Rudy Ambion

    Thanks for the blog. I have been using PPC with the 7search
    Network. Got a lot of impression and click but still be working on
    Conversion. But you are so right about the keyword to use regarding the offer..

  45. Barbara

    Ahhhh, split testing..I have to find out how to do it on 7 search.. I have 5 ads and bid #3 , nothing. Then I made mine first, nothing. So now they’re all paused. I will tweak some more. Thanks, I admire you so much. How proud your parents must be.

  46. Don

    I have been in and out of Hosp. for the last 44 days. I am ready to catch up.

    Tampa Fla.

  47. Derrick Brown

    Just saw my second video. Will study these two today.

  48. Bull Munro

    Hi Anthony,

    You did an excellent job in explaining CPC. It definitely takes focus, determination, and perseverance. I myself, need to focus on using
    keywords in my ad copy. Thanks for the wonderful information,
    Anthony. You are an excellent teacher. I am very proud to have you
    as my Mentor.


    Bill Munro

  49. El Dee James

    Wow Anthony I really needed this great information. I have been doing this all wrong. I think it has finally clicked for me. Thank You Again for your great teaching. I will certainly put this info to work.

  50. Frank Pope

    Anthony, Is there anyway a person from your staff or you can
    come to my house and teach me how to make money ?
    If so please let me know. Thanks
    Frank Pope

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