1. William S Steffy

    Hi Anthony:

    Thank you for the information on free advertising. Some of your ideas I am
    already using like word of mouth to promote my website, I always enjoy
    watching your videos.

  2. Thomas Chouinard

    Hi Anthony:

    I liked this Blog…I’ve been doing 3 and 4. I’d like to learn more about #2.

    Can you suggest any places to start for sites that offer people to write articles for them to be published? I love to write and think I’d do okay, but I don’t know the first thing about going about starting to get anything in front of someone to be published online.

    Any help and leads you can provide would be great.


  3. Jean Pertick

    Thank you Anthony, for this very informative & helpful blog. I appreciate you and the fact that you send me this info. I am using
    it and working at it every day. I was a little sad this a.m. cause I got
    declined from a merchant that I really like and wanted to have on my
    site. You message came at exactly the right time.
    I will carry on. Rejection could be the spur to excel. Hugs, Jean

  4. Mrs. William J. Green

    Anthony, I really hope I can do this. Your weekly teaching blogs help but I love your book. I am scared to death to start but your book makes me believe I can do this. Thank you. Sincerely, Margie Lee Green

  5. RJ Davis

    Thanks Anthony,
    This stuff has helped me greatly in acquiring more targeted traffic.
    Keep up the great work and send more videos.

  6. John Hervan

    Thanks Anthony,
    I have been looking into the forum. I tried it a LONG time ago (sort of) when the best thing on the internet was COMPUSERV and peoplelink. I was just thinking abuot it yesterday and was about to start on it this norning when I saw you had your weekly blog posted. I will let you know how it proceeds.
    John Hervan

  7. Julie Maleski

    I really liked this webcast. Every easy to follow and very straight forward. Great job. You are also getting much better at teaching without an audience. Keep up the great work! Only critique I would have is to physcally slow your speech. You have a great delivery, but at times the speed of your speech is a little fast. Again, great overall!

    Looking forward to the next one!

    Julie Maleski Putzel

  8. Sharon Volkman

    Thank you so much, Anthony. I am learning and sure look forward to getting started.

  9. Elizabeth Laycock

    I enjoyed the video Anthony. It was very informative and well put together, as you already know. I just want to say that I think you are great and one of the good guys out there….keep it real!

  10. Richard Smith

    I liked this blog, I had figured out everything except SEO But with limited income it is tough. So thanks for your ideas and I will continue to listen and work.

  11. Robert Kaylor

    Good blog on free marketing. As a retired teacher I would use a black or darker color marker on the white board. The red marker could not be seen well with the glare of lights. Hope this helps you in the future.

  12. Ted Laforet

    Hello Anthony, I did pick up some info of this video, and I well go into the site, & ck it out. Thanks again !!!

  13. Sotho Yun

    More than a few great ways to put into action and spread. Write well to get the traffic and attention.

    Pick one and start toward the goal(s) and dream(s).

    Look forward to the next weekdays. Enjoy and good, small success(s).


  14. Deloris L Wade

    Hi Anthony, Thank you for your e-mail for me to sign up for your
    weekly blog #36 Free advertising. Please e- mail it to me. I started
    to fill in your form and was interrupted and when I went back into my
    e-mail this form came up. My e-mail address is [email protected]

    Thank you for your help.

    Deloris L Wade

  15. Kassahun

    Thank you .For me I’m just in a Jungle With no compass.I hope these videos would let me go to some extent to my destination . I very much thank ful . I Would mail you next time where I reach..I’m frighten most ways end up being expensive for beginner.

  16. John Evatz

    The video looked great. It appears to have been an excellent summary of the free advertising items taught in Anthony’s book and marketing videos.
    The key issue I have is that I did not receive any audio. I maxed the volume settings on the feed as well as my computer….. and nothing.
    I am fairly new to this, so I don’t know if this will be a pattern or not. I will let you know.
    John Evatz

  17. Elaine Ho-Wan

    I watched the Fee Advertising and I’ve learned about forums.
    I’ve always know that word of mouth is the best advertising but always to shy to talk to people about it, but will apply right now.

  18. Michael Ames

    Well as on Friday I said I would report back on my weekend challenge. I guess I have to be the first one to admit that I was shooting for the stars, but what the hey I think that is what makes this work for me. Even though I didn’t reach the stars I am happy to report I did land on the moon however with 128 clicks for just the one product I also had several clicks on the other products I was pushing this weekend This is really fun and worth the original investment.
    Thank You Anthony
    Mike Ames

  19. Christy Gibson

    Anthony thank you for all your great advice & just taking the time to do this for us.

  20. Janet

    Great reminder of all the free sites that most of us do not take advantage of! Thanks for the wake up call!


  21. antonio

    thanks anthony it was of great help your tips are excellent and keep it up…its great to have these emails of instructions sometimes we are so busy with our lives and forget about how tos in our business, thanks u

  22. Mario J

    This Guy is amazing I love the fact that he is the one to lead his customers/members in the right path. Also gives great techniques and information. Great Job Anthony.

  23. Julius

    Anthony, I think you’re amazing! I have spent a lot of money on programs that after a few weeks really went nowhere as you said there was no accountability! I love your sincerity and can really see that you really do want to HELP US be successful. Thank You!!!

  24. Larry

    I like your 4 Point Teaching System again it keeps it Short and Sweet.


  25. Isaac Pennant

    Dear Anthony,

    I am asking you to help with the free advertising as soon as possible.hund
    You are incredible awesome in what you do. I know that the favor of
    is on you and you are to help hundreds of people.

    God Bless you.

  26. ANA MOIS

    Hi Anthony you are amazing You’re great teacher.Thank you
    for the Iformation on free viiadvertising. I always enjoy watching
    yor scarevideos.Anthonyi love your books .I;am scared to death to
    start but your books makes me believe.ican do this .Anthony i don’
    t have Website . Please help me.

  27. Don

    Hi Anthony, Very good info. Getting targeted traffic to a good product that is in demand is a challenge. The advertising cost is what concerns me the most, along with a great product. I am still looking for a good program that I have the investment to follow it through.

    Keep up the informative teaching

  28. Henry Kekoanui

    Dear Anthony; I have you to thank for pushing me out of my comfort zone
    and causing me to finish my manuscript on “Assa’s Star”
    My daughter and I finally have “Assa’s Star” on the web as audio disc.
    –finally. Now I’m looking to market it on the web.
    since Assa is a little late for the season. We’re gonna brave it and do it
    as a promo for next christmas cut off date 01/?? I have another story ready to go. Since this is our first venture does it sound okay to you? I write letters, hand out cards, make phone calls, I’m comfortable working off line only. She can work online or off.
    Thanks Anthony and Merry Christmas!

  29. Susan K.

    I liked all the useful info as well as the motivation to take action.

  30. Alberta Banks

    Anthony, thank you for your training. I love the #4 way of advertising by word of mouth. I have been doing that but I think the key to advertising by mouth is get to know more people. Cirulate and go out among the public. I got it now and I will use the o9ther ways as well because right now I don’t have any money to advertise.

    Alberta Banks

  31. Ray Villegas

    I have been working on #4 already. I have past students who really liked my ENG classes and are spreading my website around as we speak. I made my first $25.00 this week and my website has only been up since April 8, 2011. I am excited. Thank you for your tips.

  32. velma hall

    Anthony, Just wanted to check in and let u know i received Monday’s blog. Also tomorrow i will have a new faster internet , not on dial up any more . Using Advertising by mouth is the way i will go starting tomorrow. Thanks for the good teaching . Velma

  33. Cynthia

    Thanks Anthony. This was very helpful because I am totally broke right now and I’m trying my best to get this thing up and going.

  34. Janelle

    I really liked this one..Just starting out and this was an eye opener!! Thanks!

  35. Jason Wilbourn

    Thanks Anthony, great. I don’t have any problem telling anyone who will listen to what I’ve found in your programs, or giving out my website address. I am waiting for the suppliers I’ve contacted, to reply. Soon as they do, I’ll send you my web address. Looking forward to starting up a very profitable business, within a few more days. Thanks again, Jason

  36. Jimmy Johnson Jr

    All great techniques & I’ve been thinking about the ‘word of mouth’ technique since I read the book

  37. Lydia

    Thank you for the information on your blog and your text message. I am reading your book but I have lost my free website to use. Can you text me how to get to my free website again, please? You are GREAT!

  38. Kaye Hutton

    Thanks for the information on free advertising. I am trying to get it all together and go foward with it. With your help and encouragement I believe I can.

  39. mavis turner

    Again, you, Anthony are giving us wonderful information.

    You are so muchly appriciated!

  40. mavis turner

    Again you have overwelmed us with great informantion, Anthony.
    Thank you so much.

    Everyone loves you!!

  41. Bill Lock Jr

    Thank for the info. This Blog 36 seem to make me get my information together. Like I said before, one day, one hrs, one min, one sec, i will hit the jack pot! No doubt in my military mine, I will. I will see you tonight! at 2100 hrs for the free EVENT.

  42. Jessie Littlejohn

    Hi Anthony,
    Love your blogs, you make everythimg seems easy,but for me I am afraid of making a mistake,but still wanting to do this. I need a mentor,but afraid to ask for the help,so I am just stuck in no man’s land.

  43. John Mcwilliams

    Congradulations Anthony on being a Saints fan.All I can say is geaux Tigers!Have a good one buddy.

  44. John Mcwilliams

    Yes some modifications may be in need of adjustments.Good system tryin to get someone interesred.

  45. Esther Gales

    Hi Anthony!
    I can see that you had a Merry
    Christmas Blog and I enjoyed Blog 36. I have been tracking you since I started but not have started anything.
    so 2012 I’m going to start from scratch again so where is a good place to began.

  46. Mady Buddington

    Thanks again. SEO has always been a mind blower – but how much time is really required to keep your name in first place? – and to maintain that position?

  47. Eparkyn

    Antony:Can I use my ClickBank to start promoting credit cards?

  48. Margie

    Hi Anthony
    Thanks for the training was awesome and very helpful keep the training coming really need the free help

  49. Loree

    Anthony, It’s really nice to be refreshed with some important topics on Internet marketing especially on Free traffic. Thank you!

  50. Muriel

    Anthony –

    Great information! Always learn something new! Now it’s just putting it together and making sense of it all. It takes some of us a little bit longer before the AHA moment! Can’t wait for next week!

  51. Brian Aldrich

    Thanks for your encouragement and tips of free advertising! You gave me a good income idea! God Bless You!

  52. Joe Bosch

    Too many people dismiss word-of-mouth. Excuse me? ALL of the great religions grew thru word-of-mouth! Let’s face it, there was no internet, radio, TV, etc. It’s still considered the best advertising tool even by those folks that get paid big bucks on Madison Avenue.

    Good job!


  53. Jennierose

    Hi Anthony, I love this episode and I share it to my friends to increase the number of the visitors on our site. We have a target count by the end of the September and hopefully this will help a lot.

    Thanks and have a great day.
    God bless you.


  54. Kong Sourivong

    Hi Anthony, thank you for teaching blog. its wonderful tho hear from often.

    Thank you.

    Kong Sourivong

  55. Rita Rodriguez

    Anthony, I’ve suspended my ppc for a bit & have given full focus to my web site. The gripping subject matter has been been well received & the email responces have also been encouraging. My business cards were ordered today & I am excited again. Thanks

  56. john

    I will definitely take your advice and look int these forms of advertising. would it be possible to talk a little more about social advertising?

  57. Carol

    Thanks Anthony that should be interesting. I’m definitely interested in saving money !

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