1. Mike Swan


    Just a thank you. You are an unusual man to share so much of your tips for success.
    I purchased the full course through PMI and was pleasantly surprised at the depth and quality.
    Am going full time 2 routes using it …
    ECommerce selling headlights to insurance adjustors
    Affiliate market – have 5 products selected and just starting

    Thank you again for hope in a tough political and economic era
    It is what we need in this country
    Mike Swan

  2. Roger Terry

    I learn more in a few weeks than all the other site i have look at.Keep up the good work.I just getting strated.Ilook forward to more help…..Thank You.

  3. Katheryn Bazar

    Thanks Anthony- I enjoyed this. You give us all encouragement because you
    are so positive about everything. That helps keep us motivated.

  4. Sandy

    Hi Anthony,
    I just feel compelled to personally thank you for these blogs. In fact thanks for your entire program! I have been looking for seven or eight years for a product that would enable me to set up some kind of internet business. I can’t begin to tell you how many different programs I have tried over the years not to mention how much money I wasted. My husband and I were in Las Vegas and I was in the bathroom doing my hair when I heard your infomercial coming from the TV in the living room. I went out there and told my husband “That’s It” and he ask me what I was talking about. He was reading the paper and not watching TV at all. I said “that is exactly what I have been Looking For”! I immediately picked up the phone and ordered your program on the spot. I have only had it for a few weeks but i want to tell you that I am so excited! You back up your offer 100%. It is not just a bunch of talk. After receiving the information I was not left stranded to figure everything out for myself. I have had access to so much help it is unbelievable. I am so impressed with the help I have received I can’t begin to tell you. I could go on and on but I won’t. I am sure you know how wonderful your system is already. I don’t need to convenience you and if I do it will be with my success! I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate you and all of the hard work you have put and continue to put into your product and system.

    Thanks a million!

  5. Luis A. Deleza

    Hi Anthony,
    I am Glad I saved these emails to go through all the information I have missed on your weekly Blogs. Thanks allot!
    GOD BLESS YOU! –Luis,
    Reply Now!

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