1. Marc Galyean

    Hey Anthony,

    thanks for the encouraging words this week. You are absoulutley right about conquering fear and getting out of your comfort zone. This is my third week with affiliate marketing and I have ran a few ads and have already made a few dollars. My wife and I joined the MSA and we are eager to get started. We had to take a step of faith and follow our hearts. There is money to be made in affiliate marketing, however it is up to us to do the work and take the steps that are taught and put them into action. We look forward to working with you and this company and to be your next BIG success story!

  2. Edison Masereka

    Dear Anthony,

    Thanks for the wonderful massage. Fear is probably the most obstacle that one must overcome to be successful. It is exactly what i’m battling with right now. I live and work in a country called Uganda somewhere in East Africa. I have read your book ‘Advertising profits from’ which i purchased through a sister residing in Boston, USA. This was after i watched your TV commercials while on a one week visit to Washington DC. I must say i have enjoyed every bit of it and i’m motivated now than ever to start on a new path to success.

    I have been wondering whether a person like me who is outside the United States can also be successful with affiliate marketing. And if not, what advice would you give me to help realize my dream of financial freedom.


  3. Theresa Herrera

    Good morning Anthony,
    I just joined your team 4 days ago, just about through with your book. Yes I am very scared I did take a leap of faith. I am here to succeed. I appreciate your words of encouragement.
    Look forward to much success..


  4. ronald kunau

    you halft yp beleave in your self ,an trust in God.
    Ronald Kunau


    Thanks Anthony I just listened to your weekly Blog and you het the nail on the head. I fear just like you said. I have so little left over after bills are paid that I just can’t come up with the amount to get on board with your wonderful plans but I contue to listen and when I get enough for one I will jump on board.Thank you so much for the offers Juanita

  6. Nancy Allen

    I have my first class tomorrow! Thanks for the “fear” message. I have learned this in the past, BUT now it is posted on my wall in front of the computer!! I have risked money I don’t have on this and I know I can do this. I’m scared and excited at the same time. Once I get the wheels to hit the ground (action) I know I’ll be speeding into success!! Thanks for your help and this vehicle.

  7. Brenda T.

    Hi Anthony
    yes Im scared. But you are right.about takeing action.

  8. Joyce Farr

    First ad put on my personal Facebook is for”Thinnest Laptop ever- in Pink”. Posted yesterday.
    (have to redo placement ) . You are so right about conquering fear is to jump right in even if it is just to get your little toe wet first. That brings encouragement. It has taken me four months of study
    through, MasteryEdu plus learning more about the computer side of it.

    Also your Community is very helpful for learning the affiliate biz.
    Thank you, Anthony.

  9. Cynthia McDonald

    Thanks for the advice,It is really time I conquer my fear.
    I am not working, and I am a tight budget,
    What’s the cheapest way to go.
    Does Free advertising works?

  10. Buzz Whitehead

    Aloha Anthony
    Your right , if you don’t take the step you will never get anywhere !
    Thanks Buzz

  11. Doug Farmer

    I cancelled everything that I was trying to do on my own when I saw your book on tv that you were selling for $29.95! It came in the mail yesterday from ups. I have been reading it and I am so excited! This is what I have been looking for. My wife could tell you how many times I have started something but never followed thru with anything. I showed her what I am doing up front so she is with me on this.. The bills are long but I know this is the answer to our prayers. I just want to thank you for the videos that I can see and understand. Yes I joined the newsletters so I can get the videos that you show.
    thanks again Doug

  12. Doug Farmer

    Thanks for sending the book. I am reading it now. I can see how this will help me. I understand that you helped your parents and I can understand that. I am in the same boat that they were in but I with your assistance I can get back in the black. Thanks so much. I knew there was a way to be successful on the internet. Thanks again

  13. Roger Terry

    Looking forward to the next more in being successfuly on my way to getting all I can out of my business. Thank you very much for you’re help.

  14. Vahe

    Hi Anthony,

    Vahe is here, Thank you for today’s blog, it is a good one, at least for me,
    I will give a try to take action, better than doing nothing.

    Thanks agaian


  15. Michael Jelinek

    I have been in belly to belly sales for 20 years. I am currently disabled and cannot travel to conduct my normal types of sales. Hence, I purchased your books and programs to begin this new At-Home-Business of Network Marketing. My wife and I are really looking forward to meeting you on October 26th in Dallas. I am excited to hear you speak as much as I am excited to shake your hand. Wish me luck!

    Michael D. Jelinek

  16. Jim Gray

    Thank you Anthony for your encouraging words of wisdom. I am presently taking the classes on Social Media Marketing referred to as AMSMOOL and I have written 23 pages of notes just on that lesson alone. Basically, they are word for word of your two instructors. I feel the combination of reading on line plus writing all on paper is a double way to penetrate my brain and and assist me to remember and put in place all of these wonderful teachings. Soon I will put up my website and put these teachings into practice and develope the money making skills you have instructed us how to achieve.

  17. janet

    I was encourage by your words and that is exactly how i have been
    feeling. you say to take baby steps and that’s what i keep doing.
    I keep going. thanks for your info. janet

  18. Ruben Ranieri

    Hi Anthony:
    you must have read my mind when decided to talk about fear. You are absolutely RIGHT. Fear paralized us. I have read both of your books, I think the information there is excellent, and everything you need to know about starting an affiliate marketing is there, every dot is in place, however, Fear don’t let us see how to connect the dots. Keep the good work, and don’t give up on us, I will continue batteling my fear until I succeed.


  19. John Hervan

    Thanks Anthony,
    I have been struggling with that for a while and I just have to look at it in a different way. I have just starteed my first Facebook ad for one thing and I am starting another for Weight loss next. I just had to get over the initial hump.
    I do have a question though…. When I am doing a campaign (say for weight loss) do I have any way to set up the basic look on my affiliate Website?
    Thanks ,

  20. Ben Benson

    Dear Anthony,
    I just completed my start-up yesterday, and I am on-line with my first campaign. I am anxious to keep the momentum going. I must agree, fear, is very hard to over come,however, your suggestion is worth trying. I will be jumping in and trying it out. Thanks to your Sean for his help, and for having such patience and understanding. I am looking for to a very prosperous career with you.


  21. JennyJ

    Dear Anthony.

    Thank you for the great lesson. I am still in the fear mode and am trying to overcome it by watching all the interesting videos you sent me and listening to some of the testimonials from the team members. I am slowly getting there, and in time I will overcome my fear and start moving faster with the business.

    Thanks again and I look forward to working with you and to be one of your success story!!!

    Jenny J

  22. Corliss Pinkney

    Hello Anthony!
    What a timely blog. I just joined PMI this week truly with mixed emotions of excitement and fear. Yet, I know that I can be a success with affiliate marketing. I had my first coaching session this past Wednesday & I am looking forward to starting my classes. “Failure is not an option.”
    Thank you!

  23. Marcelino Acosta

    Thanks Anthony for the great advice. I agree 100%
    with what you said about Fear & taking Action.
    But I have to overcome my problem of lack of money
    and credit. Nothing can be done if you don’t have either.
    I am in great financial dificulty right now. My mortgage
    and credit cards are my problem. I am thinking of
    just declaring bankruptcy so I can start fresh.

  24. Fred Hanks

    Hi Anthony

    Fear is really unkown until the aspect of trying something you are not familiar with becomes a possibility. I appreciate your persistance and your positive concept. By being a positive thinking person also, it is hard to understand why things happen the way they do, but with a positive mind and heart it usually comes to lite.

    Thanks for all your insight
    and don’t give up on us

    Fred Hanks

  25. Marsha Moore

    Thank you for the your message on “Fear”. Your words were very encouraging. This is something I am trying to overcome and move on with my business.

    Again, THANK YOU.

    Marsha Moore

  26. John Green

    Thanks Anthony!
    I just read your book and very impressed with your experiences and motivations, especialy at such a young age. I appreciate your words on fear and overcoming pressures. Your attitude is very inspiring!

  27. Eddie

    Thanks for the encouragement Anthony, just started your program. I don’t believe that I’ll fail but if for some reason I did it wont be from not taking action and trying. Looking forward to having a huge success story for you in the near future. Till then I’ll keep at it.

  28. Melanie M.

    Hello Anthony,

    Will take action….this was exactly what I needed to hear. I have watched all the training videos. I have taken notes and now I am starting to establish all my advertising accts. Anyways keep up the good work and looking forward to next week’s blog.

  29. Krishna Wagle

    Hey Anthony,
    I was much excited when I learned that a young guy like you have travelled such a successful path of life in such a short time. I learned about you when I was searching for some home based business or work and was curious to know about you. I have been following you on youtube and various other sites. I just joined your team. Hope you and the wonderful guys in your team can boost of my skills, knowledge and confidence to make me successful too.
    I agree with you. Many of us thinking of starting something but stop just because of fear of failure, or of other kind. That’s why they rightly say, “a thinker is a loser, a doer is a winner.” thanks for your words of inspiration.

  30. Brenn E

    I just ordered your products this morning and am excited about getting started. My story is similar to your father’s. I am in the process of loosing my home which I have lived in for 32 years. I invested my $ in a small business in my city and after 10 years went out of business for various reasons. I am a senior citizen and just want to keep from getting on welfare and being homeless. I have family, but no one wants to be a burden to your children or other family members. I have hit a lot of obstacles in my life, but like you said in your blog, you just have to get out there and do it! Thanks for the advice and once again am looking forward into getting started!

  31. Rita Burnham

    Anthony ,thank u 4 the truth and suport to help me get to my dreams, as u have said. I started just a few days ago! ITs an adventure to say the least, everyday, and iam more excited about my future . I spoke to a specialist team member yesterday , so helpful too!

  32. julia


    Thanks for the push. As a great statesman once said, “there is nothing to fear but fear itself.” You are so right – take action. This is my first ever blog. I want to get better so that I can have success with this endeavor.

  33. Gary Monahan

    Taking action (even small steps at a time) builds confidence, which then compounds to expand your horizons over time. And time is going to pass anyway. That’s how I came up with the name for my first website. Thanks again!

  34. Freesia

    Hi. I am in my darkest place when I decided to view your video. I am scared of pretty much everything these past few years. My losing job had huge negative impact on me and my self esteem. I never had such a hard time finding another job before. I blamed on my age and health issue for series of bad luck, but I know I have to do something before it is too late. Maybe it is already too late……but I know I have to at least try it. Your video was helpful to made me remember how I used to be. I took action when I was not sure about things and it always gave me a good result in the end. I need to get back to how I used to be. Thanks for your encouraging words.

  35. Takina Bristow

    I am fearful about doing it wrong and not acheiving to goals that I have set for me in your company. I don’t know how to do alot with computers but I learn very fast. I am going to study this program like I am in class, and I will meet you at the top.

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