1. Barry W. Goodsell

    Just wanted to comment on this blog as it hit me in an area that I agree more than 100% on, and I had to tell you how “spot on” you are. I’ve been very ill this year, dealing with Cancer which seemed to have taken over my body, and everyone who truly knows me, I’m careful as to who knows the details of my condition, yet everyone who is close to me constantly tells me that they are amazed at how positive I am regularly, and many have told me straight out that if they did not know me as well as they did, they would never believe that I was as sick as I have been this year. The illness while in remission now, did crop up again this month with the diagnosis of a brain tumor which was operated on and removed on 11/10, while recovery time is slow, I made it through the surgery and my Neurosurgeon said it was Textbook, and everything went as well as he could have wanted, and he credited that to my consistent good nature and positivity …. So Happy Thanksgiving to you, and thank you for the blog today, It came at a time while i’m sitting here recovering and I may not have been as positive to myself as I am to those who know me….. thank you! Barry

  2. Wanda Breaux

    Awesome blog and I’m watching you on TV right now. My husband has been without a job for over 1yr and just got one and will start work in December. (very thankful for that) I’m not financial able to buy your books right now and get a website but when I can I want to. I’m watching you on TV and what your saying about your family it sounds like our family right now that has hit home with me. I’m ready for that hope that you and your family have. Have an awesome Thanksgiving! Thanks,Wanda

  3. Clara Leake

    I do look forward to your weekly blogs because they are so informative and inspiring. For some reason I seem to be stuck at the gate. There’s something I’m not doing right and I need help badly. I’m a very positive person even though in the last 5 yrs I’ve had three major surgeries d/t deformities from Rheumatoid Arthritis. I want to retire period and stay home and do this business. I thank God for you. I’ve stayed longer with your company than I have any other online business. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  4. Marina

    Have a wonderful thanksgiving too! Thanks for reminding us to think positive.That’s really a good thought.

  5. Saqib Bokhari

    Anthony, this is very nice of you to remind me that I have to think about the things I have in my life that I should be thankful for. I need one help though. I get motivated for little while and then slow down. That’s why I am not able to do anything so far and then get frustrated and negative. Please give me some tips to get out of this state. I will be really thankful. Happy thanksgiving to everyone.

  6. Vickie Schroeder

    I love your why of thinking & your love for life! I just started reading your emails & I have to say they are very inspirational. I have been off of work this last yr. due to severe back injury from my job of 23yrs. I bought my house 2 yrs. ago, built in 1890 & never updated. Well, still not updated & possibility of looseing it due to no income for last 7 months. I don’t have kitchen, no appliances & living qaurters upstairs due to demo downstairs. Where I’m going with this is I Thank God for my house everyday. I treat it as if it will be mine forever. I have planted & rearranged flower & plants to make my yard as beautiful as possible as if to say Thank You God for giving me this beautiful yard. I have large 100+yr.old Walnut tree in yard that makes a terrible mess when the nuts fall, so unable to plant grass I Prayed for 1yr. with no nuts! Guess what no nuts, that’s a miricle! I know I’m rambling, guess Im just trying to say if we have faith & believe & help as many people as we can, even if only a kind word spoken our lives will turn out Great. People can be completly healed & lives can do a 360. I must really needed to talk, Sorry! Barry, if you see this keep up the good work. You must see yourself, feel yourself, & continue to speak as if your healed-you never know what’s in store. Remember It’s not the journey but the attitude we have while we’re on it. HAPPY THANKS GIVING TO ALL. Vickie

  7. Carmen Luisa Ruiz

    Hi! Barry; I was sitting down reading Blog#44 when you comment appeared. Interesting I also have cancer for the past 2 years, still in remision and still in treatment. But I think we both have something in common, we both want to live. I am also positive and I decided to learn Anthony program.This program give me hope, and something to look forward. I can not work, my husband lost his job and I have a 14 years old daughter. How we survive? Faith in life. I am sure this program would compensate for what I am going through. This is the first time that I tell my story in computer but …Thanks Barry.
    Carmen Luisa

  8. Marc Galyean

    Hello Barry,
    thanks for sharing your inspiring story. Your faith can work in the positive or the negative. With you having an optimistic outlook you will see greater results. I personally had a life changing experience with an illness a few years ago and I was determined to fight it and stay optimistic no matter what. I encourage you to keep up your faith and positive attitude and you will come out stronger than you where before. I will personally send a prayer your way.

    thanks for sharing the things you are thankful for. There are so many thing to be thankful for. I myself wake up and look at the things that I’m thankful for family, friends, wife, kids, needs being meet and many more. Your only going to be as successful as your willing to step out of your comfort zone and take the steps of faith needed to accomplish your dreams.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Russell Carlson

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I am registered to your Live Community now. I see I can Learn alot in there and share what I can. I will be there alot. Thanks again.

  10. Connie K. Lamb

    Thank you Barry for your message. You don’t know how insprirational you are to others. Anyway that’s what they say about me since my stroke 2-l/2 years ago and I’m still in recovery. Barry we are very blessed when we can be in good frame of mind for other people. Happy Thanksgiving! Connie

  11. Linda hopson

    I am thankful for my family and even thou they aren’t in my life and I can’t touch or hug or kiss them I love them and will always love them. I am thankful for Anthony who is teaching me from this website. I am thankful for all life here on earth. I hope all here will have a Happy Thanksgiving and keep on going in this biz, Never give up. Learn every day and it will happen.


    Thank you Anthony and a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you also. I thank God for everything in my life, first for JESUS, then my family, and friendsand I conser you as one of them. I appreciate your careing about wheather I make it with my web expreiences or not. To care about and help someone else is what I would like to be able to do. I have the faith to keep on keeping on until I get there. This with GOD’s help, my family’s help and friends like you I can’t fail.
    Thanks Anthony

  13. Jackie Shay

    This blog ROCKS!!!! I have so much to be thankful for everyday, my spouse, my son, my friends, the list goes on and on. Success is measured in so many ways not just monetarily. Positive thinking is also a very important way not only to be happy but to be healthy. Thank you Anthony. Jackie

  14. Ab, Kinsan

    This is another touching Blog, and Mr. Barry W Goodsell’s story is very powerful. His courage of positive thinking is very inspiring. I wish him a speedy recovery and happy thanksgiving. Anthony,like many people, I will never be able to thank you enough for your time and sacrifices to make us successful. I wish I could actively participate to this Blog, but I am still dealing with many issues which hold from it. Once again happy thanksgiving to everyone. All my best to Barry W Godsells

  15. Doria Musaga

    You are a blessing and an inspiration to those who come in contact with you. I am trying to maintain an attitude of gratitude especially this Thanksgiving day because my otherwise healthy college graduate daughter was diagnosed with cancer but we know that by His stripes she is healed and we will rejoice.
    To God be the glory.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and this online community (family.)

  16. Patricia Smith

    So grateful for your message to-day! I’m thankful for that. I’m thankful for the continuing motivational support from Anthony and for so many good events and changes in my life. Gartitude, what an experience! Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  17. Margaret Moreshead

    Thank you all for the positive statements. I was sitting here in a bad mood due to an argument with my boyfriend. I realize how minor many things that we complain about can be. This realization has helped me to see what is really important in life. Rising above pettiness and being thankful for everything that we have in our lives should be our goal. Anthony embodies that spirit! Happy Thanksgiving to all and take advantage of every day and live life to its fullest!

  18. Hector S.

    Thank you for your Thanksgiving message Anthony; but more importantly Thank you for sharing with us your expertise. God Bless you for been such a giving and caring person. Take care.

  19. Tony

    Anthony thank you for all your help, I’m very new to this business and want to make it work so I can quit my job now and be with me fiance and soon to be wife, the way the economy is now, I see it probably getting worse so I must make this work. Any and all help from you is greatly appreciated !!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your family, God bless !

  20. Ms. Kyle Kendra

    I agree with everyone that you are very inspirational and generous. I thought I had missed all of your previous blogs but I realized they were still available to watch so I watched every one. Like Clara I seem to be stuck at the gate. I look forward to getting out of the gate because I know once I get started it’s going to be a blast. I look forward to sharing this experience with my friends who are miserable at their jobs and are looking for a better opportunity. All of them are waiting for me. Hope it’s not a long wait. Live Community, here I come. Come on Clara, like Anthony says, we’re all in this together.
    Happy belated Thanksgiving to all.

  21. Michael Dassell

    Hello to everyone & a belated Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Anthony a special thanks goes out to you and your family, I am just getting started with all this and I can’t wait to see where it takes me this I am very thankful for that I found Anthony Morrison.

  22. iris galloway

    Thanks Anthony and hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. We had a very good one and thankful for so much. I am still learning on this adventure, and hope to be making money soon. Good luck to all you members. Staying positive is the key to life and having faith, love, and gratitude for the blessings in our lives. Give God all the praise and glory.

  23. Jeneve

    Happy belated Thanks Giving to you too!!! I most certainly enjoyed the blog but cannot do too much on the computer these days because of my sight. Having surgery in January and is limited to the computer at this time.

  24. heather howarth

    heh great message i do like how positive you are. so far i like the coaching idea the best. i just have not taken the plunge yet. i dont do learning from 2nd had how tos overall love your honesty and sincerity
    and non big headed ness

  25. Gerald Coggin

    Thanks a Million, no pun intended, for the Happy Thanksgiving Message. I have been out of towm. I am working with M.L. in your Marketing Success Academy. Due to my heavy work schedule, I am 72, my free time is very limited. I hope to retire some day, maybe when I am 85 .Meanwhile I am pushing on toward the mark of independence. Thanks for reminding me to be thankful. I hope to meet you some day.

    Have a Great Day!!!!

  26. Nick Cole

    Just like so many people out there I have struggled the past couple years because of the economy. I lost my job a little over a year and a half ago and at the same time I seperated and later got divored. I have been struggling with things ever since. I have gone up and down. I am at a very low point financially! To the point that I had to move four hours away from my kids to stay with my parents and try to rebuild things. I am thankful for the great family and friends that have helped keep my spirits up and keep me going! I am also thankful to be alive and have an opportunity to rebuild my life! I am confident with hard work and the help of your programs and books that I can learn how to make a great living from home and get back to my kids and live a great life! Thank you for what you do!


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